Sade is probably the only female artist (besides mary j) that i absolutely love, so it’s exciting to see her coming back as hard as she has with her new single “soldier of love”.

I absolutely love it and definitely plan on buying the cd when it drops in February.

This woman never seems to age!


9 Responses to “WELCOME BACK SADE”

  1. SouthernBelle Says:

    Well it’s about time! LOL! I just love Sade. I can’t wait for the CD and to see her in concert. I saw her in concert once before and it was excellent. She’s a true talent without all the booty shaking and being naked.
    Her music is definitely for the grown and sexy. Which is more to my liking.

  2. dirtygurl Says:

    I AGREE 100

  3. saveyouselves Says:

    Still waiting for love to come turn it all around..
    I love this song and the vibe I get from sade she’s truely deep
    I wonder if she really means love everytime I hear this song I think of being a soilder for God

  4. Wow, finally someone in the entertainment industry who isn’t a mind control slave? I hope Sade is for real.
    Just discovered your site. Love it.

    • dirtygurl Says:

      thank you for reading…as for sade, although i love her music, just as i love prince’s music, I suspect that she is also under some kind of control. she moved to madrid sometime in the 80’s or 90’s. Why all the way to spain, was it to get away from the industry? I however, will continue to support sade because i respect her for not stooping to being sexual in order to sell records, and her songs are well written, no bubblegum and meaningless lyrics. she also doesn’t push materialism.

  5. Only time will tell.

  6. i saw a video of her in the kitchen making something, I think a pie for the children who were out in her front yard, she was bent over gyrating around, not at all vulgar by today’s standards, but still a bit much for her. i’m wondering if she’s giving in just a little bit to sell records

  7. ItsBriana!! Says:

    Sade is illuminati.. if you cee her video for babydaddy I saw sum symbolisim in it.. Im mad my mom qave me her name as my middle name -_-

  8. Yep unfortunately Sade is illuminati…agreeing with Briana. And she colaborated with Demon monster…Jay-z to do this song Soldier of love. It even has a message in it when played backwards, Youtube it.

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