Apparently Jay Z is feeling the heat put out by mine and other blogs that he is a card-carrying member of the Illuminati via the Masons. Of course he denies it saying that he believes in one God.  The truth of the matter is number one…if those rumors are so ignorant then why did he feel the need to even comment on them not once, but twice?  Also, he’s been seen using the handshake, which was obviously taught to him when he took his unholy oath.  If  I were interviewing his stupid behind I would have asked him to break down his lyrics in Umbrella…

” No clouds in my stones

let it rain, I hydroplane into fame

coming down with the Dow Jones ( there’s gonna be a recession but…)

When the clouds come we gone ( I won’t be touched by it)

We Roc-a-fella ( we made a pact with the devil, we traded our souls to him for fame)

We fly higher than weather in  G-5’s or better ( we make more money than we can spend, so while you chumps will lose your homes and jobs, our accounts will stay plump! )

You know me in anticipation for precipitation ( I knew about the recession before it happened)

Stack chips for the rainy day ( I aint hardly worried about the coming crisis…I’m a Mason after all, I took the oath)

Rain man is back with Little Miss Sunshine Rihanna were you at?

( I brought Rihanna over to the dark side, now get to work puppet!)

I would absolutely love to tear him a new azzhole!



  1. SouthernBelle Says:

    You are so right. What did we really expect him to say?!
    From what I’ve observed from watching and listening to him, Jay is actually the ‘POSTER BOY’ for the Illumanati. From his clothing, handshakes, videos, his dealings with his wife, his interviews, and especially the way he just all of a sudden became this Mega Star. Prior to that he had been in the game for years with some success. The actions of those in his tight knit clique-Rihanna, Kanye, and Beyonce’ are questionable. And wreaks the same stintch that he does. This man is saying one thing and promoting another. Some people consider Satan a God. I don’t! So this may be whom he is speaking of when he says he believes in one God. Jay is a sell out and I no longer support him, or the others in his clique. They really can’t be trusted! JMHO, of course.

  2. Black and Proud Says:

    U worry me, those lyrics means that. wow it means every artist’s lyrics means Im a devil-worhiper. dude u might be the illuminati

    • dirtygurl Says:

      wake up

    • Answer me this, Black and Proud~ for some reason I have a certain bit of care for you, do you think that these artists are out for the good of the youth or for the money they can put in their pockets? I wouldn’t be so concerned if the children weren’t targets, but indeed it is the job of the parents to guide their children. I guess as a youth teacher, I feel compelled to jump in and show them the love that they need~~that safety net from the polution of the world.

  3. Miss Tiffie Says:

    Wow, and what scares me is how I used to listen to these songs and never thought twice about it, he’s a sick man

  4. Jay Z is a puppet for the power elite. They tell him, as well as other performers, what to do and say. In other words..shuck and jive his audience. The Elite, Freemasons, Illumaniti are no longer secret organizations. Anytime you see them being exposed on the History Channel means they don’t care. Proof of this is when some people who make statements like Black and Proud. That means their plans are working and they have successfully dumb downed alot of people. Fox news anyone?

  5. dirtygurl Says:

    part of the illuminati’s m.o. is to mix the truth with lies to have us confused. its not just fox news, its every news outlet. they play both sides of the fence, the republicans and democrats are all under thier control, it’s the old divide and conquer routine.

  6. You are so right, Ms. Dirtygurl!

  7. Charisse Says:

    omg i never looked at it that way. i have got to look for the deeper meaning in these songs.

  8. Anything that is poisonous is dangerous. When you see an artist blatantly throwing “trash” at you, beware. The type of garbage these folks are promoting is a destructive, self delusional presumption of success. In the eyes of the artists of today, compromise equals success. Not true. There was a time when success meant being courageously different and morally chaste. Success has been cheapened to the point of “sleeping with the manager”…then marrying him? I look at the whole Bey and Jay situation and think to myself, “he prostitutes his wife all across the globe, then he and his wife find other artists (Rihanna) to disrobe and perform in “dark” (appearing satanic) settings. Lady GaGa? I think that was ingenious of the two of them to perform with the enemy. IF anyone seems to get in BEY’s way, why not join them? Even if it means compromising…dress like them, then perform with them. When an artist no longer stands up for themselves and begins to compromise with the competition, it’s a pretty smart move to “do as the Romans do”, so to speak. Robots. This is what our entertainment has evolved to. I’m not into rap for the simple fact that it seemed to have died with TU Pac. Lil Wayne playing an electric guitar and doing a little country ditty? Bey playing an electric guitar on her video, “Green Light”…which, by the way is a sleezy song…Today’s music is garbage. Anything goes…Our children don’t have too many artist to look up to. Sadly, we need to pray for more talent…Nicki Minaj? Did she “rap” at least one line in the song that she performed with Mariah Carey?…Man…our poor youth…Pray for a role model.

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