Tiger Woods cheated….shout it from the mountain top until my damn ears bleed. It’s all anybody can talk about on television. Every day someone else is coming out claiming they slept with Tiger Woods. This is nothing new, men cheat on their wives all the time, especially men with money,fame, and power, but enough is enough already!

Then I started to think…WHY is this being focused’s like they are trying to ruin the man, so I started digging, and guess what I turned up!

I’ve been touching on the Illuminati and how they control everything. MK Ultra were mind control experiments conducted on American citizens by the government. The gist is that they would introduce drugs and sexual trauma on subjects, shattering their psyche in order to create multiple personalities (beyonce/sasha fierce) which they would then “program” these individuals to serve certain purposes. I can believe that Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and others are most likely included in this group. If you’ve seen the manchurian candidiate, then you know what I’m talking about which is ironic in itself since Denzel is an agent of the Illuminati

Brice Taylor who wrote the book “Thanks For the Memories” claims that she was a victim of this mind control, and was a sex slave for the elite. She mentioned that her father repeatedly raped her and sold her into child prositution. She also mentioned that the same happened to Michael Jackson and his brothers when they were children, and accompanied Bob Hope to an unknown location, and were raped in a lineup fashion. This could go a long way to explaining why Michael was trying to destroy himself via his appearence. This could also explain why Joe Jackson is so non-chalant about the fact that he just lost one of his own children. Could it be that Joe was never attached to them , and are Janet and Latoya also victims. Isn’t it strange how when Mike died, Katherine Jackson stated that she didn’t want him anywhere near the children? Is this what he wanted to tell us at the time of his death. I made a comment a long time ago, that Beyonce’s father could have had an inappropriate relationship with her, because I find it disturbing that she performs so suggestively in front of her father without blinking an eye, but that for another time.

Anyway, Bob Hope is purported to be what is called a “handler”, something like the puppet master that pulls the strings. He is also reputed to have been a closet pedophile along with George Bush, and actually introduced a three year old Tiger Woods as a golfing prodigy along with his father on the Michael Douglas show back in the day.

Now what I’m thinking is that Tiger was programmed to be a golfer. His father may have sold him to the Illuminati as a small child, and if what Brice is saying about Bob Hope is true, could he have raped Tiger Woods, or was he raped by other powerful men? I know it’s crazy, but I think there is some truth to this whole thing. I think that after years and years of serving their purpose, he did something to piss them off, and now they are trying to ruin him. I feel sorry for Tiger, he’s never been in control of his own mind from the start, and never had a chance.



  1. What I read about Tiger is that he always was a womanizer. However, the sponsers that he represented wanted him to be protrayed as a family man. So his marriage may have been arranged. His father was a Vietnam vet and his mother who is from Thailand was a prositute. His dad also messed around too. He is mind-controlled. But his wife finding out that he was messing around and she chased him out the house and now she divorcing him and going back to Sweden and all these women claiming to have sex with him and I could go on and on. But doesn’t sound like a movie, a tv show cause that’s exactly what it is. He is probably being reprogrammed. My question is when he finally comes out of going do to an OJ and continue messing with white women?

  2. Charisse Says:

    I believe he was programmed. They called him a golf prodigy at the age of three…and he went on the actually become one. So from the age of 3 to adulthood, he didn’t find an interest in anything else? He had his heart on becoming a golfer, or someone else had their heart set on it for him.

  3. yet another excellent post! It’s very encouraging to see so many beginning to awaken from their slumber, and start to question what we’re being presented with in these latter days. Tragically we’ve been “programmed” along w/the MK’s to accept them as “ordinary people” performing extraordinary feats, making us feel inadequate… when in reality each of us has gifts and talents buried within from our Creator. Tiger is being used by Global Mgt. Team to foment racial hatred and jealousy among majority population, who behind closed doors are sick of seeing ethnic athletes run amok, wallowing in success at a time of extreme hardship for so many…this is deliberate!

    See how deep the rabbit hole goes in this stunning expose…

  4. Since Tiger was “outed” for having many liasons, I don’t see why they are so hard on him. All of these sports personalities have been doing this for years. It seems like they are all glad to have “finally” found something to use against his “squeeky” clean image. He ought to know better. This is no news to me. Tiger isn’t a soul created by divine intervention…After all, he is just a golf player married to a white woman…very capable of cheating like most of the athletes that were here before him and will continue to for many years to come…They need to lay off…GOD is definitely judging him, but what they don’t realize is that their judgment will be much greater.

  5. sinister faces on the picture…creepy!

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