• While researching what was supposed to be my next post on Masonic hand symbolism all up and through music videos, I came across the LG/BEY remix for  Video Phone.  Of course there was the usual themes…Dulality, disorientation, blatant sexuality, BEYS RED STILLETOS which seem to indicate that she received the good old Wizard Of Oz mind control programing as was indicated in the video “SWEET DREAMS” when I came across something very interesting.  First of all, that freakin video was the filthiest mess I’ve seen in a long time!   Second of all, during the scene in which she and LG basically simulate sex with chairs, I noticed that BEY’s letoard displays three horizontal lines.  Although you can only see them from the side in this pic, you can see them clearly on her leotard in the video. 

    I’ve seen this sybolism on Jays “on to the next…” video, and here it is again on his blueprint 3 album cover.  If anyone knows of what it means please tell me.

    Update:  I just learned that this is indeed a Masonic symbol something to do with west to east.  It’s spooky since the hub of the entertainment industry is in L.A. on the WEST coast, and this is where most of the mind control comes from within the music and movie industries.  Disneyland is also in the West, where alot of the sex slaves were programed and conditioned for their illuminati service .  With what we know about plans for joining Canada, California, and Mexico, they will eventually have a One World Order beginning in the west and continuing East until the entire world is captive under one ruling government?

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    12 Responses to “WHAT IS THIS?”

    1. I have recently learnt that the 3 lines stand for 33rd ranking freemason. I assume that as they are married Bey is also saying that she is 33rd ranking freemason.

      Very strange stuff ……. I half think they are doing it on purpose now to generate more publicity, as it is too blatant !! Although I know a few people out there who say its all ‘ARTistic expression ‘ Hmmm…….

    2. SouthernBelle Says:

      Please visit this site to gain more of an understanding…


      There is so much to it and this would make for great reading, as it also talks about Beyonce’, Lady GaGa and more.

      I hope this helps! 🙂

      Let me know whatcha think?

    3. the three line symbol stands for “passive intellect” or “identity, a similarity so strong that there is no real difference.”


    4. Miss Tiffie Says:

      Watch “JAY-Z DECEPTION” on youtube, the author gives you a clear understanding of the illuminati society, the number 3 etc. It’s 13 videos in total but it’s worth watching!

    5. Black and Proud Says:

      and the author doesnt worry u nor the writer? if u cant influence people with ur intelligence, confuse them with ur bullshit…

      • Are you confused yet? Just asking. Are these people trying to help our youth or hurt them? Our little ones are filling the pockets of these artists and will be until we find and go “on to the next one”…GOD bless their little souls. The B. S. is in the music which means absolutely nothing these days…

    6. I cannot stress that WE also have the same kind of power as JayZ, the Masons, and the illuminati. The same symbols they use to control the masses came from US. The pyramids, hand gestures, etc. came from our ancesters. So don’t be scared. That’s what they want. That is why it is so in your face now. They got the masses exactly where they want them. But now that you have become aware of what they are doing. They can’t hurt you. Remember the sitcom Bewitched? Samantha had a cousin Serena. Both powers were the same. One was good and the other evil. But who was the good one and who was the evil one. It’s how you look at it. and they both had equal power. All the money and power that these Secret Societies have still hasn’t destroyed us. Watch what happens as a result them destroying Haiti. They just opened Pandora’s box..stayed tuned

      • Bette, we do have the same kind of power, if not much more. You have to think that we have the LORD on our side and they are little more than minions…They know of GOD…This is why it is so sad….Bey went to church as a child. Jay Z knows the LORD. Even if this stuff is a myth, they are not disputing it. They are making it appear even more attractive to those who starve for fame and fortune. All of the things that we are seeing or noticing are because a lot of us are waking up. Anything not for GOD is in the same category. Pray for those artists that think they are the “ninth” wonder of the world. Little do they realize or even care that GOD is judging them as we speak…GOD bless you, Bette, as you continue to learn and pass it along…We are but vessels in this sinking ship, but GOD is holding tightly to our handles and one day we will be full of HIS grace and glory and find solace in HIS rewards….

    7. hey whats up,

      I have a question, i just found this site and been reading for the last our or so.. -Thanks for all the info btw- and I noticed that you said something about The Wizard of Oz programming..

      ..and i just finished reading Thanks for the Memories by Brice Taylor, where she explains the Wizard of Oz program. When i -finally- got the book i knew about subliminal messages, Googled some stuff, watched The Idustry on Youtube, and similar youtube vids. I dont know why, but when i was reading the book, i just believed it. My bf doesnt really believe it since it was a book, and thinks that if it were true, “they” would have made sure it wasnt published. But I believed every word and tried to find more answers, about the program, other victims etc.

      And well, i wondered where you got it from. You wrote it like everybody already knows about it, so i wanted to know how, and more info about it..

      Thanks! love,


    8. dirtygurl Says:

      hi chanel,

      through my own research of mk ultra brice taylors book kept popping up so i decided to read it myself. i guess what got me interested is that she was naming bob hope, michael jackson, frank sinatra etc… also read cathy obrien’s book, she corroborates much of what brice wrote about in her book, and i belive both of these ladies as the truth is always much stranger than fiction. everyting she was saying kept bringing beyonce and jay z to mind, and that was when i began really looking at the two of them and my instinct told me that this is what’s going on in hollywood. please look at the oprah show when dave chapelle was a guest, read about lauryn hill’s “fall from grace” and take a look at the lyrics for “i get out” feel the words and ask yourself if she’s singing about a relationship, or the real life slavery that she and others have endured by selling themselves to the elite.

    9. Read about the Wizard of OZ…I used to watch that religiously as a child. Never missed a year till I was eighteen. Something drew me to watch that each year and now that I know its hidden meaning, I can’t watch it with the same “eyes”…Scary indeed.

    10. that movie and others have specific triggers for mk ultra victims of which there are millions, the programmers tell the victim that they are about to go over the rainbow, this means that you will forget what just happened here right before they stun them with electroshock to scatter their brain cells and make them forget what they’d just done.

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