Was Rihanna’s “Beating” an Initiation?

Okay so unless you live under a rock on a remote island in the middle of the Black Sea,  you know that Rihanna was beaten like she stole something by Chris Brown earlier this year.  Instantly, we chose sides.  Most of us thought Rihanna was the victim, some sided with Chris saying that Rihanna “provoked” him. 

I’ve been researching the Illuminati, Masons, and the entertainment ties.  It’s quite disturbing to say the least.  I like alot of others think that Jay Z is a Mason.  He uses the handshake with fellow Masons, He calls himself  “Hove” as in Jehovah, and on and on. 

Through my research, I have found out thatone of the initiation rituals they require is for one to humiliate themselves in some way.

Could the “beating” that Rihanna took from CB in fact be one of these humilation rituals?  If you were beatin until your lips looked like inflated innertubes, well wouldn’t that be a bit embarrassing?

Remember that after Rihanna was beaten, the photos of her battered face were “leaked” on the internet? 


Was this an initiation for Rhianna?  I’m seeing Chris Brown on television giving interviews, and appearing in videos, when he should be run off the face of the planet.  Was he rewarded  for beating her?

There's definitely a difference, look into the eyes and they tell the whole story.

 Notice the light in her eyes.  The innocence that lived there before she found out what being a star really cost.  As of late, her whole look is getting darker and darker, like her pop counterpart’s whole sasha persona.  I wonder what happend to her suing the LAPD for releasing the pictures.  Hmmmm.

The Illuminati"s all seeing eye, although it's a black and white pic, you can still feel the menace in that gaze, nothing like the former





20 Responses to “Was Rihanna’s “Beating” an Initiation?”

  1. dirtclustit Says:

    I don’t know how often we can depend on the eyes to be the ‘never false positive’ indicator.

    but as is very clear from your posted images

    when it’s there, it is definitely there

  2. renee Ratliff Says:

    I totally believe that could be a possiblity, hell didn,t you hear tha poor girls tiffany evens speaking out calling her a devil worshipper with her new song about the russian roulette, now as far as masons go my dad always been one and to be honest with you he is very much an atheist, as well as the man has never had a single money problem ever, now he does not have millions but he is pretty well off and lives extremely nice so i never really thought of it before except one day after i had read the davinci code and started asking him question about the book he didnt wanna answer my question played it off as a joke

  3. wouldnt be surprised if that was the case

    i cant stan rihanna i hope her CD flops

  4. i mean stand

  5. saveyouselves Says:

    I truely believe rihanna was so in love with chris and turned a little crazy and he wanted out but she didn’t and then it all escaladed.
    I think then she turned more dark and it was the perfect time for the devil to really use her because she is extremely depressed now that’s what’s this is all about. She is not happy at all.
    The lyrics of disturbia was the beggining to show her depression.
    But now the video for russian roullette proves it.
    She dies in that video ,what twice ? The last of the lyrics is…its too late to pick up the value of my life…
    She’s showing the world her depression,that’s what lyrics are for to reflect the feelings of people in our generation,whether its the writer or the artist who wrote it.
    And it is now more common for these weird depressing songs. Even lady gagga is unhappy although it seem she’s not. Along with britney spears who says..”living in sin is the new thing” in the song 3. I know she was programmed for this eugh im sorry to get off subject
    I believe Jay-Z was the leader of it all and rihanna didn’t know what she was really getting herself into but all she needs is someones help!
    Its sad to see this because these stars are trapped although they have chosen to sell their souls I wish it wouldn’t have to end this way but there is God and hope.

  6. dirtygurl Says:

    that whole love gone awry story is what they want you to believe because that what it looks like on the top, but look deeper, what happened to her suing the lapd for the “leaked” photo…harvy levin of tmz who first published the pic said that they were in their rights to publish the pic…he knows his stuff, he’s a lawyer. that pic wasn’t leaked, it was purposely put out there to distract us from the truth! that beat down was done to humiliate her…an initiation requirement.

  7. dirtygurl Says:

    @ renee,
    tiffany evans needs to learn the game, don’t tell the truth, go along with the story and you’ll be a big success, those that go against the grain are left with no mainstream success.

  8. OMG loved reading your post. I added your rss to my google reader.

  9. SouthernBelle Says:

    @ dirtygurl

    Love your POV on this. My sentiments exactly!

  10. dirtygurl Says:

    thanks guys

  11. Do you know that your site looks really weird in Mozilla on computer with Ubuntu .

  12. Rihanna getting “beat-up” by “Chris” was the iniitiation. ‘Cause if they were in as heated argument, I’m quite sure Chris had some scratches or bruise marks on his face. How come we didn’t see his face? Noticed how her career just sky-rocketed. She even became one of the women of year in Glamour magazine along with Michele Obama and Serena. She is the new poster child for domestic abuse. It is really ashame that the young girls today have no role models in the field of entertainment. When I was a young girl, we had singers like The Supremes, Gladys Knight, Dionne Warrick, Nina Simone, Minnie Ripperton etc. I don’t want my granddaughter imitated Rihanna. It’s sad.


  13. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Probably another set up done by the Carter-Knowles Clan.
    I can actually see Jay being jealous of the attention Chris was getting from Rihanna, as well as, the public.
    Some people thought she was crazy about Chris and that they were an adorable couple.
    In Jay’s mind this was probably a big No No. Especially with him thinking he is a God, calling himself “HOVA”. He’s so full of himself. SMH!

  14. If you notice, Rihanna has changed significantly. Whatever mess she is involved in, she seems to be very unhappy. I just wonder if she has gotten in too deep? Chris is a bit young to be in a relationship and his star was rising. Whatever happened that day, Rihanna was never the same. IF Bey was any kind of woman, she would encourage this young lady to be more about her music instead of being “sexual”…But then again, we are talking about money here. They are about the bucks so they don’t really care about this girl. They just know that she’s a ‘cash cow”…

  15. …and I can’t believe I just said, “Beyonce” should encourage this young lady…” What was I thinking when I made that statement. Bey is about Bey and only Bey…….

  16. I find your posts interesting, but you read too much into random photographs. Different expressions, lighting, makeup and ages are more plausible explanations for someone looking different in a picture, don’t you think? When you focus on silly details like this it hurts the main point of your posts and makes you look a tad crazy. I’m not saying this to be insulting, like I said I actually find your posts fascinating and I agree that something very creepy is going on among the powerful elite, but don’t get hung up on a few pictures.

  17. Rihanna’s appearance n music has changed 100%. I never really believed Chris Brown beat her. Idk why…but something is telling me he didnt and that it maybe was a setup to end his career, maybe because he didnt want to be down w/ baphomet.

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