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MTV is the devil’s playground. An evil forum for initiates and grand dames alike. No doubt, Pinks trapeze act was much more than a circus influenced performance, it was her initation.
Here’s pink flying high above the crowd at last years ceremony…

Notice the baring of her left breast.  Since this was on television, they covered the nipple.

Not only is her left breast exposed,

but she has the tell tale masonic checkerboard pattern on her leotard.  Tell me why is it even there, what purpose would it serve if it wasn’t a masonic symbol, and this was a harmless awards show, as they want you to believe.  HIDDEN IN PLAIN VIEW.

Now think back if you can, to 1999.  Lil Kim shows up to the MTV awards in a purple, sequined jumpsuit, with HER LEFT BREAST BARED, AND A PASTY T COVER THE NIPPLE.

Remember how Diana Ross came out onstage and felt her up in front of the world?  Did you see Mary J Blige’s face, like she was not amused!  That was Kim’s initiation ( that is my opinion and I’m sticking to it)  One of the initation requirements is for the initate to be humiliated in public some kind of way.   Rihanna’s “beating”, and Taylors “wtf” moment.  I believe that Diana Ross was also a puppet since I’m positive that Berry Gordy probably took an oath to be as successful as he was, after all she slept with and had children by the man.   You’ll also recall that this was when Kim was still beautiful, before she began to destroy her face.



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I don’t know if you remember them,  but way back in the 80’s, the Debarge family were on fire.  Signed with Motown records, they rose to fame after the Jackson’s broke up, and Mike went on about his own way.  Before the Debarge‘s made it big, their older brothers Tommy, and Bobby were part of the group “Switch”.  I still listen to their music, “There’ll Never Be” and “I call Your Name” still get heavy rotation in music library.  I remember my aunts would have these pictures they’d tear out of Right On Magazine and stick to the wall in their bedrooms.  

there’s just something about them

After a couple of albums, the Debarge‘s broke up, but El Debarge went on to have a moderately successful solo career, until he was derailed by drug abuse.  About ten years ago, El was a visitor in the city jail in San Francisco, where my aunt worked.  Coincidentally, the same aunt that covered here bedroom walls with his pictures!   I was poking around the internet, and ran across an article that Vibe magazine did on the Debarge family tragedy, and thought to myself how much the family sounded like they could have been under trauma based mind control.

Robert DeBarge, SR. Pedophile, child rapist, the sick fuck liked boys and girls, especially his own. Robert passed in August of last year, and may he burn in hell

Robert DeBarge abused many of the children, and quite possibly all of them.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much it sickens me that a father would rape his own children, but this is what happened.  This is consistent with trauma based mind control.  Homosexuality is also a recurring theme in the entertainment industry, and the  Debarge’s seemed  more effeminate than masculine.

Bobby Debarge dead center, Tommy Debarge on the right

Bobby and Tommy DeBarge were signed to Motown records, discovered by none other than Jermaine Jackson, also a member of a mind controlled family…The Jacksons.  All of the Debarge children abused drugs,  which is another method of controlling subjects.  Knowing how the Illuminati use the record companies to promote their destructive messages, I’m quite certain that Berry Gordy had more than enough blood on his hands, he had to answer to someone in exchange for the major success that Motown records enjoyed for decades.  Were these children sold into the hands of satanic executives and men of power, and ritually abused and given drugs to quiet them.  Bobby Debarge died of a heroine overdose, and was diagnosed with AIDS before his death.  James Debarge who is undoubtedly gay, was married to Janet Jackson.  Was that marriage arranged by Satans little helpers?  Their connections to the Jackson family are too numerous to ignore.  


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One reader asked me to reverse my decision regarding posting pics.  After much thought and the fact that I really wanted to post the pic of  Sasha’s new fragrance, I am changing my mind.  Therefore, I will be posting pics with my posts.

With that said, I was in the supermarket the other evening, and while standing in the checkout line I had the strangest feeling I was being watched.  My eyes were drawn to the magazine rack, and sure enough there was that demom Sasha staring at me from the cover of Allure magazine.  The look in her eyes makes me a little uneasy, she looks like she’s stalking you, it’s very unsettling.


And you do realize that the little six month break she was supposed to be taking, is over since she was given  won her six grammy’s.  I’m not implying that her ex-handler father being on the grammy committee had anything to do with her wins, I swear!


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I told you all that I wasn’t posting pics here, so bear with me.  I looked up Beyonces red carpet pics and she was doing the same robotic pose as always in an awful standard mermaid dress that did nothing for her shape, as usual.  My question is why does she always do that same robotic pose, oh yeah she is a robot.  Look up “beyonce/redcarpet” on google images and see what I’m talking about.


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And more importantly why does he/she keep coming to my blog if they don’t like what I have to say.  There are plenty of blogs out there that match your interests, so why don’t you log onto them.  On one hand, I love the fact that you are conflicted, but on the other hand if you want to attack the messengers for giving you the message, then we don’t want you here.  You see, it’s okay if you don’t agree with us, but there’s a way to do it that is mature and non combative.  You see, when grownups disagree, they merely state their opinion and don’t resort to attacks.  If you want school age banter, I suggest you subscribe to Bossip.

Thank you .