He’s Too Cute…

I came across this pic of Jennifer and her son, and may I just say that he is really cute.  To Jennifer I would say to enjoy him as he is now, because the whole game changes once he turns two….Just Kidding, congrats to Jen, he is a beaut!


Although I do enjoy looking at pics of babies, it makes me kind of uncomfortable whenever celebs sell their babies pics to these gossip rags.  Oh well…to each his own.



7 Responses to “He’s Too Cute…”

  1. loquacious Says:

    Hi and welcome back! Loving the J.Hud pic and congrats to her healthy new baby.

  2. thank you, i haven’t been posting as much as i should, but i’m struggling with getting the site together…but it will be up soon.

  3. WindyNews Says:

    She’s in the I too! How did she get a Christmas special on a major network, an Oscar and a grammy for an album that didn’t go platnum. Just watch and see.

  4. dirtygurl Says:

    @ windy…
    she sacrificed her entire family, that’s how.

  5. SouthernBelle Says:

    I too heard that it was a sacrifice, because she made millions of dollars. I learned about her as well as others who are or were in the ‘Business’. I think Prof. Griff explains these things in details. And how money and fame will cost you in some very painful ways. Satan always comes to collect.

  6. Wow, it just isn’t worth it. She is talented. What’s wrong with folks?

  7. Did Jennifer finally get married after she had the child? Just wondering.

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