Tupac, Jay, Beyonce, Illuminati…What the F*$k Is Really Going On?

My people, please turn off the music, shut your mouths, and open your minds. Let me say first of all, I don’t get many people on my blog, at this point, I’ve only been viewed under three thousand times. That’s not much compared to gossip sites like TMZ, Bossip, or even Perez Hilton, and that may be a blessing considering the shit I’m about to get into. I’m not here to convince anyone that this is true, because it’s just my own theory, all I ask is for you to at least think about it. I will admit, I’m a conspiracy nut. I m a survivor of physical, and sexual abuse as a child, and I have lost something that is priceless to me, one of my sons. All of this has made me very jaded, and skeptical, and has taught me to read between the lines, look for the real meaning and never take anything at face value. Bear with me.

TMZ reported yesterday that a man who looked very much like Tupac Shakur was hanging out in New Orleans. I have to admit, the man in the photos doesn’t look like someone who looks like Pac, that is Pac, and as TMZ states, the beer can in the background has a recent date on it!

pac is the ultimate hustler, if this is him then he's been getting money all along! Brilliant!

pac is the ultimate hustler, if this is him then he's been getting money all along! Brilliant!

I know, Tupac “died” in Las Vegas over ten years ago, when he was supposedly shot, or did he?   Maybe it was an elaborate hoax to get out of the business, and lay low for awhile.  Shortly before his “death”, Tupac talked about this super secret society called the “Illuminati” He mentioned them on the song “Hail Mary” referring to them as “Killuminati”. He told of how they were trying to force him to join, but he didn’t want to. I thought Pac was annoying, but he was real, which is why he had so many fans. Listen to him.

Pac on the media

Now I’m not sure if they are the same group as the Masons, or just an offshoot, but they are basically the same thing. A group of super wealthy people who are trying to dominate the world (or at least the United States) through corruption, and wealth. According to some, the symbol on United States currency with the pyramid and the eye is thier mark, which is the same symbol that Jay is known for throwing up during his performances, although they say it’s a diamond, to me it looks like a triangle, a pyramid.

the beginning of the new American Æra

the beginning of the new American Æra

Image Source

This society has thier hands in everything, religion, politics, media, corporate America, the IRS and the entertainment industry. Why? The answer is obvious to me…all of those things are used to control American citizens. Religion was used as a way to make the slaves docile, and ineffective. The media is used to control what we see and hear. The IRS and Government is there to make sure that only certain people are able to gain any wealth, and the so-called American Dream. The entertainment industry is designed to keep us dumbed down, and distracted from the issues that have the most effect on our survival such as voting, getting involved in the community, and reading.

A piece of paper is the difference between living and dying, because you need money to be able to survive. We are allowed just enough to keep us working for more, instead of having enough to make it work for us. Think on it for awhile, why in the richest nation in the world are there people starving in the streets? Why is there homelessness? Now I’m not naive, I know that a certain percentage of the population are drug addicts, alcoholics, etc, but what about the family where both parents work, and even have more than one job living paycheck to paycheck. They go to work everyday, pay thier bills, but let them miss one check, and they stand to lose everything they worked so hard for. We are a nation that can’t afford quality healthcare, while other countries provide it for thier citizens for free! I could go on and on, but I won’t.

Okay, we all know how Pac met his end. I lived in Las Vegas for four years, and not one time in those four years was the strip ever empty. I mean even at three a.m. on a Wednesday, people were on the Strip, enjoying themselves, so for a man to be gunned down on a night that attracted so many tourists (fight night), and nobody to have seen or heard anything is absolutely ridiculous!

Now, I saw the footage of Pac and members of his entourage stomping a Crip gang member in a hotel lobby, and knowing what a goon Suge Knight is, It could very well be that that is what went down, but who’s to say that the tape wasn’t fabricated? Remember, technology makes many things possible, just look at what Photoshop can do. Who’s to say that the man in the video was even Pac? Who’s to say that it wasn’t someone who resembled him, and this was all a scam to deflect the true killer’s identities? People say that the Illimunati worship the devil, but since I don’t believe in the devil’s existence, I won’t touch on that. I think that humans have good and bad in them, and it has nothing to do with heaven/hell.

Years ago, the question was raised about Pac faking his own death. Of course I couldn’t see any reason why he would do something like that, put his mother through the pain she’s gone through, but if in fact he did it because he knew this secret society was out for his head because he was resisting to join, and actually talked about it, wouldn’t that be the only way to escape them? I always thought it was a little funky how they kept releasing “archived” music after his death. Was Pac somewhere, churning out the music, and reaping the rewards?

Now, enter Jay-Z. In 1996, Jay was a new kid in the rap game, although his first cd was slept on, people really took notice of his second effort. A street tough with a gift for gab. He develops a fan base through his music, record label, and clothing line, and when he becomes raps biggest star ( Hov…as in Jehovah?) , he severs ties with business partner/good friend Dame Dash, turns his back on Foxy Brown whom he collaborated with on several tracks, and turned himself into a business mogul. Now Jay is worth millions.

is kanye is member

is kanye a member

Image source
Now as far as I know, Jay doesn’t possess a degree in business, and I don’t think he even graduated high school although I could be wrong. You could argue that his wealth was attained from hustler’s business accumen, or was someone advising him with each step? If so, who was that person, and did that person belong to a secret society? Did that person belong to the Illuminati? Did Jay sell his soul to gain wealth, fame, and power?

Enter your girl, (not mine) Beyonce. When Beyonce came on the scene with Destiny’s Child, it was obvious that she had something. She worked harder to stand out, with the help of her manipulative father and mother. I’m not saying the girl isn’t talented, but who’s to say she had more talent than Letoya, Latavia, or Kelly? Her rabid fans will tell you that Beyonce has more shine than the others, but I have to ask if Letoya was Matthews daughter, and had been coached since she could walk, then would Letoya have Beyonce’s success? It’s highly probable. Anyway, while with Destiny’s Child, Beyonce began seeing Jay Z, they collabed and poof, they are a couple. Beyonce ventures out on her own project, it’s a success, which means it’s curtains for DC. This raises another question in my ever-suspicious minds…If Crazy In Love had flopped, would DC still be going strong?

Jay and Beyonce become the “it” couple of hip hop/r&b, and with that comes money and power. The Illuminati is into mind control. They give Beyonce acess to wealth, fame, and celebrity. She wiggles her ass, and while America watches and buys everything she does, decisions are being made for us, but we don’t notice because we are too worried about the next tour, cd, movie, etc… Beyonce on more than one occasion has thrown up the sign of the Illimunati, which leads me to believe that she has also joined. My question is, does Matthew also belong?

no not a diamond, a triangle

no not a diamond, a triangle

I had a conversation with someone yesterday regarding the relationship between Aaliyah, Jay, and Beyonce. According to rumours, Beyonce and Aaliyah were friends at one time. Now we know that Aaliyah and Jay were romantically involved, then Beyonce starts dating him, and Aaliyah hooked up with Dame Dash. Aaliyah is rumoured to be the reason behind Jay and Dame’s falling out. I sincerely believe that Beyonce is a snake, and she very well could have befriended Aaliyah, and slept with Jay. Kind of an “all about eve” scenario. Aaliyah, at the time of her death was engaged to marry Dame Dash, she had a hit cd out, and was poised to star in the remaining Matrix films which would have boosted her into the stratosphere, and made her a huge mainstream success. On her way back from shooting the video for “rock the boat”, the plane she was flying in crashes, and she was gone. Looks like an accident, I mean planes crash everyday, right? Things aren’t always what they seem. Could Jay have tried to get Aaliyah to join in his soceity? Did Aaliyah refuse? Did this scociety eliminate Beyonce’s biggest competition, leaving Beyonce to take her place? What about Left Eye? She was set to reunite with mega-girl-group TLC at the time of her death. It’s well known that Lisa Lopes had ties with Suge Knight, who was in the car with Pac during his “death”. Once again, I don’t know if any of this has any truth to it as a whole, but wouldn’t you say that there are way too many coincidences? Do you believe that there are no such things as coincedence?  Of course, the photo will be discredited as a hoax, I’m sure, but I won’t be buying it.   Chew on it.









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  1. CriticXtreme Says:

    I have to agree with you. There is a bigger picture out there and people are too busy shaking their asses to realize it. I truly believe that Pac is alive. I feel it. But what if he returns and the Secret Society still wants him? In 2009, is he no longer a threat?

    • Too Late for those who sold their soul to Satan via the Illuminati.. Ofcourse they were threatened so they have to give in or maybe their families lives are at stake. Can’t play with the devil and not get burned. But if they trusted Jesus he could have helped them. That’s the only way to overcome Satan and the Lost, Sick , Perverted, “Elites”, aka Illuminati.

      • It is never too late for anyone. Someone has to be courageous enough to approach them. If we really cared for our entertainers as much as we endorse them, we might be able to reach them. Start with prayer. IF anything, don’t endorse them. Start with the children that attend church. Working with the youth, teenagers, it is interesting to see how influenced they are. They look upon the wrong role models to guide them through life. Money, power, and fame seem to be most important to them. They never hear the fact that GOD blessed these people. They choose to give Satan the “power and the glory” for the very talent that GOD blessed them with. We are giving them the money and much wanted attention. Beyonce went from being an upstanding artist, to a “booty shaker”…Not to judge, but stating the facts, though harsh. Start with self. They can overcome Satan, but it is a matter of choice and they have that right.

      • it isn’t too late, if you can sell your soul to satan you can also sell it to Jesus. If you believe in satan, you’ve got to believe in God and Jesus because without God there can’t be a satan which was casted out of heaven. And every illuminati follower or satan worshipper believes that satan was misjudged by God and God had the power to cast him out of heaven. The followers of evil believe it, they admit by saying that satan was misjudged and God had the power to cast him out of heaven. So God has ultimate the power over satan because if satan would have had the power, he would have take over heaven or something like that. And in every thing you read about this topic there is said that satan needs people to help him to eventually can rule over the world. And we all know that God doesn’t need us to manifestate, we need him. So there’s a point of difference about satan and God. So there’s always a way to get back. There are a lot of documentaries of people who were a member of some of the parts of the illuminati and got free thanks to Jesus.
        The only thing we can do (as christians and those who believe in God) is pray for our children and the world, but eventually such things will happen. The bible speaks about it and at the end of all time the earth will be lost in every possible way, except for those who follow God, so a disapearing of all evil will never occur until Jesus Christ our Savior comes back.

        greets and God bless you all

      • Yes! I have always thought this. This so true! If the poor society(me/us) would stop making them rich. Stop supporting the rich! This is all true. Glad to know there are others.

      • Kelisha Johnson Says:

        I have done my research and seems to me there is a secret society that we dont know about which is called Illuminati this has been going on for quite a long time…Illuminati is when you sell your soul to the devil….I have know that the Illuminati owns oil bussinesses ,music industry , banks , and also the government…Any yes people Barack Obama is no good he is in it too…..In his Yes We Can speech it really means Thank You Satan.All the celebrities are in it Jay Z,Beyonce,Miley Cyrus,Martin Lawerence, etc.Is this New World Order true who knows??The biggest question of them all did Tupac and Micheal Jackson fake their death???

      • this is very funny to me. a lot of you all think that Masons deal with satanic rituals and whatever else you think. Masons have nothing to do with the Illuminati or Satan nor are we trying to take over anything. We are an organization. Everything we do is done from the Holy Bible. We believe in God, the Lord Jesus Christ as our savior. All of this talk about Masons need to stop. You don’t know anything about them because you are not one. You will never know unless you become one!!! That’s all I have to say. 2b1 ask1

    • Tupac will be back in 2014, he believed in the Niccolo Machiavelli philosophy which was 2 stages of life 0-25, and 25-43. He died at 25 and he’ll be 43 in 2014. I never knew anything about Illuminati but now it makes so much sense, enjoyed reading all of that information I learned a lot. Thanks!

      On another note, there are so many lies and what not in this world now. You can’t find anybody REAL anymore, IMO the last person that talked on real shit was Pac.

      Thanks again for all of this information.

      • true mate.. true

      • Not true at all, people are busting their asses on the daily to promote the welfare of society. Just because pac is dead doesn’t mean that the revolution has to die with him. I love Tupacs music to death but in the end what did he do for his people, or society in general.. Nothing. Even if he was to return he would be insignificant to implement any real type of change. Tupac is an entertainer, find a real role model or better yet look within.

      • It’s 2010…What month will Pac be here…I can’t wait to meet him…

      • Nefertiti Says:

        look at this movie or “documentary” called “blood sacrafices” but it’s only on boot leg so don’t ask to many people about its all about the illuminati in the music business. we gotta let the world know about this damonic stuff.

    • F… that shit about them being illuminati!
      The triangle Beyoncé is throwing up stands for the holy 3 unit in christianity: the father,the son and the holy ghost.
      Modern day buddhists refer to the triangle as BUDDHA.
      A lot of good signs and symbols have been “stolen” by the f-ing illuminati!
      The illuminati symbol is the unfinished pyramid,no triangle.
      Another example: the nazi(illuminati) swastika is “stolen” from buddhism,buddhism is older than christianity.
      I rest my case.


      • I agree with Boo~DHA’s September 19, 2009 at 10:02 pm comment,

        As a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, it is irritating and frustrating to always have to explain to people that FREEMASONRY AND THE ILLUMINATI ARE NOT one in the same. The founder of the Illuminati has BORROWED ( over and over again) several signs and symbols from various organizations.

        THINK about it, you just said people are getting killed for “going against the grain”. So what do you think the purpose of secrecy is??? Thus, leading to why people come up with these idiotic theories that Freemasonry is trying to control the world through “corruption, and wealth”. No that is not the angle we come from. We can not say a lot, but what I can tell you is that the organizations are not one in the same.

      • Um, no actually the “signs” in today’s times go way back to Egyptian times but most recently to the beginnings of America. Our first United States president was a free mason the definition of a freemasson is a secret society of the ellite that use their power to control the people. so maybe you should go read some books and turn off the radio or stop listening to that coon music. And if you actually research what the eye means, its the eye of huros aka the eye of lucifer aka the eye of the devil. Need me to get more specific? so yea. The Illuminati cant steal what’s been started years on top of years on top of years ago. Look at the “eyes” on Michael Jackson’s Dangerous album, those eyes werent supposed to be appealing. Michael Jackson’s vision was to pull the rug out from under the illuminati and all of the curruption. Dummy, when you listen to the radio or watch tv . Its nothing but someone else trying to make you see things the way they see them, You’re just too dumb to realize the concept of the Illuminati, its just a secret society of the ellite (celebrities) that can change your mindset or wish to change your mindset so that things can stay the same aka the rich stay richer and the opressed stays opressed. Really do you think it’s a symbol of christianity when Jay z is talking about shooting people and selling drugs or glorifying whorish women? Kiss my ass.

      • I’ve been a Christian since I was eleven and attended Bible school for years. I’ve never seen nor used that symbol. I’m just curious as to where you got that information from. I am truly interested in reading up on that.

      • ummmm the swastika was stolen from HINDUISM.. not Buddhism.. nice try

      • baksheezy03 Says:

        Swastika is a Hindu symbol actually(i am a Hindu, fam is from India, and a history/poli. sci. major with a Ba, and actually KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT..so please listen up as i am about to ‘enlighten you’), and Hinduism predates Buddhism AND Christianity. The illuminati, actually just took a lot of popular pagan symbols (halo, your 3 unit triangle, angels, and the very image of Jesus) to name a few. Nazi’s were not Illuminati..they referred to themselves as “Arayan,” a reference to the first ‘light-skinned’ inhabitants of the Indus Valley region.–That stuff was for the dude who posted this comment, this blog is indeed a load of crap, but before you represent yourself as someone who is against this blog and start runnin your mouth on history that you dont know about, you should check your info. The Illuminati is actually an ancient society (still around, although extremely diminished) that feels that the Catholic Church is ruining society, by teling lies about history. Illuminati formed as a counter-movement to the Catholic Church, they have no world-domination desires. Thats to the guy who wrote this blog, your ideas are very novel, but with a quick fact check like this one your story falls through…there was an autopsy where Pac’s chest cavity was opened (tats, body markings are all visible), let the man rest in peace shit…Pac WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO BE SO QUIET with all the BS in the rap game right now anyways. And let me tell you…neither Beyonce (especialllllly her) or Jay-Z is smart enough to do all this COME ON NOW…your basis for this argument is hear-say, and your digging at a hole with nothing in it, begging the question, and forming something out of nothing…READ A BOOK, maybe then you would refer to Illuminati as “basically the same thing,” as the Masons..are you shitting me? The masons are still around, you can find there meeting places all over the U.S..EDUCATE YOURSELF instead of wasting your time on this ridiculous blog about a ridiculous theeory.

      • But, my friend, Beyonce is not buddhist…Look at everyone who throws up that symbol. Might I suggest that you look it up on your computer under the illuminati sign…Are the Jonas brothers buddhist? I had to do some research once I left this page. I assume the pyramid with the eye on it on our dollar bill is Buddhist?

      • h0n3y babii Says:

        nigga l00k at all dha signs i w0uld b3li3v3 dha it stands 4 dha h0ly 3 units if d3y didnt put it by th3y 3y3 its g0n3 b3 al0t 0f p30pl3 wh0 f0ll0w jayz.b3yonc3,rhianna.kany3 w3st.lady gaga and dha r3st 0f d3m crazy muthafukas but n0t i

      • That may be the case Ryan, but the illumantis also believe that the phoniex bird(Satan) is going to come back and reunit back together. Beyonce has just opened up a all girls house in NewYork city called the house of Phoniex! I thought long and hard, why would she name this house the house of phoniex….hmmmm..its so obvious, don’t live in denal.

      • Ok listen up baksheezy03. You are absolutly wrong. Another angels and demons reader. DONT READ THIS CRAP !

      • ok first Killuminati is a counter movement to Illuminati and also the freemasons and illuminati for the most part combined into one group in 1782 during the conference of wilhelmsbad.

        I also know a kid who’s relative is a freemason with a relatively high status and its really stupid that they think 9/11 was an alien invasion.

      • @baksheezy03: Now not to undermine your degree because I have one as well and I understand how it feels to learn things and apply it, but a history degree is about as good as a penny with a hole in it. Think about it, everything that you have learned about has been written by the very people who are trying to hide all of this business about the illuminati from you. Have you ever heard of the book “Lies My Teacher Told Me”? It examines how even the simplest stories such as Columbus coming over hear and “discovering” this land is pure bs. The things you read about have been written by people who have learned the same lies that you have learned. Now the things as far as the symbols are true because Hinduism was around before Buddhism and Christianity, but since you know so much about history you should know that all of the presidents up until this point have been freemasons, and what do they have to deal with??? Exactly, they are joined together, but if you think that society is gone you have a rude awakening coming. And no, jay and Bey are not smart enough to do all of this on their own, which is why they are not the head of the operation, simply peasants fulfilling duties. Finally, why would they diminish it when they could continue to blindly control people and become even wealthier from it. It’s a new age of slavery, and if you can’t get away from just the things that you have learned, then you’re going to have big problems in the future.

      • jamaria vaughn Says:

        awh u with them pples

      • and did u watch her videos????????? did u watch the vids she did wit lady gaga???????? honestly i don’t care about her, becuz shes a big girl, and shes smart, she should kno that this isn’t right, but i feel sorri for the girls who are influenced by her LIKE YOU, the girls who look up to her as a sister, this is just sad, i mean wat is it dat ppl don’t beleive abotu this, haven’t you gotten all the proof you needed in your head, if not look it up, someppl don’t like admitting it, cuz they love her, but its tru u guys =(

    • OH WOWW!!!
      Just becus u feel that hes alive means anything. How do u feel the presence of someone u never even met.

      • You don’t, it’s called faith…Just like I don’t even see you, I believe that you exist, you possibly wrote this, but I have never met you or have seen you but I believe you “to be”….I know there is a GOD and I will meet HIM personally one day. I may be looking down at you…

      • CriticXteme Says:

        I have met him and know his mother.

    • Majority of influential entertainment figures (Beyonce, LadyGaga, Pink, Michael Jackson, Jay Z, Damon Dash, Alliyah when she was alive the list goes on and on) are Illuminati Sex Slaves and/or handlers /programmers. example Jay Z is Beyonce’s handler and she is sex slave, not to him but to THE TOP GLOBAL ELITE, TOP GOVT, TOP ILLUMINATI, Jay Z is also handler to Rihanna , and was to Aliyah. Most Ulluminati “high class” sex slaves like Alliyah are programmed to influence the masses through their music with the messages, be sex slaves to the highest elite, then they are usually sacrificed, like Alliyah and countless others. If their programming breaks down, and they begin to regain their memory and start to speak out like Michael Jackson did, they are killed. The entertainment industry, like government is very corrupt. ALL the US President’s have ONE common bloodline (they are ALL related), and ALL ILLUMINATI. Their presidency is just a front for the american people, the voting process is a joke, as each president that was elected was chosen to serve by the ILLUMINATI. Another thing, no coincidence that Beyonce sung for Obama, as she is surely a high class illuminati sex slave to him. Sad, and most don’t want to know the truth, this thing goes way beyond Beyonce, and Jayz who are just pawns in this game. This goes WAY BACK TO EUROPE hundreds of years ago, BLUE BLOOD, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the royal family, etc… 13 families in all run this whole thing, not jayz, not beyonce. New world order is upon us, it’s happening before us, they are hiding out in the open, you saw Beyonce at her latest video awards performance with the military as part of her act, and her dressed as a robot, well this is part of the new world order friends. Military State, Mind Control, De Huminization Get Ready, but Get God first.


      • @ Jessica:

        Barak and Bush are 10th counsins, Barak is also part of the Royal British Family. Take a look. And wake up you poor sheep. Or get left behind, ur choice

      • that sure shut her up! LOL

      • you are completley correct i am so glad that i am not the only one who believes the same thing. and i had no idea about the presidents all being related thankyou for the iformation

      • Abduler Says:

        pls u seem to know qiute a lot.
        send some more info to my mail. shaibuabdulazeez@yahoo.com

      • Please send me more info to my email too. I’ve recently introduced to the whole illuminati conspiracy thing and am still trying to make sense of it all.


      • im not saying i dont believe you i think all the stuff about the illuminati in the media makes sense but what i dont get is where do you get this info from? if the illuminati is so highly effective and secretive how do people know all this stuff it would really help me get my head round it and also the interent is full of evidence that the illuminati is a threat to us but no solutions on what we are supposed to do about it ?

    • Yes But If He Does Return By Then Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Will Know The Truth And So The Masons (Illuminati) Would Never Be Able To Hurt Him.

    • Illuminati is with the masons. The masons established illuminati in 1971 with their plan to control the minds of the world through media. They used islam as an excuse saying that they are looking for osama binladin, tell me this why did you kill everyone in your way to find one man. I’ll tell you why because this one man osama binladin is an american and he too is working with the masons. He is just an excuse to kill of the muslims. I’ll tell you something George W Bush, the man was just a puppet, he is the one that destroyed the twin towers. A friend of my uncle’s took the day off on 911 and he job was in the window of the world (the restuarant on the top floor) and he is lucky but his friends and colleugues weren’t so lucky. If you fold a twenty dollar note in a certain way it makes an image of the twin towers with smoke coming out of it.

      • Your wrong on so many levels. First off the Illuminati was created long before 1971, before there was even a U.S. in fact (however the modern illuminati was made in 1776) and I can fold a lot of things in a lot of ways and have it look like a lot of stuff. I do believe in the Illuminati, but I’m strongly against un-educated idiots.

    • I’ve got a few questions: Why would the Illuminati bother to recruit 2Pac at the time? (what qualifies somebody to be approached by them?) Because if the Illuminati really are a rich – to super-rich – upper class ‘secret society’ wouldn’t somebody like Bill Gates, or any president in the US be a potential Illuminati?
      If the Illuminati really were a sophisticated ‘secret’ society seeking absolute control, wouldn’t they find a more subtle way of influencing people and possible recruits? Instead of assassinating anybody who says no, in a less subtle way – you could suggest that 2Pac was just a mess up by them.

      Btw this whole conspiracy of an organisation trying to manipulate and control the masses, kind of remind me of the plot of MGS2 ‘Sons of Liberty’. Where a mysterious organisation called the Patriots try to control the world: “By manipulating the information that surrounded the incident, The Patriots had proved that they could manipulate world events.” http://metalgear.wikia.com/wiki/S3_Plan
      The last comment was just a trivia 😉

      • Pac, like Jay Z and Bey was a terrific money maker. Like Michael…I truly think that through the years Michael was trying to warn us. All of the things he went through. Look it up on YOUTUBE. You will see one of Midhael’s final speeches about the subject…the ordeal he went through with SONY. Michael’s death…I’m not sure about that one yet…the court is still out.

    • lisen tupac was in threat becouse he was with them uze have a wee bit of a miss understanding with this theory tupac was a free-mason untill he got framed and shot in the lobbey and robbed,,thats when he realised that it was illumanati trannah set hium up coz in his songs hes meant to talk more about the satan(devil) than talk about him self and the world and after that he put a K in front of illumantai witch stood fur kill.Illumantai then he talkes about the secret socity and how ther after him and how the devil wants him if u lisen cleary word fur word to what he says about this and wah he says and talkes about his death lisen to his album 7 day theory,All eyes on me,, and tupac resseruction and ull know what im talking about any way and only way he could get a way was by faking his death witch a famouse guy done cant realy prenounce his name but it went like thius machavelli and thats why tupacs last song he dies in it” i aint mad at cha” and his next song is by makaveli this guy made a story about how to fake death whitch tupac read whhile in jail and another one that was about the secrets of war by some chinse writer any way tc bye 😀

    • tupac is dead.

    • Aight bro, Im as much of a Tupac fan as the next guy, but lets just accept the heart wrenching fact that hes dead. I believe in the illuminati, and i see in entertainment how they try to hoax the nation. But look at the picture in the box above. Tupac had a hanging lobe in his ear. that guy doesn’t. but i will admit. it is an uncanny resemblance of Tupac. even thier eyes look the same. but we need to let tupac go and listin to his messages. we need to look out for the illuminati and find a way to stop them

  2. dirtygurl Says:

    sincerely, pac is way bigger in “death” than in life so he has more fans now than he did when he was alive. i’m sure if he turned up publicly and started to speak on this, they would do everything in thier power to eliminate him. too many would believe him, and the secret society would be revealed, which would put a monkey wrench in thier plans. they like it that most of america sleeps while dirty deals are made. that’ s how they’ve been since the begining. do they want him? no they have thier hip hop and r and b powerhouses. one thing i failed to mention is the possiblility that they are using beyonce and jay’s music to promote subliminal messages in the music. what i would like pac to do is to go against them, you know that whole militant thing is in his blood. what’s the statute of limitations on faking your own death? I also have reason to believe that the illumiati tried to get at dave chappelle wich, drove him to africa to get away from them. i applaud him for recognizing that your soul is more valuable than millions of dollars.

    • Hi,

      I loved this article and just wanted to say that Pac talked about something that was not that apparent THEN as it is NOW. So I wonder if this makes any sense, but I honestly think many people just start to realise why things work in such a f*cked up way.

      Secondly, we see MJ respected by so many people in his death. Well, he was totally destroyed by the media and so I don’t think it is a mere coincidence that many people turn back to his art as he is now claimed to have been nothing but a man with the soul of a child who never grew up and needed nothing but love. He was manipulated all the way and even though his music is also influenced by nwo thoughts, he was a more or less benevolent artist.

      Finally, I wonder if you have seen the VMA. If anybody had any doubt about the ugly truth, now they shouldn’t.


    • YOu’re right, The illuminati, nine times out of ten was the reason Dave Chapelle went to afria to find himself. See, the illuminati goes after the ellite and those who can have direct contact with the people so they can easily brainwash us. But i guess Dave wasnt with that. he has better morals and goals. But also where has he been after this? After his block party movie i havent heard from him. I guess when you refuse the illuminati, they take fame away from you. I.E Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Jimmy Hendrix, the list goes on. But if you want to know if celebrities know about this, check out Tiffany Evan’s twitter, she was talking about the industry and how some celebrities are promoting santanism… and illuminati etc etc. It all goes back to free masons. and look at the one dollar bill it has the pyramid with the eye on it, look up what the eye means. You wont be too surprised of the outcome. Another thing, when rihanna first came out she was a good girl, she didnt get fame until she went “dark” is she too apart of this society. I think maybe Tupac was approached by the illuminati, he refused and they either killed him or put him away somewhere. TUPAC IS NEVER COMING BACK, IM TIRED OF PEOPLE SAYING THAT, HE IS NOT DUMB, IF HE IS ALIVE, HE’S GOING TO STAY WHERE HE IS, MOST LIKELY NOT IN AMERICA BECAUSE IF HE IS SEEN, HE WILL GO TO JAIL. YOU CAN NOT FAKE YOUR DEATH THAT IS AGAINST THE LAW. ALSO IT’D BE INSURANCE FRAUD ON WHOMEVER WAS HIS BENIFECIARY BECAUSE THEY WILL ASSUME THAT PERSON WAS INVOLVED AS WELL. the only reason why he;s bigger in death is because generations got to know his music because more music was sent out in his death. but i think if he were alive, he’d be even more famous and the music industry wouldnt be so idiot or have so much coonery going on

      • I apologize, but I don’t really remember Rihanna being a ‘good girl”….Remember Rihanna’s video SOS? Very suggestive. I have found that most artist get worse with fame. I remember seeing Rihanna getting “punked” over some money. She was “approached” by some “homeless” street kids that performed for her. Her aide gave them “too” much money…(Rihanna was being set up)…The aide gave them 100 dollar bill or something like that and Rihanna told the aide that it was too much. Rihanna tried to get the money back and only wanted to give them a couple of dollars. The funny thing was that Rihanna had money to give and her true colors came out. Once she found out she was “punked”, she was releaved, but it only goes to show you that she was a very selfish celebrity. IT didn’t matter that those children were “singing” for their supper…LOL

      • CriticXteme Says:

        There is a good chance that he is alive. No one gets cremated during a murder investigation. Las Vegas is a corrupt town and most likely home to member Illuminati. You speak like a member of Illuminati talking “IT’S AGAINST THE LAW TO FAKE YOUR DEATH”. Illuminati does give a rat’s azz about law. Don’t get me wrong they will use the laws they have put in place to get your azz on minor ish, but the bottom line they don’t care. Look at 9-11, so many questions little answers. The gold was to keep that retard Bush in office by creating a mess like 9-11. After that happen people were down with Bush because they wanted someone to get a royal azz whipping. I wasn’t down because I knew what was up. Back to Tupac – I believe the brother is still alive and people should just leave him alone. If he wants to resurface he will. Have some respect.

      • I don’t know if you realized this criticxtreme but Bush had just started out in office there was no way to see if he was going to be a good or bad president yet, if anything 9/11 destroyed his reputation.

      • While I do believe that Pac is definitely dead, he couldn’t be gaining much at this phase of the “conspiracy”. I saw autopsy photos years ago. The tattoos appeared to authentic. All of those who appreciated this man so much would love to see him back in the scene…Today, music s@cks…(pardon) I am so disappointed with the entertainment world these days. I pray for better artists and more meaningful songs.

    • You are absolutely right…They are merely using these artists like puppets and they are too dumb to see it. Jay Z wants us to believe that he is in the line, but if you truly were, you wouldn’t speak of it so much. All the initiations that these artists have been putting themselves through…Kanye West, Chris Brown, Michael Jackson…is it worth it? To them, I guess it was…We will get the total truth someday, but until then, we need to look to GOD because with HIM you can’t be touched, but with out HIM your fresh meat and all for the sake of being well known and rich…two things that won’t stand the test of time.

      • excuse me for my english, im from holland.

        In my opinion ure wrong, Bush was allways a dangerous person, he and his father both joint SKULL AND BONES at Yale, most illuminati-members join also this ‘conspiricy of death’. I’ve a few links u might find intresting:

        the RFID- chip:

        first i’ve to tell u that, for the ones who diddn’t know this yet or maybe its on this site somewhere,
        illumitati is all the rich elite of the world (2.200 persons i thought) rockafeller, royal, politics, wallstreek, press, media, allmost all member of freemason, skull and bones, bilderberg and other dark conspiracy that are learning the KABBALAH, white and black magic, straight from satan, the triangel on the one-dollar bill is from the illuminati with the one-eyes in the top. the one eyes= the devil. here is a peace u see that the illuminati does a ritual in bohimian grove:

        and this happend when he asked about it:


        this is Rockafeller (richest man on the planet) plan!:

        At least, ive seen documetries but by far was this the most revealing. its taken from a islamic point of view but u will be shocked how sick these people are. have an open mind!


      • im sorry i forget to say that this was all in the bible about that chip:

        “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16-17

        “If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand, he, too, will drink of the wine of God’s fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath.” Revelation 14:9,10

  3. It all makes alot of sense, I have read that bionce is actually a practicing witch. The illuminati bump off any one that turns on them or get in their way. They also are famous for accusing you falsely and even putting you in prison for years before they get rid of you permantly. Jesus said it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to get into heaven. If you want to be influential in any way in any career you are in danger of being pulled in ruined or killed. The ones that are not in on it up to their ballsacks in it keep their mouths shut. Even pastors in most Christian churches today. Beware of pastors quoting romens. Fema Camp pastors. Shame on them

  4. dirtygurl Says:

    I don’t believe in relgion period, just for the simple fact of how it was introduced to the slaves, that’ makes me suspicious. let’s see it’s against the law to read, but i can memorize the bible? wtf, sounds like mind control to me. anyway, someone suggested that bey and fam practice voodoo to get rid of the competition. how else do explain her dominance in that genre, she also suggested that voodoo is responsible for the killing of jhuds relatives, but i believe that was the work of the illum…they probably told balfour to take the rap, after he sits in jail for i don’t know how long, he will be released and have money from thier society to fall back on. you know, they are some greedy mofos, and greedy people always have karma bite them in the butt. i heard that oprah, and pres obama is also. don’t know if there’s any truth to it. and actually i’m seeing the eye and pyramid thing everywhere in entertainment where i was blind to it before. trust me , there’s going to be a revolution. I don’t want any televisions in my house, because i’m sure they own the networks, and are sending messages. i’m sorry do i sound paranoid?


      “Beyoncé practises vodoo in order to get rid of the competetion, how else do you explain her dominance in that genre?” ermm… her music is better than other peoples. thats the reason she dominant in that genre. stupid bitch.

      • dirtygurl Says:

        um you need to really check yourself. first of all, beyonce don’t practice no damn voodoo, she don’t practice nothing, she’s programmed to dance, talk, walk, sing, act. beyonce has no control over what she does, she doesn’t even pick out her clothes. she does nothing but sit and look pretty. she’s dominant in the industry right now because the illuminati has brainwashed you all into accepting her. you are in a trance. now who’s stupid and if you disrespect anybody else in that manner then you will not be allowed to comment.

      • No, not at all completely true. Look at Mariah Carey (I question her actions sometimes.), Jennifer Hudson (whom doesn’t have to remove her clothing to be successful. Mary J. Blige, Leola Helmsly, these woman have provin’ that you don’t have to be a “hooker” to exude success and attention. You really need to look at the video when Beyonce was in Destiny’s child. The song is “NASTY GIRLS”. She created that song to get at the industry about the exploitation of females in the industry. You really must check it out. It’s very enlightening and confusing. Keep her in your prayers as she continues to let money rule her very being. It’s nice to have it all, but from whom are you receiving your gifts? Hopefully the LORD, and in time, you will know.

      • well actually this goes to dirtygurl because she iz ABSOLUTELY wrong and dont kno nuthin she iz sayin. if u research bofohmet or whatever then it will actually tell you wat the damn hell beyonce is fuckn doin she is a devil

      • on beyonces booklet in her cd, for whoever has the actual cd of beyonce’s then you will kno what im talkn bout.
        Beyonce is wearing a top that has motor cycle handles and it has the goat head on the front with fire around it.
        well that is a symbol of the devil for whoever didnt kno that or never noticed it.Beyonce is a person who is a devil worshiper and she is all in with the little symbols that is why she wears the little outfit i was talkn bout in the beginning.

      • NO, Bey is not the best out there. Jennifer HUDSON beat her out of the grammy. Bey hasn’t got much competition among the black race. Most of our better singers seem to be on hiatus right now…Lauren Hill, KELLY of destiny’s child is a great singer, I can’t think of too many right now. Bey is being forced down our throats. There are other talents but as long as certain people are running the industry, she will be number one among the black singers out there. She always collaberates with her competition. Smart move on her part. She’s not the best, she’s just a hard working lady. IF Aaliyah were alive, Bey would be right where she was when Aaliyah was well known, in Destiny’s Child or second best. Even her sister can’t catch a break. It’s sad when you don’t want to share the stage with your sibling or fellow band members. The industry is a dirty business.

      • That is just rude and not necessary. Why reduce yourself to name calling? Beyonce is selfish and has always been for BEYONCE’. Why the other members put up with her dominance doesn’t compute with me. There were so many change overs in the group. It seemed that if someone was just as pretty or talented, got booted. Kelly is very talented in her own right, but her music is going nowhere. Beyonce’ has reduced herself to being trashy and compromising, never mind having an alter ego to make excuses for being less than lady like. She is being pimped by her own husband. I have never really seen Beyonce’ as truly lady like. Within the group she always had the flashiest out fits and if you go through her past sessions with her group, she always tried to out sing them. It’s sad. I just hope that in time she will slow down and look within herself and discover what actually got her where she is today. Being a whore for Jay Z on DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE single introduced Beyonce’ to the world of compromise and whoredom. Sadly, you are beginning to see more and more wardrobe malfunctions, some I think are on purpose since she got that boob job. She has reduced herself to the point of no return, or until something tragic happens. We hope that she will get a grip on her life with GOD and within herself.

      • Beyonce’s music is not that great, and most not her own though she claims it all to be. She has been given songs by other artists and was blessed to be chosen by them to get to sing their songs. A lot of the time, she took the credit for all the songs she has sung on her albums till she was called out. She’s just a human being like the rest of Holly wood, most of the time forgetting about the morals she claimed to possess through her child hood. She has become like the rest of them…sell outs.

      • Just_A_Gurl_2 Says:

        Regarding Bey, well I heard or read somewhere on the internet – don’t remember where now – that SHE was responsible for the death of JHud’s fam. It was a vengeance hit for Jhud ‘stealing’ the Oscar from Bey, and the guy, Balfour? Well, he had to take the rap. It was all set up. According to some reports, her little nephew was brutalized in a way that suggested extreme rage and hate. Don’t know if that’s true or not, but I wonder how could someone do that — kill everyone close to her that she loved and counted on for support – without hating on Jhud?? There’s a saying that when you want to really destroy someone, you take away what they love the most. It fits, IMO. Just sayin.

    • You are right, Dirtygurl…Religion is of man…GOD’s WORD is truth. Religion is invented by man and can be passed off to suit their needs. When man starts to twist GOD’s WORD, it is no longer effective and by that I mean that it is no longer a source of salvation. GOD’s WORD gives us a perfect path for our lives, and life that JESUS lived. A man walked that walk before we were even asked to…HE followed HIS FATHER’s steps of salvation even though HE was sinless. HE didn’t have to be baptized, but did to show us how to get forgiveness for our sins and a chance for a life in heaven with HIS FATHER, our FATHER, GOD. All of these things that man has contaminated us with is the only thing that separates us from our CREATOR and eternal life with GOD. By following that walk that JESUS took, that sinless man that died a horrid death for us, we can be in eternity with GOD…Simply accepting is not enough, but baptism is necessary because Jesus did it…and he was sinless. WHY most “religions” leave that out, it’s blasphemeous and misleading. The Bible is not a difficult book. The more you read, the more is revealed. These people that seek to destroy man and offer things that are not even theirs to offer are leading, for the most part, our youth to hell. They are very influential and innocent. It’s a smart way to spread this pestilence around…Give it to someone who has no idea what they are doing…In the end, GOD will avenge for these little ones and all the JAY Zs and Beyonce’s in the world will not be able to escape the wrath of GOD…TO use the youth to do their dirty work is something that they will be held accountable for. I wouldn’t want to be them if they don’t change before CHRIST RETURNS…HE regards children as precious…defenseless.

      • Love MJ Says:

        This is in response to your post about Beyonce using her alter as an excuse to act less than a lady. I saw two pictures last year on a blog. One was of the paps getting a crotch shot (not nude) of Rhianna and the other one was of Beyonce. She was wearing gray panties. I think Rhianna was getting in to a car (there was a remark about cellulite) and Beyonce was getting out of a car. Now, considering that this stuff has occurred in the past, it surprised me that Beyonce, who had a sweater or jacket on her arm, didn’t prepare herself and cover up. I can’t speak on Rhianna but Beyonce once portrayed herself as a good girl. I was disappointed but her change has been going on for a while now. At the time, I remember thinking that Jay-Z was pimping out these two women for publicity since it was also mentioned on the blog (different day) that the rest of his concert dates were cancelled in England.?? (I’m going by memory with this.) I’m not saying that is what he was doing, but I was shocked to see that picture of Beyonce.

        Peace y’all.

  5. mccready Says:

    Seen your comment on my blog :), I have to say nice read :D. Not really sure what I do and don’t believe but hey its got me thinking 😉

  6. dirtygurl Says:

    as far as dave goes, i knew there was something off about him just picking up and leaving all that money on the table, after all, isn’t that what he got into the buisness for, to make money? yeah it didn’t make sense, and for everyone who reads this please go to youtube and check out the oprah show when he was on there talking about this incident, remember look for the hidden meaning.

    dave turns to oprah @ one point in the interview and gives her this really piercing look and says…”Sometimes you just gotta take a stand” a direct message for her. Now i don’t know the deal with oprah and the society. i know that she makes a huge amount of money, and her audience is vast and varied, so an outfit like them would def be interested in having her on thier team, but i’m not sure if she took the bait. her body language speaks volumes, it was like she was blatantly uncomfortable while he was realting his story to her, like she was afraid he was going to reveal too much. He also says that people that he thought were his friends, were talking to the media talking about he had a breakdown, when they knew it wasn’t the truth. I believe he was talking about his partner neal, and then he went on to say that neal never once asked him what was wrong, or even showed concern.

    Lauryn hill was on the cover of time magazine, and one of the bracelets she had on carried the pyramid/eye…now lauren is somewhere suffering from “mental issues”?????????????????????????????????
    Lauryn was the biggest thing in hip/hop/r&b, just around the time beyonce and her back up singers were starting out.
    My ex told me that his exgirlfriend had an aunt who was super brilliant, i think a scientist that graduated from UC Berkeley, she took a job with the governement, came home three years later, and was mentally gone. not even able to do anything for herself.

    Seriously beyonce is okay. lo i told you in an earlier discussion that i could think of many singers that sound alot better than her, so why is it she that gets the lion’s share of the media’s attention. i’ve encountered over zealous fans but don’t beyonce’s fans go just a little harder than most? I swear there’s some messages in the music and they are being sent out. think about who her fan base is…young girls , gays, and the feeble minded, all of whom are easily influenced and the perfect candidates for brainwashing. there are definite ties here, and i know you guys may not like what i’m about to say, but hell i have to speak my mind and heart…

    beyonce sang for the pres @ the inauguration. she sang “at last” which struck me as funny since it is etta jame’s signature song, so i don’t get why beyonce sang it. now it could very well be that matthew contributed a ghastly amount of money to get beyonce on, but then consider that these people run the government, and every us president has been a mason…is it yale or harvard that has the skull and bones society, because that is another of thier symbols. i’m gonna have to look up where obama went to school, but anyway, what if he’s a part of this secret society, and they’ve been behind his politiacal career all along? of course he’s the leader of the nation, but does he really make the big decisions? what about his advisors, who are they? remember casino, the mob had phillip green to be thier front person, but he just did what they told him to do…what if obama’s is the illuminati’s phillip greene?

    you know krs one said not to trust obama, why would he say that, i think krs one is a thinking man, and he just doesn’t shoot off at the mouth.

    why hasn’t there been an attempt on his life? i mean you hear that this guy was caught in a motel room with guns and stuff, but remember they control the media. i wish no harm on the president or anyone else, but i also know that there are white people who still think and live like this is still the sixties, so why have there been no attempts?

    which brings me to JFK’s assasination, did the illuminati have something to do with it because JFK was going against what they wanted?
    so many questions.

    • ehmmm if you think back….who became famous after aaliyah’s death? was it beyonce? welll not really at that time she was still in destiny’s child…it wasn’t till end of 2002 she came out with work it out as a solo…but have you all forgotten ASHANTI? She and that murder inc. crew….she became the so called new princess of hiphop and r&b which used to be aaliyah’s title remember? i was like 13 years old at that time but i always found it a bit weird that exactly when aaliyah died…ashanti came and tried to take her place….but still beyonce kicked her out of that place again and took it herself….hmmm

      • I was 24 years old when Aaliyah died I remember when she first came out, she was never crowned the Princess of Hip Hop, but she still was a gifted young woman and Ashanti was in the music industry before her album even came out. Ashanti wote J-lo’s “I’m Real and “Ain’t it Funny” and she was also J-Lo’s background singer. The song she did with Ja Rule, “Always on Time” was out before Aaliyah even died. Ashanti also wrote and coproduced every song on that album, so Aaliyah’s death had nothing to do with her success. Beyonce’s success has nothing to do with Aaliyah’s deasth either. Beyonce and Ashanti are blessed because of God.

      • dirtygurl Says:

        The success of Beyonce and Ashanti have nothing to do with being blessed by God, Ashanti’s talent is highly debatable, while Beyonce’s is marginal at best. The machine behind beyonce is what got her to the top, and poor ashanti is on the edge of the cliff.

    • I’m beginning to question everything in the american society. its like im going back to that “dont trust anybody but God and the bible” mode. its like everything we’ve been taught sense we were kids is getting contradicted. and you’re right, why hasnt Obama gotten any death threats. Quite frankly i dont trust anybody anymore. this man is just too different. He hasnt made any of the changes that he said he would and alot of fingers pointed at him are even saying he’s the anti christ. Its ridiculous, should i start treating everyone like they could possibly be the anti christ? the end will come like a theif in the night but i think the government and the media has already stolen from me, and they still are. Like you said there are plenty of people who still live like its the sixties and you have to think, the black population doesnt even make up half of this country, then look at all the blacks in jail, a vast third of our black population is in prison white people make up the majority of america so how did obama even get elected? Most of the ellite are republicans and little do we know, they are the ones who really count. Citizen votes dont matter, Electoral college votes matter. So are you telling me we have absolutely no predujide, intelligent people who could pursuade the weak minded to vote for McCain? I think this is a conspiracy. Even 15 year olds know that Obama should have been assasinated by now or there at least should have been attempt assasinations. Im not saying Obama should be killed, im just saying this isnt consistent in american history, an african president? this isnt consistent and people dont take take to new things like this.

      • 9etherqueen9 Says:

        I know obama is one of the traitors , ive known that from the beginning……BUT to use the assasination phrase on obama is unfair ….what about george bush who was b4 ….

      • Get outta here with that having an “african president” isnt consistent with american history BULLSHIT. If you’re mad that a black man is president of your country, then just say that. Its much more respectable for you to be blunt and say that it makes you mad to see a black man as president because at least then even if I didnt neccessarily agree with your views, I could somewhat respect your point of view and honesty. But the fact that you mask your racism by way of making indirect comments trying to connect the conspiracy of the illuminato to having an african american president as being a “sign” of some sort signifying that President Obama has no place sitting in that office demonstrates foolishness to me. Ignorant people irritate me. Get.A.Life.

      • CriticXteme Says:

        Get used to it. Obama is here to stay. You forget the mess that was created by Bush and Cheney. Both of them raped this country blind then reaped the financial benefits. Now that they’re no longer in the White House, we as a country have to take daily rape showers to clean off the corruption left by those two and their administration. It takes time to clean house. Bush and Cheney destroyed relationships with high profile people from others countries. Obama has to resecure those relationships. Look true ish is happening right in front of you daily, if you choose to watch a fake reality show then find the truth that’s on you. America is just as corrupt as the next country, there are just too many distraction for you to realize all of the shenanigans that are right in front of your face.

      • mytfyne79 Says:

        Bush to me was proof that there is a puppetmaster when it comes to important positions in this society today. I think the comment about Obama being assasinated wasnt to reflect that person being racist per say, rather than the perception that we just got out of a presidential legacy of black and blue and no collar people during this and other presidencies being left in the dark, and dummed down on alot of basic issues that we deal with everyday. I think it is wierd that we go from Bush who left many of southern people struggling with no one getting in trouble, fined or anything to really speak of, to our first black president with ‘all the right answers’? I do appreciate Obama for what he is trying to do, but to me it feels like a setup for something major down the road.

      • @ dirtygurl Whatever gifts they have God gave it to them, they might not be using them the way he wants them to, but it was given by him.

      • At TKW…Their success had nothing to do with GOD. Females that sell out to the industry quickly find out that they are replaceable and forgotten. I don’t think that Aaliyah died because she was killed. I think she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ashanti was not as talented as Aaliyah, of course that is my opinion. Ashanti can’t dance a lick and her voice is okay. J-LO can’t sing all that great and she dances okay. I must admit that Beyonce’ can dance and her voice is getting better, but her outfits are getting worse…her demeanor compromising. She’s sneaky about the way she got to the top…even compromising her sister…that had to hurt… HER selfishness and compromising of her morals is none the less sad to watch. To have to go home and rethink about the antics she pulled on stage and trying to explain away SASHA FIERCE…her alter ego…Did she finally rid herself of that persona? I heard that she was thinking of “excorsizing” it away from her shows. Then what will be her excuse for the HOOCHIE COOCHIE dances? Time will tell.

    • @dirtygurl: You have something on everything that you said, no one has been completely right on any of their posts but everyone has something. I’m not about to go claiming credentials and things like some because it is not important. But, blogs containing topics like this is waking people up. It needs to happen or all of our liberties(the ones we have left), will be completely crushed. So, I’m glad to see stuff like this. Keep it up, let’s get our act together, stop being lazy and research because ours and the lives of our children depend on just that. THEY ARE TRYING TO MAKE OUR COUNTRY THIRD WORLD!!!! And the rest of the world as well.

      We have long since(generations and civilizations ago), fallen for the trap of having faith in those that have no faith in us and, we have been issued another opportunity by the Grand Creator(and I’m not religious either, just spiritually awake) let’s take advantage of it. Again I commend you on your research and please continue for their is plenty to learn and you will find that tha truth has always been there. It is just that they persecute those(and we have allowed it) with the acumen to look behind the curtain. Email me if you have any questions or would like reference on places to look, I have a large archive of information on this and other topics relating to history and government corruption stretching back well into times BC up to the present. VIVA REVOLUTION!!!!!

      • Los Cellos Says:

        I have been questioning alot of different aspects of life lately, and thus sparked my interest in the truth.. I have a very aware background being that my family consists of baptist, Lutheran, jehovahs whitnesses, and seventh day Adventist.. With that being said I’ve had much time and many years to compare and contrast, and to this day i still can’t tell who’s leading the right path..I also have a good friend that was brought up on Islamic practice so my knowledge is more extensive then christianity alone..but I’m askin u today to shed light on some of these refrences with unbias interest because i just watched the zeitgiest and my mind is moving at 1000 mph right now… Thanks, much love…

      • Could you send me more info on government corruption. The real question is what are we going to do about it?

      • AMEN, TIA WEED…Dirtygurl is getting people to think…Even those who oppose..I love it when someone is defensive. It says that people are thinking and giving their opinions..Some way off, but none the less, the public is reading and opening their eyes…I applaud you, Dirtygurl, though I haven’t been here in a while. I will always be a loyal reader and hope to continue to share ideas with someone who has changed their whole ideals about a site that went from “entertainment” to a serious read. GOD bless you, Lady!

  7. dirtygurl Says:

    one more thing and i’m done with this subject, check the pic of beyonce throwing up the “rock”, then look at the guy standing to her right…..he’s the only one looking at her doing this. i don’t know why that’s a little wierd to me.

    • He’s certainly her master. Brainwashed people have masters who make them perform what they (the masters) and their bosses want them (the brainwashed) to perform.
      This is this simple. Usually these artists are severely brainwashed or even substituted with a doppelganger. Look at Nicole Kidman, John Travolta or… well, whichever celebrity you want. Old & new pics make seriously HUGE differences.

    • 9etherqueen9 Says:

      blessings sista i applaud you for writing this more of our young pple need to wake keep on spreading tha truth!!!

    • just a girl Says:

      thot i was the only 1 who noticed that lol

    • @ B: I’m black and I’m asking why not as well. I know the answer so let me give it to you. HE’S WORKING FOR THOSE THAT CONTROL THE MASSES AND HAVE BEEN FOR CENTURIES!!!! These gremlins don’t see color, creed , religion or nationality. In fact, they use it to perpetrate and perpetuate their goals of world dominion of all of us. WAKE UP!!!! OPEN YOUR EYES!!!! And with that I’ll take a quote from the Bible that was supposedly said by Him with the ineffable name; “…My people shall perish, for having eyes that cannot see and ears that cannot hear….” Now listening/reading all of the disrespectful and hate-mongering posts about color, creed or religion here reminds me of that phrase aforementioned and makes me want to say, “DON’T YOU REALIZE THAT’S WHAT’S KEEPING US DIVIDED AND FROM DISCOVERING THE TRUTH…WAKE UP!!! PLEASE! OUR LIVES, DEPEND ON IT!” On top of that remember that this green stuff is not lawful money at all but, legal tender(look those 2 words up). It is backed by nothing but our blood, sweat and tears. So, stop glorifying it as if it is some blessing from some higher power outside yourself.

      • CriticXteme Says:

        What you say is the truth. People are like sheep, they follow whomever is leading no matter what the fate. The truth is out there, it’s just the true people who run this country have certain people under mind control with distractions like video games, sports, commercials, news shows, hip hop, etc., etc., The people in control want you to buy what they tell you to buy and this is true with black women applying fake hair to look like white woman. Many people don’t have the strong pedigree as myself and others. Don’t fall victim to the distraction shenanigans of the world.

    • @LOS CELLOS…IT is humbling to know that someone wants to know the truth as GOD would have it. First of, you have to believe that the Bible is true, or what I have to say will mean nothing to you. GOD sent HIS son to die for our sins. I will quickly leave scripture, but don’t take me at my word…Read for yourself. Hearing the WORD OF GOD is crucial and the first step. It is by your FAITH that you believe in GOD…ROMANS 3:22. We have to acknowledge that GOD exists and that CHRIST died for our sins in our place. In this same passage BELIEVING is the next step. DO YOU BELIEVE what you that CHRIST died for you? ROMANS 10:9 Tells us that we need to confess that you believe that JESUS is the CHRIST, the son of the living GOD. By doing this you are telling everyone that you believe in HIM…With this act comes a gift, the gift of eternal life…THE LAST STEP IS SO IMPORTANT and the Bible does not dispute this…You are to be baptized. (not a simple receiving in your heart, but the act of being completely immersed in the water as JESUS demonstrated. NOT POURING, NOT SPRINKLING>>>IMMERSION} CHRIST CAME UP OUT OF THE WATER…JOHN !:9-15, this proves total immersion and at that time you will notice that this was the only time you read in the Bible that the HOLY TRINITY is seen together at once. THE FATHER spoke, “this is my son in whom I am well pleased: the HOLY SPIRIT descended in the form of a dove: and CHRIST Himself was the ONE who set the example and performed this very important act of obedience thus for the salvation of our sins. Remember, Jesus was sinless and needed no forgiveness, but HE did this to leave us with no question as to the way to the LORD. Everyone who has read this has heard and there will be no way out for those who ignore HIS warnings. IT is what you do with it after you have read this and totally up to you if you want to do it. That is the beauty of freedom…YOU have the right to obey or keep it moving, but don’t say I didn’t share it with you…smiles…

  8. loquacious Says:

    interesting indeed! Now I haven’t followed what KRS one said about Obama, but I know there are a few blacks who do not trust Obama and feel that he’s a puppet for the Illuminati. I’ve also read there have been numerous threats on Obama’s life he has had to increase his security more so than Bush 43. White hate groups have increased in the last year of Obama’s win. It is definitely worth investigating.

    Sadly, I think we are in the midst of something bigger and far more scarier. These groups in power that control money, communications, music will do anything to protect their product, their mission, & their secrets.

    Regarding Beyonce, she and her family are members of the Masons as well as practice witchraft. I think it’s ridiculous these stans are so gullible as to thing that Beyonce is the ONLY singer that has worked hard. Harder than India.Arie? Jill Scott? No, I don’t think so. Beyonce has literally sold her soul to the devil.

  9. loquacious Says:

    Regarding Dave Chappelle, I didn’t know he was sold out by his forme friend. That has to sting. I’m glad he walked away. But the smearing of him having a “mental breakdown”, then the jokes that followed let me know that it was a smear job.

    And I watched the clip of him on Oprah about all the men, especially black men dressing up as black, obnoxious women and he made a good point. I never found that humor to be funny, and it wreaks of disrespect. The ultimate put down to black women to “keep them in there place”. So foul.

  10. dirtygurl Says:

    mmm, well it’s also keeping the black man’s image ineffective, just more crap to keep us divided and at each other’s throats

    • So true Dirtygurl..THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR will make you do anything, even humiliate yourself…Most male actors have reduced themselves to being effeminate at least one time in their career: Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, THE MADEA character, Jamie Fox, Flip Wilson~ some people are too young to remember him…I can’t remember the dude that did THE GREEN MILE, but I saw his movie some time back as a cross dresser. One of the Wayans’ brothers and I can’t remember his name right off….IF our young men keep seeing this as a way to success, I fear that this feel that they have to take effeminate roles to succeed…Not so, look at Denzel and Morgan Freeman..They haven’t compromised as far as I can see…Correct me if I’m wrong…

  11. […] five times and robbed Usefull Posts Obie Trice ft. Tuki – Krazy (2pac Tribute) | 1VIBE.NET…Tupac, Jay, Beyonce, Illuminati…What the F*$k Is Really Going On? « The Dirt…2pac Ringtones – Tupac Shakur Ringtones : Ringtones.mobi…Tupac New Orleans’ta Göründü | […]

  12. loquacious Says:

    Dirtygurl, you got that right. I see the way the emasculate most black men. I still haven’t seen Norbit & the last few Madea movies. The schtick is old.

  13. Hi, nice post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for sharing. I will definitely be coming back to your posts.

  14. Well, too bad its all ready been proven that the Tupac looking guy is quite the fake. When you see dude from the front he actually looks like he is Dominican or Hispanic or something. So does that make the rest of this post bullshit too? lmao. Jay-Z, eh I don’t know about him. Beyonce? Illuminati? I don’t see it.
    I think it’s even funnier that some are saying Beyonce fans are brainless, but the same poster mentioned that only girls and gays are fans. So straight men are the only ones with sense? hmmm. Who is carrying the brains around here? As if Alicia keys, Jennifer Hudson, Lil wayne, or Justin Timberlake have fans any different. Ridiculous. sounds like some subliminal messages have crept into YOUR head.
    Really this illuminati thing is going to far, and again Tupac is dead, it really ruined your whole approach.

    • I completely agree, if you go on youtube, there is a guy that posts 5 videos just picking on the crazy in love video, saying beyonce has been possessed with a devil called Sasha Fierce and how sasha fierce was born in that same video. This is all bullshit! If its so serious as you make it out, why is it that the news havent warned us. dont tell me its because they are in it too coz i live in uk and illuminati here is new for alot of people, i talk to anyone about this they say they have never heard about it. PEOPLE WHO SPREAD THIS ARE JUST IDIOTS TRYING TO GET ATTENTION FROM CELEBRITIES. Beyonce worked really hard to be where she is, she wasnt offered fame or money to be apart of any religion.

      • My friend, do me a favor, read the book “1984” by George Orwell, and then ask that same question.

      • I feel sorry for you dude. quote : “If its so serious as you make it out, why is it that the news havent warned us.” This proves you haven’t been paying attention to the post. The illuminati CONTROL the media…they ARE the media…which is exactly why they haven’t straight out said beyonce os a possessed crazy bitch trying to brainwash your children.

        They’ve dropped many hints though. The recent angels and demons film, they’ve let documentaries based on them and freemasonry be aired, they let a lot of shit slide on the internet and in music, why? because they want to confuse you. they want you to ask the obvious question “well if they control everything and it’s supposed to be secret, why do they let us find this shit out?”

        answer? because they don’t care anymore. musicians are making it more blatant whether they’re involved or not. The illuminati know that it will be a two sided aregument between those who have a speck of common sense, and those fighting to defend they’re ‘icons’.

        I’m from the UK too, knowledge is a worldwide thing. I take it you have some sort of access to the net seeing as you posted and would suggest you look into this shit deeply. You’d be surprised what you’d discover, but keep an open mind. Ignorance may be bliss in some cases, but this isn’t one of them.

      • Actually, Flilipe, Jay Z orchestrated that video to mean exactly what it was meant to mean. This video is about the birth of “Sasha Fierce”. Another good girl going bad. It shows “Beyonce” walking across a peer half naked to entice Jay Z for the price of her dignity, fame and fortune. The video shows Bey with her friends blowing her bubblegum and doing the famous booty shakin’ dance. The next scene is the promise of bright lights and flash bulbs going off while she poses. Then she is blown up in a car (this is the old Beyonce). She comes on the scene in diamonds and furs posing in front of Jay Z, who has burned up the old Beyonce. In the last scene she is doing the UH OH dance with other little admirers dancing around her. She becomes the coveted “Sasha Fierce”…To me I found this disturbing, but pretty accurate. Ever since then, Beyonce has been dancing pretty seductively and she shows a lot more when she performs. She has even added the stripper pole to her act. It’s sad to see talented performers that can’t seem to survive on their talents alone. One should never have to compromise themselves to be famous. Dignity has a high price tag. At the end of the day is it worth it?

      • I guess, with all the love I have in my heart, is where I feel I need to say a little something…You really have to go back to when Destiny’s Child began. This group was created with Beyonce in mind. Setups like this have been happening for years in the industry. From Diana Ross to any other girl group, you always have one that outshined the rest. Destiny’s Child went through so many changes, hiring and firing young ladies that didn’t fit in the scheme of things. Gag orders placed on the young ladies that were fired from the group…. Beyonce was groomed to be solo. It’s funny, I collected all of the dolls because I thought that they were decent roll models for young ladies back then. Once Bey went solo, I saw things that were so out of her character, from the time she did Crazy In Love, (carefully look at this video and it’s meaning) till this, there has been a compromise in her life that has been truly baffling. You truly have to approach this with an open mind, lovingly. None of us have the right to judge but to accept it as it is teaching their younger targets that GOD is truly the way. We uphold people like Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Gaga, as success stories. To those who think this is nonsense, at least you have a starting point. It gives you a chance to explore and choose for yourselves what is happening within the music industry, government, schools, etc. GOD has not left us yet. When this is all over, and it will be someday, we will have to face GOD. We will have to explain to HIM why we didn’t try to help them or at least protect those who have no idea what is going on. ON that note, please keep the discussion open. We are just skimming the surface..

      • You have no idea and obviously dont want to know. I feel sorry for you.

      • You’re exactly right, because she is living for the Devil right now. She has sold and compromised that sweet innocent facade only to show her true colors. Beyonce’s goal was to be the lead and the only one to become successful. She used Destiny’s Child as a launching pad for her career. THE NEWS is a huge part of this conspiracy. Do you think that HOLLYWOOD and main media want negative attention? They’re not going to tell us everything that is going on in the industry since they are a part of it. Filipe, they don’t care about you either. They just want your money and time…Stay blind to that which is going to destroy you, and leave you hanging when the truth comes out. They don’t care about us at all.

    • You don’t want to see it. That is the beauty of it all. Beyonce fans are not brainless, they are helpless. It comes to a point where anything she has done: whether it be stepping on the toes of the other girls in the original group of “Destiny’s Child”, to even developing alter-egos to justify being a whore, stripper, or prostitute and accepting it as natural. You can’t excuse or justify sin. Children don’t know the difference, young teenagers are impressionable. It starts with us. We must not allow it. Someone has to care. I have seen changes in Alicia Keys (performing with JAY Z). I’ve seen Justin Timberlake throw up that sign that we speak of. Jennifer Hudson didn’t let Beyonce’s father produce her for good reason. I am so proud she made a stand.Yes, the illuminati has gone too far. We are starting to wake up. WELL, Dirtygurl’s approach is the best approach…You are on this page, aren’t you? I predict that in a few months, we will have far more people on this page wanting answers and making comments. This is the beginning of the end of unawareness. For those who care for the youth, we should never give up…

      • Mob Heata Ent Says:

        Yeah Alicia Keys used to be like Lauryn Hill, she used to have soul. The difference is that L-Boogie saw the evil and corruption and fakeness of the industry so she totally left and lives in Jamaica. Keys on the other hand saw that this soul shit aint gonna take her anywhere in this industry. She she started doing songs with Beyonce, goin on stage with Jay-Z (who’s like the top top mason in Hip-Hop) She sold out!!!! and I used to like Alicia Keys.

  15. dalioness Says:


    I came across your blog as I was researching the very same things you are speaking of.

    As for Tupac, I have another theory: I do not believe he is alive, the photo could have been photoshoped or it could have simply been someone who looks very much like him, a lot of people have look alikes. In fact I believe he was killed because, although quite possibly a part of Illuminati himself at one point, he wasn’t easily controlled like most artists, and even spoke out at times against the very principles of Illuminati. He was for revolution all the way, thus he was killed. So my assumption is the Illuminati eliminated him as he became a threat to their agenda.

    I am not sure what to make of it all, I came across all this stuff in the past week or so. As for Beyonce, she also has these symbols in her videos, even the ever “innocent” looking “Irreplaceable” video shows a checkered floor (always look at the background).

    My theory is, the richer and famous the artist, the bigger chance they are consciously involved with the Illuminati. Remember that they regruit selected people and that there are levels towards the “enlightment”. So a fresh, newbie artist may not even be aware of what exactly they are getting into. Or, they may never become aware. They are merely the puppets controlled by those in power. On that note I find it weird why beyonce would publicly claim that she wrote all her songs, yet people who bought the CD say that on almost every single track there was either a co-writer, or a group of co-writers, or that the writers were someone completely different on some songs and her name is not amongst them. Perhaps they are “instructed” to tell the masses how they are now their own boss, make their own decisions etc (several artists make this claim after they’ve made a couple of albums) only to conceal the truth, the truth being that they are merely robots executing the Illuminati/satanic agenda.

    I respectfully disagree with you on the religion part, but I won’t go into that either. All I can say is that I am a Muslim woman, and I can definitely see some things happening that were predicted over 1400 years ago, which is not the only reason of course I believe in God, and consequently, the existence of Satan.

    As such, I do not even listen to music as I believe all music which uses musical instruments and through which money is made is the instrument of Satan himself, and I definitely see that even moreso with the current music industry, assuming that what I was informed of during the past week is true.

    You may be interested to look up “Lenon Honor Films” on youtube, the guy did an excellent job in disecting and decoding not only the lyrics, but the videos, clothing etc of these artists and there is just to much of the same old pattern in every aspect that I am convinced that there is certainly an element of truth in all this. I wish more people become aware of this.

    • I am sorry but I HOPEEEE that your view on music is a personal thing and not a view of all muslims because I would hate to think that your WHOLE culture/religion believes this. That is just plain RETARTED! First of all, do you really think an artist like…oh I dont know, celiene dion is in on some shit like that? Second, you place your belief in god on things that have happened that PEOPLE predicted 1400 years ago? What does god have to do with that? they were people then just like we are people now. That has no corelation with god. I am agnostic myself, because I cannot say whether there is a god or not for sure, just like you cant, nor can anyone else, including the pope or your religious leader..whoever that is. Nobody knows until we die, and then, they are dead so it will be impossible for any living being to determine whether there is a god…or satan for that matter.

      • Ok first of all you’re the biggest basher on the planet. This person has said nothing wrong, just stick to the topic and shut up. Second of all, yes it’s true that Muslims do not listen to any music which I totally respect. I’m pretty sure you can find information about it yourself. And it’s not “retarded”, only people like you think it’s retarded when someone else’s RELIGION (not culture) is something you do not prefer because you are too busy with your life with Celion Dion and so much music.

        People spend hours everyday listening to music and singing their way out. Of course singing, especially females, has such an angelic voice that lures people in. If it’s nothing to Islamic standards, then Muslims do not listen to it. It’s a pure fact based on the Quran. Not all Muslims avoid music entirely, but it’s definitely well to do so, according to them.

        I may get not everyone in this world is weak and pathetic, but music itself (from first hand accounts, and from other people) do all these things:

        1) Some people dedicate their lives to music saying “Music is my life.” Oh, so now MUSIC is your life? Because people are so lured into music, thinking it’s their life now and they cannot live a second without blasting a song in their ear. Might they also cause a huge neighborhood distraction by blasting music out their cars too.

        2) People who are obsessed with music obviously, usually do not have thousands of dollars invested for songs on itunes or Amazon.com. Therefore, people pirate. And I am pretty sure most righteous people feel that piracy should not be tolerated. Plus, it’s against the law. Imagine how much you would be charged if you were caught downloading those favorite songs you devoted to your life, then devote your life paying that debt.

        3) Music is just another distraction. If music doesn’t distract you from work, well it distracts other people. Unless you have extremely expensive, purely awesome Bose headphones that when you blast music in your ear and no one on a bus hears it, then go ahead. If not, shut your god damn music off because it’s a distraction to everyone else. It distracts you from work, other people working, my studies, other peoples’ studies, and dedication to something more useful in life.

        4) Music is influential. Yeah not everyone is influenced by music, but to be sure, I am pretty sure that’s why Muslims stay away from non-Islamic sources of music. If you listen to a rap something talking about ‘money to blow’, then it would just influence you to screw every girl to meet, or give you an idea that having money to blow is so cool and you should just think about money.

        Then it just makes all those naive young girls want to strip their clothes off and dance like monkeys on stage to get their 15 minute of fame. If you listen to a love song, you’re going to think about love every single day and maybe thinking about adultery or dating, rather what a Muslim person should be concentrating on.

        5) Music again, is a distraction and addiction. If you like a song, you’re bound to spend money, time and effort learning the lyrics and singing the song. You’re going to spend your time listening to it over and over again. From what I read, I am pretty sure Muslims, or anyone’s faith who does not allow music will want to focus on something about their religion.

        I am not judgmental about peoples’ faith, as a matter of fact, I am tolerate, unlike you. Since I am Chinese, I know a lot of Buddhist Monks who’ve never heard of Michael Jackson or Britney Spears nor do they listen to music.

        I also recall many Catholic nuns in convents do not listen to music either; I could be wrong. So instead of pointing out only Muslims are “retarded” and their “CULTURE” is a failure because of the lack of music, you need to be more considerate of others. It’s not like their lack of music bothers you that much. If you dislike Muslims that much because they do not listen to music, you should get a life and worry about something more important. Don’t be so god damn ignorant, no one is forcing you to listen to stop music.

        I am pretty sure most Muslims in America cannot avoid music fully anyway, they are bound to hear it at work, in school, outside, tv, etc. So quit being such a douche.

      • Wow, that was a mindless comment. When you die, you awake into a spiritual world. We are immortal at this point. We will meet again and you will remember this day. DAVE…..

      • Man, I’d hate to see you on judgment day trying to explain that stupid comment. acknowledging it then denying it’s existence…Man.

    • To abolish all music would be wrong. GOD is the orchestra of good music. Music, in essence was created to praise GOD. One day, GOD will place praises back in heaven where it belongs. IF we can get through this level of life, spending eternity with GOD, that is all we will be doing. THE very reason that we sing should be for GOD. Our Creator gave us that choice. While I am a Child of GOD, I am very sensitive to each and every person on this page, and I do care…

  16. The dude jus got wats been goin’ on…’ve known about all this for quite a while but i try not to get entangled in their web which is set out to enslave majority minds while the minority who know the real secret invite intelligent or influncial to join the group that has been controlling people minds for over 200 years by taking life oath which the guy was refering to as selling out soul…
    On the issue of pac, his he legend cos his the only influcial person that spoke openly againt these people…on pac dead or alive,well if he’s alive then his jus too brillant cos he wld ve been killed, but if not illumati as killed him…illumati freemason skull& bones are same cult in different hierachical levels…On jigga,suge knight and co it obvious they followin’ the rules of the mind controllers simple..that y they r extremely famous, rich etc cos the cult spread over all continent of the world and over every aspect of our lives. therefore only the conscience knows and trys to aviod all ’em strategies…but not doin’ wat people do is not the answer, u do it but don’t enslave ur minds to dictorines and styles developed to place ur minds in a box…Religon is their most powerful weapon…and government is the second most powerful they’ve got…so as to trap people that refuse to be trapped by religon and can think for themselves…their next level now is global control NWA new world order thats what the CFR concil of foreign relations are doing probably using G20…the plans as been lead down hundreds of years ago and they jus need get the right people within themselves to execuit their agenda…EMACIPATE YOURSELVES FROM MENTAL SLAVERY…Bob Nesta Marley

  17. let fnordbee part of you!

  18. i think you should all watch a programme about the illuminati it’s called ” the arrivals” you’ll find it on u-tube, it’s definatley broadened my knowledge…

    Beyonce’s song halo could be reffering to satan “Everywhere I’m looking now i’m surrounded by your embrace baby I can see your halo, you know you’re my saving grace”.. I used to doubt wether she would become involved with illuminati because she makes out as if she is a devoted christian.

    i don’t think tupac is alive.. but i do know majority of these well-known musicans turn to the illuminati or get given songs written with subliminal messages within them.

    • Well, I know for sure she is not praising GOD in that song…Who in the world calls GOD, BABY? I could see the connection in Jay Z’s song and video, “on to the next one” where there appears to be a HALO around his head the whole time he performs the song. I guess, the more that we give relevance to such things, the more real it becomes. We may need to stop giving them so much credit for orchestrating this phenomena. We are much wiser than they and we can beat them. GOD said we would if we believe in HIM and HIS infinite power.

  19. CASSANDRA Says:





    • wow..I dont even have words for this one… seriously? that is the worst blog ive ever seen. There is NO evidence of any of those statements and the theories are not even compelling.

      “Jay-Z, let me help you understand. There is a demon speaking through you! These are not your words, these are not your styles, these are not your beats. You are just a vessel through which Satan can get across his message. He is using you, and your supposed genius is nothing more than the demonic rantings of a fallen spirit being.”…REALLY??? Oh man, I just had a good laugh at that one. Where is any proof of this? Give me proof buddy. Where is the devil? Where is god for that matter? you cant show me so basically this is bullshit.

      • the devil tries to imitate God by using human vessels to get messages across. the Lord speaks to us through His word and through His people… the devil tries to do the same thing but instead feeds us lies…

        the proof is in His Word.

      • Dont belittle people because there is no proof. There is no proof of anything you just have to believe what you want. I believe that jay z, beyonce, eminem plus many more are apart of the illuminati and that disney stars have been mind controlled since children. You Dave are a lemming. Good luck!

      • Here’s your proof Rev. 20:12-13..If you don’t believe in GOD and the BIBLE, this won’t help you…It’s not a theory. AS adults, we can’t look up to any man..Man is a sinful creature that needs the aid of JESUS, GOD’s SON. Without HIM, we say stupid things like this and have a dark future ahead of them. THIS is all the tlhanks that Jesus gets for giving his life for us. How this must sadden GOD. When the day of reckoning comes, I hope you will have changed.

      • jamaria vaughn Says:

        i have alot to say about this one dave yall are all on the subject of jay-z lets get on other celebrities as in rhianna and chris brown…have you heard one of Chris brown songs falling angel. well if u reads your bible its explains alot. Satan was casted out of having because he thought he was over god. God casted him out of heaven. Soooo therefore satan is a falling angel. in the song Chris brown is defending satan he’s basically taking satan side believing that satan was mis-judged That’s BULL-CRAP im 14 yrs old n i do my research i listen nd pay attention…everything i hear i dont believe of course. but if You pay Attention and realize God has all the answers. God put me on this earth to speak the word nd im gone speak to the word till im old nd gray @ child-of-god i thank you so much u have truly inspired me to do more research on this illiminati.Im 14 years old and me n my fellow classmates talk about this almost everyday when ever we can we know where not suppose to talk about religion becaue it could make other classmates affended but we at a ypung age should know these things i feel smart that i can answer questions like this at such a young age @ dave the name calling really isnt called for this site is based on opinions not name callin everyone has there own opinion.

        thank you child of god

      • To Jamaria Vaughn, if there is anything I can do to help you in your search for eternal life with GOD, let me know…The illumanati is not ever more powerful than you…You have the control and the power to be bigger and better..

  20. CASSANDRA Says:






    I’M THINKING…………..

  21. i feel everyone should try their best to spread the word while being mentally free and spread positivity. Yea Illuminati are strong but the situation is not hopeless. peace and love

  22. damn, man, that shit is deep, it makes you think

  23. Ive been reading the posts and stuff and ive been thinking about all the stuff people have said about beyonce being far too famous etc… does that mean michael jackson has something to do with a conspiracy, i mean no one gets bigger than michael jackson. so surely if beyonces heights of success are to do with this conspiracy then michael jacksons is too. i dont believe that but im just interested, especially after his death what youse believe to be the case with him?

    • Smooth Criminal Says:

      Mj murdered/silence by the illuminati, Mj was sold as a child to the illumnati as he got to adult u can tell when he realises and wants out, the change in his music, heal the world and stuff, bomb he gets slaps with a warning the skin thing, lupus, and the molestation, as he gets older he fights them with songs like they dont care about us and others, those lyrics look at them good. Entertainers r used by illuminati so we can follow and b blinded buy the evilness, they accept cause they want to get rich quick, as well as famous, 2pac ddnt want in, mj wanted out. Mj was gonna release the biggest worst ket secret, this is it. Medi is use to control what we see and hear 🙂 media cause we the sheep. Britteny im a slave for u haha she means the illuminati the devil, duh, open ur eyes and see the truth, we r onto them 🙂

    • Love when CLUELESS NIGGAS write GARBAGE. Jay Z was rappin in 1986. He was always around, but simply wasn’t that good. He got lucky in 1995 when someone decided a track he had was decent. That’s all there is to that. Learn your rap before mumbling garbage on the internet.

      • Bro
        tak a look at the
        the proof:

      • And I know another clueless one at about 1:43 on September the 4th by the name of Jimmy..smiles.

      • How dare you utter the word, NIGGA. You don’t have that right. Be glad, Jimmy that we can’t see you. I am praying for you. IF you are a man of color, have some respect for us. IF you are white, respect us. You may not have many years ago and that is partly our fault because we let you get away with your ignorance, but this is a new day and we have had enough. Respect me as I am respecting you. There aren’t any NIGGAs on this page accept, may be you? I concur, even I couldn’t stoop that low to insult you.

      • Jimmy…I won’t even let that “back woods” Hillbilly talk offend me. Ignorance is still alive and well in dummy town. It’s stupid talk like that that makes me think that your kind won’t be around much longer and above all, you remind me of this cave man that used to be in the comics each week…still coming from under a rock and too cowardice to honestly reveal himself…That’s okay though, I’m sure you’ve had your butt wooped a couple times…sigh.

      • @Jimmy, some get lucky sooner than others. Sometimes someone might get bumped off to make way for the next great thing…And that’s Mrs. NiGGA to you…

    • Michael tried to warn us all about it. HE became courageous and all the punishment he endured for coming forward is all over YOUTUBE. I urge you to read it and listen carefully. Keep your mind open and be prayerful.

  24. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Hey ur right on it , but I have to say, once u believe in God u must believe in the devil, Y? cause he is there, and we need fight him. You r soo right and im glad u can see it, Mj was also wanted out the illuminati he as old as a child to the devil by his father. what u sd about the media, cia, entertainers is correct my friend, the day Mj does all med focused on him world wide while something was passed underhanded, something huge gonna happen in the future. This is it was gonna reveal the biggest worst kept secret of all time, Mj got silence, 2pac was also against the illuminati. Ur right about Jayz he is a freemason he does the masonic hand shake, the illuminati has diferent sections u serve, Mj used the baphomet signs. that sign jayz use is the pyramid, and they times he hold it up to his eye, also as Kanye, and Jayz brought in Kanye. They want to get rich quick is y. Also ur president uses the devilish symbolism check his hand signals next time 🙂 Glad u see something now we need to let ppl know. is all about the Nwo New world order, we cant let them control us. The beast with the 7 heads is the 7 government world heads, the 10 horns, r the 10 countries recently chosen, the mark of the beast is the chip the new world order will put in place :S we need to educate ppl let them see, the media is blinding them, twisting stories, Michael Jackson death i hope he is really dead and not being help captive against his will being tortured. But his death took the focus of something big that got passed, and the future will bring the big bang like in 9/11 the day before and that time all media had all focus on mj yes only mj can shut down the internet haha, then went bomb 9/11. smart as illuminati, as 2pac said, killuminai

    Brice Taylor Exposes Mind Control In The US
    Brice Taylor is the highest level survivor of MKULTRA and government mind control ever to go public.

    She also mntion about Mj as a kid and somehting else


    Info on illuminati

    U can youtube for vid about celebs and illuminati, here are a few to understand better.

  25. Smooth Criminal Says:

    MKULTRA Mind Control In The US

    illuminati is real, made up of cia, fbi, army, government, u name it/they use the media to control us, thats they use hollywood oh yes most these high riding stars r used, because stars are who we look up to , follow etc, so they use them, and because these ppl wanna get rich quick it is that simple. illuminati goes yrs back, it is devilish, selling ur soul to the devil, dont have to belive in voodoo, nope, Once believe in God u must believe in satan. Mj is the biggest celeb can touch the whole world , anyways, in his early yrs of stardom the thriller and those, lyrics and sounds were evil, in the vids check closely u will see all the delish symbolism, Quincy Jones is devilish too he puts alot of these symbolism in the vids and hidden secets in songs, as Mj started to see and wanted fight this, u wud see a change in his songs, heal the world, we are the world etc, noooo illuminati doesnt want that, they prefer the songs that corrupt our minds. later on he wud sing about illuminati and himself, the songs they dont care about us & others, u can tell the songs for urself, they dont care about us is a very strong song look at the lyrics he was saying what it did to him. anyways back in those yrs u wud always see him using his fingers showing signs well those signs were devil signs, from the baphomet, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baphomet, trust me watch his older stuff u wud see he uses these signs, google bahomet in wiki u will see the goat using the same signs Mj used, and his got older he wud hold his chess, use ur eyes and observe. 2pac Shakur helped me realised further about Mj, im not a big rap head fanatic, Mj wanted out the illuminati, 2pac wanted nothing to do with it, y u thing he was still down there for a man with such hits, and puff daddy was riding high, all of then r involved in illuminati . 2pac wud always go killuminati, listen to what he sd, 2pac wasnt a man who wanted to b controlled, he wanted bring peace among gangs with that thug life code, where he got leaders of cripts and blood to sign, anyways, they is something call MK-ULTRA Mind Control In The US, Brice Taylor is a living survivor, she suspects Mj was under it, as I believe his father sold kid Mj to the illuminati. Jermain Mj bro had mention the father wud take Mj late at nights to meeting with important ppl, when he came back will be sick for days. In a interview, Mj sd he never looks in the mirror and he is a perfectionist blah blah, which made it all come to making sense, and why he hid his kids faces, converting to islam he thought was his way out for good from the devilish, something devilish is going on in hollywood/CA. Jay-z is , Kanye rihanna britney, madonna, all of these high ride super stars are illuminati slaves. Jay-z is a Freemason, he does the masonic handshake to Kanye, he does the pyramid he and kanye and hold it to their eyes, read and educate ur friends research, all of this is connects to the Nwo the new world order. Mj Death was use to shut him up, also to distract something, all the media was focus on his death while something under hand was passed, the bill, no1 knows what the bill is, something huge gonna happen in the future, now the media is everyday with something about Mj to twist us from seeing the truth and other things. I hope he really is dead and not being kept captive against his will & being tortured thats one fishy death from the call and everything. The Sony mogul Tommy Mottola mariah carey ex-hubby, Mj exposed him in 2002 and 20003 illuminati warmed Mj once again with the molestation. they r vids here explaing illuminati, ppl involed, and superstars involvement & y. Mj exposed at a conference, Tommy Motolla is a devil, he even exposed some the stuff he did to mariah and ended that he is very very devilish, this is it tour, was to reveal the biggest, worst kept secret,btw Mj int no way near broke as they want us believe, Mottola and Sony own him millions that another reason he exposed him and Mottola left sony after that and now running cassablanca, Sony is one the giants in the industry. And so u know 9/11 if u recall days before all the focus was on Mj 30th anniversary yip illuminati distracted the program with the biggest celeb ever. PPl dont care about Mj death & believe he a pedo, but it involes us, cause it is all connected to the Nwo, new world order, and watch ur president Barrack Obama who uses devil symbolism just a hint and his 2 advisors who r old dirty pimps of the illuminati. All im tryna say ppl need to wake up and see they wanna control us, the beast from the bible with the 7 heads is actually the 7 government heads, the 10 horns the 10 countries recently chosen. The mark of the beast a chip the Nwo will put in place. This thing is real, we have to stop being blinded, here are some videos to help u understand, illuminati ud b soo surprise huh

    Mj tribute just beautiiful 😀


    Brice Taylor Exposes Mind Control In The US
    Brice Taylor is the highest level survivor of MKULTRA and government mind control ever to go public.

  26. Yeah, I’m not trying to hear that about Obama but this was an interesting read. I think there was a conspiracy to murder Tupac and it is highly suspicious there have been NO leads in all these years. Sadly, I don’t think the truth will ever come out about Pac’s murder or Michael’s for that matter. A lot of snakes are coming out of the woodpile to sully Michael’s name and they are liars!

    Check out my blog:


    Maybe we can exchange blogroll listings. Let me know if you’re interested

  27. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Oprah Winfrey is a devil iiim over her pffttt, her logo is illuminati look good

  28. Wowww check this out u guys, while we’re on the subject….


    Coincidence? I think not. How is it that the woman who openly despises rappers has one on her show? AND lo & behold, it’s Jay-Z, hanging in the “hood” at that!!! I can only wonder what will be said on that upcoming show…

  29. Ms. Wendy Says:

    Ummmm. I heard many about this. Since I didnt get it very well. Can u people help me understand this better?
    1. I think Aaliyah is part of them, look at her logo. Isn’t it a pyramid with an eye? (pardon me if im wrong) So, if she was part of them. WHy would they sacrifice her? For someone like damon dash? why would they?

    2. Is this a reason why media teasing and making jokes about MJ for a years? Coz he want to walk out? Did you think the molestation charges were also staged to torn him down?

    3. I have a theory (Let me know the truth if my theory are wrong. I think everyone who become a slve puppet for them, sooner or later will show up their insanity. Like britney, milley, lindsay lohan. time goes by and people start to asking “What’s on their mind? Why they act like that, etc”.
    I dunno why, but is it possible that they set this stars that way. Lifted up only to be torn down. Sooner or Later they have their own crazy destrcutive habbits that torn them down. Is it possible, but why?

    Ok, thx a lot for your time and attention. Really appreciate it.

    • IF you notice, Aaliyah always covered her eye and left one exposed. So did left eye…THE Britneys and Lindsey Lohans of the world can’t seem to hack fame very well. They are incredulously pitiful. Their parents ought to be ashamed as is for MILEY CYRUS if she don’t get a grip on her fame. Damon Dash tried to out what had actually happened. You barely hear from him much. The young people in the industry have to grow up fast and their selfish parents seem to pawn them off for a pay check. You will hear later that Miley is suing her father…That’s a good observation.

  30. dirtygurl Says:

    thanks for the opinions and theories. still thinking on the whole mj thing. those who deny that there is something bigger going on here, are entitled to their opinions, but we are all adults, and adults voice their opinions without stooping to kindergarten name calling and cursing. i’ll be back soon. thank you taking time to read my posts.

  31. I have reseached alot about all this illuminati and r n b singers thing. I do believe that illuminati could be real. I dont believe in God, therefore there is no Devil. Beyonce is a brilliant artist, I have always listened to her songs. What she does or what religion she is apart of makes no difference to me. For example, Michael Jacskon was accused of child abuse, nothing was proven, no charges. This didnt make me like him less than before. Same here, nothing has been prove, no one has confessed, there is nothing to back up this. That picture of the tupac look-a-like could be fake. There are loads of people who make them selves look like celebrities. The beer can…nowadays loads of things can be done on photoshop.
    Last thing i gotta say is:

    • And here’s my sidebar…PEOPLE if you know it’s not good for your children, then turn it off. They can’t discern right from wrong and being a whore, dancing on stripper poles and bootyshakin’ half dressed is not the way to carry yourself…Be ladies, females…AND MEN, look for women with a higher standard than being a whore and compromising. For crying out loud, if JAY Z doesn’t mind his WIFE disrobing in front of all America, then he’s really got issues…

  32. There is something definately going on here and the illuminati army is going bigger and bigger. We are being brainwashed by them all!!!!!!!!

  33. ripth3jack3r Says:

    everything u were sayin was makin sense to me until u said u didnt believe in the devils existence!! im not judging u or anything like that i mean everybody got freedom to believe wat they wanna believe but maybe if u watched the “arrivals” series on youtube you’d change ya mind..i dont know! thats up to u! but nway as far as Jay-z is concerned thats not a diamond shape he keeps throwin up but rather a pyramid. its a symbol used by the secret freemason society an thats how Jay got his wealth… the arrivals will further explain this….

  34. I’ve been researching all day about this. I am shocked and I must admit quite scared for what the future holds for us. I too have a child. I feel I need to get the word out about this Illuminati stuff before it is too late. Or is it too late??

    • No HON. it’s never too late till Jesus bust those clouds open. This is enlightening and wonderful to hear. As long as GOD gives me breath, I will be here for all your children, praying for them and teaching them.

  35. I came across Jay-z and the illuminati connections last night, but that is all that I read about. And somehow my mind came to Aaliyah and her death and got me wondering whether she refused to join the illuminati and they killed her, or maybe she got some inside info from Jay and Dash. If more than one person is thinking the same thing then there must be some truth to it.

    • I think she may have been bumped off for Beyonce’. But then, this has been a hard one to crack. Who puts a drug addict behind the wheel of a plane or overload it knowingly?

      • Well idk if anyone touched on this subject, but does anybody remember Teairra Marie? She was a young singer who was signed by Jay-Z and they called her The Princess of the Roc. She had like one hit song and a few other songs that never made it big. She totally flopped and then here comes Rihanna. Did Rihanna take TM’s place because she wouldn’t conform to the ways of Illuminati? Because Rihanna could definately be called The Princess of the Roc now. TM even tried to resurface and her song never hit the radio!. She will be on the new movie called The Lottery though. I’m eager to see how that turns out. And someone mentioned Chris Brown having a song called Fallen Angel defending Satan. And when you think about it, When Lucifer was in heaven he was in control of the music, and he’s doing the same thing now.

  36. U are on the right track, there’s just no way of knowing what’s been put out as dis-info 2 cover up.
    but without a doubt Camel Face is right in the middle of it all
    I like how U mentioned Jay Z doesn’t have a business degree, even Puffy @ least went 2 a really good school.
    At the end of the day U don’t get 2 build such a big project in the middle of NY (which he is involved in) without access 2 the top.
    And any 1 who fronts for the UN is totally 100% Illuminati without a doubt so fuk him and Beyonce
    good post

  37. Excellent! Must say I am VERY stimulated. Don’t worry about low readership. Those are USUALLY the readers you’d rather have…very, very provocative. Thank you!


  38. O yeah…I shall be back…I did a blog on Beyonce/Sasha Fierce. I am ALL OVER THESE…Love it…thx again…


  39. Fucc all that bullshit that i just read about illuminati. This guy thats writing this bullshit didn’t even talk about Notorious BIG. Was Notorious BIG also killed by illuminati? And also the symbol that Jay reps is the roc, the record label that he created a long time ago that. The Rocafella Records that Jay created is trown up as a diamond roc symbol. But yes i do bealive that the government was involved in the shooting of 2pac but Suge Knight was the main person involved. Fucc the ILLUMINATI THEORY thats all bullshit once again said!

    • how can the illuminati be made up when it dates back centries ago? to our knowledge, Biggie wasnt apart of the illuminati. So you need to get your facts straight, just because someone mentions Tupac does not mean Biggie has something to do with it too. And dumb ass Rocafella = rockerfeller. Go look up what the Rockerfeller brothers stood for. Dumb ass. The symbol looks nada like a diamond it looks like a triangle. Regardless of anything why is the “run this town” video so demonic? What is Jay z talking bout when he says “La Familia” its so much more than the obvious record label. Your coon ass needs to read more into lyrics than just the obvious. Then look at the song Forever with Drake, LIl wayne and, Kanye west. Kanye contradicts the song when he says I USED TO WANT THIS FOREVER NOW YOU CAN HAVE IT BACK. What does he want to give back? The fame? The thing that took his sanity and his mother? its way beyond music. Go get educated. Those who dont know bout it, will be the ones on their knees in front of a false messiah. And if you believe the goverment did kill Pac then you also believe in the Illuminati. Cuz if you believe the gov. killed Pac, you also believe they had a motive, why would one black man be terminated by the strong federal governement? How much power did that black man have over the government? The secrets and a mouth to tell everyone about the what? ILLUMINATI

      • @RENA, COON? What the heck is wrong with you….?You weren’t paying attention to anything that was written. Because of ignorant folks like you, this is just what they need while they are laughing to the bank. Don’t you know that they are calling you a fool as you speak? They don’t care about you and how you defend them. I take it you’re racist and pretty brave to come to a site calling someone a coon…Man….I bet you dip snuff too…Man…oh man…Those who are going to be saying, “I told you so…” Why does it feel like I’m back in the days of lynching, ignorance, and sit in the back days…

    • This is not a dude that wrote this awesome site. KILLA4HIRE, if you feel like we left out something, enlighten us…WAKE UP…

  40. I haven’t had any insight to any of this b4.I jus happen to be doing sum reaserch on the connection between artists and the music industry becoz I wanna be an artist myself,but this site has given me lots of insight on stuff I never ever knew about and I wanna say thanx to every1 involved…as 4 2pac,I am a very big fan and have been for many years and today iv learnt a lot about him nd his role in the illuminati.I respect him nd love him dead or alive no homo.and I am happy to no that he never gave in to all that crap.thank u

  41. uh….
    killuminati is against the illuminati.
    Kill illuminati most likely wut it means…
    2pac’s last album – the title referred to himself as the leader of the killuminati.
    killuminati is also a organization..

  42. Ha, is this Tupac writing this story!? If so, I wish you would just come on out sir. If not, you said you don’t believe in the devil but I hope you believe in Jesus because you truly need him, really. I can appreciate how well your imagination works.

  43. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Doesn’t believe in the devil? :S Well newsflash if u believe in God then u must also believe in the devil, because he is here. Yet ppl commit so much sins but will then go around i don’t believe in the devil, and be around doing so much evil and wicked corrupt things destroying the earth with him instead of healing the world.

  44. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Bull Freemasonry is now illuminized, yeh they were 2 different things but now they r illuminized and just as wicked and corrupt, and since when does doing wicked and corrupt wrong things make u not a server of the devil? ya doing wrong it is a sin it is no way Godly.

    Freemasonry of 2day is now illuminized, devil devil devil evil, I rest my case!

  45. TheTruth..? Says:

    I strongly agree. Think about this Rockafella is Jays brand. The Rockafeller family is known to be part of the Secret Society and has played a huge role in financing Illumaniti evil desires. I mean they are super loaded! The society is currently pushing for a New World Order. One Government, One Type of Currency, Shorty rock One Love??? If theyre not talkin about God could it be a warning or maybe a prophecy? Once the world which it will be governed by one gov. aka illumaniti through the vidacin (research vidacin, the pope, antichrist, and its roll with illumaniti) as being the centural form of rule, all our financies, info, everything will be controlled by microchips inserted in our skin. The Mark of the Beast, the antichrist will make us take his name and mark and go through the rights of passage that the illuminiiti currently make its members go through to be able to trade/buy/sell/ live! The antichrist will bring peace for 3yrs that is why people will worship him, people will love him and view him as the savior, but then it all begin the end of days. I believe it is possible that illuminiti has chosen Tupac to be the ruler of the New World Order. thus the World, which means he is the Anti-Christ. If he is truly not dead right now during his 18 yrs of ‘death’ he could be learning so much information, gaining knowledge, insight, training to run the world and be pure evil in deguise of good. Think about it the antichrist believes in God but does not act accoirding to His commandmants, pac has lived a very sinful lustful greedy life, 2pac is very intelligent very artistic, great ACTOR (it has been said he was capable of performing shakespeer at age 17!! all the easier to deceit, ACTING), It was said the antichrist will be born a bastard without a father, his mother was a black panther but also a crackhead! she very very smart very political but pac never had a true father to show him how to really be a man. he even talks about this. honestly are these not signs! Research the traits of the antichrist. it is also said he will go after the princesses of babolyn, in his song Blasphemy he says bablyon beware coming for the pharoahs kids, also Blasphemy is claiming that u are God! Listen to the words of his song Blasphemy. I believe he will do all this in the yr 2014 when he comes back. He will change this world and bring it to an end. he already has a strong following of both thugs and good people, he shows both sides of good and bad, he could easily come back and start a revolution and especially if he was educated by evil to do their biddings in 18yrs could u imagine everything u could learn if u didnt have to work or stress anything average people have to stress and if u actually wanted to learn it! (philosophy, acting, speech, the arts, physcology, political science, everything!!!). Please research my theory and connect the dots keep an open mind. Ive been infactuated with pac and i cant explain why but ive been researching him for 4months listening to his lyrics analyzing everything his life, everything, I also am very philosphoical and after personal trials am a firm believer in God he is real there is no question open ur eyes. Read the bible first timers read the Gospels of Jesus, read revelations, read read read, utube if u dont like reading. all phophecies of the end of days are here. 2014 is the beginning, the yr he is ‘resurrected’ just like Jesus. he will act as a fake! many will have thought he was dead but he faked it! so many obvivous signs just look! 2012 could possibly be the date of the New World Order. One governement! with the global economy in trouble, globalization, internet, weather getting progressivly worse, all signs!!! I am just an average kid with an open mind 19yrs old. but honestly research research research look for yourself. please.

  46. hey, i liked a lot of your speculations. i never made some of those connections.

    here is one for you…

    Tupac talks about the illuminati in his song hail mary. saying “hail mary” for him really didnt mean like it does in football, it means to actually hail mary, the mother of jesus. which basically means tupac is telling you to believe in christ, and not satan like the illuminati.

    i decided to do a little research on that song and i looked up a singer featured in the song. his name was kastro and he speaks against the illuminati in the song also. he was also conveinantly shot after the release of this album. this is off his biography…

    On September 7, 1996, Tupac was shot four times in a drive-by-shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was taken to University Medical Center where he died a week later. Kastro and the rest of the Outlawz moved back to New Jersey. On November 5, Tupac’s LP, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, was released. Kastro guest appeared on two songs, “Hail Mary” and “Life Of An Outlaw.” “Hail Mary” was the third single and video…. On November 10, after visiting his girlfriend, Kadafi was shot. He was taken to University Hospital where he died on the afternoon.

  47. Yes, much is true. Many of these artist are brainwashed with the idea of gaining power and wealth. They’ve been brainwashed by socieities who have them thinking they are in league with Lucifer. Not truly knowing that Lucifer is none other than a ‘family’ of people. They feel they are (and kind of are) manipulating society to ready the world for the return. They enter a state of psychosis, and they think they are possessed by demons. And they welcome it, and feel they are host for a powerful group of entities. Only damning themselves and selling their souls.

    I can testify to this b/c I’ve worked in the industry. And I’ve met Jay Z and Beyonce together a few years back at Kanye’s grammy party. A mason associate of mine is close with Jay Z. This guy also executive produced Lupe Fiasco’s albums. Chill. He was completely brainwashed and had a big mouth. He felt the anti-christ was coming first. He was going to have ‘perfect pysique and perfect mind’… and also felt reptiles were part of the plan. He often told me his father was a Templar, not knowing that I personally know Rothschilds…. and the real scheme of things. He’s now serving 30 or so years in jail. Probably because they had him by the balls, and he was a big mouth.

    But yes, there is a bigger picture. Society is utterly doomed (black society at least). Films and videos have been infultrated too. Images have been inserted to subvert the subconscious mind in order to slowly erode the moral fabric of society.

    Ultimately society itself will become so immoral that people will have no real value anymore. I’m not sure who is the judge, but eventually things will get worse and more measures of control will ensue. And more cause for population control.

  48. We live in a world where being a Fag is cool and it’s the “It” thing to have a “gay” friend. I knew that something was wrong with the industry and that’s partly why I do not own any CD’s from any artist besides Monica. I have never been a Beyonce fan and was completely turned off when I found out that in the Single Ladies video there was a homosexual dancing along side her. I think Aaliyah and Left Eyes death were both a conspiracy. Left Eye was being haunted by demons and she speaks of this in her documentary, she says “spirits” but I knew what she meant. Left Eye predicted her own death. It’s sad because all of these stars at the end of the day when they die they cannot take any money, any cars, houses, etc. with them. I have never seen a bank follow behind a Hearse.
    they are just like everyone else in the end. May God have mercy on their souls:(

  49. CRISSY CHONG Says:


  50. RoughSoul Says:

    Interesting.. I think a lot of people would like to read this. Do you mind if I tag it to my peeps?

  51. pliiz keep this subject goin..write more about it the world needs to knoow…FIGHT THE Illuminat….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAME SUCKEEERS

  52. its something about beyonce and sasha that is crazy who is sasha fierce

  53. god has 2 eyes Says:

    who ever is part of that gang is using the one eye thing should wonder, where is the other eye? and that is the other eye of the holy GOD, and he is watching everything. And if anyone say they dont believe in God, Jesus or satan, have a very low low or no I.Q, and is a true coward to face the facts, and is a waste of a brain! and before satancan do anything he have to get permission from God, so God see that they are easy so he let satan take over their brains. And guess what? he is workng for God cause at the end satan going to say it was your choice, you had free will, and they going to say but I tought we was cool, and satan going to say I dont know you man! YOU WAS JUST USING ME FOR WHAT I HAD, ang GO will laugh at them and tell satan good job playing them like a chess game!


  55. Interesting. Ive been reading up and studying all of this stuff tiressly of late. Email me @ whutugot4me@yahoo.com I have some things I’d like to discuss with you off of this site

  56. I havee a kestiion… I read all the stuuffs i do believe that Illuminati exist but Is Miiley a part pf thiiz. bcuz on PARTY IN THE USA Shee sangzz /IN A JAY-Z SONG WAZ ON /

  57. *Jerusalem* this is quite interesting to me because with all the talk about the illuminaughty? ha,ha fuck em. sorry sometimes it slips. But my point was that instead of focusing on that nosense you should read you bibles and understand what LORD wants. because you know all this has been conjured up by whitey to keep you from knowing who you are, Hebrews. that’s why they’ve spent so much time keeping you in the dark and now you screaming luminaughty? ha, ha! that’s what been oppressing you black azzez. you are so slow no wonder… but for real

    SOME ONE TELL JAY AND HIS BITCH when the new world order comes i will put him and her out of their misery. THEY WILL NEVER MAKE IN ISRAEL!!

    • You have to concentrate and learn to make people aware of what’s around them. To unveil is a process that we all have to go through to save ourselves. Most people don’t read their BIBLES, but really that’s all we have to do to get through this…read and obey HIS word…it’s that simple.

  58. ***Dramatic you are so right! Pac was against that mess! He and his mother know what’s going, the “good news” of course black folk need to start reading….their bibles and understand of Deliverance. That they are what the bibles about (DEUTERONOMY 7), them,you being The LORD’S chosen pple. That’s why your black behinds were sold into slavery, understand.

    http://www.myspace.com/egyptraynes <<google me


    They know they're time is coming, it was to last uhmmmm 2010 years? which are 2 days for the LORD. that's what that organiztion is about going against LORD and HIS cleansing of the lands getting rid of all the false gods and definetly, the reign of hunkey.

    Come, they knew who they were getting of them boats off the western coast of A'free'ca. One more,

    *Anit nobody running ! NO! New World Oder but, *THE NEW JERUSALEM*


    • That was stupid and racist…Why do we continue to put ourselves down. Slavery is over and we are left to our own devices. Man above all is evil and not only do white people need to change, but black people as well.. We need to start walking with dignity and stop letting these artists define the way life should be…They are digging and scraping to survive, but have lost site of the true and most valuable prize of all….A life with GOD in heaven which we all should be trying to make a place for ourselves…They want the things that don’t last but a flicker of time…Eternal life is priceless and forever.

  59. Hoover ( head of FBI) said after the assasinations of MLK and Malcolm X ” there will be no more black heroes , unless we create them” Shortly after the black communities were flooded with CIA controlled narcotics and the modern black african american ghettoized lock em up drug em down society was born.

    Is it ay coincidence that the non conscious rap culture has further added to the degeneration of the african american, and now white mind. Their gods are money and guns, it is a death culture that has no morals only perversion and death. Hot ghetto mess is not just everywhere it is the norm. This has been deliberately promoted via jay, bugsy, lil wayne, nas and co to keep black and white youth blind.

    Remeber Hoover’s words ” there will be no more black heroes, unless we create them ”

    • wow…. that is really interesting. and it makes me sad. where did you find those words by Hoover? I’d like to read on it.



    HERE’S THE LINK: http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=2191

  61. @ cassandra…
    thank you for the link, I watched that show and some things struck me as “odd”. First of all, I know that the whole thing with kanye was staged because why else would Taylor have been backstage when beyonce was accepting her award? she had a mic in her hand when she came out. Now if she had been in the audience, I could have been duped. Second of all, it was a little unsettling that beyonce, taylor, and Gaga were all wearing red. hmmm, the article was very insightful. you know it’s funny, once these things are pointed out and connected, it’s hard not to see them.

  62. dirtygurl please spread the proof:




  64. @ cassandra,

    i was thinking of reading the bible also, but not for the same reasons. I have always had a problem with the bible, as it was introduced into the slave society. okay follow me…

    first off, these men (slave owners) raped us, lynched us, sold our family members off one by one, and forbade us to get an education because knowledge is power. for the most part if a slave was caught reading or writing, they would be lynched. so why was it perfectly fine to read the bible? i mean it is reading after all right?

    second of all, how can i support the bible when it paints eve as a conniving, and manipulative woman who duped her mate into doing something he knew was wrong, then brought the curse of childbirth and suffering on the world. it states that a woman having a child is a curse. there’s a lot of vaginal envy here, we just have to look. although it takes a man’s sperm to impregnate a woman, it’s the woman who nurtures, feeds the fetus through her body. then it’s the woman who actually brings the child into the world. then men’s part in all of this is so limited, and that’s why most children have a stronger bond with their mother.

    We live in a patriarchal society. most men have been conditioned to think that they are superior to women, and that is why some of them feel that it is perfectly normal to beat on women. all over the world woman are looked at as “things”. Chinese people were literally giving away their own flesh and blood because they weren’t born male. In Africa, young girls are mutilated and sewn up to keep them from having sex before marriage which is the dumbest shit i’ve ever heard because the brain is the actual sexual organ, as it sends impulses to every part of the body. In muslim culture, the women are made to cover themselves from head to toe…for what? these men i’m speaking of treat women as property, and not their equals. if a woman is assertive or has an opinion and excercises their brains then she’s a lesbian, or a bitch, or both. It also bothers me how the media is portraying Michelle Obama, who is a force in her own right, but anytime i hear anything about her it’s limited to fashion, family, and beauty….it’s insulting as hell, but then again i’m sure the obamas are illimunati puppets, as are alot of the celebrities out there.

    • DirtyGurl, everything that you mentioned in your answer to your lack of belief in the Bible wasn’t caused by GOD, but by the actions of MAN. GOD created man because HE was lonely. HE made him in HIS image. HE didn’t want to see HIS creation lonely, so HE took from his side a rib and made woman. From that time on, man appeared to be easily influenced by woman, and the woman by a snake…(Satan) We are creatures of our “whims”…We can easily charm a man into doing what we want them to. That is a gift we have. The things that our race went through during the era of slavery had nothing to do with the BIBLE. Actually, the Bible was the best tool for the slave, something held sacred by the slave. The Bible gave them hope. We definitely were a whole lifetime ahead of our slave owners, so much more blessed than they. GOD intended for the women to be a “helpmate” for the man. The man was to respect us and treasure us. We were a gift to him. We screwed that up. Today, as women, I still see the deceitful ways we possess. We have the gift of being influential and good decision makers. All of the things you are describing were not the way GOD meant for it to be. Eve put the whole wheel in motion. Satan made her empty promises and she became greedy and conniving. She takes this information to Adam. IF you notice, Adam didn’t seem smart enough to reject the idea. Instead of being a leader, Adam became a total “wimp” HE actually “sold out”…The world is a sad place. History proves that the woman is not appreciated as she should be. Our role models are few. I would much rather see Michelle Obama as a role model than Beyonce shakin’ her butt, gyrating for men 24-7. Dirtygirl, as women, we have to change the world for our young ladies. I teach the youth weekly at my church about being upstanding women in the LORD and respecting ourselves so that we would not be “slaves” to sin. Our beauty should radiate from us spiritually as well as mentally. It is then that we will get the respect we deserve. There is nothing more beautiful than the union of a man and a woman in the eyes of GOD, a unity that is such that they enjoy each other as they serve the LORD. You don’t see that much anymore. That is probably why it is so hard to understand or even believe in something so beautiful in times like these. In GOD, it is not impossible.

  65. saveyouselves Says:


    Its crazy how I’ve been researching the illuminati all by accident.
    LADY GAGA is the ultimate puppiter of the illuminati I believe she is a demon herself in disguise. Her video papparazzi has subliminal messages that are actually right in front of your eyes. Continual suicide. The murder of her boyfriend. In “bad romance” she LIT HERSELF ON FIRE. what does this represent ?? And she has sex with her boyfriend and he turns to ashes after. I also seen pictures of her in this weird red suit and her dancers in red,it seems odd. She always has her eye covered. The vma where she HUNG HERSELF ONSTAGE the way her dancers PRAISED HER AS IF IT WERE A RITUAL. Her pictures are rich in symbolism. Her lyrics “we are the crowd we are quick to come out” always made me wonder, if she was speaking on how the “new generation” is going to destroy the world.

    Years ago, a cousin of mine and my aunty came to my house and scared me badly. He spoke of how the world will end, he spoke of revelations, he spoke of how the devil will come down and pretend to be jesus and lead the people. He spoke of the chip they will place in you, you will have a choice to have unlimited weath on earth, or to go with god.

    I was too young to truly understand it all. But pieces I put together show me ITS ALL REAL.
    I don’t read my bible as much as I should;I can only say what I believe.

    My sister said michael jackson is an angel. Im not sure of all that but I know he had a significant role with God. This story my pastor told about this woman,she was a prostitue. And when she approached him , God wiped her brow.

    My mom told me this story of michael jackson (he was not bankrupt like they want you to believe)and how on his new tour he paid for everyone with him,to have the same suite as him,that’s how you know he had money. And the camera man almost had a panic attack the way the crowd threw themselves,screamed,and cried for him. Michael brought him to the bathroom and wiped his brow. And asked was he okay.
    I find it odd how the government potrayed all those things on the news it was obviously scripted. I don’t believe he did those drugs, I don’t believe in any of it. I believe it was a setup because Michael was going to reveal the illuminati,and he has such influence that people would listen to him.
    Its also funny how everyone ridiculed him until his death, and when he died they said they could feel his “spirit”.
    Its also funny how in the eyes of the world, him having those young boys spending the night is disguisting or unusual. But in the eyes of God what’s wrong with that ?

    This makes me think of Tupac. I always get this strange feeling listening to some of his songs. He knew too much. And the government was behind his death. They used the biggie beef, and the incident in the club to point the finger at either the crips or suge knight and biggie. And then suddenly 6 months later biggie dies. They used the west coast\east coast beef as a distraction to what was really going on. I believe P. Diddy is a greedy man and knows a lot about this and knew about what was going to happen to biggie.

    50 CENT is also worshipping the devil. Look up WAR ANGEL LP MIXTAPE. He talks about “redrum” murder, and some of his lyrics say..
    HE ALSO EVEN SAYS TRIPPLE 666 one of his songs. These songs were playing on the radio one night !! Slow jams were supossed to be playing but instead they had an interview of 50 talking about this mixtape and how you can download it FREE.

    I stumbled upon this article with the ex drummer or the band Korn said he had a letter to 50 cent from God. He said nothing about the mixtapes, I know it was more than a coincidince. He said 50’s life is in danger because the devil is really after him right now. And his next album is called Before I Self Destruct.
    Kind of odd huh ?

    Jay-Z, Rihanna, Beyonce and a whole lot more are in this Satanism. There’s so many signs how can you not see? The music industry is like the economy and the top artists are like the corporations. How do you think they dominate the way they do ?

    Just look at the lyrics of the songs you listen to and love. I am a fan of music myself but am sad to say my generation has been brainwashed into thinking violence,sex, and drugs is okay. That’s what they wanted! Who will lead this country if everyone is dummed down? I grew up on differen principles, not to say I don’t make mistakes ;I can’t judge anyone. But I do know that it can only get worse. I believe before the world ends,it will be like hell on earth. Its been bad, but I believe it will be like a never ending ghetto. Listen where’s real music? What happened to shows like Good Times and Sandford And Son? Live performances that taught you that being broke you could still live life. The feel for music is not the same,anyone can get a contract now adays. Music is my passion and its sad to see the world this way.

    There’s soo much I can’t even explain it all in detail.
    GOD is the ONLY WAY OUT.





  67. i believe in this thinqs cuz it just all make sense! they say beyonce aint become one until the crazy in love video when she burned beyonce and sasha fierce came ! think about it !

  68. @aubriea..

    beyonce’s first big hit was cil…the whole video represented her “becoming” sasha fierce isn’t a demon, that character represents beyonce coming out on the other side.

  69. I think you’re all paranoid and need to focus on yourselves, you said you have money troubles or know someone who does, That could be caused by a number of reasons, such as:

    Poorly Educated
    Drug problems
    Mental disabilities
    Physical disabilities, Or you’re just dumb.

    I think that maybe if you stopped focusing on “the big picture” and focused on your own picture, you might be a little bit more successful in life. But that’s just me.

    If you are right about this “Theory” Who cares, what does you know this or helping to bring this to our attention effect any of us in any way, except for making you feel like you’re different than everyone else and you’re some kind of prophet or visionary, or even genius for that matter.

    I think you just need to relax and focus on yourself.


    • I had to return to see if any new information had been added. I saw this and I realized that my question was answered. With attitudes like this, it’s a wonder that our youth are in trouble. There is nothing wrong with giving information. My thoughts, it’s a free country and you have the right to believe as you wish. If you don’t care, Sky, then move on. We don’t mind if you just focus on yourself while the world you live in goes to pot. Christianity doesn’t give you time to relax and think of self. That’s the problem with the world today, my generation and maybe some generations before me left our children with a mess and it is our job to educate ourselves and FOCUS on the BIG PICTURE…”OUR ETERNITY”…Much love, Child of GOD..and I say that in the most loving, GODLY way possible.


  70. @ SKY,
    although i do appreciate your opinion, even if it isn’t something that I don’t agree with, why must you stoop to second grade tactics to get your point across? This is a place for intelligent debate, and not name calling. We must have struck a nerve because your comment reeks of defensivness, and sublim ignorance.

    Mark my word my friend, I am a very intelligent person, and I understand that this subject is very touchy for alot of us. However the truth is there, all you have to do is see it. It’s like those dot-to-dots i used to do when I was a kid, all you could see was a silhouette, but when you begin to connect the dots, the true picture emerges.

    Make the connections. You say the New World Order is a myth, yet haven’t you read where Obama is pushing for Mexico, California, and Canada to be connected? The government is planning to eliminate the borders that seperate us and put us under a single currency. Next they will be connecting the united states with Europe, Asia, etc….until eventually it will be one government, one currency, one religion, in other words SLAVERY! Before you begin calling others dumb, you should take a good hard look at the things that people are saying. The Illuminati is using these celebrities to keep our attention averted. Everytime a celeb comes out with a new project, or get into trouble, our attention is diverted while dirty deals are made on the Russian River. Trust and believe that the Bush elections were rigged by these folks, and they are the ones who put Obama into office to continue to advance their insatiable quest for absolute power. The thing is that they wouldn’t be able to do it without us, which is why they have been programming us. If we stopped buying gas, buying cars, pulled our money out of the banks, and found a way to be independent of these big corporations, the flow of money would stop into their pockets. Remember, the person with the most money has the power. They love people like you because you are too brainwashed to be able to take a stand. Keep on relaxing, because the New World Order is the new slavery, on a global scale.

  71. As a woman of the LORD, we all have nothing to fear. Why give them the power? This is like anything else, anything not of GOD, is of Satan. We are not helpless in this fight. It is hard to be a Christian, but not impossible. Maybe one day we might be able to reach their souls and deliver them, but until then, don’t feed into it. Believe me, Satan has power. This has been going on for years. Listen to their lyrics very carefully. They hit the fans with their ideals and as long as we as a nation lift them up, there will always be someone there to take their place. If you have not GOD, you have no soul…In time, GOD will judge. Is it worth your soul? We will see them all again someday, some where. Just remember who you are.

  72. Just remember who you are. As a child of GOD, I had been taking on the youth for some time, teaching them about whom our role models should be. I would hope that Beyonce and her mother doesn’t come out with a clothing line for the youth. I read that the other day. As adults, it is our jobs to protect the children. I remember when Destiny’s Child sold their own dolls. I am am avid collector so I bought each of them. I already knew that Beyonce would go solo. The thing I didn’t understand was why did the other two young ladies not do as well? Only GOD knows. While Beyonce has become a role model for so many young girls of today, it is the parent’s responsibility to guide their children accordingly. There will be a day that they will have to answer to a higher power. In the meantime, protect the children. Don’t judge her. GOD will do that.

  73. I know the Illumanti did it and I honesly believe that I think they killed Biggie, Pac, Aaliyah and Pimp C real talk and maybe more…who’s next? Muredering sons of b%$#%#$

  74. also that girl Sky better get her dirty face ass on some where if the person that wrote this want to inform us then damn let it be if you don’t liike it don’t read all them damn paragraphs!

  75. i just posted about how rihannas beating may have been an initiation, mighty funny how after she got beat down she starts getting all super demonic with that russian roulette pic…the barbed wire on her boobs, and the eye patch….

  76. Smooth Criminal Says:

    I was thinking too the beating was a warning for her but Rihanna went demonic before that, so I looked at it again and to me it seems like it was Chris warning, it try ruin him and his career, check it all good again. Rhianna already had her rebirth with the good girl gone bad era especially in the umbrella ssong/video, she has changed, cb still same old i think it was his wake up call. Wach Chris closely from no on 🙂

  77. @smooth,

    remember now these people are deceptive. although we know rihanna had taken the oath before she made umbrella, they were just waiting for the perfect opportunity, and the perfect method.
    she told the world when she said
    “took an oath, im gon stick it out to the end.”

  78. I heard one person saying that this couldn’t be true because if so, the news would report it. I find that funny because the news plays one of the biggest roles in what the illuminati are doing. This is way deeper than music and entertainment. Watch a movie called “September 9/11 clues: the no plane theory”. This movie breaks down how the news/media used technology to trick everyone into believing that terrorists crashed into the twin towers. Its an hour and a half long and once you start it, you won’t be able to stop it. Don’t believe because of what its saying but put stuff together. I also believe 2pac is alive and don’t blame him for not coming back because if he did, his following would equal that of michael Jackson, who payed the ultimate price for not going with the illuminati. He didn’t rape those kids. They pinned that on him to shut him up along with the skin disease. Read up on his Dr. Bet he has FreeMason history.



  80. Smooth Criminal Says:

    DM u on the right track with the Mj thing and the other stuff, the media is ran by the illuminati to control what we hear and see. And yeah that Mj doc is a mason. Some ppl believe freemasons r good just because they help each other out, but wake up that doesnt mean they r good, freemasons r just as much devil worshipers as other occults. If Michael Jackson was alive “This is it” wont to have only been the most awesome show on earth but would have also revealed as he puts it (the world’s worse kept secret). But anyways the nigga doc killed the nigga Mj as sony sees him a nigga, and now the doc has no choice but to take whatever comes to him he cant call out nobody above him or he dies next or something bad happens to him. I’m done with sony products they have the biggest hand in the illuminati side of things with entertainment.

    R.I.P Bob Marley, 2pac (if u really dead) and Michael Jackson

    as 2pac says: Killuminati

  81. Humm I beliieve thiiz shit exist !! THEY KiiLLED Mii NiiGGA MJ BUT ,, but my friend said that aaliyah waz a part of that… but i dont believe her cuz ,, aaliyaa knew major secrets ect… aniiwaii,, pluz I heard that Mj’s doc waz a freemason ?? is that truee ? and the pepsi commerciial accident was it a “Illuminati Conspiracy” ??? PLZ ANSWER MI KESTiiONS


  82. Look waht a fiind :: When Micheal got older he realized the satanic powers around him, but he stayed quite until he was prepared to make his move and just followed along. when he got enough fame and money he started to attack them and this is why he got a skin disease the media telling lies about him, they wanted his fans to leave him so they wouldn’t listen to what he was saying, he was about to tell us something with his come back tour, but i guess the illuminati didn’t want him to say anything so they overdosed him with drugs.

  83. hey u dnt nio me but 2 pac is not in the illuminati he was never in the illuminati all these fibs everyone is sayn its nott true plz i beg of u dnt beleive those ppl


  84. the industry exposed is a really good website pimpb also has a channel on youtube


  85. @dirtygurl..
    babes, how dirrty do u ahve to be? im not saying i hav anything against wat u been saying but wen u mentioned the gays all on bey’s music, i jus thot that was 8steps further. i must admit that i liked all the things u been saying from the beginning but wat u said about the gays was so uncool. i jus thot u were a bit too harsh on them, being judgemental and all that. please let your discussions be about the celebs if thats wat u wanna talk about but not other people’s sexualities as that would cause a lot of confusion and self- rejection. im not a memeber of illuminati or shit like that but hey, jus staing. sorry if u ddnt like but jus keepin it real.
    i have read, learned and judged all opinions but i made sure not to judge anyone so please do th same. im enjoyin th comments so please dont spoil it for me others who like the discussion..

    • dirtygurl Says:

      what did i say about homosexual people? let me backtrack!!!!!!!! please note i am not here to offend anyone, but i do let how i feel be known! let me check on that. if i was judgemental, i do apologize! and thank you for reading!

    • In defense of Dirtygurl, I don’t remember her insulting anyone, but just giving the facts about a particular video that Bey and Gaga did together. Once again we have to know how the LORD looks upon certain things even if we don’t like the truth. Sometimes speaking the truth might offend some, but if GOD said it, it’s not going to matter what any single man says about it. GOD makes the rules and we all have the freedom of choice. We can do as HE commands, or we can choose to live as we want to even if it means compromising your eternity. GOD gives us the right to choose even if HE doesn’t agree with it.

    • Everyone has a right to their to voice thier opinion, seems to me you are the one being judgemental.

  86. oh by th way, wat test was Rihanna talkin about on that russian roulette wen she said, “…im terried but im not leaving, know that i must pass this test.” i agree wit dirtygurl, im starting to believe that it was demonic but i jus thot she was being funny, even lady gaga in bad romance. anyone who got questions about lady gaga, beyonce, jay z and rihanna should go to vigilantcitizen.com and u will see that wat u were saying really makes sense and true (tho i havnt accepted that its entirely true)

  87. i didnt know what the hell an illuminati was. and i didnt think freemasonry existed beyond a dan brown novel. but this stuff is making sense. its hard to believe that your favorite artists, beyonce, jay-z, are involved in stuff like that. especially beyonce. i always pictured her as christian and holy. but she even has illuminati symbols in her videos! (see sweet dreams) also, look at rihanna since good girl gone bad. i know shes apart of it too. smh, i just pray that these stars break free from the mind control of the illuminati to find god. the devil is very real, and so is god…

  88. …and lady gaga!

  89. MsCynnamyn03 Says:

    I have been studying this illuminati theory for a lil while now and i am not sure how you can be so closed minded about the entire scope of this group. What i havent heard mentioned is the other side of the illuminati which include the practice of Kabbalah witchcraft in their conspiracy. If you were to look on the back of the dollar bill directly across from the pyramid there is the US seal with the eagle and the circle of stars… There are actually 13 stars in the shape of the star of David (Jewish religious icon) so that would actually mean that the illuminati and jewish leaders who practice satanic rituals are one in the same. there is no way to enlighten yourself to the problem if you choose to delete certain things because of your disbelief. If you are going to give the information…. give the people all of it. Dont edit it or water it down because YOU dont have belief in God or the devil. thats just as bad as the people were talking about when it comes to disclosing and keeping important info when it should just be given. Otherwise i am with you 100%!!!

  90. MsCynnamyn03 Says:

    And MJ had been filmed on camera numerous times in interviews where he’s been asked questions and he would give answers that most would consider as CRAZY when he would say “its all a conspiracy… that’s all im going to say, there is a conspiracy”… But he would never disclose who or what the conspiracy is/was… I believe that he was chosen by THEM and once he no longer was agreeing with their requests, he was blackballed and then killed before he could make his comeback..( probably out of fear that he would divulge all info).. They want control of the mind, body and, soul and it looked as though Mike was having a change of heart.

  91. MsCynnamyn03 Says:

    Lets not get it twisted MJ’s earlier work like Billy Jean blatantly show that he WAS a part of the Illuminati group. He had been since he was a child. And he DID molest those children but because he was under the masonic umbrella as are some of the judges on his cases; of course the charges didnt stick and also why he was able to pay off the families even tho he was already broke.

  92. dirtygurl Says:

    i totally forgot about the checkerboard sidewalk that “ILLUMINATED” every time he took a step. Good observation, and i’m sure we could find many more if we just took the time to look. also in regards to what you said about the whole stars and eagles thing on the dollar bill, i wasn’t even aware of what that was, i was just relating something that was pointed out to me (the pyramid and the eye) it’s not that i was leaving something out, it’s just that it wasn’t pointed out, but thank you for doing so.

  93. saveyouselves Says:


    I believe mj always had a good heart but was in the illuminati as a child mainly because of his father,who still to this day was interviewed and asked how he felt about michaels death and said michael wasted a lot of money.
    I think once he had enough power he began to make the kind of music he really wanted to like man in the mirro u can see the difference over time. I don’t think he molested those kids I think it was a way to break him down because why would he continue to have the neverland ? And then molest another child? We will never know so how can we say he did do it ?
    I believe michael had a great heart it showed it really did im telling you he is like no other. It really shows because of the way the media tried to lie on him about the drugs and all of that the nurse made up three different stories !
    They couldn’t stand the fact that he was growing extremely weathy and he was a black man. How his skin changed we will never know although they say he has a disorder(my cousin has that same disorder except her skin is blotchy and she turns WHITE and the spots will turn brown during the winter and in the summer it works the opposite way)
    ***now I don’t know if all of my thoery is true about EVERYTHING about lady gaga and all of that but the lyrics of the song 3 in britney spears song saying”living in sin is the new thing”was on of the proof. Actually, Revelations is the proof to everything. And Satan was the angel of music..
    I don’t believe the world will end in 2012. We will not know when it does. I think the world will turn into a division of complete brainiacs, or filthy rich people ruling over those who won’t be able to keep up with the crazy new technology and demands in the market system.
    Learning about how 80% of the earths natural forests are gone ! And where the trash goes..how much waste America uses how selfish we are, how were destroying the planet for “stuff” worldly things is just unbelievable how quickly there won’t be enough resources. And then what will happen ? When there’s no more forests left? Or gas ? And people like Monsanto have injected every single thing we eat, everything will be cancerous. AIDS will definetly increase,as the youth are expossed to sex at the earliest stages. I can’t judge anyone ,but there is an increasing amount of baby mamas and baby father my age with no family,no thought of becoming a family. Who are still running around trying to get with every girl. What about the children who are going to have to run this country ? And I know a lot around 22 years old that have no inititive to have a carreer or to become anything but to make money,get bitches,smoke..as if they can live that way forever. 50 years ago 20 was a time for a Man to be a Man already, or if you had children you would have to make it work, the man would get a job and grow up. The problem is were not growing up fast enough,were growing up in all the wrong areas. The high school is the new middle school. A lot of boys aren’t taught morals. Along with women and nobody realizes their place or actual value.

    Artists like Gucci Mane are trapped in the devils mindset.
    Things like…”party party party lets all get wasted!…rockstar livestyle might don’t make it” sounds to me like “symbol symbol!” because might don’t make it ?? Were just dumbing ourselves down.and anouncing how we should all just get wasted does what ?

    ***I’ve also noticed how hypnotizing music is ! A song will get stuck in my head for a day. And sometimes ill hear a song and me and my sister will start singing the same part randomly at the same time. Or how ill be thinking of a part of a song, and someone I know will suddenly start singing that same part. Its really weird.

    BUT Anyways, Society will be a place of war. I see the end of time a hell on earth. When civilization is absent. When there’s no more electricity,everyone is killing each other over the smallest resources,the leaders will be demonic. And then god will begin
    This is all just my theory though

    We give the devil power by raving so much about these celebrities and that’s why I must pray to god and speak to him and love him because I must remember who the winner is in this whole thing.

    Its just so interesting because I want to spread the word people don’t understand how much the devil is real ! And GOD!


  94. saveyouselves Says:

    I feel you have something else to share

  95. dirtygurl Says:

    @ holy,

    ***I’ve also noticed how hypnotizing music is ! A song will get stuck in my head for a day. And sometimes ill hear a song and me and my sister will start singing the same part randomly at the same time. Or how ill be thinking of a part of a song, and someone I know will suddenly start singing that same part. Its really weird

    I just want to clarify, i DON’T believe in the devil, but i do believe that there is a malevolent force out there…to me GOD isn’t this person who sits in the sky making judgements, I believe that God is a force that cannot be named, or labeled, and you can call it what you want, i just don’t think it’s male/female, it’s EVERYTHING. just look around you at all the beauty that surrounds us…look at that one holographic blue feather tucked into the dirty brown ducks wing, now that’s a miracle, just like the formation of an embryo into a fetus and into an infant.

    someone said something interesting in a post somewhere this reader speculated that the DEVIL was actually working for GOD, who is testing to see who takes the bait ( worshipping idols like money and fame)..now wouldn’t that be a cosmic joke!!!!!!

  96. dirtygurl Says:

    oh wait i forgot what i wanted to say in the above post, i can def feel you on how the songs are actually hypnotizing us, that single ladies was stuck in my head a few weeks ago, and i couldn’t stop thinking it and i absolutely hate that song…that’s why they say things over and over again in songs to drive the point home. you ever wonder why kids can learn the newest rap song, but can’t tell their times tables from their plusses and minuses?

  97. faithinGod Says:

    Child of God and Dirty girl, amen to you from britain, I have spent hours researching into this madness and I believe it is all true, if anyone here reads the Bible, you will clearly see the end of times. All that is happning, in the media, illuminati, it has all been written many many years ago. we have all a responsibility to let each other and others know about this. if they choose not to believe, then it is on them, but it will not be long until they can not go on denying what is going on. Notice how the main topic is the music industry, because those behind it know that music is a language we all speak. the world can be brainwashed through this. i dont want to repeat what has been said because i sooooo agree with everything and i honestly began t think i was one if very few, but I thank the Lord for his faithfulness in not allowing us to be alone. we must work to helo the blind, because we all have a duty to do so. we dont want to see our families in hell or friends and loved ones, so pls continue to add information and share because this is the real education this generation needs

    • So much love to you and your family, FaithinGOD…You help encourage those of us who still care for the future…IT’s so refreshing to hear such encouragement. Believe me, you are loved…It is with love, we come to understand those things which can be harmful to another brother or sister in Christ. Anyway I can help, let me know…And once again, thank you, Dirtygurl…it is your site that brought a lot of love and understanding to many. To those who are giving you a hard time, you are held up by the HIGHEST! That’s the only approval you need….

  98. dirtygurl Says:

    we have to get the word out so that others can make the connection, I don’t want them to win, if they do, its going to be anarchy!

  99. faithinGod Says:

    worse even, we will all be dead people walking, the slavery they want to impose goes way beyond the natural.

  100. saveyouselves Says:

    I really enjoy reading everyones feedback because this all started when I heard 50 cents song on war angel and couldn’t get over how crazy it was
    And so many changes I’ve noticed and things I’ve learned and I put the pieces together it all makes sense its so crazy !
    I pray to god that I can complete the task I am here to do it will be a great sacrifice and I hope I am not too late when I begin to spread the word I have a plan I feel I was destined for this I just need to gain as much knowledge as possible so the illuminati will not destroy me or at least not before I can spread the word. I hope to be like tupac in a singer version 🙂
    ****Btw I heard this song by ludacris but I wasn’t able to make it to the room quick enough to get the title of the song,I believe its new. Anyways his lyrics sounded powerful and a lot like he’s going against the illuminati if anyone thinks they have an idea of that let me know !
    ***I do know that stevie wonder was aware of a lot though !!

  101. the secret society is all da way fucked up u dumm ass gorvenment people dont to be mean but y da fuck yall gotta be killin people yall got hella money yall rule the world more than obama ass do .. hav him join wtf its stupid y do yall have people do yall dirty work??????????????

  102. Mj DID NOT molested these childrens. and listen carefully to the song they dont care about us of MJ. in the video he said in front of the ONE EYE : Will me, thrill me
    You can never kill me. = in front of the eye… pluz I believe that joe jackson soul mj’s soul to the devil. but mj later broke free

  103. i no jay-z is evil he is a devil worshiper.if u hear his music backwards it says 666 murder jesus.i also no when some one goes to the ypyrimaid some suddenly dies like the same time micheal jackson died is the same time when obarma was in the pyramid.and anyone who does want to jointhe devil worshiping dies.this is y we are suppose to listen to gospel songs and not jayz etc…… ,because it is mind control! all they need is prayer and repentence see i am only 12 and i no about these things!! kmt

  104. saveyouselves Says:

    Ok so I just so happened to see a clip of rihanna’s new video “the wait it ova”(I think that’s what its called)
    Only to notice how dark and evil she looks.
    It was in black in white but what really caught my eye were the crosses in the background! I then discovered she was in a church !
    Eugh it upset me so much idk why it did though
    She spun around(you know how they make the artists move faster than they’re really moving like in disturbia) and I swear she looked like some type of witch.
    I am curious to see the whole video but im not sure if I want to I know its going to make me so upset.

  105. Samuel Umoetuk Says:

    I must say I’m really shocked.. I can hardly utter a word. All i can say is that we’re in the end time, and one really need to work hand in hand with God.. So that our souls can be saved and we make heaven. other than that we’re all doomed.. Coz the world is turning out to become something i can’t really fathom.

  106. Hi.
    Very interesting my freind and very sad for less than 3000 views.because we are too busy watching TV garbage,because we prefer sweet lie rather than bitter truth, because we prefer to beleive in everything we can reed in books only because they was written by any PhD or famous etc.You said that you dont beleive in satan-but he(she) exists, because how do you think they managed to do what they have done and keep it in secret so long.

  107. Sovereignty Soldier Says:

    I hope PAC is alive. We need soldiers like him in the coming battle with these illuminati snakes. Yes they are real and they are satanists. They use Masonic lodges to conceal themselves. Sort of a secret society within a secret society. Even the majority of free masons do not know about them. They are after world government and total control over peoples lives. They are racist and are responsible for the AIDS virus, which is a biological weapon designed to attach to the couplers on the T cells of non aryan races, especially those of African decent. The Illuminati also go by the name “Moriah Conquering Wind”. Their tools are Kabbala magick, mind control via hypnosis or trauma based mixed with demonology. I salute 2PAC for resisting these dragons. They also killed M. Jackson for refusing to continue following orders and trying to expose them. A new label of resistance has sprung up called “Hard Truth”. There is one particular rapper who exposes the Illuminati and battles them lyrically. His name is “Paris” and he is a self described “Hard Truth Soldier”. His music is free to demo on the label site so check it.

  108. Is that pacs mom in the picture with beyonce????????

  109. Is that pacs moms in the picture with beyonce the women with the dreads and glasses??????

  110. did aalyah die by the illuminati

  111. all the hip hop murderfuckers are member of the illuminati except tupac cause he fought against them onelove tupac u much more than a friend. even in the darjkest night am a thug 4 life

    • Now everyone, what are we going to do about this? I teach the youth in my church because most of this stuff is focused on our youth…Please pray for our babies….Let me know what you think and I will be checking back in a few days…LOVE to you all…

    • dont forget about immortal technique he is very anti illuminati propbably why he is so talented yet unsuccessful compared to beyonce etc

  112. All I have to say is there is nothing worse than psyco ass extreemists…Hun Ive experienced sexual abuse and had a son who died…I damn sure am not losing my mind saying crazy senseless bullshit…get a life n get some help…please

  113. and Aaliyah and Beyonce’s styles and talents are sooooo different…As a true fan of both, I can recognize that…I liked Beyonce most from day one, and Aaliyah’s death had NOTHING to do with it or her fame… And Left Eye…mmmmm….she wasn’t rreally anything more than an extra member in the group….she rapped on a FEW songs…

    • Left Eye also wrote a lot their hits too, and her playful style was recognized int he group also.

  114. @ jasmine
    ask yourself if beyonce had so much star power than why did she need a girl group to be a her launching pad? you really can’t say what went on all you can do is speculate which is what we are doing now. you and others who think like you are the illuminati’s wet dream, those who accept the status quo and don’t question, but we are not the status quo. we have minds and we are not afraid to use them. we are not here to convince you of ANYTHING we are here to merely touch upon that which doesn’t sit right with us. if left eye was just “another member of the group” like you say, then they would have replaced her an moved on, however that was not the case. why on earth was she named left eye, what’s with all this preoccupation with “EYES” Even aaliyah wore her hair covering her eye at one point in her career. doesn’t that say something to you? like i said, we are not here to convince you of anything, but obvioulsy something we said has touched you in some kind of way because you felt compelled to comment.

    • Who said that Beyonce needed the girl group to make her popular, because Kelly Rowland was not as successful as Beyonce with her solo albums. Even if Beyonce would have never been in a girl group she still would have been popular, because she is what made the group popular anyway, she brought them out.

      • I guess if you always got the main parts to the songs and had a dad and a mom that made you the lead singer (she always had the outfit that stood out I might add) wouldn’t you think that they were focusing on that particular person, their daughter and didn’t even truly help the other daughter. It’s shameful. Bey didn’t really come out until she returned, new boob job and all in Crazy in LOVE. GOD back in time.

  115. @ child of god…
    i think the best thing we can do is to talk about this. I don’t want my children anywhere near the “industry” or anything that will make them a target for these assholes. we have to start educating our children, and start taking an active role in what they hear, see, etc…

    you know it’s bad when you have the president of the united states idolizing lil wayne. we have to be accountable. stop pushing our kids to be in the industry, nfl, and nba. start pushing them to be lawyers doctors and teach them the ugly truth about what’s really going on. we think we are protecting them by not giving telling them what’s really going on, it has to start with us as parents and as leaders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you so much for your patience with me in answering my questions. I truly appreciate you, Dirtygurl. Whether people heed your wisdom or not, just know that you have someone who appreciates your candor, taking the time to educate those of us who are truly concerned about our youth. Something is happening to our world…We best believe that all that GOD prophesied is coming to fruition as we speak…Please help keep us informed. I will continue to visit your page each week…

  116. saveyouselves Says:

    I had a “discussion” with an old aquiantance of mine. She merely insulted my intelligence because I told her I believed lady gaga was in the illuminati and worhsiped the devil. And went on to say she was a Mason and herself had been looking into becoming a Mason.
    Well im not stupid. Yes freemasons are secrect societys that started long back to our founding fathers. And although they hold good principles they’re beliefs are much different than those of Jesus Christ;you’re not even allowed to speak of him,yet you must accept all religions? I have been researched freemasons but I am a bit confused.
    This girl never spoke to me this way before. She basically said she didn’t care if lady gaga worshipped whoever she did that’s her business,but its not in reality. It is our business because its to our public to view and the next generation to feed off of it. I hate when people misunderstand me and think im a nut for this belief; she didn’t even let me say much.
    But before,this girl said she liked everything about her..everything.
    Idolizing someone is a sin that God really doesn’t like because were here for him.
    I am a sinner myself we all are;we are humans. But I know no one will listen to me until I change my life, and then they’ll just say im goody but that’s fine with me.
    I guess it saddened me because she went on to say that my god would be proud of what I’ve done. There are so many people blind that will not see until it comes.

    • So true, but at least you are trying and that’s the whole point…to not turn you head away from the truth.

    • @saveyouselves its propaganda created by the media that people with opinions like ours are made out to be crazy so that the rest of society will not accept what their saying, this is a shit example cuz i cant think of a better one but in the game the sims 3 you can give your characters personality traits and one of the behaviours for the “insane” trait is “talk about conspiracies” .. its little things like that which influence people and i didnt start to notice it until i began researching

      its only another piece of proof that the illuminati does exist and is trying to control us in my opinion

  117. i came across ths blog when i was researching for tupac and illuminati, I gotta say this was the MOST INTERESTING blog i ever read on the internet, i actually read every comment from top to bottom!!!

    people need to wake up and open there minds, the world is not in black and white,

    rest in peace to all the fallen soldiers

  118. @ ak…
    thank you for reading the post as well as the comments, as I think that we should all be able to voice our opinion. soon “freedom of speech” will be a memory unless we arm ourselves with knowledge while we still can.

  119. @ saves
    when you talk about his stuff, you are going to hit a bunch of brick walls. Someone told me that I’m obsesed, and you know that’s fine. This means something to me. It is quite disturbing to know that my life, and the life of my children and others that I love mean absolutely nothing to those who are in drivers seat. You can’t let that discourage you. the fact that this post has gotten so many hits and comments says that we are not the only ones who feel that something is not right. There is definitely a pink elephant in the room…alas, the emporer is not wearing any clothes!

  120. you guys need to check out my latest posts, why not subscribe to the blog? I enjoy interacting with you guys and bouncing ideas.

  121. To every one in this message board, I cant express enough how refreshing it is to see people waking up from this fear induced society. For centuries the people of the United States whether you be Black, White, Hispanic, or Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian it doesn’t matter have been subjected to this brainwashing that the world gov are all in on. They have made us think that one is better than the other and that race really matters, to keep us all distracted from the things that they really do in those big gov meetings. I live in L.A. and at one time was pursued an acting & singing career, I became very appalled at the way the two industries operated from things i would see happening in the parties up in the Hollywood Hills and so on. Most of the people in the industry are bi sexuals but you guys would never know it. Some of the biggest celebrities are very weak minded from the conditioning that they go through. And let me just say that Hollywood, Century City, Beverly Hills are all run by the Illuminati. I know this because i worked at a very expensive mall that all the celebs go to for shopping or just to walk around in Century City which is about 5 blocks away from Rodeo Drive. One day i was working at my kiosk and 3 middle aged men whom just so happened to be white stopped by to check out my products, we got to talking and one of the guys goes; man your pretty sharp whats your name. I replied accordingly, and then he turns to his friends and says hey I like that guy we should make him Brand New, HA Ha HA hA ! then one of his friends says yeah I was thinking the same thing Ha hA hA. I didn’t know what they had meant but the Most High must have been with me because they all just turned and walked away laughing. I did some research and the term Brand New in the Illuminati means Rebirth to give someone a new start under the Illuminati umbrella. If you look at some of the buildings from above in Century City you can clearly see the Illuminati runs that city. Why? Well if you go to Google earth and type in the fly to area Century City, Ca. it will give you a birds eye view of the city. you will see Constellation Blvd. and just off of Constellation Blvd. Is Ave Of The Stars. A building has just been recently constructed to show from above the Masonic All seeing Eye and The Masonic protractor between two pyramid shaped buildings. I come to find out Astrology has a lot to do with the Illuminati. Look into it, this stuff is real. Ohh, one more thing, I also found out that the blacks in America are the real Jews.


  122. To every one in this message board, I cant express enough how refreshing it is to see people waking up from this fear induced society. For centuries the people of the United States whether you be Black, White, Hispanic, or Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian it doesn’t matter have been subjected to this brainwashing that the world gov are all in on. They have made us think that one is better than the other and that race really matters, to keep us all distracted from the things that they really do in those big gov meetings. I live in L.A. and at one time was pursued an acting & singing career, I became very appalled at the way the two industries operated from things i would see happening in the parties up in the Hollywood Hills and so on. Most of the people in the industry are bi sexuals but you guys would never know it. Some of the biggest celebrities are very weak minded from the conditioning that they go through. And let me just say that Hollywood, Century City, Beverly Hills are all run by the Illuminati. I know this because i worked at a very expensive mall that all the celebs go to for shopping or just to walk around in Century City which is about 5 blocks away from Rodeo Drive. One day i was working at my kiosk and 3 middle aged men whom just so happened to be white stopped by to check out my products, we got to talking and one of the guys goes; man your pretty sharp whats your name. I replied accordingly, and then he turns to his friends and says hey I like that guy we should make him Brand New, HA Ha HA hA ! then one of his friends says yeah I was thinking the same thing Ha hA hA. I didn’t know what they had meant but the Most High must have been with me because they all just turned and walked away laughing. I did some research and the term Brand New in the Illuminati means Rebirth to give someone a new start under the Illuminati umbrella. If you look at some of the buildings from above in Century City you can clearly see the Illuminati runs that city. Why? Well if you go to Google earth and type in the fly to area Century City, Ca. it will give you a birds eye view of the city. you will see Constellation Blvd. and just off of Constellation Blvd. Is Ave Of The Stars. A building has just been recently constructed to show from above the Masonic All seeing Eye and The Masonic protractor between two pyramid shaped buildings. I come to find out Astrology has a lot to do with the Illuminati. Look into it, this stuff is real. Ohh, one more thing, I also found out that the blacks in America are the real Hebrews.


  123. All I can say is that Jay Z may or may not be a part of that organization. However, his business prowess probably came from dealing heroine(which is suspected in some circles of being controlled by the illuminati). Just look at Amy winehouse if you want an example of one of his junkies with a little talent. The man graduated from the School of Hard Knocks just like the criminals that founded the organization and the US.

  124. @ anon,
    come on, jay z is a mason, as he uses the handshake therefore, he is a part of the illuminati. Now he says that he’s sold drugs on the street corner, and the illuminati is responsible for drugs being continuously shipped into the country. as far as the elite being from the school of hardknocks, that is completely crazy since they come from families like the Rockerfellers, Rothchilds etc…who have always had more money than they could spend for hundreds of years. that wealth is passed down. none of them have ever had to worry about anything financially. that is the problem, they are bored because they have done everything. the only thing they “taught” him was how to handle his slaves Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kanye among others. I’m sure Bey and Rih, and Yeezy have been passed between the most powerful men in the world, that’s what a slave is used for in the illuminait. please read “thanks for the memories” by brice taylor, as she claims to be one of those slaves, and I thoroughly believe her.

  125. omg i did a research and MJ’s death was TOTAL blood sacrifice for the family.

    Everyone in Hollywood knows what is Blood Sacrifice. Or human sacrifice. When you sell a person for success, the richness and the power. Michael Jackson is unfortunately one. If one reconsiders with his death, it is absolutely not normal, there are enormously things which do not go. We is all of agreement on the plot Illuminati, it is indubitable. But its family was in the blow too. The death of Michael was an arrangement… The death of Michael is criminal. Its family let it die in small fire. After the incidents of the charges of pedophilia, Jacksons let Michael surround himself by bad people. They made purposely to have its money. They let it be made insult, to destroy in the press without protecting it, all his/her so-called friends, as Brook Shields it fallen during the charges not to tarnish their image. His/her more faithful friends were his sister Latoya, her Jackie brothers, Tito, Marlon and Jermaine and Liz Taylor… Then you do not trust this “emotion” at the time of the ceremony of Staple Center, you do not trust the crocodile tears of Janet, and Jermaine… Only the children were sincere. Moreover Liz Taylor even said, that she did not wish to come to this ceremony, because Michael would not have liked that she is with an event relating to it which either if popularized through the media. She knew it even better than her family.

  126. and why the bloodsacrifice !?

    That most brothers and sisters of Mike their time of glory had, nobody should be known did not make failure. The last tube of Janet goes back to 2001, with Al for you. At a given time, when you do not have any more Christian logic, or religious, the money becomes your Master, and vs will be ready to do anything for him. The Jackson family is the example. Did Michael die and that does occur now? Janet goes up on scene and leaves his album best-of, Jermaine wants to put full the pockets of them by organizing the greatest concert with all times for his brother, even not a month after his death, it wants to also to dedicate a museum him… I think that the excuse of the debts of Mike is can, they want the money, they want to draw the attention to them. Do not be animals, are not handled…

  127. The only which says plain truth is LATOYA JACKSON! Moreover if you notice it was closest to Michael Jackson, it was her best friend. Latoya all the time says the truth, it is the only one which did not have any after the money of Michael. Moreover its individual Home left, and the money was transferred with an association that Michael adored. She moreover, is always put away from the family. Perhaps what are they afraid which it arises another book on revelations overpowering concerning the family? like in 1992

  128. Black and Proud Says:

    If its black and rich its dirty, growing up the richest black man was a gangster, a pimp, a drug seller and so forth, now im gorwn and i have come to respect that we as black poeple work very hard, a pity we work hard on putting and pulling each other down. why is Jay Z a devil worshiper now that he has money, why is Obama suddenly Freemansonry now that he is president, i saw someone’a argument where he says if he wasnt a Mason he would be dead or someone would have tried to take his life..is this what we have come to,even believing that if bad dont happen to u, u are badder?

    Beyonce a freemason, wow she go to church, sing good music and does a great dancing… now whats makes her a Mason, either being married to Jay Z or being Rich… if its by marriage default then all is good, if its money, cos she is black.

    Tupac alive, some say he is dead and blame the freemasons, some even blame Jay Z to say after their death he rose to the top… well for me its like this, Jay Z has never killed anyone, or done worse than we do everyday…

    As a Muslim women, Muslims hates black people more than whites, aint hate a bad thing? we hide behind our glass houses whilst we throw stones at those whose houses are made of bulletproof glasses.

    I wont be surprised if every single successful black person is a freemason. someone google Freemason, check their lists, you wont find a single person in the ones u mentioned, freemosans are mentioned on their websites and having Jay Z, Obama and even Beyonce on there would definetely increase their popularity but somehow they chose to mention the rest and leave them out…another thing, who said Freemasons is a bad thing, for crying in quietly they are free…we fight and fight for freedom and we dont think thats bad. if they control the media and the world, why do we complain, we watch their tvs, read their papers, buy their magazines, why dodnt u start ur God movement and stop taking jabs at other successful movements?

    I stopped going to church cos church-goers are judgemental, they are the worst and people have died thru the years for religion. Im an African i dont celebrate xmas, I celebrate September as our holy month and year end, thats how it has been with our farming, September everything became ripe and ready to eat so we had our year end and we were delighted then.

    America is rich, u dont like riches go to Ethopia, its funny, you people would do anything to have as much money as the stars we label bad… “Me i got it made if Jeezy is b=paying Labron Im paying Dewayne Wade..” “good girls gone bad the citry is filled with them, mommy took a bus trip, now she got a bus out, everybody rides her, just like a bus route, Hail Mary to the city you are a virgin Jesus cant save u life starts when the church ends”…

    • please don’t take offense, but it sounds like you are very close minded when it comes to your idols that is understandable since jay, bey, rihanna, kanye and just about anyone else, black, white or whatever who has achieved a certain level of success in the music industry is used by the illuminati to put us in a trance so they can push their agenda. we are not saying that everyone has taken the oath, especially women because these jerk offs don’t have an iota of respect for the female species because they see us as weak and emotional. that doesn’t mean that they won’t use women to further their own agenda though.

      i’ve said it before, and i will say it again BEYONCE IS A MIND CONTROLLED HUMAN ROBOT SOLD AT A YOUNG AGE BY HER FATHER INTO THE ILLUMINATI, NOW JAY IS HER HANDLER… please refer to the post “beyonce: vixen or victim”
      beyonce has always been beautiful and talented, but if you look into her eyes, there is really nothing there. no spark, she’s a robot and she wiggles her butt on cue! i am not tearing anyone down, i’m just pointing out the obvious. don’t you think it’s just a little self serving to refer to yourself as Hov which is a reference to Jehovah which is another name for god? go to a jay z concert and the audience is throwing up that damn pyramid, and it’s rather strange that the same pyramid has been thrown up at obama rallies.

      smooth is right, this is just not a black thang…how many white people have sold their souls and become slaves for them? try the beatles, madonna, barbara striesand, jack black, bob hope, ed sullivan, clark gable and the list goes on and on. anyone who has any influence in entertainment is connected to these goons, or else they wouldn’t be able to make as much money as they make. I think the biggest one out there are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. THIS ISN’T ABOUT RACE, IT’S ABOUT HUMANITY!

  129. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Black and Proud this isnt just a black thing, white ppl have soul their souls to the devil, sometimes it against ones will, u have it atwisted and it int just about no freemason this things goes wayyyy back all to do with the church and Babylonian, do some better detailed research.

  130. Black and Proud Says:

    Smooth Criminal, it just seems that columist have so much time on their hands to write about Jay Z, Beyonce, Tupac and other black movements who we respect, love and look up to, if this aint black or white please tell Bill O Reilly to fall back, Tell Rush Limbaugh to get off my balls, Its 2010 not 1864 ,… they make it easy for us to hate each other because obviously we dream to be like them, me, I dont think you can sell your soul to anyone, it is just not done unless by selling my soul i would mean I went against what i believe to get where i am… we all sell out now and then…

    I look at Rock and Roll artists and I see more than what i see on Jay Z albums, Jack White hosted the VMA and even gave prayer to Satan, no one talks about him yet a man who has someone to direct his video gets torn apart with words… pleaseeeee

    • It’s not that we have too much time, it’s that we have made the time to try to get our youth back on the right track…of course GOD said that man would be doomed and only a few of us will make it to heaven. This stuff is so minute compared to the eternity that the lost have sold their souls for. Rock and Roll has been doing this for years. I guess we notice it now because Black artists are now professing who they owe their success to. I recognize the signs being thrown up…even our president. What are we to do?

  131. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Well I guess it’s in the black mans will to hate on each other , tear each other down, cry each other down. Like looking at some African countries ya seeing it happening and even in the great America, I don’t see whats so great about America but oh well.

    Is it an American dream or is it really a nightmare?? xD

    BTW I still love the black ppl who are very successful and the music I like everything black white Indian but not alien xD

  132. I have to say that the blacks having anything to do with the illuminati is news to me. The only founders were all white slave owners that went to church. It is my firm belief that this “old money” could be coming from the vatican. If any of these blacks are a part of the organization, is because the founders probably raped their slave ancestors. Now you know who I think are current Illuminati? Matt Groening and Seth Macfarlane are probably some of the new upper echelon.

  133. Smooth Criminal Says:

    You PPL that believe FREEMASONS are freaking Godly and are saints, COME AGAIN, because they help each other out doesn’t make them the angels of God, they worship the devil, they are now combined as part of the illiminati movement.

  134. Black and Proud Says:

    Smooth, until u have prove please keep your comments of no value adding to anyone’s life to urself. I would understand you saying you are not freemason, I am not Freemason, neither am i Christian yet I do no one harm and I shall continue in this way… I pray to God I just dont see the need to be a Christ-Fellowship person. I respect all chrsitians, zionists, hindus., muslims, islamics, anyone who respect others whilst worshiping or paying to whoever they believe in, as long as ur faith takes u thru then we all good.

    Let us stop pointing fingers and trying to pull others down or their spirits. let us support people in what they do and find good in it, you be surprised at how our world could be like. remember free will is what God wanted for us all, so let us not be against what he gave us

  135. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Black and Proud I was NOT speaking to you, but as Bob Marley says, who the cap fit let them wear it.

  136. Nobody said anything about godly, it is also my belief that religion is one of the oldest scams known to man. Existence has no meaning, there is nothing more than this. Our existence is no more important or necessary to the universe than a skin cell is to our body.

    If you believe that anyone has any superhuman abilities, or that heaven or hell exist; you need to reevaluate your ignorance.

  137. Einstein said it best:
    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.

  138. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Wasn’t speaking to Anon either, but OH WELL

  139. saveyouselves Says:

    We wanted change so bad that we have no idea what we have just go ourselves into.
    I’ve hear that obama is a freemason is this true?
    If so we have a lot in store for us.
    But we must fight and gain knowledge its the only way!
    I was told that movie 2012 had subliminal messages,they wanted us to see that movie to intsill fear in us which I know is true but also those computer chips that they’ll begin to place in our children and the fight against those with or without will soon begin.
    Is that true?
    I know they will begin to try to put those chips the people but we must remember,if we wanted we could kill them they’re normal people they’re just physcopaths just like a lot of coporations.
    Whoever doesn’t believe this believes something.
    Look at jayz song d’evils he clearly says the illuminati wants his soul.
    Other people claim “its just a song”
    Is that really what u believe that music has no influence then what do we have entertainment for?
    Because people love a show and love to hear the lies and not think outside the box.
    Someone said AIDs is just in the mind. Where did that come from how is that possible? it was handmade. But then again we’ve come to the point where anything is possible.
    Its because people only believe what they see and hear.
    What about the things not seen.
    Those things are important and that’s where faith comes in.
    Religion is real because there is a good and evil always in the world no matter if u believe god and satan are the ones. But I know this for a fact that god has created the earth and we are creatures his creations. His invisible attributes show it.
    How can u say it doesn’t make sense,when it doesn’t make sense how we are even alive we are a species that is a little strange to me. Who created language did people just one day decide to speak and how did they let everyone know ? The little things just look at the little things that are just here and came to be that we take for granted and don’t even recognize is amazing itself.
    We didn’t make ourselves we were made from something.

    And this is all a story it was meant to happen. But we don’t have to let it without a fight. They will be trying to examine how good are we really,and how much they have us controlled.
    We can’t be afraid !

  140. saveyouselves Says:

    It’s amazing, I’m the reason
    Everybody fired up this evening
    I’m exhausted, barely breathing
    Holding on to what I believe in
    No matter what you’ll never take that from me
    My reign is as far as your eyes can see
    It’s amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’
    It’s amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’
    It’s amazin’
    (Let’s go)
    I’m a monster, I’m a killer
    I know I’m wrong, yeah
    I’m a problem that’ll never ever be solved
    And no matter what you’ll never take that from me
    My reign is as far as your eyes can see
    It’s amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’
    It’s amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’
    It’s amazin’
    (Let’s go)
    I’m a monster, I’m a maven
    I know this world is changin’
    Never gave in, never gave up
    I’m the only thing I’m afraid of
    No matter what you’ll never take that from me
    My reign is as far as your eyes can see
    It’s amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’
    It’s amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’
    It’s amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’
    It’s amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’
    It’s amazin’
    I’m amazin’, yeah, I’m all that
    If I ain’t on my grind then what you call that?
    Victorious, yeah, we warriors
    We make history, strive off victory
    Standing at my podium
    I’m trying watch my sodium
    Die high blood pressure
    You even let the Feds getcha
    I’m amazin’, born on the full moon
    I was bred to get it in, no spoon
    That’s why I’m so goose, summer time, no juice
    Big family, small house, no rooms
    They like, oh God, why you go so hard?
    Look what he’s been through
    He deserves an applause
    So amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’
    It’s amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’
    It’s amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’
    It’s amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’, so amazin’
    It’s amazin’

  141. saveyouselves Says:

    Those lyrics above are kanye west lyrics.
    Hm look at them closely he began this “futuristic” movement with 808’s and heartbrakes.

  142. Black and Proud Says:

    and I bet u r the best and worthy and saint of earth Saveyourselves… As for u Mr Smooth, if you place a comment expect an answer, this is a forumn… by the way Saveyourselves the credit for writting that song went to George Micheal…

  143. saveyouselves Says:

    No one is worthy enough for what God has done for us.
    I just know that there is something going on that’s been going on for a while now but it took these artists to open our eyes.
    Also, like you said black and proud,
    Lets stop pointing fingers. This is a simple discussion and we all should be able to have this talk without going against one another. I am learning from what opinions I read and I research them. If there is something you don’t agree with me on that’s all you have to say.
    And im just saying god is real. I am no christian myself I am just a believer.
    And all im saying is that we can’t be afraid when the time comes when evil will try to take over and we must go with God. We can’t be afraid of the people that will seem to have more power than us.

    And all im saying is those lyrics are an example of how we sing songs and don’t even realize what we’re singing.
    “My reign is as faar as your eye can see”

  144. saveyouselves Says:

    who is truely speaking in that song?

  145. Black and Proud Says:

    Fact is we blame people who are directed on what to do…its like u being blamed for ur company’s wrongs by the public.

  146. saveyouselves Says:

    And that is why I said who is really speaking in that song.
    Think about it
    Artists are being forced to do certain things some it seems are doing them by choice but you’re right about one thing. Who can we judge? Who can we ourselves as sinners judge anyone?
    We don’t know what’s truely going on but we can’t help but to notice those things right before our eyes and the evil in the things we see coming from the world and the music

  147. Black and Proud Says:

    you most likely have a killer neighbor, a rapist brother, a thief cousin, a gay uncle and the list is endless and u wanna judge someone on tv….pleaseeee

  148. saveyouselves Says:

    That’s also true.
    But some people do find it a little disturbing for their children and I just know that if we have the type of music videos in our time in 10 years it will only be worse
    It is important because our world has always been full of corruption but it has turned so bad

  149. Black and Proud Says:

    That wont change cos u tear apart Jay Z, Kanye West, Rihannah and Beyonce, we need to look at our neighborhoods, change our surroundings and build our communities, that will build our morals, teach young kids to respect the elders. these days young kids dont stand up in a bus for an elder to take the seat, i doubt Jay Z made him do that, today a young kid gets paid before he can go to the shop, I guess Kanye Wets made him do it, today young girls have sex at an early age with old men, I guess Rihannah made then do it, today kids kill each other at school i guess Beyonce made them do it… Sometimes we only have to look in the mirror if we wanna place blame of our delapidated future and detoriorating world…

  150. saveyouselves Says:

    You’re completely right.
    Music is just a reflection of our society though. I know u might not believe it has any influence but I believe it does. Not to the point to change the worlds morals because were already changing but I do believe it is a reflection of our era. Someone wrote a song because that’s how they were feeling. Look at how we’re feeling now

  151. Black and Proud Says:

    Maybe we need to start with the movies, soapies and dramas, they are more influencial than music, Music in most cases makes people believe in themselves, more especially once you know the story teller’s story. Like if you are a Jay Z fan, reading the inetrview with Oprah you start understanding his music differently… watching the deleted scenes of FADE TO BLACk and listening to his music with intent for knowledge. and If u like someone’s music, u grow with them, Jay Z’s latest album is about growth, listen to So Ambitious, the words there will grow you faster… my point is that depends where u r standing when u listen to music, sometimes music will grow u, other times u r weak

  152. Black and Proud Says:

    Dirtgurl, u have convicted ur assumptions and want us to believe it… Now u r accusing Matthew of selling Beyonce’s soul, something he doesnt even own… wow, u need help, serious help

    • To Black and Proud, I felt that I needed to stop and let you know that you are loved. You are indeed my brother and I can in no way judge you. I am a Child of GOD… and only that. I have been a Christian since I was eleven years old. I work with the youth and in doing so, I know that the LORD has blessed many of them with great futures, but some have none. It is our job to try to understand what is going on around us and try to lead them in the right direction. Whatever we feed them, they will spew back to us. Sadly they look to the music industry for answers and they look at many of those people as role models. They give these people far too much credit. These people don’t care about strengthening the behavior of our youth. (though they are the main target them) It is still our jobs to teach the youth not to be sell outs, nor should our youth compromise their morals for the sake of success. Many of our artists today are teaching them that it is okay to do whatever it takes to be #1 in the industry. Our own president condones the music of some of these artists such as Beyonce and Lady Gaga. At this point, it is up to us to research and make some harsh choices. Thank you, Dirtygurl, for not being afraid to speak up on a subject that may seem to be so menial, but in fact, is very dangerous and lethal. I have to teach tomorrow night, a class full of preteen youth. For the most part these artists are negatively influential. I don’t see much hope in many of the lyrics. * Back to MR. BLACK and PROUD*, you are right, you can’t give to Satan what is already his. Sadly, Beyonce will do whatever it takes to be famous and “make that money”… Matthew doesn’t have to sell Beyonce’s soul.* It isn’t Dirtygurl that needs much help, the youth does. Dirtygurl just enlightened us and I thank her. I want to make a point like you did earlier. You may think that music does not influence the youth, I beg to differ. I speak with these young children every week. I teach them and I question them so that I know what to do to help them. Out of the mouths of babes, a little girl told me she wanted to be like Beyonce. She was only eight, then she started gyrating on a chair. Trying to explain to this young child that this was no way to act , was my next task. It gets harder each week. The children that I love so much, I can’t save them all. I only have one hour to spend with them during the week. I try to take the time to touch on points that matter at that time. The children learn the lyrics and sing along to the songs not quite understanding what they mean. They imitate art, if that’s what you call gyrating on a pole means. It is not my job to raise every child, but it is my job to speak the truth. I pray that the LORD give me wisdom each weak…I pray that they leave my class learning something fulfilling and useful.

  153. why are so many musicans obsessed with the occult? Does anybody even pay attention. Look how much attention aleister crowley has recieved through music and media. Yep, alesiter crowley otherwise known as the “wickedest man in the world.” Look at sgt pepper’s cover and notice crowley, yea the beatles wanted to have all their friends, idols, and mentors on that cover. Look at michael jackson’s album “dangerous”…notice crowley. Listen to black sabbath, ect. Did you know crowley was a 33rd degree FREEMASON…it i s a known fact. Look at pictures of Crowley with the weird triangle hat on with a triangle or pyramid inside the triangle. Now what do people associate crowley with???? Answer: Satanism. ok so lets through a bunch of hand signs in the air that well known satanists use and tell me that’s the holy trinity. HAHA, jimmy page was obssed with crowley hence stairway to heaven. Did you know page bought the house where crowley may have performed sex magick rituals? Why? Have any of you ever read any of ozzy’s interviews about feeling possessed some times and the demoic visions he had. I am a diehard metal, deathmetal, deathcore fan and when people throw up the devil horns or owl horns salute they say hail satan at concerts. It’s funny to people because they dont take it seriously, but they should. Look at pictures of the beatles throwing the horn salute and the ok sign forms at “666” configuration. did you know the washington monument, a pagan obelsik, meausres to 555.5 ft high wich converts to guess what???…6666 inches. the sides measures 55.5 ft long which converts to 666 inches. coincidence, no. google george washinton and baphomet comparsion pics. Why is george washington imitating a demon’s exact posture? why is there a statue of the pagan god mars (also know as marduk in othere cultures) standing in the entrance to us capital building. Why is the capital designed to include a figure such as an owl? why is there an owl hidden on the dollar bill? why is the bohemian grove motto “weaving spiders come not here” and also includes a picture of an owl on it. notice on the dollar bill the weave like design does not touch the owl. Look up the word owl and see the conotations that you will find. Did you know the egyptians, whenever drawing and owl in hierolghlyics would show the owls legs being broken so to not incarnate evil spirits or the demon Moloch/molech into our dimension. We know there is a 40 foot owl statue at the bohemian grove…weird. But these are ALL just coincedences, RIGHT??? Wake up people. Take a bucket of sand and mix in small cup of pepper and try to remove the pepper from the sand. Its the same with truth and lies. Ultimately the truth will conquer lies and the world will see the ultimate truth and it will be undeniable, but time is the only cure. We will evolve and realize that we are opressed, and that our LEADERS, RIGHT or WRONG are doing some crazy sh%t. At least accept that.

  154. ohh yea and the bibles tells us: one with knowledge can determine the devil/antichrist/nwo. People are concentrating on one person, it is many. The mark of the beast is the elite, that is the devil/satan/molech/fallen angels/the watchers/ect. Google lucent technology and try to find their address. Did you find it??? hahahahaha

    • I guess we will find out that the actual antichrists are not even the ones that profess to be one. We see so many artists disrespecting HIS laws, what are the children to do? It will all come to light before we even have a chance to change.

  155. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Music is a very powerful tool.

  156. Mike Pain Says:

    Ok Guys Jay Z’s newest video is so Santanic, if we still have people in this forum thath dont believe it after seeing the new video On To Th Next One (Feat. Swizz Beats) Then you are already a brain dead victim. People get ya Guns Ready for this because United nations are gonna invade us in the future. Get Ya Gunz and stay ready. Here is a link

  157. dirtygurl Says:

    i just saw that vid thanx for the link, i couldn’t even pick up on all the satanic symbolism but i know that just watching it gave me the creeps so i just turned it off.

  158. Religon, atleast orthodox Islam and Christianity and Judiasm, is the truth. The Illuminati WANT you to question GOD, they want you to believe it’s all fake, that’s what makes the Illuminati’s lord, Satan, stronger.
    Go to God, religion isn’t evil, it’s pure, it’s man who corrupts it.
    One Love, One god.

  159. Jawbreaker Says:

    Hi guys. Ive read all of your post. Im glad there are people who thinks the same way as I do. xD WELL, the reason why most people might not wake up to the truth (especially Americans) is because of the injection you guys (yep, Im british) took when you were born. You know those jabs you had to take days/weeks after you were born? It has mercury. That mercury burns off/slows down brain nerves and cells. This process has been going on for alot of decades now. I learnt this off youtube. Its very interesting…and devastating. Maybe this is the reason why some people are againts the Conspiracy Theory. Fluoride is also a deadly weapon of Illuminati. Fluoride flows in tap water…tap water is used everyday. Fluoride can rot your teeth and is kinda toxic. x( Also, Tupac is in Cuba. Though Im not sure of that. Eminem has clues in his songs about it and so does Tupac. You guys know Rhianna’s Umbrella music video? She was dancing naked (covered in Silver paint) in front of a triangle!! Just so you know, the Vatican is also part of the Illuminati. Yeah… Im just 15 btw. xD LOL.

  160. Jawbreaker Says:

    Disney’s part of the conspiracy as well. Have you seen the subliminal messages in the cartoons? There are “SEX” everywhere!! Hmpf. Good thing I didnt like Disney. Oh and Nickolodeon as well. Pyramid exposed there. xD Hmm… Uhh… Err… Oh! Yeahhh. A celebrity CANT be a celebrity without joining the Illuminati. Have you read how Marilyn Monroe lived? Not as fabulous as youre expecting. Her bedroom? No windows. Just a door and a wall covered with mirrors. She was completely manipulated by the group. Search it up yourself. X3 Big Brother is part of the Illuminati. Did you notice the Eye of horus? It IS the symbol! xD TEEHEE.

  161. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Hey Jawbreaker so what u tryna say, that the british all Godly and saint, when in fact this thing goes way back to England, with dare old Queen. Just letting u now, and good points u have glad ur awake about he stuff. and no offense im just saying, cause some brainwashed ppl on here got issues.

    Peace & One Love

  162. Smooth Criminal Says:

    And yes im glad u r aware of Disney 🙂 and Marilyn Monroe. celebrity would b famous all brainwashed and have not a clue, but they wont become a high profile celeb unless, they when selected and served accept for rebirth and all the crap, if not accept ud see they not riding high u dont hear about then, they just drop off the planet, and for those who accept have rebirth and all that after a while an they r tired being controlled and want out, or try exposing them, they have bad things happen to them out the blue, or they die sudden and very weird.

    Even the good old film wizard of oz full of satanic stuff and brainwashing

  163. Black and Proud Says:

    Im glad i dont think like JawBReak, i love the Jay Z video… What he eats dont make me shit, its only entertainment… Happy New Year, let us be positive instead of trying to find much about evil

  164. At the end of the day there is only one religon and group of people that has a lot of power against the illumanti and that is Muslims. They will never brainwash us. So it dosent bother me that much. Also when these f****d up, devil worshippers singers/entertainers die (am hoping a painful death) they will go to hell were they belong.

    So for the smart people who are aware of all this, my advice is stay strong and pray to God.

    • I’m not muslim, but I am going to heaven. I am a simple Christian, baptized like Christ was, a simple disciple that tries to live the way the LORD would have me live. I am full of mistakes, so I am doubly thankful that I have the Holy Spirit within me to help me make it through the day. I am a soldier of the LORD who loves each and every person on this page. On the day of judgment I will be with my LORD on the right hand of GOD ready to receive my reward in heaven. I invite anyone to join me. I pray that the industry get better even though the LORD prophesied that it will all get worse from here…GOD bless and take care of our little children for they are watching all of us…and we are held accountable for what they see and what they ultimately do.

  165. Black and Proud Says:

    now u r about to fight about whose religion is worthy… well I am not a christian, i believe in the higher power and I pray everynight to God. I dont need religion to know about heaven and Jigga be the man that will put u on the map.

    Man Jay Z is a great artist, sometimes when u like music dont beat the man who does it down. look at your Britney, Amy Winehouse, Eminem, Kid Rock and many other self confessed Drugs addicted artist that you still support. people who say it proud and your kids watch that ish and they take up drugs as well.

    look at your Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and many other celebrities who dont give a damn if they are a good example to society or not, they are taking their clothes off in public, they are showing off their cookies… guess what, you google them, watch their cookies and like it… one man does a song, gets a whiteman to direct it and he gets blamed.

    welll shiiiiitttttt, if its white its good, if its black its bad…shiiiittttt i say

  166. Black and Proud Says:

    and God’s child or Child of God, you need help as well… well you need 3 prayers and 2 white people

  167. i really hate beyonce so finding out about dis doesnt surprise me at all..so
    i hate her even more

    • CriticXteme Says:

      I hate to say this but Beyonce will be around forever and in many forms. Illuminati wants this. And with their help she’ll continue to make horrible music and poison the minds of the world.

  168. Black and Proud Says:

    Like Beyonce gives a damn aboiut your hate…hate eats up your own energy not that of the person you hate…twerp

    • BLACK AND PROUD, I am your sister. I am black as well..It doesn’t matter what color they are, if they are hurting our youth, it’s totally not cool and we are held accountable for the new generation of youth in this world. This generation of people, whether they be black or white, are hurting them. The youth idolizes them. It is the job of the parents to take care of their children. I am a mother and a teacher. Lady Gaga (who is white by the way) Beyonce, Jay Z, and Rihanna are the artists that they are talking about right now. I try to take the time to listen and find out who their heroes are who they idolize. As parents, it is our job to supervise our children. If you notice, they focus on our youth whether they are selling and their products or encouraging the “wonderful” lifestyle they are living. it is up to us to guard and protect them. By the way, you speak of celebrities “showin’ their COOKIES”? I just saw a picture and an article of Beyonce “showin’ her cookies” while dancing on a pole during one of her concerts. IF you look at the footage, it looks staged. I should never be afraid for my children to watch anything for fear that something might be exposed. You say I need a prayer and two white people, that speaks a lot about your character. If it takes that to help you, I will definitely take it, my brother…

      • CriticXteme Says:

        Great post. What you see from Beyonce and others is staged. It’s done to keep your job of being focused in life off balance. Those who truly run this country, want you to think like idiots, function as robots and think that everything you see on TV and music is real. Once they have you under their control, it’s too late for you and you’re now like everyone else in the World. Some of the parents of this generation are worst than their kids. How can they police their children when they can’t police themselves. 98% of the problems with kids are the parents!

  169. SomeoneXrandom Says:

    Your all fuckin paranoid i don’t doubt that musicians are controlled but not by the illuminati/devils no there controlled by there record labels, lawyers,executives…….etc
    and if the illuminati did exist do you think you would find videos about them on youtube lol i highly fuckin doubt it
    so far i havent seen 1 piece of of actual evidence regarding the illuminati only theories and I mean call me crazy but i need more then coincidences and speculations to believe in a secret order brainwashing the world
    i just don’t find conspiracy theory sites as reliable sources
    but you can call me blind,stupid or whatever you just keep fighting the good fight by sitting at home on your computer speculating on blogs,forums youtube lol that’ll show the god damn illuminati
    peace bitches

  170. SouthernBelle Says:

    I don’t care what anyone says about me or to me. I totally believe Brice Taylor and believe that brainwashing is not only possible, but happening right now. I believe that the Illumanti exists and are active. Well and alive today. I’ve studied and read about this until I could only come to one conclusion. It is real!!! I also believe in heaven and hell, God and Satan. Just the same way I worship and praise my God. I believe their are people who worship and praise Satan. After all he is the God of this world. Those are my beliefs. And I will not force them on anyone, trying to prove that I am right. All I know is that when a person is given information and/or knowledge about something, they become responsible and held accountable. Meaning when it’s all said and done, you will remember what you’ve been told. If the so called surprises suddenly appear you who don’t believe will not be as surprised as you think. Hurt maybe, but not surprised. And because we are presently living in a free will, free thinking society. I respect everyone’s POV. I may not like it, but I will respect it.
    Now as far as Jay-z, Rhi Rhi, Bey, Kanye etc. They are adults and I am sure they have chosen a life that they feel they can live with. When it boils down to it, that is all that matters anyway. I refuse to argue about who belongs to what organization and what they believe in. I’m sure they know what they’re into. So on that note I will say… because of my beliefs, I will continue to pray for everyone.

    • I think your point would be well made if they didn’t target the young people who don’t have the power to detect “brainwashing”…That is where we come in…If they wouldn’t target those who are still innocent in their thinking, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Adults can decide for themselves what’s right and what’s wrong, so leave the young people alone.

  171. Black and Proud Says:

    Can we talk about something that is about us… WHy do traditional marriages work better then modern adapted marriages of your celebrities principles?

    • CriticXteme Says:

      Mainly marriages work because one of the two parties need something. A real man is not meant to be domesticated with the same person the rest of his life unless it’s a hot 18 to 21 year old. This is the truth and no man will say this to his wife especially if she’s rich. Marriage is nothing more than a means of convenience and a mistake in many cases and that’s why divorces are up. So stay single and fulfill your dreams.

  172. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Y the *uck dont u find a different blog and stop trying b a AZZ, this topic bothers ya get to fuck out u imp, stupid ass, cant u see the TOPIC!



    • CriticXteme Says:

      Aaliyah being a member of Illuminati? I don’t think so else she would be alive. She may have been asked to joint and denied it. And you see what the end result was. I have first hand knowledge of an Illuminati member. Two were in my family. I didn’t find out until he passed on. He wanted to die in his house. There he told me everything about Illuminati. I was a teenager and this news was a shock to me. We also realized something was wrong when some of his “friends” (that we never knew about) stated in his will they could put up some of personal belongings when he died. The question that everyone in the family asked, was how did they know he died? A lot of strange ish went on for about a year and half. His funeral was full with many people we didn’t know. There were more of them there than the family. As he was dying, he wanted me to join and I declined. I can tell you this, he had everything and we don’t know how he got it.

  174. dirtygurl Says:

    if you go back on the blog, you will find an early post i did on the fact that aaliyah was with jay before she was with dash. they were hugged up and looked pretty into each other, but at the same party (she had on the same outfit) she was hanging onto dame. someone who claims to know her family wrote a comment about how the whole r kelly thing went down. according to the poster, aaliyah’s mother was with r kelly, left her husband and everything. now please keep in mind that r. kelly is def involved in the illuminati. remember when he married aaliyah? he told her mom that if she bought aaliyah out to him, he would make her a star. the mother bit, but r kelly was sexing them both. aaliyah was pregnant by him three times, and aborted each time. the guys behind the illuminati rape each other’s children, so it’s absolutely plausible that aaliyah was introduced via r kelly. she was probably programmed and later on was passed between dame and jay, which was a big part of them falling out. her death leaves so many questions. what’s the official word? that the plane was overloaded. okay then what pilot doesn’t know his own planes weight capacity? do you recall how aaliyah wore her hair over one of her eyes all the time, then she stopped. i think that she was beginning to recover her true memories of all the abuse she suffered since she was a little girl. maybe she was unwilling to go along anymore, so they got rid of her.


  175. dirtygurl Says:

    discussing religion is futile, we believe what we believe and that’s it. let’s just agree to disagree, and nobody is better than anybody, let’s focus and keep on point as this is a very serious matter. i believe in every word that i type, and when this illusion shatters and is exposed, then what? we need to figure out how we can stop them, and i think i know the anwer to it, but it means changing your entire way of life. get rid of your cell phones, televisions, stop buying music, and paying to see movies. stop watching cable television, stop feeding their pockets. that’s the only reason they have all of the power. we need to stop using the banks, as they are controlled by them.

  176. ohh my name ,, i didnt write it correctly ,,, *Rosaa

  177. SouthernBelle Says:

    By being apart of the Illumanati, R. Kelly was able to avoid jail time and his public case was swept under the rug of lies. Notice how after beating the charges that situation quickly went away. The Illumanati is saturated with Pedophiles and they take care of their own. And not just anybody, but the members of the elite social circle. I have heard that Kelly has visited many Brothels in the third world countries to have sex with underage sex slaves. Many countries find this business very lucrative. They even auction off a lot of the little girls and boys to the highest bidder, to become someone’s own personal sex slave. Brice Taylor gave us a little peek into that world of being a mind controlled sex slave.
    It’s really strange how things that seem so extreme to us, that our minds can’t wrap around this as being a reality. But for a certain group of people, this is normal and their way of life. Pure evil!!!

    • CriticXteme Says:

      If you’re not tight with yourself, you will owned by Illuminati. Turn the TV and radio off for 1 week. Don’t read the newspaper and if you can turn off the damn cellphone and put in a drawer. Watch how self appears without all the Illuminati distractions. You’ll see that for the first day, you’ll crave like a crackhead those things you turned off. But if you hang until Sunday, you’ll see your focus is back minus the Illuminati distractions.

  178. This is all very interesting, and with all due respect to all blogers some R very awake and know what they R talk-n about and some R upset @ what they really don’t understand ,so I respectfully would like to offer help if I may. I would also like to point out that this wont B from a religious point of view ,but the truth is that demonic an satanic N-tities run not just the entire music and entertainment industry but the corporate spin doctors I.E. News media is theirs as well, its ben going on since the 30’s .STOP HERE FOR A SEC PLEEZ) . yES IT SOUNDS LIKE B.S. and truth hurts ! and it (truth), comes in 3 stages 1st its violently opposed 2nd it’s ridiculed snd annalized 3rd finally accepted as self evident there is tons of information out there and if u seek it you will find it ! You cannot have any measure of success in the world without B N approached by “THEM” THEY allow u 2 taste the good life 1st and that gives them leverage then ur give-n an ultimatum ! Do our bidding or else, u c every artist,actor ,polytician, priest when they sell ther soul they also have 2 undergo a course called witch language, so your words say one thing but they have double meanings and ur concious mind can’t pick up on it but ur subconcious mind does and when played backwords it can b acertained!! this is why when u listen 2 the montra of Obama’s “yes we can” slogan played backwords says {thank u satan} . Think with me 4 a moment ,y do u think all of the youth 2day have gone crazy with beastial acts of sex, murder and mayhem? its because their thoughts r manipulated and they dont know it’s hapen-n this is what the bible is reffer-n 2 of the mark of the beast is in our 4 head!! and some of u ride around n the car with this crap play-n in the ear of u and ur child u will find very shortly that u wont b able 2 control ur child @ all. Most of america has lost total control of ther children 2-day, researce the song [hotel calfornia] Elton Jon said quote” I have never wrriten a song that was not n witch language!” we are food for these entities, go 2 the website , Lennonhonorfilms.com – goodfighttheater.org do it quickly cause its a plan n place 2 cripple the internet this year 2010! P.S. if u take the flue shot n any form ur a godamn fool search youtube 4 fema death camps n america . 4 Those that need 2 know I love my country cuz I live hear and I am a former navy seal that fought n the 1st gulf war I found most things out while serving and i resented it as b.s. but after research-n the research the truth is what set me free needless 2 say though it was very disheartning! Peace and keep your heads up!

    • CriticXteme Says:

      America became weak when Trophies were given out to kids even when they lost and didn’t deserve it. Ever notice how A.D.D. just appeared one day? The minute you couldn’t spank your child is when you lost control. The world has changed. Some of the wrong people are parents. Talking to some children does not always work. Even if it’s one time, spanking a kids shows who’s in control. Illuminati does not want you to spank your kids because they lose money in drug funds, jails and funeral costs. These folks are everywhere and will get a piece of the action anywhere they can. So take note and get control of your kids. I don’t care if they’re 35 and acting a fool, get control before Illuminati does.


  180. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Bronoliebrary I’m glad with ur research u were able to find also cooperate and the media in it, but the blog about music mainly beyonce jayz etc, but ya the illuminati uses the MEDIA, as their key tool, to control us by limiting what we see and hear a bunch of lies instead of the truth, 2nd powerful tool MUSIC, believe it or not music is a very power tool, when u hear a song what r u doing? subconsciously singing the santanic lyrics, doing what ur brain reads from the song, and as for the celebs 🙂 we wanna follow their style, dressing, slang, hand signals , uhmmm, now do u think it coincidence all a them b wearing black in videos and stuff, and now having songs & albums about rebirth and brand new and shitt

  181. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Thanks Rosaa, if u like Michael Jackson, u can search for him tryna expose the illuminati from the music industry side,trust me u will understand better and discover alot a shit from what he say :S.

    Who interested in the music industry conspiracy Sony & Universal the names to research ud see all the rest come in place cause they all just subs of those

    Here a tip, support independent artist more, cause the ones sign to big labels r nothing but puppets and if they find that they can b a good candidate, they will introduce then to the inside and they accept and have a rebirth they become a super star then, there it goes again on and on

  182. John Smith Says:

    america is the illuminates base..yes there taking over the world believe it or not..from music to other countries..
    taking over Iraq and so forth was not just for oil but the real reason for ALL of this is for ONE thing..

    trying to destroy ISLAM.. because its the biggest growing religion and truest cleanest..and also its written in the Wholy Quran on what people will do to try destroying ISLAM..

    i will be brief.. purpouse of taking over all them countries is to kill as many Muslims as possible then going for the Kabbah so by then it wont be many muslims left in order to fight against..

    look everyone there’s one thing certain and that’s DEATH whether we lie it or not rich or poor..so why not be nice and get along..god may or may not exists yes but why risk it then it’ll be to late..

    we are all put in this world for a test.. don’t forget this now please..

    simple line.. EVERYTHING in this world has to come to an end one day be it a mobile car or laptop.. same as God has did for us…

    for those of you who are serious about the illuminati please look closer into it and you will honestly see there real target and for what they are preparing.. the Dajall..one eyed man who will say hes God.. i for one is not a Muslim but feel sorry for how they are always on the news how everyone is turning against them..

    Take care be safe..

  183. Smooth Criminal u r definently an awake and sharp individual we need more truth terrorist to drop dem bombs like u!! so keep fighting you are a invaluable part in the resurection!

  184. UP DATE i still maintain my music status the only music i lesten to is tupac cause he is very rea jayz and his colics ar snitches JUST FEEL DIS LYRICS BY PAC TO SEE HOW REAL HE WAS
    Y’all ain’t never just tripped and pictured
    And just looked at the whole situation
    Cause once u look at it
    You know
    (really do)

    They don’t give a fuck about us
    They don’t give a fuck about us
    They don’t give a fuck about us

    Thuggin’ till the day I die
    They don’t give a fuck about us
    And when I start to rise
    A hero in their children’s eyes
    Now they give a fuck about us


    Some say niggaz is hard headed cause we love to trick
    Equipped with game so we bang wit this thuggish shit
    I see you trying to hide
    Hoping that nobody don’t notice
    You must always remember you still a member of the hopeless
    See ya black like me
    So you snap like me
    When these devils try to plot
    Trap our young black seeds
    Look it
    Cops are just as crooked as the niggas they chasin’
    Lookin’ for role models
    Our father figures is bases
    Some say they expect Illuminati take my body to sleep
    Niggas at the party with they shotties
    Just as rowdy as me
    Before I flee computer chips
    I gotta deal wit brothas flippin
    I don’t see no devils bleedin’
    Only black blood drippin
    We can change
    Whatcha now say?
    I’m watchin niggaz work their lives out without pay (huh)
    Whatever it takes to switch places wit the bustas on top
    I’m bustin’ shots make the world stop
    They don’t give a fuck about us


    And if I choose to ride
    Thuggin’ till the day I die
    Cause they don’t give a fuck about us
    But when I start to rise
    A hero in they children’s eyes
    Now they give a fuck about us
    And if I choose to ride
    Thuggin’ till the day I die
    Nobody gives a fuck about us
    But when I start to rise
    A hero in they children’s eyes
    Now they give a fuck about us


    It’s the morning after and now all the laughter is gone
    Time to reflect on what you did cause they saying you wrong
    I’m sure you had your reasons dawg
    I don’t doubt you
    See the simple fact of the matter is they don’t give a fuck about you
    Or them five mouths you forced to feed (uh-huh)
    No including yourself
    All you want is what they perceiving as greed
    So as you loaded up that mack and continue to buck em
    I was on paper
    Thinking they don’t give a fuck about us


    I’m seeing it clearer
    Hating the picture in the mirror
    They claim we inferior
    So why the fuck these devils fear ya?
    I’m watching my nation die genocide the cause
    Expect a blood bath
    The aftermath is y’alls
    I told ya last album, we need help cause we dying
    Give us a chance, help us advance cause we trying
    Ignore my whole plea, watching us in disgust
    And then they beg when my guns bust
    They don’t give a fuck about us

    [Chorus x2]

    And if I choose to ride
    Thuggin’ till the day I die
    Nobody gives a fuck about us
    But when I start to rise
    A hero in they children’s eyes
    Now they give a fuck about us


    Now all my homies got love for me
    Down to catch a slug for me
    Guaranteed to bleed deeply
    Now that’s love
    Nobody else could give a fuck
    If I’m tore down, from the floor down
    Six-feet deep in the cut
    What the fuck done went wrong
    How long will I be mourned?
    When I’m gone, same song
    Ain’t gave a fuck all along
    And who am I to blame em?
    Just do or die through the rainin’
    Since they don’t give a fuck
    I don’t
    Feel what I’m saying?


    Now thug niggaz die but multiply in doubles
    Wrapped in plastic
    Or closed casket for our troubles
    Pressed in times
    We busted like bubbles
    With the police
    This nation’s peace sent here to run you
    Now look at what this crooked world has come to
    I grew up on the other side of perfect, a life of hurtin’
    Man I still hustle, so I’m dyin certain
    So I spent your time in poor and working
    I see no reason
    So I stay ballin’ season to season
    Why you stuck thinking that they give a fuck?


    You tell me my world is in peace, but nigga your lying
    Cause half of my niggas, long gone, buried in the dirt just for trying
    Sometimes I think my block is dying
    And that it’s awful
    To wake up to another day, shit ain’t change that all fool
    I wake up sweatin, dreamin, coughin
    Seein’ me upside down backwards head twisted
    While I’m layin in the coffin
    The shit comes around so often
    So tell me something
    Before I take it out on the world, and get to dumpin’
    Nigga I been so through pain go through the struggle
    Doin the same thing you did at my age and that’s hustlin
    On the edge of straight bustin’
    Well since you don’t give a fuck
    I be frontin
    And I’ma drink my Hennessey like it ain’t nothin

    [Outro x2]

    Now if I choose to ride, thuggin’ till the day I die
    They don’t give a fuck about us
    While I’m kickin rhymes, getting to their children’s minds
    Now they give a fuck about us

    They wanna see us die, they kick us every time we try
    They don’t give a fuck about us
    So while I’m getting high, I’m watching as the world goes by
    Cause they don’t give a fuck about us


    • Not to judge, but how can you have a name like REPENT and support the foul language in the songs that you promote? I agree that TUPAC was a great artist. My son grew up listening to him, but I still had to teach him that TUPAC died a violent death because of his surroundings and I could see the change in his life more and more each day. I actually was depressed the day he died. You still have to teach the kids that you don’t have to tell your story with foul language. OF course, that was all he knew and I don’t judge him for that, but we are responsible for teaching the kids that we can stop the vicious cycle that he had to go through. I wish he were alive today. Could you imagine where he would be today had he lived. JESUS story is the greatest story ever told and there will never be anyone to top that…I admire TUPAC, but he didn’t hang on a cross for me. I can’t excuse his behavior. I can admire what he was trying to do, but he didn’t make it out in time and for that I feel so bad. I can’t endorse anyone who leaves GOD out within ONE IOTA of their existence.

      • Your a dumb ass, Your Language has nothing to do with being honest, If you looked pass your dislike of curse words then you would have understood his message, on his final album he recorded before his death on the song Against All odds he speaks on EVERY THING, he says at the end of the song he got his money up now he wants war, Now if he did fake his death he has made more money dead then alive, with movies, clothing lines, albums ect, now what war was Pac talking about??
        killuminati he said he wanted to kill illuminati and end that shit,
        and make a better way for the younger Generations of people now you really need to get your head out of your ass.

  185. yAA i’LL CONTiNUE My RESEARCH =D !!! AND yEAAA i LiKE MJ* #1 FAN ( L )

  186. This is the exact website I’ve been searching for. None of the other webs sites point out these possibilites. i think the world is too obbsessed with the present, and don’t what to believe anything that the past or future have to offer. Everyone is too caught up in the now to recognize whats really going on, not saying the Illuminati is/ isnt going to be successful, but anything is possible.

  187. Sonil 001101 Says:


  188. This can all be some hardcore shit that’s going to happen…
    or it can be just a coincidence…


  190. About the Michael Jackson case, Right Michael was murdured by the illuminati scums as he was starting to talk out things which was not in the pact agreement forced on him.

    He had to be killed as quickly in an effective way as possible because the threat he posed was a danger for the illuminati. What would he have said if the concerts dates went ahead in July 2009?

    I believe Michael would have spoke out about the entertainment/music industry and the injustice he had suffered at the hands of coward sickcos. What he would have said would send shockwaves, you see the real michael was coming out finally after so many years under mind control.
    He was an MKUltra victim. Just like many of these so called artist inparticular Rihanna!!

    Basically he was under mind control!! When he performs on stage his alter ego or in other words a demon possess him and takes over. Its not him doing the enegetic singing or dance moves, its his alter ego, (demon).

    Even he admitted some of the dance moves he does shocks him when he is played a video of himself to him.

    Remember the Oprah Winfrey interview back in 1993??
    In one scene he stated when ask why he grabs his groin, ”the music compelles (forces) me to do it” Sometimes when I look back I say to myself Ow is that me doing that?! I’m a slave to the rhym”.

    Ring any alarm bells??

    Michael was speaking out because his mind controlled state of mind was breaking down. He could not be controlled any more. The real Michael Jackson was beginning to emerge.

    As an MKUltra victim himself it does explain over the years his erratic behaviour in the media. All MKUltra victims have multiple personalities disorders.

    Well I hope this explains not all but part of the death surrounding Michael Jackson. I say part because there is more than this but I can’t explain everything because this will take a long time but please folks continue your research, research MKUltra Mind Control and also alters and alter egos.

    REMEMBER TO KEEP SABBATH DAY HOLY, WHICH IS SATURDAY NOT SUNDAY. Research this also!!! There’s many reward and blessings in this.

    Father Almighty Yahweh is far GREATER then any of this nonsense the FALLEN ANGELS created let alone started.

    R.I.P MJ

    • dirtygurl Says:

      great read, thank you for adding it to the discussion, of course i remember reading somewhere that jermaine jackson was telling of memories he had of joe jackson taking mike to secret meeting in hotel rooms with important business men. i shudder to think what really went on at those meetings. i think the downfall of these men who do this is that they are cocky and arrogant. to quote russell crowe in gladiator, “the time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end”

      I think they are so arrogant that they think they can COMPLETELY control someone, but the core person that these alters surround will not be silenced forever, and that’s what they don’t seem to realize.

  191. yAA U RiGHt DiRty GiRL =) ! But Michael had his children wear masks in public to ‘protect’ them. They were not even allowed to see their own faces in a mirror at home! Could this be a clue about Illuminati mirror programming which Michael himself experienced and now was trying to prevent from ever happening to his children ? OMG DAt tHiNG iZ SCARy !!

  192. LOOK WHAt Former Illuminati slave Kathleen Sullivan SAiD : “I’ve been tracking Michael Jackson via the news for about 10 years now. For reasons I will not get into in a public forum, I can state that I have absolutely no doubt that he’s an MK-ULTRA variety slave, possibly introduced by his father into their bizarre “system” of spooks, commercialized pedophilia and more.

    “My father introduced me to organized criminal pedophilia from early childhood on. Like Michael, I developed many altered states of consciousness to cope with the horrors I experienced and encountered. “I also have no doubt that he would have been terribly abused as a child, even if he hadn’t “allegedly” been given to others as a child to sexually service them. There’s no other explanation for his obsession with being with children, in public and privately – especially in bed!

    “During my past internship at a state hospital, I talked with a forensics expert who is very familiar with pedophilia. He said that one class of pedophiles are psychologically “stuck” at a certain age on the inside, regardless of their physical age. Therefore, they choose children to sexually “mate” with who are the same internal age and see themselves as EQUALS with those children in every way. And if this kind of pedophile is a male who was sexually abused by adult males in childhood, he will most likely unconsciously reenact what was done to him, with the next generation of males who are the age he was then.

    “I didn’t see the tiniest bit of love or concern in his father’s face for him when he seemingly came to the rescue when Michael was put on trial (again). I think daddy dearest simply took over to ensure that Michael didn’t say the wrong things in public or in court.”

  193. I was just thinking about this subject for some time!
    Most celebrities, musicians, actors, sportsmen etc, who sacrifice loved ones, i.e. mothers, fathers, brothers, friends etc, for fame and money, are they under mind control still or their free will??? Cos in this world there are some cold hearted people who will do anything at any cost to get to where they want.

    I think some of these people start off as normal with the intention of selling ok, decent musics or be good at their jobs as actors, sportsmen etc., but once they reach a certain amount of money and fame they are asked to join this illuminatti, fail to comply, they make sure they tarnish your reputation or won’t get the media support needed for you to stay well known then they end up in the ”category” of Where are they now or what happened to them, slip into anonymous.

    And then how about the ones who are forced to comply?? They get blackmailed, are threatened to expose something they’ve done which was caught on cameras or something like that.

    I Think that Kanye West sacrificed his mom because they were gonna expose him as a homosexual and he probably have a mediocre music sales, money and fame.

    I name a few whose sacrificed who!

    Eminem sacrificed Rapper friend Proof, hence the video he done with the song Toy Soldiers, there was a scene where rapper Proof was shot dead and couldn’t be revived and died in the end.

    Queen Latifah sacrficed her brother

    Michael Jordan sacrificed his dad

    Bill Cosby sacrificed his son

    P. Diddy sacrificed Notorius. Its strange how when Notorius died, P. Diddy rose to stardom like how a disease spread. After he did that song I’ll be missing you, he never looked back.

    Prince (a flaming faggot) sacrificed his dad and also he knew about 911 Bombings before it happened!! He did a concert before year 2000 and said it in a song he sang, He sang, ”I’m getting ready for the bombs, I need to leave, America is getting ready to bomb”. no one understand what he said, they thought it was part of the song so the fans just danced along and bopped their heads.

    Prince Knew about the 911 bombings because once you reach a certain amount in promoting and selling brain washing music to the public, something like over 100 million music sales, the illuminatti rewarded him by letting him on some secrets.

    Damon Dash sacrificed Aaliyah. And in return he was rewarded with the company clothing line CEO. I’m not sure if he sold it.

    Jennifer Hudson sacrificed her mother, nephew. Her sister knew in advance that’s why she escaped. Apparently it was Beyonce’s turn but she delayed hers and concentrated on Jennifer. Its Something I heard but not sure if its true. It could be.

    Kanye West who I think could be gay sacrificed his mom. Why I think his gay is because his girlfriend is a lesbian/bi. Maybe he got one because or so he can continue his activities as a homo and that his girl would be less of a concern for him. Also pressure from the media who label him gay, so he just got a lesbo girl as a cover up or he might think I need a girl so that the media can back off.

    Gotti was gonna sacrifice singer Ashanti but she escaped, now divorced.

    Suge Knight sacrificed Tupac Shakur.

    Jay Z sacrificed his nephew

    Take That’s Gary Barlow’s father died recently?? It was hush hush news I read in an article, it wasn’t even given a much attention considering how big he is in England. It was a small piece of information that anyone can miss, not me though, my eyes are opened. Could it be the price he paid for the level of fame and attention that the boy band group Take That is getting at the moment?? I know it sounds far-fetched but in the world we’re living in, you can’t rule out anything. There’s a possibility.

    Dr Dre sacrificed his son.

    That’s all I can remember, research Blood Sacrifice for Fame and Money on you tube if you have any doubts.

    Until then research research and research. As Christ said the truth shall make/set you free.

    • Wpw. thank you for that bit of information…It is a lot to think about…

    • CriticXteme Says:

      Good post. Illuminati wants you to keep dancing your ass off and not being focused on what you truly have to do. They exist and they are trouble. They can take control of your mind and have you doing some wacky shit that they inturn spread to the little minds of folks in America. The concept is easy for world domination. They want to keep blacks in the hood even though it’s 2010. They want blacks to keep killing blacks, drugs, aids you name it. Blacks and celebrities are number one on the list. The sad things is that you may want to know everything about the hood but you don’t realize you’re being played by Illuminati. So stop dreaming of a life like scar face and open your eyes.

  194. Black and Proud Says:

    u guys r serious??? go on

  195. Black and Proud Says:

    I get updates on my email for comments so what am i to do???

    • Understand that I truly do care about you even though I don’t know you. I come to this page to really check on you and get updates. I am saying this from the heart. You aren’t ignoring the emails, so that’s good. I hope you keep reading this site and come to understand that everyone is here for a reason whether to enlighten or learn, or just be rude. Either way, GOD can make it a positive experience. Somehow I think that GOD is touching everyone in some way..even you…

  196. how can i join the illuminati

    • CriticXteme Says:

      It’s not that easy. You have to be asked and a money making vehicle who wants to distract people into thinking one way. Illuminati has a website. So if you have the skills to make the people of America even weaker than they are plus you want to be a part of world domination and you are willing to kill those who don’t comply, you can be a member. But remember, the same fate that happened to others could also happen to you, your children, family members and your friends. If you’re a sociopath like this, membership awaits.

  197. Yes this is so true! It’s not impossible to get out but It is hard to get out of that society! We have had people come to our church who were in this asking for help (when they were in there right minds) They are mind controlled and need so much prayer! They even put detector chips in to always know where they are at, If only I had the time to say everything! Youtube John Todd who was an Ex illuminati and became a christian, He was revealing everything and all the secrets of the music industry and etc…. He was set up and put to prison and right when he got out they killed him! Listen to the tapes he recorded!! Oh yea this whole economic crap is the doing of the illuminati! In one of his tapes he says the manual for how they are doing it all is in the book Atlas Shrug! It’s a book that was written for only the society people, They say It’s just a novel and fiction stories but everything on there is going on now!

    • CriticXteme Says:

      Great post. You know it’s Illuminati’s power because you have and never will see an expose on 60 minutes or any of the other news stations about Illuminati. Ill controls the media, money, foreign policy, wars, businesses (big and small), healthcare, state and governments. And those people ain’t having their secret society exposed in anyway. This would change the thinking from Ill to normal thinking and they don’t want that. And you truly think Obama is in power? Wake up.

      • CriticXteme Says:

        One more point, Illuminati controls schools from K to graduate schools and beyond. Ever truly iisten to someone in College and their views? Next time, when they talk to you, that’s Illuminati speaking to you.

  198. Smooth Criminal Says:

    I hear that Mary and ttt because u want int doesnt mean ud be accepted, but if u do wanna worship the devil go on do ur thing see where u get doesn’t mean u r or will b part of the illuminati puppets

  199. I blieve some of this But not all I agree that Jay-Z is a devil worshiper But He do blieve in God He had said it him self I had read an article. I also blieve Jay Got Beyonce in on it. Because Beyonce You to Go to Church and blieve in God. It seems after Density child Broke up again When She Had her own Project She said her Friends don’t approve on her disccision I guess they didn’t approve her being Which Jay because His a devil worshiper now he got her as his wife so they in it together. Also Tupac make that song hail Mary He had told us about the there secret society as you know that was on his last ablum before he died So all i’m Saying ppl We should not listien to them no more because I’m a bliever in Jesus christ and they tryna get us to come to the devil. But Tupac was tryna ask Jesus for forgive ness because he said He did not soul his self to the devil he was just doing this because that was his job and he had to do what he had to do to get big once he had enough that when he told us about the society then that’s when somebody kill him But truth be told from me I Think Suga Killed Him And I think P diddy Killed Biggie But we never no so this is what I’m saying can’y blieve everything you here or see

  200. I’m not linsten to Jay-Z Fuck him He Got me Fuck UP But I never linsten to him like that anyway But I did buy one ablum of his Dam I wish I never did that. That was the black ablum I was kind of a Beyonce Person But Naw fuck Her too She in the sercrt society So I’m not linsten to her no more. Rihanna I’m not linstening to her no more either because she is fake Plus her name is not really Rihanna I done seen enough done herd enough I’m not linstening to them I’m not regreting that I linstening to them it’s just lesson learn God made of Yall so Follow Jesus Not the devil

  201. Smooth Criminal Says:

    I hear that Nitra G

  202. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Mind Control

  203. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Your welcome Child of God

  204. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Any Michael Jackson lovers or want to understand this thing better, well anyways his This is it was gong to reveal the worlds worst kept secret and he also mention about a mass genocide to depopulate and get rid of a race that’s going to occur and the deal he had with the Sheik of Bahrain was for the money to go towards hep for it, well we now see the genocide was Haiti

    Michael Jackson assassinated by CIA satellite according to Russia


    Jane Bürgermeister (Mj and the Prince of Bahrain were long time supporters of her)

  205. saveyouselves Says:

    Anyone read on Chavez and how he accussed America responsible for the earthquake in Haiti because of the testing of HAARP?
    Im curious to know information and understand it better.
    I believe this is true its a wonderful thing all this funding is going to Haiti but why is america giving so much and they didn’t react to Hurricane Katrina is it to cover up what they’ve done?
    Also the system HAARP can alter the climate. Im curious if 2012 is a subliminal message behind the things that will be happening in the future. How else would the U.S. Know about 2012 and decide to make a movie that will put the world in panic. But I know its more to it,plus the president in that movie is black.
    Oh and btw Danny Glover also believes in the U.S. Conspiracy with HAARP and I know most people are saying Chavez is a hyporcrite,but I’ve heard Russia also has these systems set up in different ares of the world.
    I wouldn’t be suprised when the government plans on using these weapons of mass destruction on other countried to take over and have them reliant of the U.S. Aid. also I live in California and just 2 days ago a tornado warning was issued I saw the funnel from the tornado. Im realizing there hasn’t been any initiative for the building of underground hideout because California has always been sustainable to any weather, just like the East Coast can experience earthquakes. But there has been altering in the climate im curious to know if it is the government testing their devices or simply global warming. I also noticed there’s been an increase in Go Green advertising everywhere,I wonder if that’s because the government knows the resources are running out and have to slowly put some type of information out to the people. There’s also been an increase in advertising for people to quit smoking ciggarrettes I wonder why?

  206. saveyouselves Says:

    anyone who don’t belive in masons I was at the public library and seen “lodge” and thought it was a symbol but took a quick glance I looked back and realized it was a flyer for people in the town to become a freemason
    Kinda creepy
    The celebrities are here for distractions and also this is america so we get freedoms to pursue our passion. Yeah the music industry is horrible but u can win with God and still fufill your dreams. That is if we have time left to. Reguardless of if they are worshipping the devil or not, what are they saying? They’re reflecting our youth what they’re feeling basically.that’s not good because our society is now corrupt. With so many things to do it feels as if we have no time to research and read and even be aware of the world around us because people have kids to take care of school,work, so many things. I love everyone. And I know God is real. I love God and am sorry for the horrible sins I commit because I can do much better and we all should

  207. You know it is interesting how all these things tie together, The weather is controlled. and A lot of people just cant believe it because it is so unbelievable. Has anyone every wonder what is is that the planes leave behind, they call them chemtrails and apparently HAARP is behind it all. Have you noticed how they have been blocking out the sun with this stuff. I live in Southern Cali and sometimes when i wake up the SKY is deep blue and clear, but by 11:00 am you can see the planes laying down the chemtrails like crazy. Also when they do spray really heavy i get headaches, has anyone experienced this. People we need to pay attention to what HAARP is doing right above our heads, all you have to do is look up it’s like they spray us like roaches. Everyone needs to stop calling people crazy when you hear someone say that our government is trying to Kill us. THIS IS BABYLON better believe it so get right with THE MOST HIGH, I also found out that a lot of these churches in the hood are funded and ran by FREEMASONS, yep if you look at some of the cornerstones on the church it will tell you when the church was built and what lodge built it. WAKE UP all of ur family and friends at any cost we need a REVOLUTION!!!

    • Smooth Criminal Says:

      Hey u r right on with the chemtrail, I mentioned something about that way back up, Prince the singer was exposing it. Then we see ppl be acting strange, getting sick out the blue with cancer etc, babies borning with rare conditions, hmmm

  208. saveyouselves Says:

    @mr. Mike
    thank you im going to look up the chemtrails
    Also have you read about the FEMA camps? If not I think you’d be very interested in this

  209. i dont understand why superstars think that they need satn he’s a freakin nobody if it was left up to me they would go to hell because it aint right step on his head yall cum on now everyon ehas a chance to see and enter the gates of heaven to live with jesus but i guess they choose not too dont get me wrong everyone makes mistakes and stuff but a secret society to live in that stands for worshiping the devil its proposterous beyonce i could have sworn you were so much better but now you married to the big lip thing you going all crzy in hell and tupac i thought you loved your mother and for damon dash how could you use aaliyah like that just for a bloood sacrfice dispicable i say but everyone keep superstars in your prayer because we all they need it

  210. makes total sense letoya can sing i have heard her songs and kelly and michelle too. to many connections really. nice thinking. I love these stars but there is sense

    • dirtygurl Says:

      why do we always claim to “love” these people whom we have no personal connection to…i find myself doing it all the time, and I just stop and wonder why I always say ” I love ….”

  211. You’re all reading way too far into this lol.. Let’s be honest, do you think if there was a group of a bunch of old white men sitting around, they would go after rap,r&b stars? And do you think people like Jay-Z, and Beyonce would honestly join up with them? I think a lot of you have way too much time on your hands and instead of accusing people of being “stupid” for living their life, and enjoying music, they’re not the ones having their minds destroyed by “conspiracy” theories. They aren’t having their minds MADE up for them by listening to the radio or “coon music” (how fucking offensive, go hang yourself). Beyonce is not in a cult, neither is Jay-Z, and most of the music still released with 2pac’s name on it, is someone else with a similar voice.. USE YOUR MIND, YOUR OWN OPINION, NOT SOME CONSPIRACY NUT WHO JUST WROTE THIS BLOG AFTER ADMITTING THEY WERE RAPED AND ABUSED HELLO-
    If anyone of you know anything about psychology, that screws up a child into adulthood. It’s obvious to me that the Devil exists, but I promise you he isn’t trying to recruit Beyonce and Jay-z LOL!

    Use your brains, and stop listening to theories with no type of proof, and even if they DID sell their soul to the Devil for fame, success, power..

    What will you writing a blog about it really do? It’s not going to spread any type of “truth” if they want to cover it up, all they have to do is hire a publicist. I suppose they’re in the cult too? LOL please stop wasting your time with this nonsense..

    P.S. that is NOT the sign of Horus, and the sign of Horus was used by ancient Egyptians for PROTECTION AGAINST EVIL — IT’S NOT THE EYE OF THE DEVIL IGNORANT FOOLS.

  212. saveyouselves Says:

    Anyone who believes this forum fully incorrect felt the need to comment and took their time to say something. A lot of the signs, and things about Masons and the illuminati are being mixed up.
    I do know one thing, the Devil exists there is good and bad. The music industry is a big business and im sure some of the largest record labels do a lot of things we don’t know about. Its not too hard to believe they are evil in some ways because their biggest goal is to make the most money. Sex sells doesn’t it?
    its just common sense that there is secrets behind so many things that appear to us as regular.
    It doesn’t even make sense why we have music in the first place. I love it. But rappers are actors they aren’t in the streets so why do they portray that character? Not to literally hypnotise us but they know that its “cool” to the youth to be tough and some are describing the lifestyle a lot of the youth actually have to deal with. As if they all think the game is the greatest way? It just makes sense the record company put a lot of those at the top who sell the most and give spotlight to the artists with the worse messages because it sells and everyone says its the persons choice to decide if they want to listen or not. This is true but if you really know human nature we all enjoy music its there for a purpose because it makes us feel a certain way. You have to really think about it.
    God is real and that’s why people are having discussions on this because theyve realized they’re not the only one. If u believe in the Devil you believe in God, therefore ANYTHING is possible. Yes it seems unlikely, but it also seems unlikely that we have a black president, that concentration camps even exists, technology is so advanced now, the world even existing doesn’t make sense to science or any other study. Life itself doesn’t make sense just according to your textbooks maybe but if you really think about it, there’s so much to it. Gods people will perish because we have eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear and while many sit back like the good times will always last, and the government doesn’t lie to us will be in for a suprise that seems unlikely now.

    • And you are here because…..? This is what I don’t understand, if you don’t like what you are reading, then don’t respond. And yes, music does make you feel a certain way. It’s highly influential. It has been a tool for ages. IF you notice, the youth can tell you more about the lives of each and every “successful”
      artist out there. They target them. The new generation will be running this world when we are long gone. Influences like GAGA and Beyonce, Jay Z…Morality is dead, compromise is in. GOD is out…Our world is going down at the count. it is now time for us to protect and teach them how to handle and recognize those things which are not good for them. YOU have to do it with love and understanding, respecting those who are doing these lethal things to our youth. Never with malice or self righteousness, but with love and care.

  213. Sarah, surfing the WEB looking at the same stuff we are. Sarah you dont just happen upon a blog without looking for specific info. Sounds to me either you know of this crazy stuff and trying to help cover it up, or you truly are brainwashed already. USA has always performed MK ULTRA Mind control on against one’s will. The U.S. government was giving people Syphilis just for the hell of it back in the day in Oklahoma, They allowed people to be treated as cattle, allowed them to be hung like dogs. And they are ripping you and all of us in this forum off financially. What the fuck makes you think this is impossible? You are a lost cause.

    • dirtygurl Says:

      thank you mike, i didn’t even think of the possibility that this was someone batting for the other team! anyway i ripped her so it doesn’t matter, i did some research on the isp number that comes with every comment left, and could dig up nothing, it acually looks really weird so i’m def inclined to believe that this is a devil trying to infiltrate my blog.

    • Smooth Criminal Says:

      Woohoo Mike you gave it to her lol, freaking brainwashed, blind fuck 😀

      Wow everybody o about tsigns this and that, well HELLO th eilluminati has stolen sooo much like sooo long ago my GOD wake up..pffttt

      And yes Sarah u twit over to Rap and rNb black ppl music ya dumb fuck, need to cover them too, everyone done knows about the demonic heavy metal and alternative. I bet you don’t even know blacks sold themselves into slavery but not willfully, but anyways your a stupid fuck who to blind and brainwashed, and this blog will help ppl who have heard something & wants to to learn something, and for those who still in the blue to become aware there is something more out there than meets the naked eye.

    • So true and very sad…

  214. OKAy WELL…. tHE GRAMMy ARE COMiNG -__-…. AND ALL tHE iLLUMiNAti ARtiStS WiLL BE tHEREEEE ! AND BtW ,, “do they want that Haiti is saved by letting devils sing for them!?” tOtAL NO SENSEE

  215. and Haiti accept their help, shit

    • Smooth Criminal Says:

      There are not really helping Haiti, u really think Haiti getting that money haaaaaaaaaaa. The make this economic financial crisis now all of a sudden all this money came out from where. ya study the pic good.

  216. dirtygurl Says:

    i just cannot support the madness that is these “awards” shows, these “awards” are already bought in paid for in blood and tears, so i can’t think of any of them as anything except more bullshit, when you get down to it, what’s the freaking point? it’s senseless, and i have better things to do like scrub around the toilet. the hatians will not see a dime of that money, it will go into more government programs to further keep them at a disadvantage, until the next mass murder occurs.

    • so true, Dirtygurl..They are about to murder Lionel Ritchie’s and Michael Jackson’s masterpiece, “We are the WORLD”….Was that LlL Wayne and a few other lethal artists in the crowd singing for World Peace? WOW…Put down the pimp cup and sober up…

  217. Smooth Criminal Says:

    These award ceremonies are like public santanic ritual ceremonies, well planned and played out, dang all these yrs being in the dark about it all, now I SEEEEEEE

    Ouuuu Alicia Keys been visit Obama house last yr, later the yr affiliated with Jayz the jigga mannnn lol, now do u see a change about her 🙂

    I love it… in NEW york nothing u cant do the lights sure gonna inspired u, hmmm I wanna visit NY, but not Cali( the santanic capital lol) xD

  218. Smooth Criminal Says:

    WHO said something about hating on celebs? you want conversation. The Blog is simply about the truth behind the music, there’s more than meets the eye.

  219. Black and Proud Says:

    Its fine Smooth… for someone who picked a nickname Smooth Criminal u are judgemental on people you dont know… grow up and be concerned about your own life… theres heaven and hell, you better do what u can for ur own life and stop worrying about a multi-millionair artist, his wife, his friends and his associations…

    I bet you are just bitter you not him

    • For once I would have to say, Welcome aboard, Black and Proud. For some reason I believe that you are really here for a solution and my love goes out to you…I was just checking in when I saw your response. I must say that you are right and thank you for standing up. Sites like these make you think. They bind you together. There is something about this site that is special to me. I see the care in some and the sarcasm in others but in the long run awareness that becomes apparent…It’s all about the future.

  220. Smooth Criminal Says:

    ooo sorry but I cant judge im only human but i can grudge xD but no time for that i dont have the time, and for ur information i dont give to hells about celebs, i just like what music i like, i dont give a fuck either about heaven or hell, we all gotta die, im not scared to die, what can b worse than ths hell called earth!

    For ur retarded information i dont have time to study celebs, but NWO concerns my well being so does urs, so ur the bitter ass, cause im opening my eyes to the truth, even thou i cant do anything at least im aware of whats going on, power to me freak.

    Your such a dumb fuck, ya Smooth Criminal my all time fav Michael Jackson video, the only celeb I check for & consider to b a idol 🙂 RIP King now he makes me proud. 😀

    Peace & One Love 🙂

    • That is very refreshing to hear. Michael knew there was something wrong in the industry. I truly believe that he died for a cause. I have a really informative site about Michael, Smooth C. You might find it informing. I am like you, he was a true role model that tolerated so much. The industry is a mean machine. I actually saw a speech he made talking about his discourse with the industry, what he had to sacrifice to get where he was, and what he truly endured. The fact that he sacrificed so much for the recognition he got speaks volumes…I would love to send you the links. HE opened, or attempted to speak out against the industry and what he had to do to sell all those albums, the public humiliation, the break with Sony Records, I am like you, I love those truly heart felt artists that seek to teach the children and care about our nation for generations to come…Tell me what you think. I’m very interested. We have to do something since we know about it. Where do we go from here?

  221. Black and Proud Says:

    How old r u?? sorry but I have to ask…

  222. Smooth Criminal Says:

    Sorry none of your beeswax, maybe if u sell ur goods to the devil ud become clairvoyant? I know a bokor if you want to haha xD Have a great day 😛 xoxoxo

    Kanye >>>”still I wont grow up im a grown ass kid “xD

  223. Black and Proud Says:

    Okay Smooth…

  224. Mike Pain Says:

    For all of those that are wondering like me. I think PINK was reborn/Made New last night at the GRAMMY’s. And whats up with all the Military costumes everyone was wearing are they trying to tell us that soon Martial Law will be coming. Another thing I have noticed alot of the artist have lyrics in the songs pertaining to getting on a boat or spaceship and leaving us behind. Has anyone noticed this. I WILL BE MOVING OUT OF THE STATES. The most High told us this would happen.

  225. yeah i would have to agree but i think it extends far beyond the music industry. some say the biggest mafia we have is government.

  226. Sup, time to add my two cents.
    Well I am not worried about ” they knowing wherew you are”. I already know that, the thing is this like some sistas like dirtygurl the sistas that are in my kinsman ship of the house of Christ I salute you. But well to be honest there are so many of you that are hitting the nail on the head its great to see how many of us are awake. Whether youre white black purple it doesnt matter. If your mom, dad, grandma, has taught you hate well…… the time is almost here to kinda push aside all the things of yester year . The final curtain IS about to rise. And he question will soon be, whose side are you on?
    Look again so many of you are hitting the nail on the head. Some of the people who have gone on WERE murdered some of natural causes. But to say it plainly there is ALOT of masquerading and no you cant trust the media AT ALL! Even when Obama was elected I too was both stunned terrified and in a state of unbelief but still I stayed real, and stated as someone else did earlier, “why werent there any attempts on his life yet, No I am not saying with everyone of color they should expct the worse. I am saying that when times and events has shown that as with Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and some info you WONt hear about. They all all have one thing in common. They didnt dance to the beat of the same drummer, and for that they were eliminated.
    And as the 2or 3 party crashers proved there is nothing made by man that can be forted by another man. The only thing, things things ive seen to that are opposed to that rule is anything created by God. But nevertheless my point is this, I can say that there is more going on than black or white but please stay focused, dont allow the smoke screen to smear your view. Especially of what you should be focused on, as history repeated itself again. In the form of 911 it showed that those that DO NOT know their history WILL repeat it. Pearl Harbor, how is it that squadrons of Japanese zero fighters were able to penetrate our defences and almost wipe out pearl harbor? Simple ” the only way evil can prevail is if good men do nothing to stop it”. Or in this case see it coming and allow it to happen. Many people were infurriated, but didnt ask, despite them going through the back door, ( which by the way was already telegraphed of the invading hords approach well before the first bomb arrived ) how were they still able to do so. Ok years later modern day U.S. info can be transferred in the blink of an eye. And WAS during 911, but sad to say many people were once again saccrified. All for a demonic selfish casue to make money from the blood of others then spray can, the cause for the name of liberty and freedom.
    As my martial arts teacher taught me, “if youre going into a debate or a fight, dont go into mad, you wont think clearly” And again history repeated itself. As with WWII against japan we did it again, with 911. We get these video enhanced and manipulated images of middle eastern men boarding a plane and next thing you know we get these images from ” perfectly timed and positioned vid cams” to remind us of this larger than life planned mas murder coated as a terrorist attack. If you want to ask a mass of people who are pros at understanding what its like to go through and witness a terrorist attack on a national scale ask the denai ( native americans). But as a brother said earlier “things are not what they always seem”. Yes I believe that Obama does know who is really stearing the course of the U.S. ( on the natural side, because some of us know who really has things under control. in the Spiritual side) but sad to say if he is like Jfk, lincoln etc, God please be with him. Because these sick people will use anyone they can to stir up a cop out again to get their plans underway. Same as they did with Japan, bombing us, BAMB here we are in WWII and theyre making money dealing with contratcs and the usage and making new weapons. And again with 911 going over there again for the private contractors for weapons and this time oil.
    But all this ties into Jay-Z, Beyounce’ also, but this is a WIDER pic rather than on the targets they want the massess to key in on. I mean be real when you were in school doing homework, and you see a pic of featuring a finer than life white black asian woman how ever fanning her half covered behind around, youre gonna sit there and tell me that you were able to concentrate. And have what you should be focused on completed? same case secenario. Heck a good preacher will tell you not to focus on your surroundings, or itll drain your stregnth and hopes, from what the big pictures about. Now I to pray that B will wake up, or at least one of the “stars” that throw up the pyramid hand gesture with their left eye looking through. But you have to keep moving on. Nevertheless If Michael was killed, which if you think about it was a good example of hope. Well then why? Cause if ANY OF YOU think he touched those children, then riddle me this? Why did the dadthat claimed and pressed his son to state that Michael touched him killed himself? Its harsh to say, and sad that he did that. But that behavior is not becoming of someone that if what he did was true with nothing to gain should have a clear conciounce.
    Sides, I believe that with people who stand for truth and hope out of the way its goes to say that there mustbe someone else about to makethe scene. ” ALL EYES ON HIM”. I believe that there will be one more grandscale cop out that will be done. What I mean by thatis this. Time and time again each time the U.S. had somethingto do ( dirty) they had a excuse covering up teh real reason behind it. There WILL be a martial law VERY VERY SOON. And a man made outbreak, and what some of these well known artists have been hinting about them being safe and sound in the clouds and all that crap, come on, its the same as you looking at a good movie and then low and behold heres a masonic symbol in the movie. HMMMMMMM…. ” what a coincedence”. There is something behind what they are saying maybe they do have a momentary advantage over us. They willbe high in teh sky, sweet. But yuo have to think …… after all is said and done, all the “bling bling is gone and youve eaten and are full of what the world has had to feed you. Then youre given this final question… “What profiteth a man if he should gain the WHOLE world and lose his own soul? Or what can he exchange for his soul???”

  227. p.s. I hate todays hip hop, and truth be told I dont like thugs or the thuggish mentality PERIOD ( whether male or females, and I said I dont like not hate) But will say this, I do agree with Tupac and he did have his head on straight… they mean us no good.

    • So true. It teaches the youth that there is no use in reaching any farther than they can to succeed. Being midway is good enough. They will never get any higher than society will let them. Compromise is the key to success and it doesn’t matter that GOD is even in existence. They know nothing of the life after death experience…eternity with our Father someday… None of this matters…

  228. were all gunna die in 2012 cause the government is gunna nuke the world and then they will be safe on mars where they built housing for the elite

    • I saw this on the learning channel today. Somewhere in Texas they have built underground bunkers with supplies for the “elite” survivors of a chemical warfare. These tunnels and underground bunkers are old sylos that obviously housed nuclear bombs back during world war II. There are people making preparations for the next world war. This has been going on for years. You have to wonder who is funding such a project. Keep digging and learning.

  229. @Jeff, i not to sure your theory holds water, If they already have housing on Mars why havent they just leaft already and left us behind.

  230. saveyouselves Says:

    In english class we studied the book of genesis. It was crazy and exciting to me because they seperate religion from school and I was suprised that we were learning about this(although they’re not forcing it upon us). When we had these evaluation questions to answer I realized that some people don’t understand or wonder about the afterlife. They simply don’t believe,this was no suprise to me. But what DID suprise me was how much of the youth do not believe or don’t even see anything wrong with the sins we commit.
    Were getting closer and closer to the end
    “Life starts when the church ends”-jay z
    Hm when we will be completely a world of sin and were already there it will only get worse

    • So true. This is why I had decided at the age of eleven to work with the youth in the community. The church came to my neighborhood and taught us all about the love of GOD and how it “should have and could have” been. We are not a doomed race. By the grace of GOD we can escape that eternal place that was meant for Satan and the like. This earthbound life is but a test. Right this minute, as a Child of GOD, it would be so wrong to hold back what I know about my LORD and Saviour. I escaped death so many times; comas, surgeries, disease….Just this past week I thought I wouldn’t have awaken to live another day…I was revived from surgery with GOD on my mind knowing that there was a purpose for me. Man can’t take anything from us unless we let him. GOD is so powerful and understanding. HE gives us the right to choose as we please. HE finds a way to inform us when there is harm. HE gives us the freedom to speak against HIM no matter how much it incredulously hurts HIM. You have to think that it hurts HIM so; to see HIS very creation reject HIM for riches, fame, fortune, money, power, greed, recognition…What about peace of mind? These things are so temporary. After this phase of our existence comes an eternity of HEAVEN or hell. By the grace of GOD we can be saved, By ignorance we lack understanding. Discussing it gives us a chance to make a wise choice. Very enlightening and humbling indeed.

  231. lace boogie Says:

    well written.. Thanks

  232. Black and Proud Says:

    It worries me that people look for bad in people, We look at others and judge their appearance, judge their lives, we forget that God’s duty is to judge us when we go back to heaven. If JAy is Illuminati good for him, it works for him so thats good. find what works for u and stick to it…

    you guys make up facts and say its proof, i respect that since its ur energy u are using…childofGod,Smooth,Dirtygul and Saveoursouls u contributed a lot to this conspiracy…Im South African and i know about the USA from the media,If the media is correct and they are Freemasons, I dont see why that is bad… people need organizations to lead life in a certain way… u can be evil as long as u dont affect me im good… if the world ends in 2012 im 24 right now, a house and a car… I think i have achieved enough and if death takes me, I will celebrate the things I got from life…

    When I see God i will say thank you and sit besides him, have a chat with him… I wont be on earth, today im not here to judge how someone lives their life no to bash on no one who made a choice for their life… I could join the illuminati or freemason too, I believ what u take out will be what makes a difference of you…Beyonce works hard to be where she is, maybe u all need to work that harder…Jay Z worked harder and smarter, apply those as well, Kanye works passionately, do that, Lady gaga works…well I dont even know a single lady Gaga song well the words to a single lady gaga song and am not interested… I am maybe still stuck on Jay Z, Mary J Blige, R Kelly, Boyz2man,Westlife, Destiny’s child and the artists of the past… yet i am for art not status…

    I dont judge people around me or those far from me, I respect your views and opinions, I can chose to learn from them or ignore them and that should be my choice. On to the Next one…

    Motherfuckers –
    say that I’m foolish I only talk about jewels (bling bling)
    Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?
    See I’m influenced by the ghetto you ruined
    That same dude you gave nothin’, I made somethin doin’
    what I do through and through and
    I give you the news – with a twist it’s just his ghetto point-of-view
    The renegade; you been afraid
    I penetrate pop culture, bring ’em a lot closer to the block where they
    pop toasters, and they live with they moms
    Got dropped roasters, from botched robberies niggaz crotched over
    Mommy’s knocked up cause she wasn’t watched over
    Knocked down by some clown when child support knocked
    No he’s not around – now how that sound to ya, jot it down
    I bring it through the ghetto without ridin ’round
    hidin down duckin strays from frustrated youths stuck in they ways
    Just read a magazine that fucked up my day
    How you rate music that thugs with nothin relate to it?
    I help them see they way through it – not you
    Can’t step in my pants, can’t walk in my shoes
    Bet everything you worth; you lose your tie and your shirt

    • I had to go back and read this, BLACK AND PROUD. I am a human that makes mistakes. I have to ask for GOD’s forgiveness constantly. GOD gives us the right to be able to pick out those things that are harmful for us. Bashing a person is wrong, I agree, but if we truly care for them, we would approach them in a loving way, especially if it involves the youth. While it is our responsibility to keep our children away from harm, the artists that have the power to brainwash them and lead them astray possess far more power than the parents themselves. We as parents have to take part of the responsibility for allowing them to invade the moral fiber of our children. IT is a dual process: the parents need to be aware of whom their children are listening to. There are a few in the industry who dare not compromise (Raven Simone, the Jonas Brothers~~to name a few) As I teach each week, here is what the precious one’s are saying~~~Beyonce is an icon because she can dance and sing. “she can do that pole”,,,I had to make one of my children sit down because she was gyrating on a chair. HER MOTHER should have told this young lady not to do that, instead, I had to explain what she was doing was wrong. LIL WAYNE is a favorite among the young men. One child made his own “pimp cup”…They more understand that Rihanna has changed. I hear more criticism from them than praise. Akon’s “locked up” was a favorite before we sung during our “praise time”…Lady GaGa is the favorite. They chant the chorus not exactly knowing what it means. Most of the little girls want to be Beyonce. The teenagers try to dress like her. I have a huge road to travel for these beautiful children. GOD wants those of us who know what is harmful for them to be taught in the most loving way possible. I always tell the children to pray for the artists…pray for the industry. Music is a universal language of love. We know what we have to do.

  233. Black and Proud Says:

    How can you fairly assess something from the outside looking in?
    Majority of the time you’ll be wrong. Nah Mean?
    How can a mother fucka go round and hate a nigga
    he never even met that he dont even know and shit?
    I think this rap shit is all peaches…

    Y’all dont even know every day I’m livin with stress
    Got up out the streets you think a nigga could rest
    Can’t even enjoy myself at a party unless
    I’m on the dance floor hot ass vest
    You think I’m freakin’ these chicks right?
    I’try not to brush against they chest
    You get a lawsuit for shit like that, I feel trapped
    Swear to everything when I leave this earth
    It’s gon’ be on both feet, never knees in the dirt
    You could try me fucka but when I squeeze it hurts, fine
    We’ll lose two lives, yours and mines
    Gimme any amount of time dont let Ms. Carter grieve
    at the funeral parlor drippin’ tears on my sleeve
    Told the judge didn’t budge it was him or me
    and I ain’t trying to be hard but I’m guilty as charged
    Put my mercy on this court and my faith in God
    And pray hard none of my nephews wanna be stars…Lucky Me

    Chorus: Karen Anderson

    You only know what you see,
    You dont understand what it takes to be me.

    I hate all girls with ulterior motives
    That’s why I’m twenty plus years old, no sons no daughters
    Hate putting my life in the hands of fake promoters
    Hear the hate in my voice right? I hate that you noticed
    Niggas wanna strip to the bone for shit you own
    Hate a nigga like that faggot, get your own
    Hate that I can’t roam the street without the clip and chrome
    Knowing one day Im’a have to flip, c’mon
    You know the shit don’t stop ’til the Crist don’t pop
    And you have to kill a nigga and your wrist don’t lock
    I’m trapped the whole worlds against me in fact,
    It aint no turning back. Bring It On
    Hate the price of fame cause it cost too much
    Can I live without y’all niggas saying I floss too much?
    Hate the way you make this hate flow all through us
    Steady looking for flaws through us…. Lucky Me

    Chorus: Karen Anderson, Jay-Z

    You only know what you see,
    You dont understand what it takes to be me
    You only know what you see,
    (Since I was 4 years old, I been told, everything that glitters ain’t gold)
    You dont understand what it takes to be me
    (And now that I’ve arrived
    I see those truths unfold before my eyes in this world so cold)

    Nigga see you in the street, pretend to be friendly
    But I know any type of success breeds envy
    I know in the back of your mind your conjuring ways to hen me
    Leave my friends in a circle pouring out Henny
    But G’s is heaven bound so how I’m gon’ receive
    Anything y’all pour to the ground next time throw it up
    And ain’t nothing changed so even in my afterlife I show it up
    Dont grieve for me my art remains
    like a dart from the speaker to your heart
    Spiritually through the portal now my words as immortal
    Plan to leave without a fight I plant a seed I give life
    Though I can’t see past the girls greed to call her wife
    Next time your thinking heist better be precise
    Cause I’m fully prepared. One of us is gon’ leave here
    I have no regrets even though I wanna see grow
    My godsons Boogie, Sonny and Rimo

    • In the mind of a great rapper and artist, there is a story to tell. I took the liberty of listening to one of LIL Wayne’s songs. I took the time to see him perform. The time I witnessed it, he was high with a pimp cup in his hand. IT wasn’t much like a Tupac tune, but in a way you could hear the pain. The lifestyle that goes with being famous has to be such a pressure. Only few know how to handle it properly. IT would be refreshing to see an artist place JESUS at the beginning and the end of their performances. The glory ultimately goes to the artist. I pray for their souls. It has to be hard to have all that pressure on their backs.

  234. Black and Proud Says:

    “Do not think of knocking out another person’s brains because he differs in opinion from you. It would be as rational to knock yourself on the head because you differ from yourself ten years ago.”

    true so true

    • I so agree, Black and Proud. I, too, am a product of a society that tried to keep me down. We had lynchings in this town. The Klan marched every holiday till it came down to two…We have to pray and hope, leave it in GOD’s hands. Being judgemental is wrong. I feel like you need to present the problem and give people a choice. THE conspiracy was here long before us. Jay Z, Beyonce, Gaga….They weren’t the first nor will they be the last. In good ole America, we have the right to choose. The only thing I don’t agree with is when they start to target the children~ they are helpless, innocent, and perfect targets. The youth, when poorly supervised, really have no say in the matter. These people become their idols and role models. As a Christian working with the youth, there has to be boundaries. Just the other week, one of the children I teach (A little seven year old child) was gyrating on a chair, singing Single Ladies…(I would have felt better if it had of been an adult in a club..smiles… Hannah Montana is not the greatest role model either. While it is the parents responsibility to teach their children that this behavior is not proper nor respectable, the very same parents send their children to us, entrusting us to give them some type of spiritual guidance in their lives. Till the day I die, I will be devoted to the children. Where we as adults are reckless, I look to GOD and hope I am doing enough for them because I love them so much. I was one of them not so long ago.

  235. Black and Proud Says:

    Lil Wayne??? wow okay I will leave you like that… I dont think we can even talk further, Lil Wayne is the Any Winehouse of Rap…Lil Wayne??? okay bye… waste of time…

    to those who say MJ knew something and died for a cause, I hope when u family members die u place them high with him… We glorify people when they die, whilst alive we bash them… now you wanna clear your conscience by saying he was the messiah, he was killed for a reason… Tupac died cos Jay Z killed him, BIG the same, Aliyaah the same… wow so these superstars are not supposed to die??

    dont answer my questions im out of here…

    • Agreed, there is no one Messiah but the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Michael could have came forward long before now. Why did it take so long? I was not in his shoes, so I really couldn’t say. Just from what I have witnessed, GOD gives us our own right of choice. If it was truly as dangerous as they would have us to believe, when is the appropriate time to OUT them? When you are rich beyond measure having reaped the benefits of that compromise, or make it known at the time of the proposal? IF I remember correctly, Michael had a lot of riches and material things. Though he claimed to really care about the children, why accept the benefits of a corrupt industry? Having said that, a true martyr wouldn’t need the fame or fortune in place of dignity and peace of mind.

  236. Mike Pain Says:

    You knoe guys it’s all fine and dandy that we see what the Industry is all about, but the bigger picture is being missied here this even goes on with our politicians in D.C. so what will we do about it???? We sholud figure something out and pull toghther in order to wake up the masses. Also if we have any naysayers here please do go to Youtube and look for ya man Jaz-O he is the guy that mentored Jay-Z hence the name, he tells some of the inside info on whats up with Jay and ultimatly the system and how we are being culled. Check out Jaz-O.

    • i’ve already touched upon how washington is one big illuminati orgy. it didn’t matter if you voted obama or mccain. presidents have been masons since gw and obama is no exception. OUR VOTES DON’T MEAN NOTHING. they hold these elections because they want us to believe that we voted him into office, when the truth is that if mccain had been leading the polls, the election would have been compromised and obama would have “won” just like bush did earlier in the millenium. our votes don’t matter, they put who they want in office, the entire election was just a sick twisted show, see how we are being controlled through their deceptions?

      why did mccain pick palin, a ditz in the truest sense of the word to run as vice president? because he knew what was up, and that he would have never made it into office.

      why did mccain announce that he would stop campaigning to go back to washington to deal with the economic crisis? because he knew that he would never “win” the election, so he didn’t give a crap @ that point.

  237. dirtygurl Says:

    it’s going to take we the people to stop these aholes. how can we stop them, it will involve taking our money back from their pockets. take money out of the banks, get rid of the televisions, and radios. stop watching the movies, stop buying gas, and cars, and become independent of their money, and electric energy. the only reason they have the power is because they control the money. any more suggestions, mine are drastic.

    • Dirtygurl, my sentiments exactly~ What do we do now? That is truly the question at this time. Some of us are ready to do something, some don’t care at all. For those of us who are trying to educate ourselves and trying to find a solution, we need to read and keep discussing it among ourselves, enlightening others, praying for our country. Stop endorsing that which is not right, and stop them from targeting the innocent children that have no clue as to what is going on. Adults have the freedom to choose, children are influenced by the power of suggestion. We have to protect the children, and respect adults in any choices they have made. Our hearts have to be full of love and understanding…and above all, patience.

  238. HM ! i WANNA StOP tHEM -__-…. BUt PPL DON’t BELiEVE DAt tHEy EXiStS =S !!

  239. fuck anybody that dont blieve in d illumunati and u sout african murderfucker bcareful on the way u coment on this blog we want no haters like u thank to ppl that undrstands what we are here 4

  240. thanks to child of Gog and all those that research b4 postng comment

  241. AND i HEARD DAt tHEy’LL DO A NEW VERSiON OF WE ARE tHE WORLDD OMiGOODD !!! WiTH KANYE WESt !? ,, GAy-Z !? , EMiNEM !? , LADy GAGA !? WttttttF !??????????? ,, AND LiL WAyNEE !???? POOR MJ CUZ tHEy ARE RUiNiNG HiZ SONG !!!! FUCK iLLUMiNAtiii :@

  242. The eye is the Eye of Providence. It stems from Egyptian mythology.

    The royal family’s (UK) bloodline can be traced to Egypt. Since ancient times, much of Europe and the west has been controlled by one family. Symbolism is apparent everywhere from the Vatican, to London’s downtown district (which is the world’s financial sector, the Vatican is the spiritual sector, and washington d.c. represents the military sector – all three are sovereign from their host countries).

    To many religions like Islam, the all seeing eye represents satan’s eye, for god has two eyes. However it should be noted that Christianity and Islam have historically denounced pagan religions and claimed anything in relation to their gods IS satan. I’m actually atheist, but it should give meaning to how these people think. These secret societies had to practice w/e they do in secret, otherwise the Church and public ridicule would kill them off.

    Free Masons and the Illuminati worship pagan gods. The top ten families of the world only reproduce with each other, keeping their blood and genes separate from the populace. They completely believe that they have ascended to a level beyond our comprehension, and are better than us. Over hundreds and hundreds of years, the elitism apparent within these families could only grow.

    Think of the Free Masons as an American branch of the Illuminati, not entirely exclusive.

    It should be important to note that the Illuminati is a WESTERN secret society. There are a few free masons working in secret in the east, but, for the most part, this ideology is most apparent in the west. This is why we see China and Russia today constantly making ground to have more influence in the world – they feel as though that the west, and in particular the US (which remember is the military wing), holds too much influence on world affairs.

    Watch documentaries. They can explain things better than I ever could, but just remember to not take everything a documentary presents at face value (like you wouldn’t watching the news)

    My suggestions? Esoteric Agenda, Kymatica, Loose Change, War Made Easy, Zeitgeist & Zeitgeist Addendum.

    Also look up “Beyonce and Lady Gaga Illuminati Symbolism” in Google or something.

    And one more thing on pop culture & the illuminati, if you do a little bit of research on free masonry, you’ll realize that the 2009 VMAs was pretty much an initiation of celebrities into the group. Pink’s performance on the wire with her left breast out blind folded is a way in which you are initiated. I also believe the Kanye deal was a set-up, because, if you didn’t notice, Taylor Swift was wearing a red dress (Google: LADY IN RED) like Beyonce’s when she called her up to the stage to thank everyone for her award – Also Taylor didnt come in from the audience, but behind the stage. So either A) we know that MTV told Beyonce she had won and planned this out, or B) it was setup and planned out completely. Embarrassment is a form of being initiated as well, and perhaps Taylor Swift was awarded w/ her Grammy album of the year.

  243. jeremy this whole vma thing was a farce from begin to end. taylor swift performed in a red dress before that whole “gracious beyonce” act. see she was initiated on stage, with kanye as the facilitator, then changed to the red dress once she was humiliated wich is a requirement! and beyonce and gaga both had on red dresses, now we always see sasha wearing a red dress! the color red means something to them, probably a subliminal mesage that they belong to the societiy in one form or another. and your right, taylor came from backstage, wtf was she doing backstage, waiting for her cue that’s what. hidden in plain view.

  244. so i started reading this beyonce being an “illuminati” probably an hour ago & i am facinated. like, when you actually sit there & look @ all of this stuff . . . it totally makes sense. going from the “roc” sign to the videos & playing jay-z’s music backwards. it ALL makes sense. i used to love beyonce SO much before i started reading this. but now, not so much. i wish i could type more but the bell is about to ring at school.

    • Pray for her, sweetie…This is why this site is here, so that precious ones like you can distinguish the evil that is being forced down your throats. They want you to believe that they are true heroes and great role models. GOD bless you, you will be carrying the torch for my young ones in a few years…

  245. tupac had plans to fake his own death,made plans about that,but was double crossed by his comarades…this i know cos i’m one of them…

  246. this is to baksheezy03 <<< if you are so correct about j-zay not being in the illumenate wny do he have a song called LUCIFER u duck!

  247. al thou am not a pop listener but i do blive in mj and al he did but the truth is that u wount get fame if u are not wit these busters but never mind brother i want to come in to rap music an what ever they will do i will be the tupac of our time speaking against em all

  248. fuck the industiaes am comin 4 em

  249. war come and go but my sojiers stays enternal by tupac

  250. This is in regards to Tupac still being alive. You must understand the history of Tupac. Tupac grew up around Black revolutionaries, the movers and the shakers that placed fear in the powers that be. Why? Because these heros could opened the eyes of the Black masses. Tupac music went from being a thug to becoming conscious. That is dangerous to have Black people finally wake up! I lived thru the 60’s and 70’s so I know. They had to create a so-called “beef” between the East and West coast rappers. Pac gets shot then Biggie. If Tupac continued with his conscious messages, the whole rap game would change. Jay Z early in the rap game was very conscious too. Check out some of his earlier videos from the 80’s. Jay Z sold out now or he may be in a position where he is forced to be what he is now. I believe he is mind- controlled too. So if TMZ claimed they saw Tupac, they may took a picture a clone. Remember the impact that Tupac would have created. Nas too. Just my take on it.

  251. wow… im actually quiet glad i have read this post.. im greek orthodox and believe that this stuff is legit… think about it, yes fame and fortune.. but for the naked eye, its difficult to put one and one together.. or so it seems….

    i believe Pac is alive and i have been telling everyone this for many years now.. there is just not enough evidence..
    the world is slowly falling apart my friends.. if u believe that this is all real i have to agree…
    keep up the research!!!
    i have been doing some lately but still need more !!!

  252. corey gray Says:

    i want to know more about this because I’m really into this now after 1 week or 2 weeks. i read all of it and i was thinking and i think the Illuminati set everything up.

  253. corey gray Says:

    u can email me at koreyfreemen@yahoo.com

    • This site has some wonderful sites you can visit on YOUTUBE. The breastplate that Beyonce wore with the Baphomet on it was not the first time an artist dawned that out fit. I will try to find the site of some other artists that wore that same identical outfit some years back…

      • cog…i believe you are referring to one of george michaels videos…”i want your sex” i think that was the one, in it a model was wearing this which when you take it at face value is absolutely ridiculous, but subliminally the symbolism is dark and sinister. those who aren’t aware of it, will take it as just a costume. rihanna was also digitally altered in the umbrella video to make the sign of baphomet also, but people who aren’t aware of the signs just think it’s a cool thing in a video…so sad.

  254. Black and Proud Says:

    Some how u think convincing people that others are bad is good… If these kids wish to be Beyonce, Lil Wayne or Lady Gaga without doing any bad thing, maybe dress like they do, who does that harm? let the kids be and focus on who u r, We are not meant to live this life the same way, some will be different from us.

    It should worry you that instead of focusing on teaching good, you focus on teaching what is bad, have it ever occured to you that maybe you teaching them bad from people they look up to makes bad fascinating to them???

    this year i turn 25, I have been a Jay Z fan since his first album, Im from South Africa, When i listened to him, his struggles were turned into the apartheid we faced here and the prejudice from whites, the killing of black people for their rights, when Jay Z made it, I knew i too would make it. 1994 saw democracy here, but democracy didnt mean the end of anything, whites still ran the country and they still do, now with less prejudice yet you can see it.

    To me, Jay Z is the American dream but in no way am i gonna do drugs or Worship a devil(if he does), nor God because he does…I worship because of my upbringing and I pray to God because of what my mother taught me. you Americans are always quick to judge each other and other counrties as if you make a difference, here we make a difference and instead of judging we find ways of guiding, nurturing, and most of all supporting each other…

    Since I started reading about this, all I have learned is which signs are assumed to be bad, who is bad, what is bad… teach me what is good, tell me what sign is good, show me who is good… Let us change how we see things…

    a mini story about a woman who every day would look thru her window and would say to her husband, that woman next door doesnt know how to do laundry, look how dirty those clothes are… then one day the husband washed the windows, the woman came out and said wow the woman finally learned how to wash her clothes… what do you think was dirty????

    • We are still responsible for the youth. What these children are putting up as the most high, are these artists that have no morals, nor do they care about any of the children that buy their music. It is still up to us…Black and Proud, you are still young…at the tender age of 25, one day you will be looking back at this discussion full of knowledge and wisdom. I do believe that GOD will use you one day…To the others that are not taking this seriously, leave. To those who have given us more sites to explore and learn from, Thank you! You are so appreciated…I will never stop trying to save the youth. They can’t help what is being fed to them, literally shoved down their throats. One day we will all be judged. The day is coming whether you like it or not. I pray for everyone here, I honestly send my love to each of you…Keep the discussion open…People are hearing about this site and that is a positive thing…Thank you again, Dirtygurl! I have nothing but love for you…My mom just came from the church. I have been away because of a very serious surgery that I might not have come out of alive…well, Here I am, still here for some reason..GOD bless this site and every soul on this page…My love goes out to each of you..and thst’s truly from my heart…

    • We are still responsible for the youth. What these children are putting up as the most high, are these artists that have no morals, nor do they care about any of the children that buy their music. It is still up to us…Black and Proud, you are still young…at the tender age of 25, one day you will be looking back at this discussion full of knowledge and wisdom. I do believe that GOD will use you one day…To the others that are not taking this seriously, leave. To those who have given us more sites to explore and learn from, Thank you! You are so appreciated…I will never stop trying to save the youth. They can’t help what is being fed to them, literally shoved down their throats. One day we will all be judged. The day is coming whether you like it or not. I pray for everyone here, I honestly send my love to each of you…Keep the discussion open…People are hearing about this site and that is a positive thing…Thank you again, Dirtygurl! I have nothing but love for you…My mom just came from the church. I have been away because of a very serious surgery that might have took my very life…well, Here I am, still here for some reason..GOD bless this site and every soul on this page…My love goes out to each of you..and that’s truly from my heart…


    • AND evidently you didn’t have a life at exactly 5:43, February 16th 2010. You took your time to write that needless rude, statement and probably took a little time to read all of our posts…GOD be with you, 2010.

  256. after reading this i still kinda dont know what illuminati is. but this is kind of good>>i was just looking thru websites to find out what the heck illuminiati really is && i sume how foind this website.

  257. The Southern Cemetary Girl Says:

    Left Eye Lisa? The eye above the unfinished pyramid is a left eye; the blindness of the right eye is spiritual blindness. In the holy books its said the Devil is one eyed. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

  258. Well I believe in everything they are saying in this, it makes perfect sense, if you are smart, and if you knew your bible in it, it says that the devil speaks and tries to capture people who are weak minded and dont believe in the word our savior jesus christ has spoken to our selves and spirit. I truly pray that you guys watch what you listen to what type of music you listen to now because this made me relize that he’s building a sheild that is slowly becoming armor. I WAS JUST LIKE YOU DOIN THE SINGLE LADIES DANCE AND SINGING ALL THAT CHICKS SONGS IN WHAT NOT! but after getting deep into research with my cousin, sister, family, friends, and more, I know I cant do much but just trying to spread the word of the lord makes me feel a little better praise him till its our last breaths in the physical world because soon we will be in the spiritual. be careful and wise.

    God bless,

    • Amen…I agree, Unknown…GOD is the way out and in HIM you conquer all. These lost souls are nothing less than people working for him under the guise of something that may not be as fantastic as we think it is. Compromising one’s soul requires work on the part of the servant. The end result could be tragic none the less. IF they don’t change, after life is no joke. Most of them have heard the WORD of GOD from some where, but GOD gives us choices and whatever choice you make decides your fate…

  259. truthislove Says:

    Greetings: The pied piper plays the willfully ignorant for fools. What are most singers songs about? Boasting (Gods word says not to love the world or the things in it-He is speaking of living for pleasure, materialism) Sex (Gods word says fornicators, adulterers, homosexual offenders won’t inherit Gods kingdom) Drugs/partying (A man without Christ is a slave to sin for life) Jesus said out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. By their lyrics you know there’s no love of God in their hearts/ no care for the wellfare of the young. Rather they lead people to do evil. Their songs are desighned to corrupt because they are corrupted. Some have professed selling their souls to Satan. People can say I don’t believe in Satan, such are as a blind man following the blind. Clearly many artist know Satan exist, the prince and power of the air (air waves are what make them famous! Where would they be without air waves?) That’s why Jesus didn’t bow too the Devil when tempted by him. The Devil offered Jesus power/fame and fortune if he bowed and worshiped. Jesus rejected that offer because He knew only God is to be worshipped. Many popular figures in our day have bowed to Satan. Thus their music reflects darkness, sin, rebellion to God, as their chosen master is Satan. Jesus is real, that’s why its written he destroys the works of darkness. Turn to Jesus who is the light and then you’ll shall SEE. If you don’t consider yourself eternally played.

  260. Get a fuckin life music is what it is…dayam watta loser

    • Who’s the loser? You maybe? You’re here so you must have seen something that interested you…Music is what it is…it’s influencial and one of best known sources of brainwash to date. We have created items that make it easily accessible to our youth, and why? because they spend most of their money on these so-called artists that gear their “messages” to the youngsters that have no discernment of good and evil. They make heroes out of these people. It is up to the parents to monitor and listen to what their children are being exposed to. This is why I teach the youth…somebody has to be held responsible…and that is my life, LISA.


    • This is directed to “diamond”..GOD’s Angel? I don’t think that GOD has coffins in heaven…That’s too funny…I do believe that they are all dead. If there was a conspiracy, I couldn’t say that I know too much about that..I just know that Michael did come out before he died, I am sure that the same clip that someone sent to me is on this site somewhere. He was trying to “out” the industry and all the things he went through. When he started to go against the grain, I think that they made life difficult for him. I do believe that there are secret societies, but nothing that GOD can’t handle. We have the right to formulate any opinion on how we feel about the subject…TO “GOD’s angel (?)…With such a beautiful name, why must you speak with that type of language? Anyone representing GOD shouldn’t make a joke out of HIM, We all aren’t kids like you might appear to be…Just remember to respect each person on this site…


    • That is the point that everyone was trying to make…those who died may have died because they WERE NOT a part of the illuminati…Tupac, Left Eye, Aaliyah, Michael…I hope that helps your “discombubilation” problem….

  263. Child of God, somehow you believe that these people die for a cause that you see as evil, yet you might have lost a family member whom you believe it was their time to die, shouldnt same sentiments apply to all of them?

    Signs have been used for many years, in the beginning more because of lack of ability to read, if you look back to all the signs you will find that they were in no way meant to represent either good or bad, It just so happens that good or bad is then drawn by occasions that happen around them. friday 13th for instance is because of Hitler’s actions, the Jesus cross’s history shows that it was a way to mock Jesus’s followers and to eradicate and emancipate themselves from this mockery, they used it and presented it as a way to fight evil, be closure to Jesus and so forth, the fkcu u sign was a way between English and French people to mock each other during the war, if a french or english was captured, his middle finger was cut so to say hey you are fingerless they would show that finger, today we have evolved its meaning to fcuk you.

    For generations to grow earth, to experience and be able to give God back a life that he too learns from we need to evolve our cultural behaviors, for these behaviors to change it then takes those in the frontline to speak up, open the doors to that place and to be for or against such. At times people’s actions can be misunderstood as we are not in their mind when they make such actions.

    Do not crucify another because their actions are not as yours, people did the same with Jesus, then after they learnt that his actions were of holly reasons.

    I cannot dispute reasons for people’s deaths as I do not kill anyone and I would never know why people die. I respect life enough to respect death just as much. I lost a friend who had asthma yet drank alcohol soo much that even the night he passed he was drunk. I can blame Satan or God yet he knew he had asthma and he knew the dangers of taking drugs, smoking and drinking booze and he still did all these things.

    Signs evolve, their meanings evolve, culture evolves and for them to evolve it takes those who rebel against norm, those with voices and those who are stern to stand up and speak out, Jay z’s ways and his soldiers to you might be wrong, yet their mission might be to open your eyes, remember we have different reasons to why we do what we do.

    Child of God, Dirtygurl, and all of you, please and please learn to accept others as they are because they accept you as you are. for their actions that are not like your or of value to you, accept their difference to you, pray to understand them, you might find that those actions are of holly.

    Black and Proud

    • No one said that anyone died for a cause. GO back and read my post….This site is not about acceptance but knowledge and even respect to those who deserve it. The youth are my business and as long as I live, I will try to learn for their sake and do what I was called to do, and that is to teach…The stuff you are speaking of mean very little to the discussion as I respond to DIAMOND’s ?GOD’S ANGEL?….NEXT….

    • @ONCE WERE~ I don’t uplift those who are here to hurt the youth. I don’t have to accept misbehavior as you have. GOD gives us the right to discern that which is not right and if these artists were so smart, they’d steer away from the youth and concentrate on the adults, but NO….that’s not going to happen because some adults know what they’re up to and to entertain them exclusively would defeat their purpose…It is easier to target children because they don’t understand. YOU say you lost a friend to booze and smoking. I hope you learned from that hard lesson so that you will not be doomed to repeat it…GOD doesn’t want us to accept people who do wrong, but allow them to live their lives. I have but one time to share the WORD of GOD and they can either accept or reject…What they do with it is up to them. IF they don’t want HIS gift of life, then I keep it moving…

  264. Sigh… You people are not very accepting are you, what makes them so different for you to say these thing about people, their beliefs are their own and you need to RESPECT that. This is why I don’t follow any religion or new fad that comes along because in the end, it segregates people and you are the ones who are growing the seed of hate and passig it on to your own children!

    For those of you jumping jesus lovers nothing is wrong with that but I though we were supposed to love thy neighbour? Oh well sounds me like everyone is waiting to cast their own stones because they are righteous never mind you yourselves are living in glass houses and do far worse things than others!

  265. I am truly sorry…Black and Proud, or “ONCE WERE”..I do not have to accept that which GOD calls evil..As a Child of GOD, I am not to accept those things that GOD teaches to be harmful to my spirit or anyone else who loves and follow HIS teachings and BOOK.The little ones that don’t know the difference between that which is evil and that which is detestable in the eyes of GOD. They need people who study the word praying for HIS guidance while teaching them the dangerous ways of the world. IF the industry didn’t focus on the youth, the teenagers and preteens, even the little ones that range in ages four to six; I wouldn’t be so passionate about the brainwashing the industry is using to draw them into the industry the way they do. OF course it goes back to the parents, if a few hours out of the week are devoted to showing the youth those things that are harmful, then we are there. (a small group of us go into the community each week to feed them and teach them) I didn’t make the rules, GOD DID. Morality is taught in the Bible. There is an artist that I focus the love of GOD towards because I have watched her go from being in a female group with the intentions of breaking off and going solo. That is Beyonce. The reason, she is a beautiful woman that has become an icon and a role model for many young ladies in the country. The one photo of her dancing on a pole with her crotch completely exposed. To say the least, “Sasha” was there that evening. Was I shocked? Not really because she blames her behavior on her alter ego. Who’s making the paper? Does Sasha and Bey divide the proceeds? Just a light joke…smiles…As a Christian and a servant to my LORD and Savior, I have no power to judge, but I do have the power to point out sin when I see it. I am allowed to tell young girls and young boys that it is not right to give it a name to justify that sin. I also have the power to research the Bible in it’s most simplest form those things that make GOD very unhappy. To the young ladies, it is not right to display your body like a whore. I know that boosts ones ego to have a group of men oggling over their half dressed body. I know that Beyonce is proud of her breast augmentation, so why shouldn’t the men see it? Here lately there have been too many clothing malfunctions. I still can’t judge, but I still can teach the pre teens that this is not lady like. Dangling on stripper poles, or having high powered “fans” blowing on you while you perform so that your garments intentionally blow up so as to expose your breasts, why would you do that?…Black and Proud, please investigate if you care. I realize that you are only 25, but you still are very well voiced and I know that you will be a great speaker for your generation. Take the time to explore YOUTUBE. There is so much information. Beyonce has interviews about her “out of body” experiences. If this were true, that is the true definition of demon possession (she claims to use the alter ego as an excuse for the reason that she entices men during her performances, adding pole dancing to her shows along with nasty choreography to the entertainment.) These are all choices that she has a right to make, but as a teacher out of my church, I have to call it as I see it. When the children start to emulate her dance moves, I have to call it as I see…I never end my lessons without telling them to pray for her. She is human as I, and I too am not perfect. I pray for Beyonce daily in hopes that she will see that she has a following, most are young ladies. The money that she is being blessed with may not be from GOD. GOD does not want you to sell yourself. Now on the other hand, satan is having a blast. To make an excuse for being a whore…He loves it! She knows exactly what she is doing. She was a Christian many years ago. They say that she forms a prayer circle before each and every show she does that evening…What would you pray? “Please don’t let the pole break while I am swinging on it..”? “If my dress blows up, make sure my “implants are in the best possible position when they are exposed.” Oh yes, When I am having my out of body experience, forgive me…Sasha does better than Beyonce. Forgive me that I choose her over Beyonce while I perform and don’t remind me of what I do during the performance. I don’t want Beyonce to know what Sasha is doing with her body while she’s being held hostage in my mind.” She speaks of her Christian life before the “Crazy In LOVE” video. BLACK and PROUD, I accept everyone, I just don’t accept their compromised behavior. If they would leave the children alone, I wouldn’t care so much. It sickened me the way that Bey had to display “a hug” showing everyone the “goodwill” she was giving to a young cancer patient. It was showcased like so many other things are. I pray for the industry that they remember WHO gave them the wealth they have gained through the compromise of their morals. Could Bey live off of her voice alone, without the sensationalism of her shows, the suggestive dancing and the costumes, or the lack there of? Only time will tell. She doesn’t have to pose for PLAYBOY now, I have already seen it all. That’s sad. Just pray for this lovely lady. I don’t write so that you will like me, Black and PROUD, I just write to open the eyes to those who want to examine the truth for themselves. The plight of Destiny’s Child started many years back. Beyonce was being groomed to be a solo artist from jump. There’s a price to pay for fame, fortune, and attention, even if it means stepping on the toes of your comrades that were there with you from the beginning. Just remember that when it’s all said and done, the truth will never go away. You can count on that. For you, Black and Proud, I will not accept bad behavior, but I love the person. I have been saying that all along. Each person should read for themselves what these artists are doing for your money. When it gets to the point that they will do anything to make to the top (step on the toes of your comrades in the first singing group you started off with only to go solo and leave them out, to being the biggest artist compromising all of her morals that she once possessed to be the hugest artist of all times, I find something wrong with that. I will not be one to sit by and give my opinion, especially if someone asks what I believe about the situation. I will only speak the truth backing it up by my own personal research and healthy discussion.

    About Jay Z, I know enough about him from research that he has issues. Calling yourself “Jay HO Vah” (get the words from “Crazy In Love”… When a man equalizes himself with GOD, there is a problem. Look at the video…”ON TO THE NEXT ONE”…He literally has a halo around his head through the whole video. There is so much imagery in his videos. It’s going to take research on your part to understand what he is implying. Open your mind and try to understand the messages he is trying to convey to you in each of his videos. IF nothing else, examine the video with Rihanna, “Run this town”…So much imagery. as well…UMBRELLA is a very suggestive and full imagery. HE tries to hide nothing. It’s straight in front of your face. All I am saying to you is that opinions are healthy if you research for yourselves. You have to study for yourselves with an open mind knowing that no one is trying to sabotage anyone’s careers, but there are messages in their music that they want you to see, and follow. They are what they call, THE NEW WORLD order. THE info is out there for you. It is up to you to research it. I will never give up on you. I still see a lot of kindness and patience in your heart. GOD has a job for you and when the time is right, you are going to be awesome.

  266. I do not think that rappers sold thier soul to the devil but Im sure somethink is fish(not right).

    • Probably not intentionally, but once their eyes are opened, will they come forward and reveal the truth like Tupac did and Michael tried to? I find it very noble of them to risk their very dignity to try to protect their fans. Even L L Cool J. is coming forward. You can catch him on line on a good day and he will speak to you briefly if you approach him with respect. He usually will leave an idea and wait for a response. I think that is real refreshing. IT shows us that he is truly among us looking for answers. You don’t have to sell your soul to Satan to go to hell. So much sensationalism. Simply ignore GOD. It’s as easy as that. Proclaiming HIS WORD is the most unpopular thing for any child of GOD to do. No one wants to hear the truth. The Bible tells you everything you need to know. The beautiful thing is that GOD gives us the power of making your own choices. The illuminati is a man made organization. GOD did not invent that. GOD doesn’t want us to follow ungodly initiations to be a child of HIS. Man created “this organization” so that we would have something to hold on to, to believe in. Why not just believe in GOD your creator? I know it has to sadden GOD with the fact that we turned our backs on HIM, children in HIS very image. The heartache HE must have gone through. How increasingly gut wrenching it must have been to send your only SON to die in the place of a bunch of heathens. I couldn’t imagine how it would feel to find someone whom I had created out of my loneliness reject me me out of my creations’ selfishness. Man is one of the cruelest creatures, right there with Satan and his followers. You have to wonder how much longer our Creator is going to put up with our behavior…Imagine watching HIS creation put to death HIS beloved SON. GOD still wants the opportunity to save our shameless, selfish lives. The love that GOD possesses is a beautiful, merciful. The illuminati was created by man. LIL WAYNE is a part of this organization and if you notice, this week he escaped going back to jail and finishing his time because of a show he had to do that week. He received even more time out because they were painting his cell. Now you tell me that this man hasn’t got some kind of power and privilege right now. The illuminati is a powerful organization and as long as we sit back and keep ignoring it’s existence, it will be too late and nothing will matter; our time will be up.. For now we need to keep praying and educating ourselves. Remember that GOD is here for us and those who are dedicated to HIM and love HIM. HIS power is far more potent than man’s, satan, or any organization could ever be. Always remember how forgiving and loving our LORD is and we all have the opportunity to escape the eternal punishment that awaits any and all that choose to betray and turn their backs from the LORD our GOD and Creator. HE gives us the power to conquer all.

    • I do believe that some have joined these secret societies, but at what cost? You can’t get that type of protection for nothing. There’s always a price and the cost is absolutely a high one.

  267. HI God’s child, let me take you down history of JayHova… the name was givne to him by Jazo who was his mantor after JAy Z did a rap song with him without writing words down. He then said you are the Hova of the rap game, as prophecy has it today he is the leading person in rap…

    Now you use youtube as your reference, vigilante as your reference. you judge people you dont personally know. you still follow them around. my suggestio is, if you feel they are bad stop following them, trying to find out more about them, these things dont have any positive effect in your daily life, they make you hate, hate is and can never be good for you.

    I get worried that people dedicate blogs to what they see as negativity and they attack only blacks who are successful, I will not be oblivious or willfully blind to reality, and the fact is that some people are against blacks moving onward. Bill Gates would commit suicide if he woke up with Jay Z money buy no one say he sold his soul. people who come with these horrific video games and movies are never labelled, a rap star who comes from nothing made something is then a rapper.

    maybe we should all grow from looking at others for fault and looking at the mirror.

    and if you felt at any stage I was rude or insulting, I apologize, my mother and father raised me better than that.

    signed Black and Proud

    • We shouldn’t have to compromise our dignity just so they can make a dollar, or have our children “hero” worship them because it seems that they are successful because they sold out their morals or self respect. Being successful comprises being successful because you earned it without compromising your dignity…Our children are no longer being taught that…

  268. I totally agree with this… These kids have no idea what is going on. And these fucks are selling their souls…. I will not support them anymore and let people know to STOP buying their albums. Why keep making them rich? They are NOT looking after us! They will be all safe in 2012, while the rest of us fight to stay alive and protect our familes. Watch beyonces new videos, with lady gaga and riannas video. It’s ALL there. 666. 6 turns 6 guys 6 girls. And the customes are evil as hell. No pun intented. Tupac rocked and he didn’t want to take his manhood so they killed him. In the ass jay z got it. Ask anyone from where he comes from and they will all say it. Fag in mans clothing. I love gay people but not when they make belive and set up house to hide it from the rest of the world. People WAKE the Fuck up !!!! They are killing us faster than you think. Haiti was no natural disaster either. Macon Georgia has camps set up already for this shit. Take your evil shit and stay away from us… We are like a wicked game of chess to them. Kill us. It’s a shame, it should have every gotten to this. The goverment fucks us up and blames it on the poor people.

    • That was very enlightening Simone. Thanks…Black and Proud, you still don’t get it. Before I even break down the videos, I do look at myself very carefully in the mirror. I am in no way perfect. The evidence is right in front of your faces and they are not trying to hide a thing. They are not for the children that are following them very closely, they are about selling records and even advocating their beliefs in their music. They are laughing all the way to the bank. Justifying their immoral behavior. YouTube is not the only references I choose to use to assist me in trying to educate the youth, but there are actual footage coming straight from Beyonce and Jay Z themselves. They are not afraid to profess their beliefs anymore.Checkout, Pseudo Occult Media. That is very informative. YouTube is still a very good source. Study some of Beyonce’s interviews where she is trying to describe her “alter Ego, Sasha Fierce does all the things that Beyonce would never do. Having said that, Beyonce can’t possibly like what she is doing sometimes. I don’t think that anyone is judging, but rather bringing this stuff to light. I can’t say that she is going to hell, but I can surely say that Beyonce doesn’t like Sasha, because if she did, she would shut “her” down.

    • Thank you, Simone…I know that there is hope when you hear people like you trying to understand the evil forces we are trying to fight…These people aren’t the only ones, but right now they are the top artists that come to mind…Beyonce, GAGA, Jay Z, Lil Wayne…The hard rock society had been doing this for a long time. Now that it is infiltrating pop and rap music, we are noticing it is becoming that much more noticeable…This is about us now…So, we have to watch out for our little ones…We’ve been beat down once in history…I will not be knocked back down because of my ignorance. It’s just another type of slavery…Think about it…Beyonce is a puppet at this point…Her morals out the door. It must be difficult being a “slave” to money…Nothing should compel you to sell your dignity..There’s not enough money in this world for that.

    • Love you, girly….

  269. I believe that Pac is with Eminem think about it, The year Pac died Em released his very first album and went of the be on the same level of comparison as Pac not to mention he has dropped hints of him being against to Illuminati (Check the news paper clippings in the video of Mosh). So is it a coincidence that the very year Pac died a starting out rapper set to become one of the biggest rappers the world has known started his career. Well that just my opinion.

  270. Starr-1one Says:

    You all do not get it do you. Do you realize that the Illuminati are the creators of all religion. The are jesus , they are moses they are alah . They started as they annunaki then moved to europe and started the vatican. God is there word which is really supposed to have an s at the end but they changed so people would conform more to this belief. There is a creator of all things but it is not something called god and the Illuminati knows this. So every sunday your in church praying or giving praise , you are worshiping guess who , the Illuminati. Most can not stomach this because when your decieved for generations, you think it is right because of tradition but its root is nothing but a dark path. They are controling all of your mind. The more you doubt what im saying, the more they have a strong hold on your life force energy.

    • Not to be rude, but the first church was created on the day of Pentecost. Acts 2:38. 3000 souls were baptized that day. The illuminati wasn’t in existence at the time. There were other organizations, idol worship, etc but not the illumanti. They are not the creators of religions. They did not create Christianity. GOD with HIS SON JESUS and the twelve apostles, on the day of Pentecost was the beginning of the early church. Please read this beautiful story and you will see how Christ himself was baptized, though HE didn’t need be. HE had fulfill all righteousness for all man-kind. Christ taught how GOD gives us the gift of the HOLY SPIRIT. You will find that after Christ was baptized in the river of Jordan, (when HE was baptized by John the Baptist) the HOLY SPIRIT descended upon HIM in the form of a dove. This was to be our “help mate” as we take our journey and walk with GOD. IF you are sincerely baptized and are following the LORD as HE has told you to, you will have that gift as well. What a beautiful gift to receive from GOD. One must also remember that Christ was also baptized to fulfill all righteousness..Christ didn’t have to be baptized, but HE had to set that example and show HIS disciples that HE too had to follow GOD’s teaching. One could speculate that Christ may or was baptized twice. I will have to go back and re read this passage again…IT’s getting late, but you are definitely worth my time…GOD bless you…Child of GOD…

    • Oh yeah, the Vatican had nothing to do with the Christian church…THE BIBLE didn’t introduce a POPE in the plans for the early church. We are designed to take our own communion, not by someone in the papistry to do it for us. There is no where in the Bible where we are to make confessions to a man in a “closet”…IF you notice, the Catholic Church has it’s own sets of rules…In my family on my mother’s side, they were devout Catholic. When I went to college, I tried to take the time to study each religion so that I could understand whom I was speaking with, and out of love, I teach the Christian faith. All the information I use in my walk with GOD is by total instruction of the BIBLE (preferably the KING JAMES version) in it’s entirety. IF any doubt, it’s good to have a concordance handy to cross reference things that are not understood. I try to pray before i teach. I need guidance by GOD like anyone else.

  271. According to Christian history, Pentecost is a feast commerating the Holy Spirit on the apostles. However, the feast was in fact a Hebrew feast that was celebrated even during the time of the Old Testament. Pentecost means 50th. And every 50 years the Hebrews celebrated this time. Remember Jesus stated he came to fulfil the law not change it. Sorry I can’t remember what the Hebrews were celebrating during the Pentecost but you can do the research.

  272. This is all true and our black president also sold his soul, Yes Barack Obama. The whole goverment are freemasons. This is crazy and all true. Jay z, Lil Wayne, Ti, Rihanna all are fucking freemasons. Only rappers against it are Eminem and ofcourse Tupac.

    • shammydeank Says:

      sorry love eminem is one of them to!

    • Why do you think that Barack had Beyonce perform at his inauguration? Real sad. Why couldn’t the original singer of that song sing it? She was very offended. Beyonce paid a high price to do the inauguration. It’s all good if they use the power that they have to focus on the youth and GOD. They have lost total sight on where the talent and fortune and fame is coming from. Never think that you can be greater than HE.

    • I did not vote for anyone when election day occurred. There was a huge outbreak in our church, a literal split because the bus ministry children (black and poor white children) finally had someone to represent them. I couldn’t find anyone to represent me. I am proud that we finally have a black president and now the children have someone to look up to and reach beyond everything that they may have thought was an impossibility at one time. But if my president doesn’t worship my GOD or LORD and Saviour, I can’t make any exceptions. I told the children to respect Their leadership and continue to witness to everyone about the LORD and the wonderful gift HE has for each of us.. I have been invited to the white house to meet President Obama, LORD willing, I pray that GOD show me the way and give me the proper words to say to him. It is still about salvation and I want to know his views about GOD. It was sad to see the church split and the very people that invited me, a poor little black child into their church, but still looked upon me less than them. I made sure that the children understood that this was their world now. They needed to know that if GOD iwas not present in the country’s leadership, the government would fail. I am a strong believer that GOD must be present in every aspect of your life. If HE’s not, everything would fail. GOD allows us to decide whom we give the glory to. HE would love to see us look to HIM in any crisis, but in this day and time, you probably won’t see that very often. This is why I teach the young people today. IF the seed is planted, there is still hope. I know that having a black president gave the the minorities much more hope than anyone ever had we not so many years ago. Truth be told, if GOD is not present in our governmental system, what kind of hope do we have?

  273. Mike Pain Says:

    Beyonce just opened a new beauty school it’s called the (http://www.phoenixhouse.org/) pheonix house.

    They are all going so hard it leads me to belive that the time is nearer than we think. Put on the full armour of Christ now so we can beat these bastards. Be preparded for someone to fake the second coming of Christ, it’s all in the Bible.

    • I hear you, Mike. We need to make sure that we don’t lose sight on those who have the REAL power of GOD in opposition of those who have been given fortunes from Satan. Not all gifts are from GOD. IF they don’t go in guidance with the WORD OF GOD, they have nothing to do with HIM.

  274. Doesnt matter Says:

    Well first off without believing in Satan you cannot fully grasp the idea of what the illuminati is or how they work. And for a single man to fight something so powerful is hard to believe especially when they control every major buisness in the world, (oil companys, media, and music). If tupacs idea was to spark the minds of someone who will change the world as on his tombstone that is a little more believable. Since he knew he couldnt change anything, maybe a message was sent through his music. It would take the world to fight this strong oraganization. And for the record no one can join the Illuminati, you would have to be born from a family with the bloodline.

    • One thing we should never forget, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ is that WE HAVE NOT LOST a thing. They can have all the riches of the earth for all I care. What they fail to understand that there is life after death, life after this. I pray for their souls. We all have one. This battle on earth is but a joke to Satan and the majority of humanity will be living with him forever hereafter. That is what is so sad about all this. GOD did not create this place for the illumanati or any other group on this earth. We were created for GOD. We were given life to worship our creator. How sad a day it will be when Christ comes back to rescue those of us who obey and follow HIM. What a rude awakening there will be when so many souls will be left out and sent straight to hell. I thank the LORD that I have been given HIS word by those who love HIM and obey HIM. I hope I am doing enough for the lost. I don’t want to be looking down from heaven at the lost souls that graced the stages across the world praising Satan and misleading our children into the very pits of hell. I had to come by this page and say a prayer for those who have come to this page since I was last here. Dirtygurl, do you realize what a wonderful thing you have done? Such wise young woman with an unbiased heart, but stern and educated. You have been moved to start a fire that I hope continues to burn and consume our very minds. This subject is serious. I have even got to the point that I pray for Beyonce every night. Right now, I don’t think that she realizes what she is doing. She is being used, just like many of the other singers that the youth praise today. I can’t really pick one that is a solid role model. I just saw Rihanna singing a heavy metal song…I guess our music is beginning to merge. I heard lil Wayne’s “metal” song and saw the video. There is something going on in the industry. They aren’t hiding it. Shame on us if we ignore it.

  275. Hi Brothers and sisahs

    Have any of you here heard of G. Craig Lewis? If so, ypu’ll know that he explains a lot about these subjects you guys are discussing. Research him and ex ministires. I have 6 of his dvd covering Hip Hop as a organized religon, Freemasonry, etc. He is VERY straight forward…I witness people walking out of the church because his spoke the Word of God so strong. Plz Plz check his website, Youtube videos and more. Also, plz make sure anyone ages 10 and under are nowhere near when he is discussing jay z.

  276. king Heckaveli Says:

    i agree with most of what your sayin and the coincidences but most of this blog became invalid when you said you dont beleive in the devils existence,when you said that you through out your whole point if you dont beleive in that then who did jay sell his soul to? why would illuminat even exist?

    • Hmmm…There can’t be an illumanati without satan. GOOD POINT. It is quite a moot subject if the opposition is left out. One has to believe there is a GOD and satan.

  277. Truth be told Says:

    you know its funny, the people say Jay Z is evil, well good… somehow though excuses are made for all white people, Bill gates, well he worked hard, Oprah sold her soul, Warren Baffet, well he invested hard, Will Smith Sold his soul, Eminem worked hard, Kanye sold his soul, Mariah Carey worked hard, Beyonce sold her soul… Bush worked hard and had the advantage as his father was also a President, Obama sold his soul

    somehow black cant achieve riches by hard work… some even have the nerve to ask what black person has ever dominated anything for over 10yrs, how can he be a millionair from rap… no one ever asked why was Paul Mccatney a millionair from pop.

    It just pains me that black people contineu to comment that their black rich people are bad, evil and sell their souls…

    White people at time thought MJ was white so obviously they feel he was right for them and he never sold his soul… (if there is such a thing as selling your soul to the devil)… the white person justifying why Tupac wasnt illuminati is the same that hated him cos he was against whites, he was against clean rap life, he pushed thug life…

    some years back we saw 50 cent being told to take his billboards down cos he was holding a gun and a mic, a month later James bond had 2 guns and they said when its a white person its not dirty and we started believing it…well I for one stand and say Jay Z is God-fearing, Nas is God fearing, Rihanna is god fearing, Beyonce is God fearing and every other black rich entertainer is God fearing..blacks hear about God more than an avarage white person, your mother will swear and put God in the same line… God imma bitch-slap this child an example..we know and fear God, we praise his name higher… can u imagine what this would have done to Jay z’s mother was he a devil worshipper?

    you all can go on about the conspirancy but seriously this is stupid… all great men and women who are black are labelled bad and Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan are going thru a phase… Jay z has never been in the spotlight for anything degrading… he holds himself as a man of values…I respect him for where he comes from and how he changed his past and made a better present for himself… bp

    • Not stupid, Truth be told, but ingenious. You have to remember that our own race sold our own into slavery. We had to gain back our respect. To this day, we are still fighting. There is no race greater than another in GOD’s eyes. Everyone is equal, only you can fight for your rights. The world will always uphold the sinners over the “do gooders”…It’s the way of the world. Our rappers are upheld, and for what? I don’t want them representing me. I’m sorry. If they love the LORD and are for equality and not for upholding all the wrong in the world, I wouldn’t have a problem…Tupac may have been harsh, but he spoke the truth and didn’t apologize for it. All the lil wayne’s in the world won’t sway me to take the same stand he takes. Anyone who performs on a stage half high with a pimp cup in his hand makes no sense to me.

  278. dont go to sleep

    • I have a question for you, TRUTH…At this time, are these black brothers and sisters you named in Hollywood thinking about you in the slightest? These people have sold out. To get where they are, they had to compromise something. To those who did not, like Dave Chapelle, they seemed to just fade away from the public eye. If you watched the latest MTV awards, you see that most of our black entertainers have crossed over to the “dark side”. Who’s fault is that? You are angry at the wrong people. Be angry at our own. Just like we sold our people into slavery, this is not much different. We want to blame everyone else for everything that is happening to our race. Do something about it.!!!GO into the community and teach the youth! Give them positive role models. I’m sorry, but Jay Z is not what I call a role model. You tell me if I am wrong. Bey is not a role model by no stretch of the imagination. Tell me some of the role models that the children of our race (BP) can look up to. The youth should be taught to be proud of themselves. They should never feel like they have compromise their morals to make it to the top. Females, don’t disrobe or give up your innocence to be on top. Young men, you don’t have to be a pimp to make it HUGE! And yes, GOD can get you to the top. HE can get you anywhere you want to be. BP, or TRUTH…Face the truth. Tell me what we need to do to make it. You see that their way is not working, show me a better way. Don’t blame anyone but the industry for the way they see these artists these days…They all want to be seen in this light. That doesn’t make us wrong, that just makes them stupid.

  279. The Thriller laugh- HAAAAAAAAAAAAA,HA,HA,HA,HA.HA,HA,huh,huh,huh…Or the laugh from Dana Dane’s- Nightmares. Your being watched!

  280. Truth be told Says:

    Child lets face facts, you are white, and why should they think about me, I dont think about them. a role model can be for someone and not for another. Jay Z for me is a role model, when i look at where he comes from, I am inspired to wanna go that route of success, not the path he might have used.

    From Marcy to Madison Square… you know when he says that thats its from the heart to the promised land…

    Beyonce is my friends role model, that girl turned her life around just from watching Beyonce’s dvds, reading her interviews, she has a successful salon and she is doing great.

    Unfortunately I dont believe that anyone can sell their soul, and Child I in no way think that your conspirancies are true. your is just an opinion, mine too.

    you wanna blame a persdon you never met for the wrongs in your ife, and credit someone you never met for the rights in your life, be my guest, just leave Jay Z and his troops alone. the first ever relevant 40yrs old rapper, the greatest rapper alive, the only rapper compared to BIG and Pac, do you have any idea what that means???

    Please leave my black heroes alone, start a blog and beat up anybody but those who worked hard and still work hard to be where they are. If they worship the devil, they are better than many others who Worship God and do wrong, they are better than none worshipers, they are better than an avarage God follower who thinks their sins can be made cos they will be forgiven, I havent seen or heard of Jay Z’s sins in this column except speculations that he killed Pac and BIG and Aliyaah, well he must have killed the dog i saw on my road to work as well…BP

    • dirtygurl Says:

      BP…( black and proud)

      your tripping, jay z is your hero, someone who claims to have been a big time dope dealer, from what i have heard from others jay z wasn’t no big time nothing, just a punk that jaz o used to protect. he sold out for riches and left everybody in the dust, he is a cold piece of work.

      beyonce is a robot, nuff said, and you don’t give your friend credit for turning her life around you attribute it to beyonce who wouldn’t spit on her if she was on fire.

      you really should get your act together girl and wake up from this coma your in.

    • I must have hit a nerve, TRUTH BE TOLD…I feel so privileged that you have singled me out. With all the love in my heart, I call it as I see it (but only in the most loving way possible.. 🙂 You know as well as I do that what ‘s going on in the industry is wrong. I am not judging anyone. In fact, the things that the industry are introducing to our youth are wrong, First and foremost, I am a Christian. Secondly, I am a proud black woman that has been taught to love people like you, but alas you do not have to accept me and I don’t have to accept you. Don’t insult yourself by assuming who you think I might be. I do know that I love you even more so now. I figure that you must be pretty young, and you don’t know what you are saying and that’s okay. There is nothing wrong with pointing out wrong, lovingly. GOD said not to judge and that’s a whole ‘nother subject altogether. I would never condemn someone to heaven or hell…NOT MY JOB…As a Christian woman, I am to be understanding and loving and absolutely stern if need be. Black and Proud, you have a huge problem within yourself. I think that you display a lot of self hate and maybe you are just young and need some time to grow. What’s a “JUDGE MENTALITY”? Anyway, I listen to every word to the songs I listen to. I just started listening more carefully to Jay Z, Bey, Ri, LiL Wayne…etc. more so because the children I teach walk around me singing the lyrics to their songs. The younger ones have no idea what the words mean, but the older ones understand. Some of them interpret the lyrics for me. This is a healthy way to teach them. I have to become familiar with their world and what they are listening to. Black and Proud, no other person in this world can make you into the person that GOD would have you to be. Only you can do that. I ask you this, whom did I judge? I have not cursed one person to hell on this page. I can say, if you don’t do as GOD says, you are going to hell. IF you mislead the children and your soul is not forgiven, you are going to hell. I stand behind those facts. Anyone can change and choose GOD at any point in time of their lives. GOD did not give me a special seat to judge people, HE just gives me the knowledge to discern evil when I see it. IS it wrong for me to point out the evil deeds that are going on in the industry to protect the youth? By all means, no. To destine anyone to hell, that is wrong and I have no right. I will continue to pray for you BP. Don’t worry about me hurting your Black heroes. They are doing enough of that their ownselves.

  281. Lil' Jake Says:

    He dudes im a rapper and i just wanna say pac was the realest
    he was the best who ever did it.
    illuminati will never succeed.
    I am Muslim, and worshipping the devil is the worst thing you could do in my religion.
    i respect christians alot.
    and all u fake ass biiitchhes who dont believe pac will come bakk my dikk is for u ta likk.
    jay-z suks dick and cant rapp.
    the only reason why people listen to him is cuz of the subliminals in his songs.he so gay.
    pac is the best
    he was REAL
    and its been like 14 years now and nobody can forget his words

  282. Truth be told/Tell me more has to be either an agent or an asshole. You stated that your “friend” turned her life around by looking at Beyonce videos. How old was she..40? Check out Pseudo Occult Media and you will see many white celebs are under this mind control too. Let’s start with Miley, Megan Fox, and Sir Paul McCartney. All those people you mentioned in your statement are all under control. I bet you believe everything Glen Beck says and he admitted he is a comedian. Please do some research.

  283. The 2nd coming of Christ is us. We are the return of the Gods/Goddesses. Didn’t Jesus state that WE are gods. Didn’t the serpent state to Eve …your eyes will be opened and you will be like God knowing good and evil… Aren’t our eyes opened to this B.S.? Who wrote the Matrix? It is our time.

  284. Truth be told Says:

    Somehow you people wanna blame everyone for your actions, your kids actions than your own. Me if i swear its cos of my own values, not Jay Z… Jay Z is my role model and he will stay as such forever…

    I dont believe in evil, I dont believe in Hell. Im a spirit than my body, I am… I am… and Jesus is a myth on a book, if anyone ever prove that then religion will perish

    • BP, I myself and black. I can look at this with an open mind. I know what’s up. I had to teach this evening. These beautiful black children who tell me what they see..I hope that the folks aren’t your role models because they can keep my race, my children on the low end of the spectrum. I wouldn’t dare tell these children to follow after these artist, especially if they defy GOD. I will not leave your “Heroes” alone. I don’t have to meet them to know that their way of life should not be pushed on the youth. These children think that the things they are doing are great. They are “getting the money” as Beyonce says. “THE WRONGS IN MY LIFE” have nothing to do with the influence that these artist have on our youth. I taught tonight. Some of them are wising up to the industry. As I told them, “they don’t care about your soul, they just want your money and attention.” You know this is true. I don’t have to meet them to know that they don’t care about the morals of the children. Bey isn’t even careful enough to cover her nipples when they are exposed. Her crotch is common ground. Tell me if all of that is right. Tell me if you think they care about their biggest fans…

  285. Truth be told Says:

    Somehow you are convinced that he worships Satan, you have no proof of him kneeling and worshiping this Devil of yours, its your notion, you want to convince me that this is true, have you ever spent a day with Jay Z, see what church he goes to, hear him pray?

    Your proof is signs, songs in which you misinterpret him to suit your opinion.

    lets see, what do banks care about? your money or what, look every service, everything with a price will be paid for by money. Jay Z in concert needs to be paid, his disc needs to be paid for, even gospel cds are paid for and the concerts too, why should he be treated differently? shouldnt he earn a living to satisfy your ignorance of his lifestyle?

    Child of God, give me relevent proof that he is a Devil Worship, give me his song where he says that, please dont qoute a remix by a white DJ who mixed his words from different recording to make up murder murder Jesus, plus listening to music backwards shows the level of insanity people has.

    Lucifer dawn of the morning, Im gonna chase you ouf of earth, this cant be used as your argument as you see, he is chasing Lucifer out of earth as he blames him for his friends(Bob Allah) death…

    Jesus cant save you life starts when the church ends, you cant a line from a story of a girl who goes astray then goes to church on Sunday in the morning then after that she goes back to her lifestyle, to me thats what i get from the words.

    D’evils is a song where he says that illuminati wants his mind, soul and body and he is saying no to it, he says i cant be possessed by evils in the form of chains, when money grows friends changes, this is true… to date he is one of the rappers who u dont see tattoes all over his body, u dont see him with his shirt off, u dont see him being arrested for drugs or doing drugs… the one rapper who leads a clean life is the one man you bash??? jeezzz

    here is a scenario, I start a rumor today saying Child of God is a prostitute, a whoreee and a b1tch, people ask why i say well she wears clair heels, goes out at night, she wears mini’s when she goes out, I saw her get into a car… and she once said her man gave her money after sex… does this make Child of God a wh*re/prostitue/b1tch or it makes my views of her that low??

    Jay z said he believes in one God, people then comment and say he means his God Satan, what does that say about you when u say Satan is God to justify your opinion of another???

    well Life, is a gift and a curse…
    thats food for thought you do the dishes…bp

  286. Truth be told Says:

    Child of God, you seem to want to be Beyonce hey

    • I will give you one better, sweetheart, would a true GOD fearing Christian profess to have sold out to the devil? Does Jay Z at any point in time give the glory to GOD, all the riches and things he has received since he started selling out to the masons? What man would put his wife on a stripper pole to make money and it not bother him? There is a song that someone sent to me by Destiny’s Child called “Nasty Girl”…Take the time to listen to it. Beyonce was putting down all the artists that compromise their ethics to get where they are in the industry. The item that someone sent me was the original version and the other was a second version with Destiny’s child singing the song and Bey dancing on the stripper pole, showing her “you know” while sitting with her legs open. Why is it that when you are trying to make a valid point about a popular artist anything you say in opposition means you want to be them or like them? Truth be told, I had to change the way I carried myself some time back. The attention I was getting was not what I needed. I love wife beater shirts, heels, jeans….I have went back to wearing lady like clothes with class. If anything, I would love to see an artist that be true to her ethics, not letting anyone encourage them to be suggestively sexy, but classy. As females, we have to watch how we carry ourselves. Truth be told, I am a 24-36-38. I stand about 5’5”. I have all my hair and I wear no wigs. My hair comes down my back about a foot. I am the same complexion as Bey. So no, I find her very beautiful, but the children I teach look at her as a role model and seem to think that they have to be half dressed to be like her. Not too difficult to understand. Bey and Jay Z just happen to be the biggest artists out there right now. Oh yeah, if he is quoting satanic lyrics from another artist, then he is just as guilty. Referring to himself as JAY HO VAH is blasphemous. Bey claims to be possessed. I don’t know that I would admit to that.

    • She is quite beautiful…but then, so am I…smiles.

    • I could be, but I would much rather help her than be her..You know?

  287. Killuminati….

    What all did pac mean? why was he going after other rappers besides B.I.G.? Was it a plan to systematically target certain emcee’s and aspects of the industry? I could be reading too much into all this but I’ve just been thinking about this all, don’t even know why i’m puttin this up here online…

    Lets take a look at the targets of the Killuminati,
    basically the concept is to kill the illuminati in the industry, they control a lifestyle and a genre that is ours, that is against the system, against the status quo, the voice of the voiceless.

    Biggie – Biggie like all the targets of the Killuminati was a great emcee, that is not the point. B.I.G.’s image was one of his best rhymes “money, clothes, and hoes” not to bash the brother but even his mother had stated that the musical lyrics he put out showed a dark side of life. Big “brought the east back” he was the crown holder for the eastcoast, the media helped put him in that position because there were many great emcee’s out at that time from NYC.

    Nas – Illmatic is regarded as one of the best Hip Hop albums of all time. Illmatic the word is a play on words, automatically ill, and the illuminati. Nas Escobar would then adopt the themes of cliche drug dealing tales that was popular in the mid 90’s. Nas was a gifted emcee but still felt the need to glorify a lifestyle that he may have once admired but he didn’t live it. The focal point once again was money and a fake lifestyle by the time Nas dropped the album it was written.

    Jay-Z – A Hustler from Ny and one time rap side kick to his former mentor Jaz-O from which he got his own name. Jay-Z had been a face in the rap game since the early 90’s but with no deal he wasn’t known as much by the time he dropped his 1st solo album Reasonable Doubt. By the time it dropped in 96 it was right in the mafioso era. Jay spit like a seasoned drug pusher who saw it all at an early age. He said i never pray to God i pray to Gotti. Jay’s rhymes were as heartless as they were clever.

    De La Soul – Why de la you ask? not only just because they were saying that some emcee’s like pac weren’t hip hop in a round about way, if you follow de la soul you’d know they had a video out in the early 90’s called me myself and “i”(eye). the video is full of masionic symbols and images. the pyrimid with the eye, the one all seeing eye. the concept of video is to be an individual from the outside looking in, but in reality the song and the group is just another victum of it’s time. the Hip Hop Hippie movement was what De la soul was apart of and their rhymes and image stuck to that train of thought. The groups gimmick was to be individualist and to be seperatists from the status quo, not to bring unity but to start division. This is when you had the “Real Hip Hop vs. Gangsta Rap” argument. the media created the argument and threw gas on the flames. De la soul bit the hook and pac exposed them for playing the role of pons.

    Think about how these emcee’s glorify a lifestyle over everything else. pac was just as much a “gangsta” rapper as anyone you can name, but it had a deeper element that isn’t all it was consisted of, you can say it’s contridictary but what is wrong with being introspective? The reason why pac could step outside the box and give you songs like “i aint mad at cha” , “white manz world”, “brenda’s got a baby”, “dear mama”, etc… is because he made a point to step away from the control methods of the industry and how they use brothas to mislead other brothas. you can say that jay, nas, and big made positive songs which they may have but they also had cliche gangsta imigary in those same songs, which may have not been what they have believed in but at the same time it was the culture of the music at the time so they had to go at it from a “group think attitiude”.

    if you look at the targets and what they stood for then look at it from that vigilant perspective that pac had you can understand why he was going at those artists. Pac lost, he one the battle but he lost the war. Jay-Z the least known rapper at the time of the war came out the most victorious. The imigaes and symbolism that Jay-Z represents has no loyalty other than money and exploitation. Jay-Z grew on a larger global scale and has achieved more success in his life that pac ever has. the overall image and message that Jay portrays is greed and doing whatever you have to do to get what you want. The industry crowned Jay the best rapper and now instead of representing a culture, people like Jay-Z create the culture.

    The voice of the voiceless spirit has been systematically killed. How could you stop a rebellion? apoint one of the “rebels” into a leadership position so the others can feel apart of the system and not rebel. They won’t think to rebel because one of their own is in “control” of everything…..

    thats a damn good ideal…

    enter Barack Obama – not only is he black but he’s damn near from africa, don’t get no blacker than that right? forget about his white mom who’s related to both bush’s, dick cheney, the royal family etc…
    He’s one of us… right? hell yeah he is look at him. I’m voting for him, Jay-Z even says he’s cool with him. Jay-Z? yeah the best rapper out he’s with the finest girl and has the most money, he even hangs with Lebron James the best basketball player, Jay-Z likes obama, so does p. diddy, Biggies old homeboy…
    man i knew stuff was gone get better, Hip Hop done took over! we run this town! i love it!

    Rebel – dead… no need to be a rebel. It was all a plan, just look deeper. read between the lines.

  288. Truth be Told and Knower…. where do you get your info. from the Entertainment Tonight? I’m not feeling what you two are saying. Two examples of mind control….

  289. the info i dropped isn’t news it’s very well my opinion, but i would dare you to prove me wrong. what messages in todays music express any sense of positivity it’s all about, let me do me and if you don’t like what i’m doing your hating. you can say entertainment tonight is where i’m getting my info but ask yourself what did i say that was wrong in the overall point i got across? the illuminati jewish zionist control the media, entertainment industry, political agendas, wars, i can go on. the way it has filtered its way down to our little genre called hip hop was just systematic, the rape of hip hop is just a bi-product of that group of people who really pull the strings, if you think i’m wrong then stay in your happy little fantasy world.

  290. Truth be told Says:

    How can you fairly assess something from the outside looking in?
    Majority of the time you’ll be wrong. Nah Mean?
    How can a mother fucka go round and hate a nigga
    he never even met that he dont even know and shit?
    I think this rap shit is all peaches…

    Y’all dont even know every day I’m livin with stress
    Got up out the streets you think a nigga could rest
    Can’t even enjoy myself at a party unless
    I’m on the dance floor hot ass vest
    You think I’m freakin’ these chicks right?
    I’try not to brush against they chest
    You get a lawsuit for shit like that, I feel trapped
    Swear to everything when I leave this earth
    It’s gon’ be on both feet, never knees in the dirt
    You could try me fucka but when I squeeze it hurts, fine
    We’ll lose two lives, yours and mines
    Gimme any amount of time dont let Ms. Carter grieve
    at the funeral parlor drippin’ tears on my sleeve
    Told the judge didn’t budge it was him or me
    and I ain’t trying to be hard but I’m guilty as charged
    Put my mercy on this court and my faith in God
    And pray hard none of my nephews wanna be stars…Lucky Me

    Chorus: Karen Anderson

    You only know what you see,
    You dont understand what it takes to be me.

    I hate all girls with ulterior motives
    That’s why I’m twenty plus years old, no sons no daughters
    Hate putting my life in the hands of fake promoters
    Hear the hate in my voice right? I hate that you noticed
    Niggas wanna strip to the bone for shit you own
    Hate a nigga like that faggot, get your own
    Hate that I can’t roam the street without the clip and chrome
    Knowing one day Im’a have to flip, c’mon
    You know the shit don’t stop ’til the Crist don’t pop
    And you have to kill a nigga and your wrist don’t lock
    I’m trapped the whole worlds against me in fact,
    It aint no turning back. Bring It On
    Hate the price of fame cause it cost too much
    Can I live without y’all niggas saying I floss too much?
    Hate the way you make this hate flow all through us
    Steady looking for flaws through us…. Lucky Me

    Chorus: Karen Anderson, Jay-Z

    You only know what you see,
    You dont understand what it takes to be me
    You only know what you see,
    (Since I was 4 years old, I been told, everything that glitters ain’t gold)
    You dont understand what it takes to be me
    (And now that I’ve arrived
    I see those truths unfold before my eyes in this world so cold)

    Nigga see you in the street, pretend to be friendly
    But I know any type of success breeds envy
    I know in the back of your mind your conjuring ways to hen me
    Leave my friends in a circle pouring out Henny
    But G’s is heaven bound so how I’m gon’ receive
    Anything y’all pour to the ground next time throw it up
    And ain’t nothing changed so even in my afterlife I show it up
    Dont grieve for me my art remains
    like a dart from the speaker to your heart
    Spiritually through the portal now my words as immortal
    Plan to leave without a fight I plant a seed I give life
    Though I can’t see past the girls greed to call her wife
    Next time your thinking heist better be precise
    Cause I’m fully prepared. One of us is gon’ leave here
    I have no regrets even though I wanna see grow
    My godsons Boogie, Sonny and Rimo

  291. the outside looking in is the perspective they give us. these guys could be saints i’m just going from what i see.

  292. Epiphany Says:

    This is my favorite subject :)…and trust, it’s true. Check out FarhanK501’s vids on youtube. He talks about Pac, DMX, Michael Jackson and others. It’s pretty good.


    He has an entire series on this, and more are soon to come.

  293. Truth be told Says:

    Its okay Child of God… I saw Jay z when he was in SA 2006, He kept saying God most before his statement with the media… on his show he acknowledged God, at the end he thanked God… I watched a dvd again of him for the American Gangster, at the end he said lets thank the Lord… and he said Lord i thank you for the talent you gave me… If that aint proof i dont know what is…

    and well Child of God… for someone who believes, u seem to judge others, you go against what your God said shouldnt be done… does that not make you a sinner??? thats a question not a judge mentality…

    I never judge people cos i dont know how imma be judged, i dont talk bad about others as i dont know them…I know Jay from far, I respect his hustle and I also acknowledge the fact that he is the leading Hip Hop artist of all times since he emerged…

    His lyrics have brightened me, they make me happy, i understand the story of them than just one line… I listen through the whole song, note evereuthing said…

    America has a problem, Jay z’s assumed classics are all about drugs, he does an album without themthey say iot aint hood and cant be a classic… that should tell you something…BP…Black and Proud

    • dirtygurl Says:


      i’m reading your post and you keep saying that jay thanks god before and after performances. i guess you could assume that he is referring to the same god as you, but i tend to think that he is thanking his “god” which is not the same god that you are thinking. the trick is to look at it from another angle. remember the people that he really reps are using tactics to confuse us and render us thoughtless.

  294. everybody has an opinion you have your reasons as to why you support jay-z, i have my reasons as to w