First off, I used to look up to this woman.  I believed that she was a champion for women and children.  In light of all of this “Illumination” and the scandal that has rocked her school over there in Africa, I’m taking a deeper look at “Queen  Oprah”  and I have to tell you the more I look at her, the sicker I become!

I believe she is an agent/puppet  of the Illuminati.  Nobody can be in the “Billionaires” club without siding with them, this much we know.  The world is still ruled by rich and powerful men, and I doubt they would want to see a black woman have so much without her signing on their dotted line.  I believe that Oprah is gay, and Stedman is a patsy so that she can continue to be accepted by mainstream America while her and Gayle play their games of lust.  This is why she refuses to marry him.  I believe that the sexual abuse of those girls was the plan all along.

That school is nothing more than a front for more Illuminati reindeer games. I once questioned her motives when I first heard about her opening this school, and thought why she wouldn’t do the same for girls right here in America.   The girls being  sexually handled by the teacher(s) is just the tip of that toxic iceberg.  Can you say MK Ultra?   These are gifted minds, and while they are young they can still be programmed for future use.

I’ve had a problem with Oprah who continues to support the bloody diamond industry, those little icy gems she wears  aren’t fakes, believe me!  Oprah also disappointed me by turning traitor and allowing a scum bucket like Jay Z on her show!  WTH, I though she despised misogynistic rappers, and Jay is up there on that list, so why is he on her show?

Okay so I digress, I’m hearing that she’s penning a “tell-all”.  I don’t wanna hear shit she has to say, she is a fake, and she is a liar, unless she’s an Ultra victim herself, than I just plain feel sorry for her.  Guarantee that she is not going to reveal shit, but she’s sure going to have a lot to say about nothing!  I won’t be paying for or reading her trash, but I am going to keep an eye on this one,she’s on of the greatest hoax’s out there!



  1. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Kool I crossed her off my list after Michael Jackson’s death, cause I then realise she is a illuminati puppet, but it is hard to convince ppl to do research on her cause of the throw offs she have like opening school for Africans and giving gifts

  2. Smooth Criminal Says:

    dang this here is to subscribe to comments lol just forgot to hit the check box 😀

  3. Black and Proud Says:

    I see when someone make more than u do, they are evil…

  4. When Oprah opened that school of all places in South Africa, I immediately thought of a front for getting diamonds out of that country. How come she didn’t opened a school in Chicago or even Missippi. I was told that the Chicago black community didn’t want the school. But it kills me that when black celebrities do something like open schools or create businesses it is always in Africa. I dig what Dolly Parton did..opened up a theme park where she was raised and alot people from her “neck of the woods” are gainfully employed there.

  5. i just cannot believe that they didn’t know about this headmistress’ extra curricular activites, this was a programing center, they couldn’t do this in the us and keep it a secret, apparently they weren’t able to keep it a secret here either.

  6. Oprah has her own religion. I have been trying to study about what it is, but it has nothing to do with the Bible. Could you do an article on that Dirtygurl? Thanx…

  7. Here’s what I just realized… Oprah will be ending her show on 9/11/11. Interesting day, hmm?

    AND she’ll be starting her own network OWN. What is OWN backwards? NWO aka New World Order. There comes a point when things stop being coincidences.

  8. One last thing try going to http://www.itanimulli.com that’s illuminati backwards. It takes you to nsa.gov.

    Something is up and I just wish more people knew about this.

  9. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Oprah is nothing but a mere puppet for the Illumanti.
    Smoke and mirrors, I tell ya. Smoke and mirrors.

  10. I always wondered why she would open a school in africa instead of here in chicago because we really needed something like that here.

  11. me from africa Says:

    Am from Africa and seriously speakin u guyz jus leave me mixed up with all your American mambo jambo rumour pages n sites ..all this CONSPIRACY theories and talk r starting to sound really WHACKOOOO 2me!! coz evrythng seemz to be a conspiracy to ya’al!!!!..i don knw men!maybe ya’all r the CONSPIRATORS!!!!..i do know HOWEVER dat people who constantly talk of da “C” word end up in mental hospitals ask any judge!!NO OFFENCE TO YOU WHACKO SOUNDING AMERICANS!!

  12. To Me from Africa: Do you accept everything your news media or government tells you? Do you accept it as fact? You have a right to questioned anyone that puts out information that doesn’t add up to the truth. Conspiracy theories are formed because the information that we are getting by the “controlled media” doesn’t add up nor does it make common sense. In this country (and I’m quite sure yours too) are in the business of cover-ups, keeping the facts from the public. You have some people who just don’t believe the bullsh*t. Those people investigate, research with the info that is available and come to their own conclusion which can be called a theory. The conspiracy comes in when the media/government keeps the truth away from the people they are so supposed to protect. The mambo jumbo is a good thing. It causes some of the people to wake up and ask questions. With conspiracy theories, it allows you to make your own conclusion of what is true or false. My theory on your statement is that your upset because this Oprah situation is “close to home” for you and our comments are hurtful, but at the same time only speculation.

  13. To me from Africa: What country are you from? Africa is a continent.

    • Me from Africa Says:

      Am from Kenya Bette…and NO i don’t accept evrything that the government says..I agree with you that it’s good to be inquisitive and question stuff…i mean duh! you don’t just take in everything at face value,HOWEVER isn’t it a bit tooooooo much now in America that everything is a conspiracy to you guys??!!…and EVERYONEEEEE who is rich,is obviously worshipping the devil!! (I.e ILLUMINATI and wat not)…i mean C’MONNNNN!!…haven’t you been following all this Illuminati talk of late??….it’s startin to make me grrrrr!!..even Oprahhhhh????..Jeezzz!!..and NOOOO am not supporting coz she’s “closer to home” as you say.But haven’t you seen for yourself how much this woman has sacrficed to help strangers and give them a decent life??..haven’t you witnessed wat she has done for the society(INCLUDING AMERICA!!!! F.Y.I)..i mean ESPECIALLY America..the least you can do is slap her with the”Winfrey is Illuminati” talk ….i mean C’mon Americanssss sometimes a dove is just a dove(just a bird..a little sweet thingy that fly’s around)..it doesn’t have to be some kind of “programmed government cover up bird that the devil uses to deceive Christians and innocent Citizens and eat us all alive..and is even on beyonce’s video as an Illuminati sign and blahhh blaah blahh”….my dear. don’t you think ya’all sound PARANOID????….Woooh sometimez am soo glad to be in this jungle of ours dancing around happily..jumping from tree to tree with them baboons here..singing along to Ancestral Legendary cave men’s number one hit singles!!!…Coz you Americans can sound really WHACKOOOOOO over there…esp. wen i read your rumour sites on conspiracieeeeesss!! grrr shushhhhh..ask any competent judge dear..The “C” word..not a very good sign i tell ya!!!

  14. To Me From Africa (Kenya): From your comment on Oprah, I see that you believe the illusion that Oprah is a nice person. I’m not going go into detail about what she hasn’t done for her own people here in America (Chicago and her hometown in Missippi). As far as Beyonce is concerned, when it comes to celebrities, she’s just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to mind control and mk ultra (look that up). And I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic by stating you live in the jungle swinging from trees, but guess what? Here in America that’s how you are being protrayed as savages with aids living in the jungle. I know better. As far as the Illuminati is concerned, there are many books written about this group. William Cooper’s, Behold a Pale Horse is an excellent book that details secrets of the govt. since the 1940’s. So if you think that Americans are paranoid and whacko for thinking outside the box, for not taking everything at face value, for asking questions especially since we are dealing with oils spills, wars, Katrina…and then the controlled media throws Beyonce up in our face as a distraction..then I will remain a whacko while you swing from the trees.

    • Me from Africa Says:

      Bette i can tell your not an ignorant American and thats a good thing i must state i.e i noticed you know that Africa is a CONTINENT not a country like most Americans think haa!!haa!!….thank God you didn’t ask me to speak African for you LOL!!…(i mean you should see how dumb your fellow americans look over here as they talk to us in sign language askin us to speak american!shouting their heads off as if we are deaf or something LOL!)you also sensed my sarcarsm about a jungle..that shows you must be a learned individual to know that not all Africans are fighting and dying of A.I.D.S that’s just what western media potrays to you guys..so yeah..am impressed there i must admit..And about the mk Ultra..you caught me off guard there!!..and about the book too,i had no idea..Lemmy research abit more on that so i don’t have my foot in my mouth here!!..(ummm i might have a bit to learn)…i’ll get back 2 you yikes!

  15. so either to me from africa is self hating or white…either way ;you should stop coming to this site, and please don’t subscribe

  16. To Me from Africa (Kenya): I don’t know how to take your comment as a compliment or an insult. You called some Americans ignorant because they think Africa is a country. Well, please inform your citizens to be more specific when asked where they are from. It insults me when some of them say Africa and not the country. Then they are amazed when I asked what country. I learned about Africa in grade school which was many years ago. So thanks to the American school system, they have purposely stopped teaching many courses as a way of “dumbing down” the students and to prepare them for service oriented jobs. And guess what? Oprah knows this because it’s happening right where she lives and works. She has not donated nor build any schools in Chicago or Missippi. Charity begins at home. So don’t belittle us because some of us were not taught. But then again you might run into me who was lucky enough to get the proper education.

    • Me from Africa Says:

      I completed grade school (which we call Primary school here) at the age of 13 just a few years back(6years ago to be precise)…i’d like to know (if you don’t mind)…whether or not you are Christian??..how you as an individual equate the illuminati to devil worship??and speaking of Americans and conspiracy… ever heard of Eckhart Tolle??

      • Me from Africa Says:

        Oh and by the way incase you don’t know….americans here,usually say “Am from the U.S or Am from America”…before they specify which particular state..and NOT “am from Chicago..or “am from Illinois,Alabama,California” or whatever..so i find it a bit hypocritical for you to find it offensive that we say “am from Africa”..while you guys do the same..get the point??

  17. I don’t subscribe to any religion. I don’t equate the Illuminati with devil worship. There are many books about the Illuminati and devil worship. I don’t want to go into detail but I do know that the so-called Illuminati are using Egyptian symbols and have people think that it’s devil worship. Also I am very familar with Eckhart Tolle. I knew about him before Oprah had him on her show.

  18. @Me From Africa: I want to respond about the American visitors to your country. I can’t speak for their actions. I can only comment on what I experience with Africans that live and work here. That’s not being hypocritical, that just stating a fact that I experienced. From the tone of your previous statements, I get the feeling that you have disdain for us. You call us whacko and spoke about the American visitors like they are so uncouth. You and I are in this matrix together. More than likely those American visitors, (if they are Black) are searching for their history. So the next time you meet an African-American, welcome them home, show compassion and understanding.

  19. Me from Africa(Kenya) Says:

    I have no disdain for anyone Bette..nor do i find you people uncouth..(Lemmy first be clear about that.)….and By the way,the visitors here are mostly WHITE tourists(and mostly they were the ones i was referring to)…but NOOOOO…AM NOT RACIST either!..In the short life i’ve been around, I’ve been taught to see people for who they are (not what they are)…my apologies if it appears the other way.Anyway,it’s well known and documented that the Illuminati are linked to Seven major bloodlines..one of them being Freemasonry..(with the various degrees of the Masonic pyramid,blood,power,money and blah blah blah) and it is also WELL DOCUMENTED by your “Conspiracy professors” (on this sites) that the higher you are on the pyramid,the wealthier you get consequently,the more BLOOD SACRIFICES AND RITUALS you perform Am sure you’ve read that (missing people are thought to have been human sacrifice and that kind of thing)..hence the mind control element..the secret signs and symbols that were used in medieval Egyptian days..the sun,moon and stars and manipulation of the energy of the world by the elite are amongst some of their activities…it is also clear and well researched that alot of this activities are demonic including child sexual ritual killings..SO HOW THE HELL CAN’T THAT BE LINKED TO DEVIL WORSHIP?????..R U KIDDING ME??..I know you said you don’t wanna get into that topic..then don’t..You don’t have to..But if you know sooo much about this conspiracy (that is the Illuminati)..haven’t you heard that at the top of the pyramid is SATAN HIMSELF??..the last time i checked serving satan is the same as devil worship….R U KIDDING ME Bette??????????

  20. Me from Africa(Kenya) Says:

    Ohhhhh and i must say….am kinda freakin out just discussing those wierd-os and their UGLY DEEDS on this site..but WTF??…they’ll proly get you first before they trace me in Africa!!..haaa!!haaa!!haaaa!!…am serious those freaks control EVERYTHING(as I’ve read)…they re the shadow government..the richest suckers in the world..THEY OWN EVERYTHINGGGG..they are not even featured in Forbes top 100 list coz they keep it on the down low…soo yeah they can track anyone(even in lil oh Kenya)anyone who talks about themi DOOMED so i heard..Maybe that’s why you said you won’t go into that!!..LOL!!maybe..i don’t know!!!… ohh and next time i spot an African American,i’ll sure invite them home..(that is if i’ll still be alive!!)…haa!!haaa!!…Ohhh jeez God forbid that they get me..if you don’t get a response from me Bette next time you write,then it’s goodbye i’ll proly be on a plate somewhere with an apple stickin out of my mouth….Spooky!..ohhh God the scariest part is that AM NOT EVEN JOKIN OR BEING SARCASTIC RAIT NOW!!…i wish i was oiii!!

  21. Im from kenya too Says:

    what i dont understand is why there is a Kenyan fool trying to type in American accent..stupid idiot..sounds like you are from the zoo they think we all live in…

    Anyway Dirtygurl, i love your blog, and its educated me alot…your words have far reaching consequences. The problem we have in Kenya is always trying to emulate what we see on the screen, and alot of our artists blindly copy what they think is HIP hop….

    Thanks for the good job, dont get caught up trying to justify yourself to this other Kenyan… KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

    LOVE Your posts,…

    • Me from Africa Says:

      You just called me a “FOOL” becoz apparently according to you,u think am “trying to type in an American accent”..haa!!haa!! dts funny!!..according to you,that is “foolish”??..Listen,whoeva u are…u don’t even know me neither do you know where i went to school!!..Inacase u don’t know this my dear,not everyone in Kenya has a “Kenyan accent ” like u my dear..WE R NOT ALL DA SAME…and dts okay,don’t judge ppl coz they’re different!!!..Incase u also didn’t know,there are even some Kenyans who for the better part of their education,they were in America!!Furthermore,i don’t think you should be JUDGING people u don’t know like dt just coz of their accents!!haaa!! haa!! now dats FOOLISH!!..U hv no idea wt my background is but u think it’s okay for you 2b so dogmatic like dat!!..BROADEN UA MIND DEAR!!.!!!!!…Who do u think is da fool???…i won’t evn bother wd u..coz you’ve shown to be JUDGEMENTAL rait 4rm da word go…Gud luck wid dat!!!Byebye!!


      U are either veri foolish or veri foolish uaself…wat gives u da rait to attack and call ur fellow kenyan “foolish” ???jus becoz they hv a different accent???????.dats sooo rediculous!!!.u don evn know da person..(and from wat i’ve read in posts made by dat person,it sound like they are educated and opinonated..wich they hav a rait to be!!)..SO WATS UR PROBLEM???U think evry1 should speak like u in this country?????..haaa!!haaa!! jus becoz sm people r different doesn’t give you any rait 2 call them foolish!!..dt makes YOUU luk like YOUUU r from da jungle!!!!…


      at “I’m from Kenya too”…for calling your fellow Kenyan a “fool” just becoz he/she talks different from you,u must either be a FOOL uaself or a FOOL!period!…Tha ada Kenyan mait hv a different accent from uaz,BT DATS OKAY..You hv no rait attackin them so immaturely!! i mean are u honestly dt foolish as a person??..Are you usually dt judgemental & narrow minded??? do u honestly think dt all Kenyans should speak like you??haaaa!!haaa!!…For one reason or da other,some Kenyans have a different accent but dat doesnt mean they are “neo-colonised” or wateva u are tryin to insinuate!!..Tha ada kenyan raitly told you dat some people talk different dependin on where they were raised..Personally i think he/she shouldn’t even hv to explain themselves to such a JUDGEMENTAL character like you!!..

    • A PROUD AFRICAN(Kenya) Says:

      At “I’m from kenya too” you SERIOUSLY ought to be ASHAMED of uaself..How do you tell someone else(dt fellow Kenyan) dt they are a “fool” just coz they speak different from you??..are you that bush-like in nature??????..SHAME ON YOU..Am a Kenyan as well but i sure aren’t as judgemental as you are!!

    • jenny(africa) Says:

      it’s true that kenyan’s emulate American’s alot! especially the musicians(hip hop!) it’s also true that some of them fake accents and it makes them look like they are fresh from the zoo…But that doesn’t mean that they ALL do that.Some of them don’t fake it.It makes you sound like such a STEREOTYPE to call ua fellow Kenyan a fool just coz they write different from you.That being said,i have to agree with “A Proud Kenyan”..that the person who attacked his/her fellow Kenyan by calling them a” fool”,just coz they write different,sure sounds like THEYYYYY are fresh from the zoo..Sowiiii!!

    • Hassan africa Says:

      Listen whoeva you’re (calling yourself “I’m from kenya too”)i love Dirty gurl’s blogs too but it would be soooo JUDGEMENTAL of me to tell her not to bother with that fellow Kenyan that u called “foolish” just coz she speaks different..SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!..Hw barbaric is that???

  22. I appreciate your responses from the mother land. As far as the illumunati and devil worship is concerned, they are different. Have you done any research on Satanism or for that matter the devil? I have. You will be surprised that Satanism is closely related in some aspects to the Catholic church. (The masses, the way the pope dresses,etc.) I read their bible. The illuminati is a group of people who have used our symbols against us. They want you to believe that they and devil worship are one in the same to keep you in fear. I bet you that most of the illuminati goes to church (George Bush). Hitler was a catholic and some of them are jews and muslims. Before we start calling people names such as devil worshippers and even the illuminati, we should investigate and research their sources. Me personally, I don’t give a f*ck about the them and I’m not afraid of them because I am illuminated. Now look that up.

  23. Also as far as devil worship, and blood sacriices, and killing babies..well isn’t that taking place right now in Iraq, Israel and Afganistan by the hands of people who are religious? So who are the real devils?

    • A PROUD AFRICAN(Kenya) Says:

      I find it NECESSARY to say this,the Kenyan who called “Me from Africa(Kenya)” a “fool” just because apparently according to them “Me from africa(Kenya)” writes with an American accent!! seriously has a problem and DOES NOT REFLECT ALL KENYAN’S VIEWS!!!!!..Personally i have no problem with fellow Kenyan’s who have a different accent!!..i don’t judge people for how they talk!! (that’s just bush-like behaviour!!)sure some Kenyan’s fake the accent and it sounds REDICUOLOUS!! but how does that person just lush out at a fellow Kenyan wihout knowing them??? just because they read their post and thought it sounded “American” …SO AM GLAD I’VE CLARIFIED THAT.WE US KENYANS AND AFRICANS ARE NOT ALL THAT JUDGEMENTAL AS dat person who calls themselves”I’m Kenyan too”..

  24. Me from Africa Says:

    yeah Bette all that is happening in Afghanistan..bt it doesn’t justify da Illuminati rituals nah mean?…ua last comment honestly leaves alot to b desired(bt then again dts just my opinion!!)….And “illuminated”..wt?? i won’t evn ax..cz last i checked u wr “anti-conspiracy”..The real “American deal”…oh well i won’t push my opinions on you (like my dear fellow kenyan who thinks i hv an American slang!!!!haaa!! haa!! LOL apparently 2 dt person dts “foolish”..and according to dat kenyan’s narrow thinkin we should ALL b exactly da same!!LOL!!..and have da same accent!!!!LOL!!..)..anyway,remamba i told u dt i see people for whu they r and not WAT they are?…i hope u do too..DON’T LET DT FELLOW KENYAN’S COMMENT MK U (OR ANY ADA PERSON)THINK DT WE ARE ALL DT WILD & JUDGEMENTAL..cheerz!


    and as da prson you called “foolish” raitly has told you,not evry kenyan wz educatted in kenya!! so YESS BROADEN UA MIND!! are u dat narrow????? and judgemental???sm kenyan’s speak like dat and it’s okay!!..u evn go ahead 2 commendin dirty gurl (who yeah i also admit has a verii nice blog..i love it too) bt tellin her to ignore da ada kenyan!! r u dt foolish???..ur CLEARLY tryin to insinuate dt ua fellow Kenyan is Neo-colonised or wateva..BUT CLEARLY YOUUUU ARE!!..you r da one whu is sooo neo-colonised!it hurts!!

  26. This is to Bette: /Quote/ “As far as the illuminati and devil worship is concerned, they are different. Have you done any research on Satanism or for that matter the devil? I have. You will be surprised that Satanism is closely related in some aspects to the Catholic church. (The masses, the way the pope dresses,etc.”

    Ok. You have figured somethings out apparently, though I have to point out at in the highest level of their system (top of the pyramid) they all worship the same dark force. Some called it Lucifer, some Belsebub, some Ra, some Anu etc, depending on which mysterious old religion they happen to like. All roads lead to Rome, as they say. This time it’s true.
    And behind all those names, different masks is ‘the old snake’..
    As far as catholic church is concerned there is someone called black pope, who really runs things in Vatican. He has connections with mafia and his name describes him well.
    And satanism is tightly tied with free masons too. And satanism is almost always one of the main reasons for incest and childp**n. These people think they are above the law and able to do what they lust.

  27. ^one more thing, please don’t start with my grammar, I’m from north europe, so some words may not be correct. And I would also like to add that I have proof to my claims, you can google those things and tons of evidence pops up, just try if you don’t believe me.

  28. Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for writing about all of this. I have been hearing things about the secret sinister societies of the rich and famous for a while now, and have suspected something troubling for years, but only a few days ago have I decided to look into this. I noticed that recently I find myself subliminally TURNED OFF by many of today’s most popular music videos,and whether or not any of these people are involved with the illuminaughty, I am certain that the negative imagery I subliminally picked up on has an effect on the mind even when you don’t know what you’re looking at. I’ve only read a few of your posts so far; please continue the way you are with as little imagery as possible. I went on another blog that exposed all the imagery frame by frame for many videos and I can’t remember the last time I needed to pray so hard. It’s really ahrmful to be bombarded with that imagery especially intentionally.

  29. Yikes!
    Well, I’ve long thought Oprah was just a puppet…but I never thought anything fishy about her school until that scandal broke. The second I heard that news, I knew it had to have been some sort of programming school and those girls have no way out. I also asked myself (and my husband who is African), why she chose to build a school there. And while it’s true they are a continent in need, I thought it was “strategic” of her to build it there because I’m 99% sure that people in those areas haven’t been exposed to the Illuminati and what not. So why not build it there…the girls and their parents would have no idea what awaits them and who wouldn’t wanna attend Oprah’s school? It was like bait and they all bit it. And now look…I bet those poor girls have no way of getting out. Oprah is a witch.

  30. erika sodiesz. Says:

    I have read most all of your comments and have been doing some research of my own. I find that the more information I find on these subjects, the more the inspired word of GOD (the Bible) rings true to me. The Holy Bible teaches that “the truth shall be revealed” and it is indeed happening now. It also rings true to me as the Holy Bible teaches that “the battle is yours, its the Lord’s”. For those of us who have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior understand that the enemy (in whatever form) has already been defeated at the cross. It was the church and religious leaders who crucified Christ thus I have the gift of salvation from all this madness. Its just all confirmation for me! Be not deceived while debating these issues….GOD is still in control. GOD BLESS US ALL! in Jesus name! Amen!

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