Do They Not Sell Lotion in Paris?

Here’s your girl Beyonce in Paris looking just awful.  The dress and shoes are hideous, but even more baffling is the fact that she’s sporting ashy kneecaps, come on Beyonce, we know you can do better than that!



10 Responses to “Do They Not Sell Lotion in Paris?”

  1. loquacious Says:

    FTFO!! What in the bedazzler hell is this get up? She looks like she’s wearing stockings with her sandals? FAIL!! Stocking with sandals? You know she hires her own photog to take pics of her then send them to the paps. She’s too obvious now.

  2. dirtygurl Says:

    she’s fading

  3. Maybe she had to get on her knees and make that money!

  4. SouthernBelle Says:

    She always looks like she’s playing dress up in Mommy’s clothes and shoes. And sometimes the make up too. Especially the powder.
    But seriously, I bet this outfit cost more than my car and yet it looks so…ummm…Cheap. Yeah that’s the word. LOL!

  5. She dresses old-fashioned, poor thing, she’s been dressed up so much by wardrobe stylist, she done forgot how to dress herself.. she probably never knew how to dress to begin with.. Smh..

  6. She’s got to be hot in those “boots” with shorts?

  7. wow this post is just catty and pointless, as are the comments. Do we have nothing better to do than stare at celebrities and condemn them the occasional time they look less than perfect? Yikes.

  8. by the way she looks a heck of a lot better than I usually do, and I bet none of you jerks commenting would look any better standing next to her. Grow up.

    • hello and thank you for commenting you are obviously a beyonce fan or are you here to just be antagonizing.
      while appreciate every reader i gain, there are other blogs that are paid to say nothing but good about the queen bee however THIS AINT ONE OF EM. hey she looks beat the hell up, but it’s nothing compared to how she’s been looking in pap shots LATELY. anyway, i call them like i see them AND SINCE THIS BLOG IS my opinion, i am perfectly entitiled to post what i like, when i like and how i like. just as you are entitiled to post in the comments (almost) anything that you like
      have a great day

    • I’m right here with you on this one, Dirtygurl…NAMEY…remember, we can comment as we like…IF you are a fan, you probably won’t like everything that Dirtygurl’s readers have to say. I am not a jerk, and standing next to her I can’t complain. It’s not about how we would look beside her, it is about the position in society that these artists take, as if they are perfect at all times. Think of Aleshia Keys who is obviously very humble most of the time. You don’t hear much sarcasm about her…(of course I am disappointed in the fact that she possibly broke up a marriage)….For every one that takes up for them, there will be someone who will route her on no matter how her morals are or what she stands for…

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