More From the New World Order…

I was on another post about BeyJay’s ties to the Illuminati, and the comments were talking about MJ’s involvement with the “I”, and then I began thinking about Prince, who is one of my favorite artists.

Anyway, I went and started looking for some shit, and sure enough I found it. One of the Freemason’s symbols is a black and white checkerboard. I was dissapointed to find that on the cover of his “controversy” album, Prince does indeed sport a pin with “rude boy” and a checkerboard background.

Although “controversy” was hailed by critics, Prince didn’t knock it out of the park until “1999”. Now on this album cover, there are two eyes peeking from both the nines.

So what say you folx, did the “I” get a hold of Prince?  We know that they control the music industry, and the rest of the media.  We know that music company execs are crooked.  What was the real deal beind Warner Bros. and Prince falling out?  How did Prince’s son really die, and why now at the age of fifty something does he feel the need to find religion.  Is he repenting for his involvement?  Did he sell his cute little soul to the Illuminati to gain worldwide fame and fortune?

That leads me to an interview he did with MTV’s Sway, around the time he performed with Beyonce.  How did that matchup come about?  It only strikes me as odd because in that interview, he was asked which new artists he likes, and he named a couple, including Alicia Keyes, but there was no mention of Beyonce, even though it was close to his performance with her. 

What do you think?


12 Responses to “More From the New World Order…”

  1. CurlyFries Says:

    I do think he had something to do with it because how in da world did him and Bey get together? I mean dats something dat shouldnt have occured lol. There is no doubt about Beyonce being involved with those people its clear dat shes changed over the years, but Prince? Its a possibility becuase most of this stuff comes from back in his time anywayz so he would know much about it.

  2. I’m guessing that Prince was a puppet, it’s clear to me that he doesn’t have any respect for beyonce because he didn’t even mention her name in an interview, he mentioned alicia keys. that performance with bey was a compromise, one clear indicator is the rude boy pin he’s wearing in the first pic, the masonic checkerboard is always a dead giveaway if you know what to look for. remember when he had “slave” written on his cheek, he wasn’t doing it for attention, that’s for sure. something went on, and then his son died, that was too wierd, but of course i didn’t know half the shit then as i do now, but i am a die hard fan of his, and i sincerely appreciate his music, puppte or not, but at least he has real talent unlike beyonce who is marginally talented.

  3. Remember, SLAVE written on his face? He had had enough. His old album covers are suspect as well.

  4. You need to get a grip regarding your obvious disdain for homosexuality (as seen through your comment regarding how the Illuminati is tricking people into accepting homsexuality as normal). Homosexuals and homosexuality are not evil and are not abnormal. It looks like you’ve been brainwashed by religion. WAKE UP.

    • dirtygurl Says:

      i never said that homosexuals as a group were evil

      • Well, I’m saying this and not afraid to, My GOD abolishes homosexuality. HE condemns it and does not approve of it. HE destroyed two cities because of their sin…Sodom and Gommorah. GOD pulls no punches about same sex relationships and though many people take offense, I can’t tell GOD what to do. Who are you or anyone else to question HIM? IF you don’t like HIS laws, take it up with the Father on the day HE comes to take us home. I’m sure HE will give you the reason why HE detests it.

  5. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Ummm… Maria…Relax, relate, and release. Breath in slooowly (inhale) then Release (exhale) slooowly.
    There ya go, Chica!!! 🙂 This should make accepting the truth and the Illuminati’s Agenda a lot easier for you.

    Really… You can thank me later. It’s no problem. You’re welcome, Hun.

  6. Well Dirtygurl, and I know I won’t get many good responses on this subject, but the Bible does abolish homosexuality. HE burned down the cities of Sodom and Gommorah. Here we are today debating if GOD created a race that HE threatens to destroy. It is man that has caused such discourse within the sexes and it is our job to try to save those who are caught up in the humanistic thinking that man has enabled us to accept. This would only matter if you believe in the BIBLE and the existence of GOD Almighty. To those who are lost and confused, we need to pray for them. GOD made man and woman to be with man and woman. You always hear that, “they were born that way”…IS that a judgment against another set of people? Are they being punished to be this way? I know that my LORD taught against such practices and I don’t know who is to blame for our children turning out this way, or ending up this way. I know that it exists in my family and I took the time to try to understand why “he” was that way…”HE” told me that he was abused, a boy placed in females clothing…Sexually abused by a man…and so on. This world is so corrupt. We have come to accept those things that GOD has taught us not to allow. WITH GOD all things are possible, even a way in the right direction can be provided. Man has given up and given in. The whole world is going to hell because they don’t try anymore and they accept too much. And the lack of love…If you loved your brother or sister, wouldn’t you try to keep him from going to hell? At least share the WORD OF GOD to him or her at least one time so that they can decide the path they want their life to take. Leave the judging to GOD, but don’t forget what HE SAID, “Homosexuality” is a sin. I didn’t make the rules, GOD did.

  7. well look who showed up you have been missed cog we need your calming influence!….back to the topic it is my personal opinion that homosexuality is not the natural ordrer two men can not create life and neither can two females but as far as homosexuality goes it is not my judgement to make however when it is forced upon someone or when people are on the down low, like the vast majority of these celbrities, then that’s when i have a problem with it.

  8. How are you, sweetheart? I hadn’t been on too much…Trying to finish a book…I am back and full of love for you, my sister. Ready to stir the pot and be there for you as you have for me. How are you? Know that you have the greatest site to date and I am talking it up on Facebook. You are precious and caring and even if we ever have a difference in opinion, which is seldom…we have that loving aura…you mean the world to me and that’s from the heart, girly!

  9. This blog is sick and it spreads hate. Surely there is something more positive that you should focus your time on. GOD is good and he has favor on your life as well as these celebrities you hate on. My advice: let love in your heart and life and surely you will find something more constructive and beautiful to do with your life. Peace and Love:)

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