I don’t know if you remember them,  but way back in the 80’s, the Debarge family were on fire.  Signed with Motown records, they rose to fame after the Jackson’s broke up, and Mike went on about his own way.  Before the Debarge‘s made it big, their older brothers Tommy, and Bobby were part of the group “Switch”.  I still listen to their music, “There’ll Never Be” and “I call Your Name” still get heavy rotation in music library.  I remember my aunts would have these pictures they’d tear out of Right On Magazine and stick to the wall in their bedrooms.  

there’s just something about them

After a couple of albums, the Debarge‘s broke up, but El Debarge went on to have a moderately successful solo career, until he was derailed by drug abuse.  About ten years ago, El was a visitor in the city jail in San Francisco, where my aunt worked.  Coincidentally, the same aunt that covered here bedroom walls with his pictures!   I was poking around the internet, and ran across an article that Vibe magazine did on the Debarge family tragedy, and thought to myself how much the family sounded like they could have been under trauma based mind control.

Robert DeBarge, SR. Pedophile, child rapist, the sick fuck liked boys and girls, especially his own. Robert passed in August of last year, and may he burn in hell

Robert DeBarge abused many of the children, and quite possibly all of them.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much it sickens me that a father would rape his own children, but this is what happened.  This is consistent with trauma based mind control.  Homosexuality is also a recurring theme in the entertainment industry, and the  Debarge’s seemed  more effeminate than masculine.

Bobby Debarge dead center, Tommy Debarge on the right

Bobby and Tommy DeBarge were signed to Motown records, discovered by none other than Jermaine Jackson, also a member of a mind controlled family…The Jacksons.  All of the Debarge children abused drugs,  which is another method of controlling subjects.  Knowing how the Illuminati use the record companies to promote their destructive messages, I’m quite certain that Berry Gordy had more than enough blood on his hands, he had to answer to someone in exchange for the major success that Motown records enjoyed for decades.  Were these children sold into the hands of satanic executives and men of power, and ritually abused and given drugs to quiet them.  Bobby Debarge died of a heroine overdose, and was diagnosed with AIDS before his death.  James Debarge who is undoubtedly gay, was married to Janet Jackson.  Was that marriage arranged by Satans little helpers?  Their connections to the Jackson family are too numerous to ignore.  


  1. Bobby DeBrage did NOT die of a heroin overdose. He died in the hospital due to complications from AIDS. The DeBarge family told the story of his death on TV ONE’s Unsung. Great article but pleas get your facts straight.

  2. sorry i wasn’t using tv one as a reference, but thanks for the correction, even though it does come across a little snotty.

  3. btw, i’m not so concerened with what he died of, but the life he endured.

    • The industry opened doors for so many. How they endured the pressures are true lessons we can learn from. You may never know what Tommy truly died from, but the legacy lives on and on. It’s a cruel industry, but so many are willing to be chewed up and spit out by it. At the end of the day, is it worth it?

    • Yiddishekop Says:

      Nonetheless, you still must have your references and facts correct for this information to be valid and thus reliable.

      • As long as the mistake is understood, that’s the point and may we learn from the mistakes that were made..That’s the point. Let’s pray that El Debarge continues in the right direction. We are all creations of GOD, no more or no less than anyone. We are capable of encouraging success or enabling failure. May we learn what ever valuable lesson that this family has to give.

  4. Can you please go into details on the Jacksons and especially MJ because I’m still confused on what was going on w THriller…

  5. As always superb post bud. I’ve had a blast reading your posts and have found them awesome. Don’t stop posting

  6. Dirtygurl, you were correct, Bobby Debarge died of aids. He spent a stint in prison for a few years, as did Chico Debarge. I frequently talked to his dear young sons. They are quite awesome. HE spent his last days at home. To, “the truth”, I got my information from his very tolerant sons who are now adults, equally very talented. No one ever speaks of how he started on heroine nor how he contracted aids, but people want to think that maybe it was in prison. Who’s to say it wasn’t from sharing needles? No one knows, but the main thing is that we owe his family the utmost respect when it comes to the legacy of BOBBY DEBARGE of SWITCH. Check it out on MY SPACE for yourselves, and remember to mind your manners.

  7. like i said it matters not how he died to me. i enjoyed his music with switch,and i feel very sorry for the whole family. there’s obviously something dreadful that happened to all the debarge children at the hands of their incestuous father. my question is did the mother know what was going on, and did she turn her head so that her children could become famous and rich. how much did she benfit?

  8. sensitive Says:

    I agree with Child of God, I believe people should be mindful about what is said about Bobby because he is not here to defend himself. Bobby’s legacy should not be, doing a bit, contracting HIV, and dying of AIDS. His legacy should be his family and the door he open for them. He and Tommy are who started it all. Bobby was an amazing artist and a phenomenal talent. I hate that what happened to him is overshadowing his accomplishments. To Child of God, let Bobby’s youngest son know that he is very talented. If music is something he’d like to pursue then go for it. I believe he ironically is the most talented of the DeBarge children. Terri needs a pat on the back because it seems as though she has done a wonderful raising the boys. Shout out to Christian.

  9. dirtygurl Says:

    i can understand wanting to remember only the good things a person does in life, but the entire story has to be told. yes, he did contract aids and he was a drug addict and yes he was in prison and these are things that happened to him, we shouldn’t gloss over them because in his suffering he could have touched someone who went through these things also at the end of the day it just shows that he was human

    • Very true, Dirtygurl. We have to be aware of the mistakes so that we can learn from them. We can be fans all day long, but we must remember that they are in no way super human, but people like you and I. They are not without problems like each of us. Prayers go out to all the family.

  10. dirtygurl Says:


    i don’t think the mom deserves any credit for being a strong woman. now in the event that she was under mind control and unable to protect her children, then I’ll give her a pass, but a mother has instincts as to when their children are in trouble. If that woman turned her head because she didn’t want to belive what was going on with them, then that makes her just as despicable and guilty as the father. I’m sorry, but when it comes to children being abused it just ruffles my feathers.

  11. I absolutely agree with you there. I wasn’t sure, but when I spoke to Bunny, she told me that her mother had to get them out of them while they were all very young…Don’t quote me for sure, but both Etterlene and Bunny have books out about their life with the father and the fame. IF in fact she did not get those children to safety, I have nothing for her, but I am not so sure it happened that way. Tommy left home and was in a group. I don’t know that the father was living there then. By the time El and the group Debarge was established, they had broken up. So much abuse in that family. I want to buy the books so that I can find out what happened. I agree with you Dirtygurl, there is never an excuse for submitting your children to abuse. This is probably why the home is so broken.

  12. You have soooo many of your facts wrong!!! James is NOT gay!!! and Bobby died of AID’s OMG!!! And there is a comment on here that says Tommy is dead (He is NOT!!) I jus cant understand why someone would post such things and not have their facts straight. If you want to know the truth you should read Mamma D’s book and do a little reserch. I dont normally respond to things like this but i had to on this one.

    • dirtygurl Says:

      i’m sorry but it’s my opinion that they were all subjected to homosexual relations just like every other male or female puppet for the illuminati, of course this is my opinion!
      I just re read throught the comments and nobody claimed that tommy was dead unless i’m skipping it, please point it out to me.

      and as for “mamma d” of course i am going to check it out, but i have to tell you, i’m not going to believe half of it, because it seems to me that all she remembers is being a good mother. like i said maybe she was being controlled by her hubby as i’m sure he received training in how to make his children into illuminati slaves. I’ll read it and get back with my own views.

    • That is the sad thing about popularity and fame; the good is known with the bad. You have to be so careful about how your business is “put” out there. IF you are living in a way that is not favorable, the public is sure to find it out whether good or bad, true or not…Sadly the people involved will have to deal with publicity the best way they know how. Dealing with misinformation is a risk, and it kind of makes you think that being so famous is not so great or necessary.

  13. On TVone they have a show called UNsung. They did a very good documentary on DeBarge.

  14. Sabrina Says:

    What I don’t like is women who stay with abusive sick men who victimize them and their children ruin everyone’s life in the process. I don’t think the drug use was mind control I think the drug use is to numb unresolved emotional pain that was never dealt with an always below the surface. Their parents relationship severely damaged all involved.

  15. Ms. Mizani Says:

    I saw the documentary about the DeBarge family on TVone. It was really heart breaking. The DeBarge children never really had a fair chance of normality. The outcome is not surprising, sad, but not surprising. Both parents were horrible. If only Mother DeBarge were strong enough take her babies away from awful situation. Maybe their lives would have been better.

    If anyone wants to see the DeBarge episode. It is also on Youtube. Just type in TVone unsung DeBarge.

    Sabrina, I co-sign with you.

  16. dirtygurl Says:

    okay guys, i don’t like women who continue to stay with an abusive man, but in her weak defense, i will say that sometimes it’s a bit more complicated than just picking up and leaving. most abused women are led to believe that they cannot survive without the abuser, and in some cases the women believe that the abuser will kill their families. i don’t know i guess i’m torn but the sexual abuse is something i just could not tolerate, and i’d live under a bridge before i allowed a man to sexually abuse my chidlren. his ass would be up under the jail if he wasn’t at the bottom of the ociean with cement shoes.

  17. TRACY FERGUSON, ex wife to El Sr. has a show on BET. Her son is the spitting image of his father. HE is trying to get a recording contract. I don’t know that I would want another one of them to be “hurt” by the industry. GOD be with him on his audition. I’ve never heard him sing, but he’s a fine looking young man.

  18. black blonde barbie Says:

    I feel really sorry for the whole family. My heart goes out to them. To grow up with a monster of dad is sickening 2 hear! God bless them!

  19. It seems that nobody knows anything about this family. TV one did do a wonderful job on unsung. The one thing we can say about the Debarge family is that they are all a beautiful gifted family. Every last one of them can sing their ass off. I love El Debarge to death. I was very small when they 1st came out but I remember all their hit songs. There is no singer that can hold a candle to El Debarge and they’ll never be one to do such. We was wonderful on the BET awards 2010. He can still hit those notes. He is still just as beauitful to me as he was when i was 5 years old. I love him and his music.

  20. I am so heartbroken by the story on the life of the DeBarge family and I have not even read the book as yet. All that I am thinking is their mother got married back in the 50’s where racism was so prevalent. She would have been killed if she had done anything to their father. However, she grew up with strong Godly family times; why did she not ask her family for help? or told them sooner than later what was going on? He website clip stated that when she told her brother he confronted her husband and beat up pretty badly and the abuse never happened again. I really don’t know, I have kids and its hurts me so… much to think of them in that situation. I place the blame equally on the shoulders of thier mother.

  21. Inggy Haynes Says:

    The DeBarge family are extremely talented. Listened to El DeBarge sing on BET Music Awards and he still has a beautifulll….. voice. My love goes out to him and his siblings.

  22. I can’t wait to read the book.. “Mamma d” seems to be making everyone believe that she is the strong one. I want to know the kind of mother she was to her children during their time of need and desperation. She said she grew up strong in faith (the Church) and her family. Why did she not go to her family sooner; Is it only later that she told her brother and he beat the husband to a pulp? Why did she not go back to her parents with the kids she had with her husband? Most of her children are barely months apart.. WHY WHY WHY….????? did she stay? I hope it is in her book. The world knows this happened to their idols and I hope the answers are there!!!! However, i placed the blame of their abuse equally on her shoulders…..

  23. I had nooo idea that this family endured all of this abuse. WTheck!! I loved El Debarge but didn’t know their history was so abusive. Thanks for posting. The music industry is no joke.

  24. SENSITIVE2 Says:

    I just wanted to add my two cents and say that I love the Debarge family especially Bobby,Tommy, Bunny, Marty, Randy, and El. I love Bobby because his music makes love to me every night. Tommy because he seems like a strong person who has/had a good head on his shoulder and is likeable. Bunny because as I read her book I felt like as a child we had a lot in common (minus sexual abuse I have a wonderful father) with her insecurities dealing with people and wanting them to like her. Marty because he seem loyal and outgoing; just a lot of fun. Randy because he is all kinds of sexy, his voice is as smooth as tea and… I just love him. El because he was one of my first loves. As someone mention I think Bobby III is very talented wow he blows me away. I am a little disappointed that he is a spitting image of his mother however Christian looks alot like his father the late great BOBBY OMG how I love that name BOBBY DEBARGE JR.

  25. I just want to say , I love the whole Debarge family There music is such a healing, when you are down. I love El Debarge so much his voice just gives me chills throw out my body.

  26. I love this family and continue to pray for them. I heard El’s new song for the first time today and it really touched my heart. I believe he is on the road to success.

  27. Continue to pray for Mr. Debarge and all of his beautiful children. It’s their time now and they need him to guide them through this crazy world, especially the music industry. May the little ones never have to deal with what he had to.

  28. liberal elite Says:

    Get your facts right if you’re going to write a article about people. First, Bobby Debarge died from AIDs complication due to his many years of heroin addiction…he contracted the virus from using dirty needles.
    Second, only Bunny was sexually abused by her father. The Debarge boys were physically abused, especially Bobby who then took out his anger on James by beating up James all the time. James also had a cocaine addiction and he’s NOT gay. He has a wife and 5 children. The other Debarge brothers had some form of drug addiction due to their abusive upbringing and hardship. Do not misunderstand, there is nothing feminate about the Debarge men, they are thuggish like anyone…they are from Detroit and they will fight you like a nigga. Their mild persona is part of their personality and stage persona. I’m tired of people spreading lies about them. They have their issues but they’re humans with flaws just like the rest of us. RIP Bobby. I love me some El. I hope he can stay clean and keep his head up and stop making them babies. Can’t wait for the Debarges to have a reunion and bring back some of the Debarge sound. Nothing like it out here right now. I wish the Debarge family all the best!

  29. This post is almost laughable.
    ‘James who is undoubtedly gay…’ Where the heck did you even get that from? That’s just the tip of the iceberg with this ridiculous post.
    I can’t take someone serious who decides to write an article sprinkled with false imformation and (clearly) opinions passed off as hard facts. LOL. You’ve got to be kidding me.
    Don’t quit your day job honey.

  30. yes they look very feminine to me especially bobby, but that is my opinion and you may be of a different one, oh i guess it’s just impossible to be gay? lol and read the tagline under the heading…it says “rumours, innuendo, and speculation”
    get a grip

  31. liberal elite Says:

    My guess is you’re really a man that wants the Debarge men to be gay, because u are obviously lusting after them…freak.

  32. SENSITIVE2 Says:

    @dirtygurl, your eyes must be playing tricks on you but by no means did Bobby ever look feminine. If anything Mark, James, and EL although cute had the softest features out of all the Debarge men. Bobby and Randy were the most masculine looking in my opinion. Their facial structure seemed more chiseled. I must admit Bobby looked more European then the rest but dont get it twisted he had the Pretty Boy Swaggered down and there is nothing feminine about that. Inspite of his sexuality, he acted like a man. I cant let you get away with that comment! And El is a softer more refine version of Bobby. Tommy, Chico, and Bunny are more ethnic looking. (And that is not a negative comment for all you self-haters)

  33. i stand by my opinions, i look let’s just keep it real, just because they went through some tragedy doesn’t make them any better or worse than others that have gone through the same thing. okay so, i got some things wrong like the aids situation..OK I GET IT..but like tupac and aaliyah, don’t try to act like these folks were saints when they were clearly not. OF COURSE they were going to have problems, i guess you would too if your nasty rotten father sexually and physically (and verbally) abused you almost your entire life, while your “mother” turned her cheek, or was so weak that she couldn’t protect you, then wants to act like she was the greatest mom ever. OF COURSE being exposed to all the homosexual freaks in the industry would warp you to the point where you wanted to self medicate to forget and numb the pain
    OKAY so the rest of you can get off your soap boxes, geesh!

  34. talkinyoudummy Says:

    dirtygurl, what is your issue? You sound crazy. You’re doing a whole lot of talking and not saying a daggone thing! Your “facts” are so wrong yet you get so defensive when people try to correct you. As far as your assessment on the Debarge’s sexuality, just because you don’t see them on stage with their pants hanging off thier butts doesn’t mean they are gay. I saw El Debarge two nights ago here in Atlanta and honey he was all man. too fine and too sexy! You are an attention seeker who probably had parental issues of your own which is why you’re deflecting and trying put the focus on this family. You keep bringing up homsexuality in the music industry, you seem to have a lot of “knowledge” on that subject perhaps your personal booty snatching incident is leaving you a tad bit confused. lol The Debarge family has issues yes, but lets get your facts straight.

    • listen sweetie, i got some info wrong, i have apologized and thanked for the corrections…so what’s the issue now! if you read through the comments you would have seen that, so yeah it gets kind of aggravating when people keep bringing it up, because clearly you missed that part.

      i guess you really dont know the focus of this blog, yes there is homosexuality in the music industry, and some of your most manly celebs are on the d.l., that is a fact whether or not you want to see the truth of the matter or not. you can insult me all day every day, but will that stop me from calling them as i see them, no. in case you missed it, this is a blog, what is a blog? a blog is a place where we can speculate on issues. that is it, that is all. have i ever claimed to be cnn, fox news, cbs news? NO.

      as for you making light of abuse towards children, i find that highly disgusting. this is no laughing matter, and abuse towards innocent children is not something I take lightly. My first mind was to reject your comment, but it does serve to show how a majority of you feel like this is something that is funny. i’m sorry i dont see the wit or humor in those few lines, maybe i’m the one who’s crazy? there are millions of people who have suffered molestation and rape at the hands of people that should have known better including the debarge family, that was the entire point of this post, the father was sexually abusive to his own children.
      while your making fun of me and what i went through, you are also making fun of them and every other person who has survived it. It really just goes to show the character, or lack thereof that you posess
      you sound like that rhino or that pedo from twitter

    • i just said it all if you get nothing from it start with hooked on phonics

  35. alycia McLeod Says:

    What fool wrote this?

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