I can’t believe it’s been one entire year since I started this blog, I just want to extend my appreciation to all  who have not only read my posts, but felt compelled to comment on them!

By far the most popular post has been the “Tupac/Jay-z/Beyonce” post!  I look forward to another year of dishing the dirt, and further enlightening  those who are beginning to wake up to what’s going on around us!


5 Responses to “THE DIRT IS ONE TODAY!”

  1. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Happy Birthday DIRT lol I just found these other post id stay tune 🙂 btw thanks for the blog 🙂 xoxoxo

  2. dirtygurl Says:

    love giving you the truth and nothing but!

  3. Happy Birthday, and I love you, girly! You are doing alot for the youth…Thank you so much!

  4. dirtygurl Says:

    so glad to be touching so many young lives, i knew there was a reason to start this blog even though it started off as just another black celeb entertaiment deals,i have actually accomplishedj something with it that i can be proud of,

  5. Dirtygurl, I really enjoy your Blog. I learn so much from you, Child of God and others. Keep up the good work and continue giving us the information that we can’t get from the media. Peace and Love.

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