Mary J Blige Making Moves

You all should know that besides Sade, Mary J Blige is my ab-fave female artist.  It’s not just her story that touches me, it’s her honesty, and realness.  While Beyonce is all up in everyone face over in Europe, my girl Mary is doing some big things right here in the states. Miss Blige/Isaacs has signed on with the William Morris Agency, and is planning to expand her horizons. She’s already dabbled in some acting projects, and will make her big screen debut in Tyler Perry’s forthcoming flick, “I Can Do Bad By Myself”. I didn’t know that she was the co-owner of Carole’s daughter along with Will and Jada, and Jay-Z. Anyway, for more on Miss Mary doing her thing, click here.

she's come a long way baby

she's come a long way baby


3 Responses to “Mary J Blige Making Moves”

  1. loquacious Says:

    THANK YOU FOR THE MARY J. BLIGE POST!! I think you are the first black blogger that has shown MJB some love. She is my fav singer too! I love how much she’s evolved from a girl with a broken heart to a woman of real sophistication. I will support her future endeavors!! Props to MJB for expanding her horizons. WHen she went back to school for her G.E.D., I knew she was maturing and being a wonderful example to young women everywhere. It doesn’t matter how much $$ you have, education is the key to empowerment.

    TEAM Mary!!

  2. dirtygurl Says:

    didn’t know she went back to school, i’m so glad she did, i know it’s just a piece of paper, but considering what black people have gone through in order to have the basic right to have an education, it’s fitting that every black person pursue some form of education. that’s why i hate beyonce so much, how do you consider yourself a role model to our young sisters and brothers coming up, when you didn’t even finish your most basic education? yes, and mary is my girl.

  3. loquacious Says:

    I love MJB because she has such talent and more than that, she’s growing more and more each day. I love seeing the positive changes in her. She”s not stagnant. Girl, that is one of my beefs with Beyonce and her this hip hop generation. They care more about money and material things than what blacks had to go through just for our civil liberties. Even Fantasia is going back for her G.E.D. and I so admire that about her. She may not be the prettiest, bu she will have something more valuable than material things.

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