FINALLY…somebody besides anonymous bloggers call Jay out on his Satanic promotion.  I have to admit, this dude has put everything we’ve been speculating into a nifty little tune….

Now let’s see if  he responds to this one, I have a feeling it’s ’bout to get hot in the music industry for these butt fux

i can’t post the link here because of my stupid mouse, but look for the post on http://www.bossip.com



  1. SouthernBelle Says:

    Hi all!!! *waving* I had a chance to listen to this Rapper and was very impressed at how well he put all of this together. He said enough to cause a big ripple in the waters of Jay z and company. And make them squirm and uncomfortable before all their fans. Just like they’ve made us uncomfortable shoving all of this Illumanati and Satanic stuff in our faces.
    So big ups to that BOLD Rapper. I hope he reached a lot of people, especially the younger generation.
    Since I’ve heard a great deal of bad stuff about the Illumanati, I pray for this Rapper’s safety. Peace.

  2. Black and Proud Says:

    YEah and he uses the word Niggaaa, the N word and Bitch…I’m impressed too

  3. SouthernBelle Says:

    That’s why I didn’t refer to him as a Christian Rapper. I caught that too.

  4. that doesn’t concern me as much as him exposing jay z for the fraud that he is. how many “christains” do you know that curse?


      Thank you dirtygurl! I don’t care wht the world calls me or how they catorgorize me GOD LOVES ME AND I HAVE ACCEPTED HIS SON JESUS AS MY SAVIOR…..now let whomever mess with me the wrong way……I will curse they a@@ out! Keep it real yall! And thank YOU LORD for MERCY AND GRACE THAT COVERS US ALL inspite of our faults! Get off the gas, wasn’t but ONE without sin and that was JESUS CHRIST…..NOT …..and HIS FOLLOWERS! Come on now!

  5. Everyday when I wake up I listen to Rihanna and it makes me happy. Rihanna dresses like no-one else. Girl can really pick the best looking clothes for her! She has a really sane life too unlike some other Hollywood crazies. Rihanna has a lotta haters and I cannot understand why at all! I wish Rihanna was my best friend she is such a divine creature to be with Im sure!

    • If you really admire her, then pray for her. Try to find a way for her soul to reach GOD. Again, after this life, none of that will matter, as a matter of fact, it will define their fate. Pray and read your Bible.

  6. Greetings. I found my way onto your web site and just wanted to write a fast comment about this. I really value what you wrote here. God’s grace!

  7. Do you really think Jay Z really cares that a Christian rapper called him out? Jay Z is doing thier bidding, he is the front man. I don’t why Jay Z chose to go down this path. Is he mind controlled too, did he sell out, was he forced into it? I don’t know. What I do know is that they don’t care. What we must focus on is.. what are you going to do about it?


      Well ya know, history does repeat itself…..Jay Z’s just a house ni**a! Just like Jesus came once…..HE is coming again, SOON!!!!!

  8. Also, Rihanna doesn’t pick out her clothes. They do. They control everything she does. And that is sad. She could have been such a good role model for young girls. I like her. But her videos are so laced with negative symbols.

  9. The only curse word in the English language is Damn. So you don’t want anyone to damn you. Also, do the history on the word ‘nigga’. You will find out that Nigga is a very powerful and forceful word. And that is why they don’t want us to say it. Check out the countries of China and Cambodia which has gods known as the nigas. Look up the word negus. It use to be a time when Black people didn’t like to be referred to as Black. And by the way, the term niger is in the Bible (new testament).So when you look up these words you will find that you are indeed a nigga and not black. By the way I am a nigga.

  10. Hey Dirtygurl,

    I came across your blog while researching the death of Aaliyah..and read through quite a few of your posts. For a moment there it sounded as if you have a soft spot for Rih? Or do you recognize hence the title of your post that she too is a puppet who sold out for fame?

    • i DID like rihanna, or I liked her sense of style, but now that i believe that she’s another one who took the oath, i def do not like her. it’s funny, i went from halfway liking her to not liking her, and i went from despising beyonce, to actually feeling sorry for her.

      • And that is why I like this page so much. Dirtygurl, you haven’t done anythinging but keep it real and honest. I love the fact that you feel sorry for BEY. With that, you might be the one who can help her. Anyone who hates her can’t do a thing. This is the beginning of understanding. Bey is not stupid, though. She was raised in the church so it’s not like she doesn’t know what being sensual or enticing is. Fornication is not an alien word to her. She’s a true ‘puppet’. Once she stops craving the money and success, popularity, etc. a veil will be lifted and hopefully humility will be replaced with the sincere love of GOD. Keep praying for her soul.

  11. I feel very sorry for Beyonce as well, she definetly acts like a stepford wife too. And I am also concerned for the recovering addicts she will most definetly influence through the occult now that she has opened up a cosmotology center at Pheonix house in Brooklyn 😦

  12. dirtygurl Says:


    how are beyonce and tina going to be teaching about hair when thiers always looks like dry moss?

    ok seriously, yeah they are going to enroll those who are probably so low on themselves and program them…that’s when a person is most vulnerable and susceptible to suggestion.

  13. msdizzydolores Says:

    DG you are a hot mess. And it shows you how much her fame has gotten to her…she named it after herself…Why???????

  14. Ms. Mizani Says:

    I feel sorry for both Beyonce and Jay. Well anyone that has entangled themselves into that mess. Bey got caught up and Jay sold out by running to ‘the man’ telling what other rappers were up to. And from there Jay was rewarded handsomely. A lot of these business ventures were given to him and Bey was able to enjoy these gifts with him as well. In a blink of an eye, Jay went from a regular rapper in the shadows of Pac and Biggie, to the best rapper in the world. Of course that is opinionated, but he and his wife were being forced down our throats. Now even if these two awaken and see the light they are now too heavily involved. They owe their very lives to these puppetiers. They could never easily walk away without there being consequences to pay.

  15. That’s what’s so sad, how in the world are they going to be able to climb out of the deep hole they are in? Where do they go from here?

  16. dirtygurl Says:

    As much as Beyonce is programmed and tortured, I think Jay is too. The elite may be evil and conniving, but they are by no means stupid. Even a wild animal has sense enough to survive, and these elite have instilled a suicide program if jay/bey ever try to come out from under the programming they have endured, and if that doesn’t work, then they will be killed straight up. their lives mean little to the elite, as they will always have replacements waiting in the wings.

    Gee Whiz,

    I am starting to feel bad for Jay Z too!


      LOL! I love you dirtygurl, you are somethin serious. Now doesn’t all this make yo think twice about as we were growing up we were taught to dream big and desire the riches of this world not realizing you’d have to (literally) go through hell to get it! Child please they can have that life and all that comes with it. Just like they have material possessions I may never….I have a peace they might never know…and it is PRICELESS!

  17. Ms. Mizani Says:

    I just recently read on another blog about Jay and Bey’s wedding. A man went to the wedding alone and wouldn’t allow his wife to attend. And when he got home from the wedding he was scared to death and could hardly speak, but managed to mumble to his wife the words evil and Satan. That night he was so scared that he pissed himself. Three months later, his wife finds him in the bathroom in their home dead with black blood leaking from his eyes. Shortly after this incident she became a Christian and is seeking safety from God.
    Now this is what I read be it true or false. The real question is we all know both Jay and Bey love to brag. Just listen to their lyrics in their music. And we know that they love attention, always looking for more. Why hasn’t any photos from their wedding been made public. Not a one! Word is they want people to respect their privacy, Yet they put themselves out there so much that it sort of contradict itself. I hope this makes sense to someone out there. Makes me wonder how they will handle having kids one day. Will we learn of them when they’re grown?
    One day all of these secrets will come to light about them worshipping Satan and being controlled by the elite. They can’t keep everybody quiet.

    Dirtygurl, let me know what you think about this. You seem to have an opened mind, and the ability to see things as they really are: The good, the bad, the ugly, fantasy and reality.

    • o wow mizani…can you email me the link or name of this blog? I don’t know what to make of this, do you know this mans name? as out there as this sounds (black blood) i would still say that anything is possible with these guys, and why was his wife excluded, I guarantee that beyonce was gang raped at her own wedding. I read a quote from Tina that struck me as totally odd!
      someone asked her what the best part of the ceremony was and her response was seeing all that good food on fine china. I thought that was a hell of a response when your daughter is marrying someone she loves. i also found it strange that there was no pics leaked of the ceremony, and why it didn’t take place in a church. I thought the brides family was supposed to pay for the wedding,and lord knows that matty and co have enough money, so why was it held in jay z’s apartment?

      remember the rumours that beyonce was preggie? well i’m sure that matthew at that time was practicing satanism while ritually abusing beyonce and possibly solange. I was on another site POM, and there was a lady who was MPD who had about 20 alters, and all of them painted, well one of the alters painted scenes of children giving black shadowy figures blow jobs, and there were children being raped by these same figures, and one of them was of one of these shadows giving a pregnant woman an abortion, blood everywhere while a child sat by on it’s hands and knees with a dog bowl in front of him/her full of blood. My point is , could that unborn fetus have been used as part of beyonces own mind bending torture and programming? Also, I am thinking that Tina was also one of her own daughters handlers.

  18. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Consider it done. I have other infomation in case you’re interested. And would be happy to share it with you if you like.

    Please also take note to what one poster’s response to this was.

  19. I would like that site as well, Ms. Mizani…Black and Proud still hasn’t gotten it yet. This is not a site for the sarcastic…I will never let anyone call me a nigger. My grandparents and great grandparents had to live with the humiliation every day of their lives…It is disrespectful in our country and the majority of America hasn’t grasped the proper meaning of being Nigerian. Niggah is short for Negro which is black in Spanish. Nigga is an insulting term and no one has a right to use that word in a hurtful way. Our society has desensitized terms that are otherwise offensive. It is not short for Nigerian…It’s slang for Negro and degrading broken, black woods talk…In other words hillbilly garbage…

  20. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Why hello there Child of God. *Big sisterly hug:-)* Where have you been young lady? Don’t you know you know your presence and posts have been missed. Glad to see your back. Our girl Dirtygurl has been holding it down and giving us great info as usual.
    As for the site….You may have to ask Dirtygurl to email it to you because we are no longer able to post these sites on her blog. Or you could get my email addy from Dirtygurl and I’ll be happy to send it to you.
    Peace be with you.

    • It is so good to be back and love BACK AT YOU, Ms. Mizani, my sister…You guys have been missed. I will be on here more regularly. You all are very important to me and this site keeps me focused..You are both so kind and I love the both of you.


      Ms Mizani and Dirtygurl….Plzzzz share the love. I too would like info on those sites as well. Plz keep a girl informed. I love this site. Dirtygurl do ya thang! Now that’s some good slang for ya! : ) LOVE

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