Beyonce Don’t Play About Her Show

Oh for once, Beyonce has made me laugh, and it has nothing to do with her clothes, speech, or awful music.  I know you all heard that Beyonce was performing her “Diva” song, and I guess the lighting guy/girl forgot to hit the switch to turn them off.  Check @ the 1:16 mark, she says “Lights” , then “Somebody’s getting fired!” all on the beat.  Classless….yes, but funny as hell!

beyonce wants her lights

UPDATE: Big surprise, the video was snatched from youtube. We all know that Matty and Co feel that nobody is allowed to paint his little meal ticket in a negative light, so they got it removed, how typical. You know when the mighty fall, they fall really hard…Matthew Knowles’ day is coming


5 Responses to “Beyonce Don’t Play About Her Show”

  1. loquacious Says:

    She is tacky as the day is long. Firing someone for a technical glitch? UGH, she’s a Difficult Insufferable Vain Asshat 🙂

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  3. SouthernBelle Says:

    Beyonce the robot is programmed to be ‘Perfect’. Especially while performing. So she has not been programmed to understand that there are moments that aren’t perfect. But I’m sure all that will change soon because Mathew is having a baby with another woman and not Tina. Po’ thang. They’re going to have to reprogram Beyonce all over again, just so she can make it through this without all her investors losing money.

  4. CurlyFries Says:

    LOL even tho they erased ur video someone still caught it! i think she is so used to everyone kissing her ass so much dat she doesnt care what she does in front of people becuase she knows dat they are gonna belive her sorry excuses

  5. Sadly, I have made it my mission to pray for that young lady. She is in a loosing battle within herself, versus the popularity that she has earned. She will always have to strip down or be sexy to keep the audience interested. The day her body starts to break down, she will realize that all the repairs or plastic surgery in the world will not make her a star forever. Though the money is good, she will have to continue to possess the stamina it takes to perform a show, and when that becomes to tiring, the clothes will have to stay on when the body starts to wrinkle. She should seriously think of the future. Looks fade, the body gets tired….I would encourage more singing and less stripping. The “sweet” Beyonce of Destiny’s Child…and I put sweet in quotes (she had an agenda) faded as soon as she went solo. I think that the real Bey was yearning to get out and was the plan from jump. Anyone working with her had no chance, not even her little sister who was her back up dancer. I since something horrible is going to happen in a few years.

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