Janet Does Armani

Hey People,

Looks like my hiatus is over, and I’ve missed alot of craziness in the past five months, but I won’t bother rehashing any of it.  Instead I’ll just move on from today.


Here is Janet Jackson at the Armani show during Milan’s fashion week.  I like the outfit.  Those wide legged trousers, and  argyle sweater look good on her.  This is probably the best I’ve seen her look in a long time out in public.  It looks like either she’s tired from flying, or is starting to show her age.  I just hope she doesn’t go get something done.


BTW…her performance at the VMA’s was powerful and moving.  I’d totally forgotten how much I enjoyed the video for “Scream”!





5 Responses to “Janet Does Armani”

  1. loquacious Says:

    Miss Jackson looks awesome and so glad she’s out and about. Looks like she’s making a powerful impact again! WOOHOO!! She looks amazing!

  2. i am looking forward to her appearence at the ama’s tomorrow

  3. While I think Janet is getting better with time, I don’t appreciate what she did at the Super Bowl game. Justin exposed her breast and my child was watching the half time special. This was on cable…The “sun” around her nipple? That was a planned stunt and this can’t be excused. Janet and her antics have been going on for years and in no way should she be excused. I don’t know if any of you remember the day the paparazzi caught her sunbathing in the nude a few years back? The picture got all over the internet. Sadly, she seemed to know they were there, but even if she didn’t she should have put some clothes on. After all, she is a celebrity…What do you think, Dirtygurl?

  4. Wow!!! Why did I just notice Janet’s zipper is down in this pic? Ha ha ha!!! That’s CLASSIC!!!

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