The State Of the Black Man In Hollywood

Well it seems that  I’m on some socially conscious trip this week.  That’s fine, I have many sides to me, as I’m sure you do.  Before I get into what I’m about to get into, I just want to say, that I have never discriminated against people that are homosexual.  I don’t care what your sexual preferences are, as long as your not hurting anyone.  I believe that homosexuality is something that your born into, not something that you choose to be. 

The only thing that I do have a problem with concerning homosexuality, is when a man who is homosexual does too much.  All that finger-snapping, and extra hard dip in the hip, is not how women act, walk, or talk, so who are they emulating?  Is this how men really see women?


 Same thing goes for lesbian women who dress like a man, walk like a man, talk like a man, trying to act hard like a man.  If you are homosexual that is fine, but by engaging in these stereotypes, it just makes things confusing.  Okay, with that said, let’s get ready to dive in.

I was surfing the net, and came across a photo of Ving Rhames in the movie Holiday Heart.  For those of you who don’t know, Ving Rhames played a drag queen, about six feet five, 300+ pounds who although was a flaming homosexual, could kick your butt to the point of hospitalization. 

scene from holiday heart

scene from holiday heart

Photo source


Anyway, I also remember the movie “Pulp Fiction” where Rhames played a high level crime figure, who gets himself into a tight squeeze.  Bruce Willis and Rhames fight thier way into a pawn shop, and the owner just happens to be a sadistic freak.  He calls his buddy, a cop, and they take Rhames and Willis into the back room to have a butt-bumping-party.  Of course Rhames is the first to be sodomized, while Willis somehow gets loose, and kills the pawnshop owner and the cop who is violating Rhames from behind. 

pulp fiction

pulp fiction

Photo source

 My question is why was Rhames the first to get it in the film, and not Willis?  Willis coming to the black man’s rescue, which is how the slave owners saw themselves, as “saving” the slaves from their animalistic ways. 

It seems like  almost every major/minor black man in Hollywood, has at one point in thier  career put on a dress, wig, lipstick to portray women.  Now we could argue that they do it because it’s funny. 

chris tucker in the fifth element

chris tucker in the fifth element

Photo source

Then I’d ask you what’s so funny about a man who is not gay (?) putting on a dress and heightening their voices?  Is it funny because they are mocking women?  I don’t get it.   Or you could argue that it shows an actors range to be able to emulate women.  In my opinion that is BS, Denzel Washington never put on a dress, and he has an Oscar.  He’s played many roles, but never a woman, so that theory doesn’t wash.   What’s really going on in Hollywood? 

eddie in norbitt

eddie in norbitt

Photo source

Will Smith is one of the one of  Hollywood’s biggest stars.  His first movie role was in  Six Degrees of Seperation, in which he played a homosexual con man.  On his hit show, “The Fresh Prince” , Will was often rolling his head and giving someone “two snaps and a circle.”   

scene from fresh prince of bel air

scene from fresh prince of bel air

Martin Lawrence had Shenneneh


 and even Flip Wilson had  Geraldine,


 and the list goes on.  I know there have been white actors who have cross dressed, but compared to the black actors, the numbers don’t add up. 

It’s the new-age minstrel show.  African Americans have come a long way from the image of the bumbling pickaninny, scratching his head, clueless as to what is going on around him.  Someone who is happy to entertain, singing and dancing.  African Americans have become a major influence on society in general.  We  have shown that we can compete with our white counterparts, and win!

So how does Hollywood get it’s grinning, bowing minstrel back?  By dressing him in woman’s clothing, throwing his weight on his hip, rolling his neck and snapping his fingers.  This accomplishes two things; It shows that the black man is ineffective, and therefore weak.  It also shows that the relationship between African American men and women is non-existent, and that African American men see their women as silly, vindictive, and petty.  Often these “characters” are loud, ignorant, and confrontational, and that’s funny?  What the heck are we laughing about?  Have we been conditioned to laugh?  It reminds me of how not so long ago, studio audiences were prompted to laugh, or applaud during the taping of television shows.    Be honest, if a man dressed up as Michelle Obama, and acted like Michelle Obama, then there would be no humor in that.  Why, because our First Lady carries herself with quiet dignity.  However, take the Madea character from the Tyler Perry movies, and almost every cruel, ignorant, and obnoxious thing that comes from “her” mouth  leaves us doubled over with laughter.  Chew on it.


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  1. Lust 4 lulz(aim) Says:

    God you make me sick, I can believe into some conspiracy theories as well as yourself, but the “Illuminati” you wrote about earlier was just straight TERRIBLE. There are so many points on which I can begin tearing that schweet man-ass of yours up. But basically, you area retard, fuck off, and if you ever want to get into it that is my actual AIM (aol instant messenger) name. So just add me to your buddy list, I am not on often, but it is on a regular enough basis that adding me would be worthwhile. Fuck yo

    • lust 4 lulz(aim) Says:

      **you ARE A retard

      **fuck YOU


      the reason your article was so terrible, your points are completely blasphemous. NONE OF THAT SHIT MAKES ANY SENSE. The Illuminati is WAAAY more rich/powerful than that. They are the type of folks who use people like these worthless celebs you mention as diversionary tactics, not grant membership to them. YOU ARE A MORON.

      • dirtygurl Says:

        i didn’t mention the illuminati in this post, back when i wrote it I hadn’t made the discovery that it was the illuminati that runs the entertainment industry, now who’s the moron?

    • She is right, and what is your problem? The truth hurts. I would honestly like to know what color you are? I get tired of our men entertaining the masses by being “ghetto”.. Why do it? You don’t see many white men doing it, but I remember a few. For some reason our race has been made to laugh at ourselves and entertain people by what they think of us…ignorant. We are not ignorant nor do we have to perform for anyone, but yet we feel compelled to. It is mighty funny that the men who do compromise their manhood for a buck, sometime later we find out that they do have a little ‘sugar’ in their britches. There is something very wrong with that. Our men are looked at as weak and compromising. IF not that, as criminals and drugdealing pimps. SO, LUST 4 lulz, I’ll take you on. I don’t think you can handle this. IF you are white, we shouldn’t entertain you, if you are black, have some pride in your race and say, “I’m not going to take this anymore; I am better than they want me to be”…Chew on that.

    • I’m not understanding why you are coming off so rude. IF you don’t agree with the article, then try to add to it in some way that could assist the people who are unaware of what is going on in the industry, like someone as yourself. Why be rude and hostile? IF anything is sickening, it is someone who comes in with no valid point what so ever, just to be rude and at best uneducated. These are just “hate” attacks and a reason to be rude and senseless. These forces exists and this is a site for information. You do the research. No one is asking you to believe. I WILL TAKE YOU ON AS WE SPEAK OR AS YOU READ. Not only will you be debating her, take me on…Can you handle it? I’m waiting…

    • Lust 4 “losers”…There was no reason to be rude and really no good reason to be here. “Ignorance at it’s BEST”…

  2. dirtygurl Says:

    you just like I am entitled to your opinion, first of all i am not a man, second of all, i hope you get to the pharmacist in time to get your prescription refilled, i welcome any comment you have, even if it is illiterate, and misspelled! chew on that

    • MzAntiIlluminati Says:


      • dirtygurl Says:

        i know, but at the end of the day i figure they do contribute to my stats, so they are good for something after all.

  3. loquacious Says:

    you konw we are on the same wavelength!! I just posted in the Tupac thread about this. It does emasculate black men as ineffective as well as perpetuates the black woman stereotype as angry, loud, obnosxoius, and asexual. We can have too man Pam Grier’s, Halle Berry’s, Aujanue Ellis’s, Regina King’s, Nia Long’s, Theresa Randall’s, Joy Bryant, Viola Davis’s, Angela Bassett’s, to name a few, running around. Remember all the gorgeous black actresses in the 80’s & 90’s? I blame a lot of our black media, not just mainstream Hollywood. Look at the last costars that Will Smith has had. Rosario Dawson, Eva Mandes, Charlize Theron. I mean really. Girl, don’t get me started on Zoe Saldana as Lt. Uhuru. Dont get me started up in here. Remember Nona Gaye? She is HOT. But no, Hollywood is casting Afro-Latina in roles that black actresses have dominated for years. I believe it to be true. It is the new minstril show.

    Fuck, now I’m pissed off!

  4. dirtygurl Says:

    it’s important for us to stand on our morals, i just can’t go on supporting this mess, i have five boys and i have to set an example. remember if your not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. oh and i got my first psycho….LOL

    hollywood is going to continue “diluting” these black roles. why in hell did angelina jolie put on dark makeup to play a black woman?

    • i haven’t seen w/e movie your referring to but im going to assume it was because to play as a person with darker skin you need to hmm….give urself the appearence of darker skin

      • dirtygurl Says:

        okay, why don’t you just hire a mixed race actress, to play a mixed race person? that makes much more sense to me.

      • dirtygurl Says:

        btw, just because angelina jolie’s lips are big and crusty doesn’t mean she looks like she’s mixed race.

  5. i LOVE pulp fiction ❤

  6. loquacious Says:

    Every time I see a pic of Norbit, it makes me ill. I L L! I am a fan of Angelina’s, but that mess pissed me off. How in Hollywood, you couldn’t find a light skinned, biracial woman to portray A Mighty Heart? SERIOUSLY? I still haven’t seen that movie. I can’t support anything that insults my intelligence anymore.

    Oh yeah I read that. The psych ward is missing a patient for real!!

  7. @dirtygurl

    Sorry,but imo,it’s people such as yourself that strive to keep stereotype’s,and racism alive and well.The most horrible thing about this is that you “choose”,to write these negative things.You’ve been given a choice,and instead of writing something that may inspire poeple to do something positive,you use your voice to encourage people to act in a defensive,angry manner.

    Your not setting a positive example for your children in any way,shape,or form.Your teaching them that hate,and racism is alright.No one forced Chris Tucker to take the role of ruby rock,and no one forced Ving Rhames to take a role in pulp fiction,and so on.

    I myself,am a 33 year old black male.My great grandparents were slaves.Do i hate white people because of this,no absolutely not.There have been many ‘races’ enslaved throughout the history of the world.To keep this type of ignorance and hate alive,is to be blind.You are not an african american,or a person even.You are ‘energy’,as is everything.If you choose to embrace the label that has been placed on you,then you are just as much to blame as the ones who labeled you.

    sorry to go on,only one more thing to say ‘Open Your Eye’s’

    • dirtygurl Says:

      um…your comment really isn’t cohesive, and i’m getting mixed messages from you.

    • I am only too sorry if you are supposed to be representing me, a member of the black race, by idly standing by and not taking up for the black men, such as yourself, in this sorry society that looks down on our young men. Dirtygurl is not keeping the stereotype alive, it is the people that take on the characters and the producers of these shows. You mean to tell me that you don’t find Dirtygurl inspiring by calling out the very ones that look at you as a dope, idiot, and ignorant. IMFAO, where is your dignity? They look at you in a negative light. I have a son and I refuse to let anyone treat him the way Hollywood has portrayed our young men. Someone has to point it out and if you as a Black man will not stand up for your own, then I guess our women will have to do it. It is sad that Dirtygurl, being a female has to be “the man” in this situation. THE ENERGY you speak of, is an energy that has been suffering for years on end and it is men like you that choose to just let it go. MAN UP…No one said to hate. I don’t believe in hate because that is not of GOD, but no one has to take the mess and humiliation that Hollywood or any of these sorry men that choose to compromise their dignity for a buck. Nobody forced them, true that, but then again, that ‘s a shame isn’t it. We have to go back and teach our young men that they are better than that. They do not have to entertain to the point of compromising their manhood. NO one’s dignity is worth any amount of money in the world. We need to teach our men not compromise and at the same time exercise love, and you, OPEN YOUR EYES….BE a man and stop making excuses and teach your children the truth but to forgive and don’t let anyone look down on you. IN a word, have compassion because it is evident that the black man is not effeminate as portrayed, but can be strong and will not back down and feed in to this Hollywood stereotype. As a 33 year old black man, I expect you to stand up for us and stop giving in to society. We don’t need to entertain no one. There is no amount of money in the world that can pay for dignity. THEY’VE all been cheated and they didn’t know it.

  8. billy buttsecks Says:

    I’m sure Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Dennis Haysbert, Forrest
    Wittaker, and Danny Glover might disagree with your opinion.

    • dirtygurl Says:

      no i don’t think so…oprah wanted denzel to play the part of the exslave paul d in beloved, he refused, and danny glover took the part.

    • If you notice, @billy buttcakes..LOL none of those men cross dressed or played in effeminate roles…I suspect you expected them to have since most of our men have done this at least one time in their ‘compromised’ lives…Touche’


    • Not just being offensive to gay people, but disrespecting the black man as “pansies”…They are still in the days of the “minstrel” shows. While people find this funny, GOD doesn’t look on too favorably to this type of behavior.

  10. well while i agree, there is more to it. one of the illuminatis “membership” requirements is that you belittle yourself publicly. One of the ways these actors do that is through homosexuality. i think i read somewhere that denzel opted to get shot in the butt. i’m wondering if he really took the bullet to get in, because as you recall he did win the oscar, and i’ve seen him throwing up that damn pyramid along with jay z. which is an illuminati thing (obama does the same.) the illuminati wants to enslave our minds, if you can please read george orwell’s book 1984, which is about the goverment using mind control to keep the citizens in line. it’s wild, they would actually alter historical documents, much like every election is rigged by these guys.

  11. mscanndii87 Says:

    As an african american art student pursuing a career in multimedia communications, this kind of insight really changes perspective. Basically, in order to be mainstream and actually sit and break bread with the very elite of the world, you have to make a bargain, literally with the devil. It makes me wonder what the illuminati’s purpose is. However, curiosity killed the cat. That is true!! People selling their soul for money and power. The statement that “money is the root of all evil” has never been so true to me. These men, most importantly black men, are selling false hope…..not our preachers! At least not the “real” preachers. We have these people telling our children that they can be whatever they wanna be. To follow their dreams. What dreams?? Instead of being told to be become doctors and scientists, President Obama tells us we can become the next “lil wayne”………what does that mean?? Do i really want to become the next weezy?? You mean to tell me that i have to sell my soul in order to drive foreign cars and live in million dollar homes??? That is ridiculous!! “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Matthew 16:26. I’m sorry if i rambled a little bit but this info has caused me to search deeper. Something i feel a lot of us don’t do. We as black people get distracted by the “bling”. So anxious to make money for the cars, clothes and women, we find ourselves willing to do anything for it. We need to teach our children the true meaning of value. That’s probably why the economy is screwed up. Value or the lack there of. We want money so we can spend money. We should want money to save money. To live comfortably, but most importantly to LIVE. We are a dying breed. Not many people are truly living, they are just existing. Like the bible says, when the time comes what can u give in exchange for your soul?? Absolutely nothing, cuz the world and the all the HELL in it will pass away. Keep doing what you do. I’m not upset with anything u have to say. After all, the truth will make us free. Peace and blessings


    • Yes, yes, yes! Praise GOD…My heart goes out to you MSCANDII87! This is really the big picture. Aside from all this mess, there is peace and safety in GOD. HE doesn’t want us to hide our heads in the sand. I had heard about this book called, “Death of the Black Man”…I hadn’t been able to find it in any libraries, but the truth is that if our President is upholding criminals like LIL WAYNE and letting females like Beyonce, Shakira, and KIm Kardashian, our youth haven’t got a chance. His wife is a good woman, or appears to be. Positive role models are hard to find. Obama is truly blessed with Michelle. She is a true lady. It saddens me, he appears to be so sneaky somehow. I hope I am wrong. Obama has to be very careful because he is the first black president and everyone is looking at him to make mistakes. HE has a beautiful family and it would be wise to at least try to be different than any other president we have ever had, especially because he is representing a totally different type of people, and youth. MY race has a chance. He made it possible for my son to say that he too can run this country some day, but then again we are not a part of the elite group and if that is the way it is, my son may be the first to go against the grain.

    • mscanndii87,

      I’d like to say that Obama said he Wants us to become doctors and lawyers because not all of us will become the next Lil Wayne or LeBron James.

  12. how funny that you mention obama holding “weezy” up as an example. i mean seriously, what has weezy contributed to society but more of the same illiteracy, drug use, and demeaning women? doesn’t he have like six kids by all these different women? i mean and he really does play both sides of the fence as I’ve metioned in an earlier post, and by that i mean that he goes around kissing “baby” on the mouth. he’s also been uoted as saying that he would murder folks including newborn babies. just one more brick in the wall of why i truly believe obama is a mason,a nd puppet for the illuminati.

  13. I think all of you blacks that have made it financially in the music industry, are a bunch of pretenders and horrible individuals. In now way am I condoning what supposedly happened to Rehianna. If Chris Brown physically abused her he needs help and so does she. Why weren’t they both offered consoling?

    Blacks are the worst race of people, when people of other races young adults make mistakes they are helped by the seniors of the race. Elite blacks are SO PERFECT they call shots and try to tear people down. Just remember what GOD has for you it is for you. Sometimes he makes you suffer before you get favor.

    WHO ARE YOU to not help Chris Brown? Instead YOU, Jay Z and others ostracize him. If GOD can forgive him who are you Not to.

    Not only forgive him, but help him. He has more talent in his little finger than that tramp Rehianna has in her entire big forehead, Oh I forgot that is Jay Z’s girl in more ways than one.

    JAY Z YOU ARE A FAKE< Unfortunately, a rich fake, but a fake none the less. Hopefully your children grow up and are perfect so that no one can ever take their dignity. You are a horrible, horrible person.

    Be careful because many times you dig a hole and fall in yourself.

    God help you all and your families.

    • “blacks are the worst race of people” wow that’s such an ignorant ass comment…smdh

    • dirtygurl Says:

      i think you need a reality check hon…the elite of the world are WHITE men and they don’t give a flying freek if other WHITE people live or die. they sexually abuse their own children so please know that it’s not a color thang, it’s a psychopath thing. these same white men wouldn’t care if you and your entire family lived another minute, you are nothing to them as we all are nothing to them.

    • The first comment, calling me and my race ignorant was just plain stupid. Britney Spears is not black but she has made it in the music industry…You probably lost a lot of folks on sentence one, though I do agree with some of your comment. I guess I see you as someone who doesn’t realize what they are saying. Making dumb, prejudice comments like that will get you no brownie points, but I ain’t mad at you. I fear that you yourself have DUG yourself in a hole, but I will tell you how to get out…Be careful what type of advice you give. The comments you make reveal the type of person you are. GOD still loves you, none the less, but believe me, if you don’t change your attitude about where to place the blame in the music industry, it is just like sports and other types of jobs, boss men can be white and more than likely running a mostly black team..(now do you see how dumb that sounded? POINT MADE) IF our race don’t learn how to stand up against ignorance and attain some pride in ourselves, we will make people like LIL WAYNE and Bey, Jay, and RI our role models and our goals will never go beyond the crack pipe and the 40 ounce. There are white people that do this, too, so think before you comment.

  14. SouthernBelle Says:

    Hollywood’s secrets are no longer secrets. It is well known that many of the working Artists have been in compromising positions. Your favorite Actor probably had to give fellatio to someone at the top just to get a leading role. Or your favorite Actress has done the same or more. Just to work. And as for the Music Industry. People have been F’n for tracks for a long time. The whole business if full of freaks, perverts, drugs, murderers, Con-Artist and Pedophiles. Every aspect of Evil one can think of. It’s a business in which you give up all your rights to become a slave. Money is all you see. You’d be surprised to know who were prostitutes before finding fame. Both men and women. Gay for pay. The list goes on. Not all but more than half of them. Even having parents sell their kids to the highest bidder. It’s sad. I guess that’s why they call Hollywood ‘Satan’s Playground’.

  15. I just have to say, you are doing a wonderful job telling the truth.. Those who seek the truth, will find it and your almost there my sistah.. Don’t let these ignorant, narrow-minded stupid a** ppl bring you down because they really don’t know any better.. I feel sorry for some of these idiots who don’t believe this stuff, it really is going on in the Entertainment World, it’s not what it seems, I mean, come on ppl, these ppl aren’t hiding it anymore, the demonic signs and rituals all in the videos, it’s all in the open for us to see, that is if you really want to see and may I add, Michael Jackson death really set things off for ppl to really open up their brains and catch on to these ppl schemes, they have killed sooo many ppl and it’s a damn shame! But continue to speak the truth sistah, I would love to read more.. “God help us, not bless us” we need his help now!

    • Dont’ get me wrong, we need intervention, but it’s not up to God, it’s up to us. if people could just snap out of this trance we’ve all been in and stop putting money into their pockets, they would have no more power. we have the power to stop them but it’s going to take a drastic change to the way of life we are so accustomed to. we have to be free of any dependence on these corporations. have you ever seen the devils advocate, when al pacino makes that speech expalining to keanu reeves why the demons would want to be lawyers, it’s not just a movie, that’s real life.

  16. Brittanie Says:

    I loved it and very much understood it…they have a plan that being carried very WELL due too the fact that soo many ppl are uneducated on the subject! …;-)

  17. Boycott Tyler Perry movies. I don’t care if his movies are funny and the brotha is only trying to make money. These are excuses. Madea protrays an elder. The only elder women I met in my life time that wore dresses went to church, did “days work”, baked cakes, kepted a clean home, etc.. and were highly respected in the black community. Not one of these women cursed, or carried a gun. And then we wonder why our children have no respect for our elders now. Shame on him!

  18. Ok… I know that I’m sooo off track with this comment… BUT… What happened to Lauryn Hill? Do you think that she refused to give in to the familiar trappings of the “powers that be”, and they started a campaign of lies about her? Could you do a post on this? I really used to adore Lauryn until she fell off… I always wondered… Again, sorry for posting a comment so far off the topic.

  19. dirtygurl Says:

    hello vixen, here’s the link to my post about lauryn hill, and to answer your question…yes she was involved, but i think that when she started to rebel, they called her a crazy crackhead to discredit her, just like they are doing to poor DMX for going up against them and Jay Z, and we bought it. read the lyrics i’ve posted, and look deeper and you will see that she is calling them out! I too loved lauryn hill’s music, and was deeply dissapointed that she didn’t get a chance to do more in the industry, but i’m sure that she’s laying low somewhere at peace.

  20. Ms. Mizani Says:

    I use to support Ving Rhames and other black male Actors. Especially those who I grew up watching. It was always a pleasure to see my brothers still acting in a white dominated business. Now all I see is a lot of Denzel Washington’s movies. as if he’s the only black Actor out there. Not throwing shade, because he is a good Actor and I’ve enjoyed watching his films. But I can’t help but to feel that he and Will Smith are the token blacks.

    I always thought Ving Rhames was an intelligent person until he visited my city and talked down about the city and it’s residents. Needless to say I was hurt. Not becausee the talked about our home, but because he is a black man I’m sure has seen hard times in Hollywood and how I’m sure he has been looked down upon by the Elites. Why would he discriminate againg his very own people who were very excited just to have him here. I felt he could’ve turned a negative into a positive. Those who can afford to make a difference should. He was the only Actor on the set that was interviewed with hatred in his heart. The other white Actors had more sense than him. And indulged in all the love the black and white fans showered on them. While Ving wanted no part of it.

    Anyway… to get a better understanding about “The State of a Black Man”, I suggest that you should youtube Professor Griff ‘Exposing the black Boule’. He names names and reveals in detail about who did what, Who was forced to do things, and a lot more. This brother along with Bobby Hemmitt are brave enough to shine light upon the darkness to educate and reveal what most black entertainers don’t want you to know. In fact, they are putting their lives at risk. And what I like the most is there is no double talk, like Dave Chapelle did in his return from hiding. Speaking in codes and being careful with his wording.
    One should check them out and let me know what you think.

    • There is a movie that Ving Rhames did as a male who had effeminate qualities some years ago. He is a contributor to some of the break down to our black men in society. I can attest to that.

  21. You certainly have a point, there seems to be a trend; there might be some truth to this, who knows. Hopefully, Actors and Comedians look much deeper into what is been requested of them. But please do not make this out to be bigger than it may even be, doing that only plays right into their games if there is one. Reason been, there seems to be a widespread blatant attack on some of the most successful Black Comedians, Actors, Rappers, the late King of Pop, even attacks on the first Black President and the most successful talk show Black host. Why is that? What seems to be happening is a conspiracy to discredit some of the most successful black contributions to history, which seems to be happening at the pinnacle of some of their careers, something is not right. Please note that this is not about the writer of this article, it’s about the fact that some hateful individuals are trying to brainwash the people in this society that we live in to believe negative, and at times unfounded comments about blacks, but Blacks are some of the most, courageous, powerful, brave, intelligent, charismatic, conscientious, assertive, strong (I could go on and on) people in this world. Please don’t let the media and hateful people corrupt our minds through the constant negative portrayal of Blacks.

  22. there are no trends, this is a requirement, dave chapelle touches on this in some of his interviews post “africa” in order to gain any kind of main stream success you have to compromise yourself, these actors are faced with a choice sometime in their careers, either get with “the program” or be a nobody in the business, i guess their need for accolades supercedes their need to be true to themselves, then some of them are set up and indulge in immoral activities and get caught in a web of blackmail, and they give in. my point is, that they do it to themselves, so is it wrong for us to want to hold these black celebs to higher standards since they represent the rest of us whether we like it or not?

  23. Well, what about the Latinos? What about the whites who cross dresses in movies? Are they all compromising their dignity? I say call them out as well. Of course concerns will need to be voice when there is a trend, but when there is no proof that this is a requirement and when one claims theories to be fact, then that is not setting a good example. I saw the Chappelle interview; he mentioned connecting the dots, which I understand to be spotting a trend, not a requirement. He was not comfortable with the role of cross dressing and was adamant about it so they change the role. Don’t let the majority of good hardworking, extremely talented actors, inclusive of some of those who cross dresses when acting, suffer for the minority of possibly bad.

    • You won’t see too many white men being undignified in movies because we have too many of our men doing it for them. The only one that comes to mind is TOM HANKS. It’s sad when you can’t point them out as quickly as you can among the black men. They are too busy laughing at us instead of creating such characters. That really makes us have to take a tough look at our brothers and sisters around us. Why feed in to the “yes ‘um Misser, boss man, sir”….mentality.

  24. i don’t bother calling them out,because there aren’t alot of them who cross dress, now I ask you, why Dave Chapell would work hard in order to be a celbrity, then when he was about to get a 50 million dollar contract, he ups and leaves it sitting on the table? When you see him doing the interviews, he jokes and laughs but it’s not genuine. You can see that he’s scared to death, it shows in his eyes. This isn’t just about cross dressing, it goes so much deeper than that, it’s about the underlying message. All of these actors are trying to emulate women, all the fingersnapping, neck rolling and smacking teeth is sickening because this isn’t how all black women are. So by taking these roles, and really this can encompass their roles as pimps, crooked cops, drug dealers, gangsters etc….they are in fact enforcing the public view of only a certain percentage of black people. I know plenty of black men that are gay, and they don’t act like that, who’s going to represent them? Hollywood is nothing more than a front for the Illuminati, and the Illuminati wants all blacks destroyed, the slaves they use are expendable because they want a master race of blond blue eyed caucasions.

    In reference to latino actors, it isn’t a coincidence that they do things like change their names to sound more white,remember Rickie VALENS who’s real name was rickie valenzuela? the latino stars are few and far between, but i’m noticing that the females are portrayed to be sex kittens like Shakira, Evan Mendes (who’s last name means the goat as in Baphomet) Salma Hayek is portrayed as sex symbol…and the list goes on. when are we going to stop excusing our people of helping to send us down the moral rivier? when are we going to stop explaining away the negative things they do? i don’t care what white actors, singers, etc do when I don’t follow them? I hope this coherent, and this is just my opinion.

  25. To answer your question, from what I know the 40 million dollar contract and the cross dressing incident with Mr. Chappele are two separate issues, but I’ll address it never-the-less. The fact that he ups and leaves a 50 million dollar contract is extremely strange, but this should not be used as a generalization where black actors are concerned, as it may be a Hollywood issue facing all races. The way in which actors on a whole or in part chose to address similar issue/s is not known to us, but it does not mean that ALL actors ‘sold out’ if a multi-million dollar contact was accepted.

    As for the cross dressing, I 100% agree that there might be a deeper underlying issue. It is rather strange that most, if not all, Black comedians have done it at some point in their careers, but chances are this may due to the fact that Black comedians playing these roles, makes it more interesting, garner more laugher and perhaps generate more revenues. It is human tendency that when something is a success, all wants to jump on the bandwagon, so, some of those persons in charge (producers, writers, etc) may simply want a piece or a bigger chunk of the pie. It is also human tendency to use whatever means necessary to over-throw those we can’t compete with by whatever means necessary (I’m simply been objective) but, I see where you are coming from and I see where it would warrant a concern, as these are persons representing Blacks.

    My take on this issue is that if these roles are doing more harm than good in terms of how Blacks on a whole or how these actors alone are been perceived, whether or not there is an underlying message comedians should rethink their positions where these roles are concerned as in the case of Mr. Chappelle.

    Do remember that some of these persons also play other positive roles like been a father figure, leader, Good cop, hero etc.

    • We might remember those personas, but being effeminate is usually the role that is mostly remembered. It’s as if we are still in that “ministrel” show that never ended. Until we convince the world otherwise, they will always see us as “less than” and ignorant. Like I said before and will say again, it starts with our children. They need to see role models that don’t compromise and the black man should be seen as a powerful force to mankind. It starts with us…

  26. imanozx Says:

    this is rlly some sick shit and stuff and somehow i actually believe everything u say dirtygurl because it fits with the storys and stuff in my religion

  27. imanozx Says:

    and it also fits with the christian religion if u dont happen to know that.

  28. So all you are saying is that Black people are dressed up in women’s clothing many time in Holliwood right? What has that go to do with Illuminati? (if any)

  29. all i can say to everyone reading this post is, before you critisize do some research. becasue ignorance is the real anemy. im surely going to look it up and have been in the past. i am not saying i agree with all said here but it does raise some questions. questions like what are you worth realy in the eyes of your so – called leaders. do your leaders really care about you. remember to read between the lines. many poeple know alot but are afraid to speak out… instead, they say a few hints here and there. for example, micheal Jackon’s “they dont really care about us” … Tupac’s “killuminati”. now Dave chappelle “something is wrong in hollywood. most of you dont even know what hollywood really means.

    to the owner of this blog, i say – keep up the good work. to the readers…open your minds dick heads….im from africa, and i know way alot more than most of you…and i feel sorry for most poeple cos they dont seem to see it…we are slaves – and we are paying for our own up keeping!

  30. godisgreat Says:

    thank you for shairn’ this very plain but yet so hidden truth!
    god bless you ‘dirtygurl’, you’re great !

  31. I really dont know what is going on with this alluminate or however you
    spell it,, but there is corruption everywhere not just in hollywood, look at
    all these prime time shows on tv nothing but white girls getting all the parts,
    now there is some corruption there as well, there is coruption in all cities
    courtries, and states…there is a conspriracy againest black people in this
    country. Unted states declared war on all our black communites,,,and you all think because we have a black president things will be better,, NO they wont!
    They are using President obama, Be careful what you read and becareful of what you hear, everyting is media played up, and there are tricks, and conspiracy therories out there, dont trust man, trust GOD!, he is the Alpha
    and the omega, he is going to destroy all workers of satan, and all workers who work againest him,,, I dont trust,man to take care of me spirtually, whatever this case may-be just know that god knows every hair on your head even when they cut it off at the beauty shop,, he knows
    your thoughts, so becareful on how you investigate things, stop believing
    eveything you hear!!! it all a set up anyway. This system they built was all
    designed to fail.

    • Joey, my sentiments exactly. Why not our race (that being the black race for most of us) try to be the hero instead of the underdog? We should strive to be much more mightier than we appear to be. It is our fault that we sold our own to the white man. The white man has had too much power over us and I think that as a race that has been looked upon as second class and ignorant, we need to teach our children that we can be much better than what we have been forced to believe. We can be powerful in GOD but it is us that has to make that choice. There should never be a compromising in our dignity. No one race can ever give us enough for the price of our honor. Fame and Fortune are not worth selling your soul or your dignity. You will go down in history being a punk…

  32. laury riddle Says:

    damm…that shits trippy as fuckk! who else is a member of the illuminati?

    • There are some very useful sites on the internet and Dirtygurl has posted many people on her site. Look through this article. You would be shocked to know who are in this cult. Illumanati simply means to be brought to the light or illuminated. There are certain lines that are supposed to be special in the world and considered privilege. Truth be told, GOD’s people are the chosen ones. Once we realize that GOD is superior, the illumanati are little more than minions of Satan. We all know how this story will end….Trust…

      • The so called elite of the world all come from the line of the anti-christ. The pagan tribe of dan that’s not sealed in the book of Revelation with the other Tribes of Irsrael. They know if they continue to attack Judah (The Tribe of Kings and Queens) then the rest will never fall in line. So that’s why they are coming at us with our own. They know what they are going and been doing it for a long time.

        The 12 Tribes of Israel

        1 Judah- African Americans (Negroes)
        2 Benjamin- Jamaica and West Indies
        3 Levi- Haitians
        4 Simeon- Dominicans
        5 Joseph (Ephraim)- Puerto Ricans
        6 Manasseh- Cubans
        7 Gad- North American Indians
        8 Rueben- Seminole Indians
        9 Issachar- Mexcians (Aztecs)
        10 Napthali- Hawaiians; Samoans (South Pacific)
        11 Zebulon- Central American
        12 Asher- Brazilians

    • Everyone in helly-weird; all of them. You have to be a homosexual or a satanist or sometimes both of them at once. The Edomite-Cainites (the modern ones) yes the modern ones and the Khazar-Edomites and the Edomite-Danites have been doing this for a lone long lon time. Since we are in the last says. THE MOST HIGH is waking us up to it.


  33. laury riddle Says:

    dammm…who else is a member of illuminati?

  34. hahaha it’s funny because they look ridiculous. And white actors do the same thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Will Smith is gay, but he did turn down Denzel’s role in Philadelphia (or however one spells it; I’m not American) because he thought playing a gay man would hurt his chances at success.

  35. *not denzel’s role, sorry. Tom Hanks’ role.

    • so i guess that wasn’t will smith playing a gay con man in six degrees of seperation????

      • Sister it can be very fustrating that our people isn’t waking up, but sadly many won’t until it’s too late. Some will see the light fortunately, but not all. We are in the last of the last days and that man of sin (anti-christ) is getting ready to pull out his greatest deception yet: the end time deception. He’s trying to take as many people to hell with him as he possibly can and he’ll use eveyr piece of technology and lie from tell-lie-vision to di it. To keep us getting all worked up over Kany and Taylor Swift when we was too blind to see here and Beyonce both come out with red dressed on. We they got us all worked up over 9/11 by creating a false enemy (Osama Bin Laden) who never even heard of until that day and instantly started to hate him and he’s made up by their technology which is light year advance beyond our knowledge; how they duped us into actually believing that a handful of men can slip pass metal dectotors and slip pass security at an airport and take over a plane with over 50 to 60 passengers with box cutters. Oh yes! we fall for it every single time. It’s time to put our eyes on the MOST HIGH his patience is about run thin and when it does, they whole universe is going to shake before his wrath that’s coming. Christ is coming back with fire in his eyes; he’s going to be just that mad. WAKE UP ISRAEL!!

  36. wat a weirdo

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