We all know that Natalie Nunn is the newest reality skank to hit the airwaves.  She’s the resident loudmouth on Bad Girl’s Club, she slept with Chris Brown post-Rihanna which is disturbing in itself (he denied it, smartest thing he’s done all year), and she claims to have “punked” Vanessa Simmons on twitter (how do you punk someone through the computer?).  I guess she really believes that she does run L.A., but from what I’ve seen the only thing she’s running is her mouth. 

Natalie Dumm...oops Nunn and her bulk weave

Apparently the Jay Leno look alike thinks that she’s a “star”, but she looks like just one  more attention whore to me.  Her whole swagger comes off as phony and overdone.  She has some color issues as she demonstrated on the show.  She claimed that she was Brazilian and Puerto Rican, and I might believe her if she didn’t have like 150 pounds of bad weave in her hair.  She was also taking shots at the other black girls in the house, calling them ghetto, and writing that one of them was “too black”. 

 Take my advice Natalie, the next time you go for the silky straight, get those edges laid down.




  1. haahhahaa this is s0 true she’s not even a celebrity isn’t it funny how every interview she does they’re asking about the whole situation with chrisbrown & everytime she opens her long ass mouth her response is always different..hahaha moon face.thee great wall 0f china! longer than the wall 0f china! she’s a waste 0f space!

  2. I don’t think she’s cute at all, maybe because of her attitude.

  3. LegallyBarbie Says:

    Yea everyone can say Natalie is over doing her character, but hey this chick is on television giving the world a show! Who really cares what another is thinking see has all thee world focused on her… I bet she’s gonna get much fame off this reality S**T WATcH!

  4. @legally,
    so in other words for a little time on televesion it’s allright to expose how ignorant you are and desperate for attention you are? she is pathetic like all of these reality mutts, and the only thing she’ll get out of it is a bad rep, a calendar, and a venereal disease…yeah that’s the american dream…

  5. tosha banks Says:

    Well all i know is that big mouth got her ass whooped on the show by porscha……I thought she was so bad and tough looks like natalie is all talk like i thought.

  6. lol i just got through watching, and all i can say is that when porscha came out there on the stoop, natalie looked like she knew what was coming next. remember this is entertainment, and there is nothing “real” about reality television. but it sure is entertaining which says alot about us.

    • Miss demeaner Says:

      I totally agree! Reality doesn’t have writers, editors and casting directors. Want reality? How about CNN, Discovery channel, et al?

  7. SouthernBelle Says:

    Don’t care for Natalie much. She has some serious issues. One being that she has a problem with black women. She’s made too many sly remarks towards black women which is senseless because she happens to be part black. At least that’s what she said. But I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Portia beat the breaks off her. I got a little worried when Natalie’s chin flipped Portia over, but my girl Portia quickly got back up and continued beating Natalie and her chinny chin chin.

  8. dirtygurl Says:

    my question is this…how do you run l.a. when your from pleasanton?

  9. you’re just jealous of her beautiful hair.

    • Miss demeaner Says:

      Sure am. The stores I buy hair from don’t sell it in bulk like hers! LOL! Kidding. My hair is long, straight and …REAL!

  10. Marcus has to be joking…LOL Aren’t you? HER TIMES UP ANYWAY…

  11. charisse Says:

    Lmao her chin is super big. She has nothing on jay leno. Lmao @ Chris brown denying her! He went from rihanna big ass forehead and to this heffer with an oversized chin.

  12. vibrantvixen924 Says:

    Lol! Leave the Crimson Chin alone for she knows not what she does…. Portia did beat the breaks off of her though & she deserved every last hit.

  13. dirtygurl Says:

    over the course of the show i came to like her just a little bit. i think i can relate to her in some mad kind of way, plus when she was making fun of annie’s mouth while jogging was hilarious, i just wish she would have come at the show a from a different angle. towards the end, it was florina who i started to dislike.

  14. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Will someone please direct this moose and her bad attitude back into the forest?…Thanks!

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