What’s Wrong With This Gal?

Okay so it wasn’t enough that Lil Mama makes a complete fool of herself by hopping her rabbit behind up on the stage during Jay and Alicia’s VMA performance, but she then goes on the Tyra show to say that she didn’t plan on doing it….it was just a spontaneous moment in which she was overwhelmed by the song “Empire State of Mind”….that she would like to work with both Jay and Alicia…

LO-damnL!  Does she really believe that two hip-hop/r&b heavies would associate themselves with her and her lip gloss?  Big Mama come get your child!  It’s sad that she would crash the stage, and it’s pathetic that she would be inspired by Kanye’s dumb ass to do so in the first place. What a bird-brain!




7 Responses to “What’s Wrong With This Gal?”

  1. loquacious Says:

    Her stage stunt was so desperate. Bless her hawt. Now for some reason I am loving this dress! I don’t know if i can bring myself to listen to “lipgloss”. I have a low appetite for what is called music these days.

  2. you and me both, but there’s hope…prince is dropping lotus flower, i love “better with time” reminicent of 80’s Prince. Mary and Sade are both dropping in the next two months!

  3. MzAntiIlluminati Says:

    HER MOMS DEAD….. 😦

  4. Was this an illumanati move?

  5. charisse Says:

    I heard she did it because of what kanye did to taylor swift…suppose she was trying to show him how it felt. Surprised he didnt knock her off the stage. Also she kinds of look like rihanna in this pic.

  6. Did anyone get to see the birthday bash she had for herself in Detroit? It was televised on MTV. She declared herself the queen of Detroit…Thoughts?

  7. um… who is this person? What is she known for? (Don’t want to say famous ’cause I ain’t heard of her)

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