So we all know this ongoing drama regarding Kim “doormat” Porter, and Diddy’s long term relationship.  They are together, they break up, they get back together, and at random intervals, Puffy flaunts his little jump-off in her face.  Well rumour has it that after years and years of waiting, Miss Porter is finally going to marry her “man” in St. Barts.  It seems that celebs are flocking to the island to witness hell freezing over…the usual suspects…Jay/Bey, Denzel, and the rest of the Illuminati Crew are supposed to be there to see the couple exchange vows.  Now instead of him cheating without a ring, he’ll cheat WITH one!  If this goes off, congrats to them both.

Let’s take a look at KIDDY through the years, shall we?

Def NOT one of her better moments

  BTW…Kim is really out of line for not accepting the fact that Chance is Diddy’s daughter. It’s really hypocritical that Puffy adopted her son, but she won’t even acknowledge his daughter.  I mean I understand that she’s hurt because he cheated, but it isn’t the little girl’s fault.  Besides, Ashanti said it best in her song “foolish” ” when she said “all the things that we accept be the things that we regret.”  I hope Cassie is making that fool use protections, or she’s using birth control

i just don't get it

This is the dumbest alter ego pic i’ve ever seen…WTF?



  1. SouthernBelle Says:

    Right now Puffy is too in love with himself to marry anyone. This bucked toothed moose looking dude is just way too selfish to boot. Kim needs to forget about it and live her life and raise her children.
    But for some reason, I believe that he would’ve married Jennifer Lopez in a heart beat. And he would also take her back if she wanted him to be with her again.
    And to be honest…I don’t know how any woman is able to put up with that man. Ugh!!! My head hurts just thinking about if he were my man.

  2. SouthernBelle Says:

    Oh and from what I understand…Puffy like to put the ‘Smack Down’ on his women.

    All I’ve gotta say about that is…REDRUM, REDRUM, REDRUM M’FER!!!

  3. dirtygurl Says:

    lol @ redrum, all i know is that kim never really looks happy when she’s pictured with him, i bet the only reason he even keeps her around is because she knows all of his dirty little secrets. man, i would buy her book if she exposed the whole bad boy crew!

  4. Puffy has forgotten where it all began. In behalf of his girlfriend, he should make an honest woman of her and those beautiful children. He puts men to shame. P Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puffy Combs, Daddy Puff the magic dragon….whatever…He needs to make her an honest woman and give those precious babies his name….I blame her for putting up with his mess, and blessing him with all those beautiful babies….HE is no example for young men in this world, and he puts the black male race to shame…And KIM…Get RID OF HIM…You are better than that….!

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