I Love This…

With all this talk about the “I”, just thought I’d give you guys something to laugh about.  When I saw this I almost choked on my coffee….

Both of these girls were so durn funny, good job. Especially when gaga went in for the melons.


8 Responses to “I Love This…”

  1. Psomeone with sense Says:

    You are the one who needs help! Haven’t you got anything else to talk about? These bitch ass two bit, one dollar hoes can’t even have an acting career..they have to use a home vid on the internet??? Check it out- BEYONCE IS BLESSED x
    Get a life and a JOB……..

    • Beyonce is blessed???? Are you crazy??? Beyonce has talent, she can sing and dance. But she is acting liking like a straight up “ho” in the videos now. Is this what you want young girls to see? Wake up!

    • MzAntiIlluminati Says:


  2. UH…it was a parody you know just making fun of the video and the personalities that are gaga and bey, gee whiz, relax and take your meds before you blow a fuse. it’s okay, you were brainwashed into defending beyonce, and you didn’t even know it. I understand, as this was the objective. as for calling these women “hoes” that was kind of extra on your part.

  3. That was absolutely ingenious…LOL Way to lighten things up a bit…TOO FUNNY! They even do Bey and GaGa better than Beyonce AND Lady GaGa!!!LOL

  4. i thought they were both great, i especially liked when “bey” was dancing around with that baby…i couldn’t stop laughing, or when “gaga” was sporting the crate and barell box.

  5. SouthernBelle Says:

    Hahaha!!! That was too funny. Some of the scenes looked dead on. I had to look at it twice. I know for some people this hurts their brainwashed feelings. But oh well… LOL!!!

  6. These young ladies are my new my space buddies! They were so funny. The whole concept was so gut wrenching…The character for BEY was hilarious, especially when she wanted to digitally duplicate herself for the video. The one who played GAGA, absolutely charming. I loved Beyonce’s character even more than the real Bey. Lady GAGA is adorable in whatever skin she’s in. (or whomever portrays her). I can’t wait to hear what your responses are. If you get the opportunity, vote for them on their My Space page….!

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