I think something should be clarified right now.  There is no way that Jay Z is a “member” of the Illuminati.  First of all, he’s black.  Second of all, he’s not of inbred lineage, like the Rockerfellers, or the Rothchilds who are indeed members of the Illuminati.  Off topic: i heard that each member of the Illuminati families is sodomized by the others at the age of three, don’t know how true it is, but it’s certainly tragic!

the mason backed by the illuminati, never a member

Now Jay is indeed a mason who is being used by the Illuminati.  The Mason’s are a secret society, inside of a secret society.  One level doesn’t have any idea what goes on above his head, and ole “hov” is right at the bottom of the totem pole in that regard.  Does he know what he’s doing?  Yes of course, he’s definitely a handler just as Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra and countless others, but remember he still answers to someone and is obligated to follow orders as per his “contract”!  As far as I’m concerned he’s nothing more than a new millenium slave, he’s just not picking cotton.



  1. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Jayz a illuminati slave/poppet whatever
    and stinking Bob Hope rape Michael Jackson and the other jacksons and Brice Taylor fucking bunch a gay ppl lol

  2. dirtygurl Says:

    it seems that a prerequisite to selling out to these people is to have sex with the same gender, I think they do that so they can use it against you at a later date. Who knows how many entertainers have been f**ked by men who are powerful and wealthy, including jay, diddy, eddie, lil wayne, and all the rest of these mainstream artists.

    • Smooth Criminal Says:

      YES cause the devil a gay bastard int u see how he had the mainstream artist of the 80’s looking so girly, eg: Patrick Swayze, Michel Jackson, and manyyyyyyyyy others, u even see it in 2days music vids. We just dont understand when we see 6 females in the beginning and ends with 6 males and all sorts of other things, and those vids that r edited like umbrella we dont realise whats being portrayed right before our eyes, we just b going that looks tight or hmm i dont see the sense of this part o.O

  3. Smooth Criminal Says:

    You know in the bible the adam and eve saga and the serpent and the apple thing?

    Well heres my bit, gay like it back from bible days from certain things ive gathered, and look at the dirty old catholic priest anyhoo.

    Adam and eve, well as u see the serpent is portrayed as a man, so like the apple thing was Eve had sex with the serpent (anther man), so did Adam :S lol o.O

    • dirtygurl Says:

      wow smooth, that whole adam/eve/apple thing blows me away, never thought of it like that.

    • The Bible never says a thing about Adam and Eve having sex with the serpent. Adam was created for the LORD. He was a companion. GOD saw that he was lonely, so he created from Adam’s rib, a woman. She was his helpmate. Adam never was a good leader. Eve could easily munipulated him into doing whatever she wished. Satan, the master of deception, gave them a choice to possess the wisdom of the almighty, having power beyond measure. Adam and Eve were not only extremely selfish, but most notably, greedy. Their fate was sealed after they took a bite of the forbidden fruit. What a huge price to pay: the act of biting a forbidden fruit, in return for a life of constantly proving yourself to your Father the love you have for HIM. What a huge price to pay.

  4. Black and Proud Says:

    R u guys okay in the head???? some ladyes started a blog based on evil and u dont aks urself whats wrong with that person??? if u stay in the dark long enough, ur eyes start to be comfortable in the dark

  5. Jay is definitely reporting to a higher authority. They appointed him to pimp his “wife” just check out the way he talks to her and how submissive she is. His hands are always in his pockets like he’s hiding something. Check out some of the videos of this couple walking down the street, or leaving a restaurant etc..she usually in the submissive role and there he is with his hands in his pockets looking sinister…things that make you go hmmmmm

    • dirtygurl Says:

      this is why i read through my comments, i read somewhere that jesse jackson and cindy mccain were passing around some kind of device at some speech during the campaign for the presidency. they were saying that cindy mccain was sarah palins handler, and could that device have been some kind of mechanism to send low grade electroshocks to palin triggering her “alter”? is this what jay is always hiding in his pocket? i think it’s highly possible.

  6. There are books wriitten before the Bible. Adam & Eve were not the first beings on this earth. READ the whole Genesis Chapter. There is a passage that states that God told Adam & Eve to be fruitful and REPLENISH/REFILL the earth. God also gave this same command to be fruitful and REPLENISH/REFILL the earth. And why is there a King James VERSION of the Bible. Didn’t Jesus state I came to fulfill the law & not change it?

  7. By the way, the serpent/devil/Satan in Genesis was NOT THE MASTER DECEIVER. He told Adam and Eve the truth. After they ate the fruit didn’t they become AWARE that they were naked? And how can a serpent speak? When you read any books always do research first by using a dictionary.

    • You have to remember that the serpent didn’t crawl on his belly when he approached Eve. HE could speak and possibly stood upright. Heaven existed before earth, Adam and Eve. GOD was surrounded by HIS angels and HIS favorite was Satan. OF course his name was not Satan when he was an angel. I’m sorry I can’t remember. But Satan was cast down to the earth because of his rebellion against GOD. IF GOD said “IN THE BEGINNING” then there is no room for doubt. I am very sure that by our faith, we should pray fervently for truth and GOD will give it to us. Don’t let Satan cast doubt in your mind. Satan was the first to disrespect GOD, but he took with him angels that rebelled with him. Remember the great war in heaven? Satan was sent to rule the earth till his day of judgment along with his angels that followed him, thus hell was created for Satan and his angels. Evidently the war in heaven happened before Adam and Eve was created. Satan did not tell Adam and Eve the truth. He told them that if they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they would be as wise as GOD…Not so…That right there wasn’t wise, they just knew the difference between good and evil. That, is not wise at all…LOL IF they were as wise as GOD, they wouldn’t have eaten of the fruit at all. That just made them a little more aware of their nudity and very stupid…There are other books besides the books we know about in the Bible. These books are called the canonized books of the Bible. They are the lost books. I would assume if GOD wanted us to have them, HE would have made sure we got them…Never think in your mind that GOD is tricky. HE doesn’t operate that way. HE wants us to have faith and rely on HIM without a doubt. Read your Bible and pray everyday. DO as HE says. You can’t go wrong. And remember that Adam and Eve’s children were Cain and Abel. They were born after Adam and Eve were dismissed from the garden of Eden. Here’s a fun fact: the garden of Eden could very well be here on earth, but because GOD placed two angels to guard the entrance, we will never be able to enter Eden even though it is still here on earth. IT’s kind of creepy that we might be passing it every day, but because HE has angels guarding it, we can’t see it, or enter it…Just a fun fact and something to think about.

  8. BRIANA!! Says:

    hi, im Briana and im 16.. today is my 1st day on this website and i love it. its like ur answering all the questions in my head and then some.. this whole iluminati thing really made since when i put everything togeather. all of these beefs, celebrity stunts, crazii satanic videos and beyonce(i never really liked her, i always knew she was a sick bitch bt ddnt noe wat i noe now) im highly dissappointed in my afro americanos bt hey we cn sell out too. i will cont. to view this webstie cuz yu expose the truth

  9. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Jay is nothing but a puppet controlled by the Illumanti. Illumanti members are white only. And from what I’ve studied, are related by incest. Their marriages are arranged to keep certain people out. And if one is not of family then they can join other organizations that are affiliated with the Illumanti. And in these organizations they are programmed, forced to have same sex encounters, are being taught about the Satanic religion, and are required to participate in certain rituals. None-the-less all of it is pure evil.


    ONE THING I’M SURE OF IS WE ARE BEING DECEIVED AND THE ANTICHRIST IS AMONG US AND WILL REVEAL HIMSELF SOON! Now even more so I understand why the bible teaches us to lay our treasures up in heaven and not on earth. People can have their pie on earth….my pie is in the sky and I have peace on earth in the midst of it all!

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