I’m done posting pics of these bufoons (celebs/puppets/robots/morons) , so this blog is offically image free.  I’m not going to feed the filthy machine by keeping images of their likeness out there.


3 Responses to “SORRY NO MORE IMAGES”

  1. Smooth Criminal Says:

    lol sited

  2. Please keep the images of celebrities going. They are great learning tools. You get your point across with the images. Remember they use images to control the masses. You should continue using the pix. We live in a world now that seeing is believing. From reading the replies on this site …believing is seeing. Keep the pictures coming…pleeaase

  3. Illustration is so important to your articles. I hope you don’t stop using them. We want your perspective on these photos. We already have “their’ opinions or points about the photos they use for their articles. Your opinion is much respected. Keep doing your thing, Dirtygurl!

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