Am I the only one that thinks that this Hatian disaster is a manufactured occurence by “you know who?”  I don’t mean to make light of the fact that people have lost their lives, but is it in fact a natural occurence?

I’ve been hearing for years, that these fools mess  with the weather, so  what’s to stop them from finding a way to cause an earthquake, and therefore decrease the population while reaching into our pockets?    I see alot of people donating money, but will this money actually reach the people who need it, or go into the pockets of the “fab 13”?  Is there going to be some documentation or accountability on how the money  being donated by compassionate Americans  is going to be spent?



  1. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Y u are spot on to something ive researched last yr, china has the technologye to mess with the weather and yes the technology to make earthquakes isnt a new discovery. And yes ur very right about where the money going, straight to the NWO , im glad u see that, Michael Jackson song they dont give a fuck about us, this is to depopulate the earth, get rid of blacks and make there pockets fatter.

    This is like a vid I saw of Mj saying they plans are to depopulate the earth and get rid of a race, now which race do u think that is?????

    I had a better link with this expert explaining about earthquake technology and weather stuff but cannot find it here is one though

  2. dirtygurl Says:

    thanks for the info

  3. H.A.A.R.P. is definitely responsible for the Haiti earthquake. Although the Haitia’s land was destroyed and many people murdered. They messed with the wrong people. They are warriors (check out thier history). And yes there are heavily into the Vodoun (Voodoo). It is not evil, but dealing with the spirit world. In t movie Avatar the humans destroyed thier land and what happened? Nature came to the rescue. The Navi prayed to their ancesters. So the humans who destroyed Haiti, watch out.. this is not the end

  4. Update: Bill Clinton was rushed to the hospital due to chest pains. He is responsible for the funding from the U.S. to be “transferred” to Haiti. You know who he works for.

  5. Some people are so wicked. So engineering the depression wasn’t enuff for them, they engineered this earthquake just to kill off more people while draining the pockets of the remaining few. May God punish them

  6. dirtygurl Says:

    ive been reading tranceformation and cathy obrien explains that when clinton was governor of arkansas, he was responsible for trafficking cocaine. she claims that he is also a bisexual freak, and hillary is a raging lesbian.

  7. Ms. Mizani Says:

    What makes me keep my money to myself instead of trusting someone like Clinton is… I don’t respect the wealthy asking for money from people who like me, live on a budget. Every person who helped make the remake of the song ‘We are the world’ could’ve donated at least one million dollars and made Haiti even better than it was before. Yet I look at New Orleans and how they treated these helpless American People. Blowing up the Levees there. Just sad.

  8. I think these is all true I salute yor work many ppl are so dependant on the virtual world that being pushed to us constantly harrp wrks on a galatic scale capable of penetrating the ozone layer.its focuses 3.6 billions watts of energy to what the call a spot.12 miles across and 3miles deep.this huge energy is capable of any given stop to reach over 2k degrees also uv rays would fry everything instantly.delecting this via satalites would create a plasma field (he 4th dimension.this should also explain why the usa is disarming the nukes

  9. thierry Says:

    we all need to change our life style try to find the good in people and try to fight for the coming generation

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