Shopping Bey

Beyonce was spotted with her personal photog, and bodyguard shopping in Vienna.  I’m digging the YSL cut out booties because I really wasn’t feeling the black ones, and the Chanel earrings are quite cute, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s up with the hat resting atop her bird’s nest weave.    Anyway, it looks like she’s having a great time, and maybe she should stay shopping and leave the comments on race relations alone.  Let’s master the english language  before commenting on anything substantial! 

beyonce spending her stans money

beyonce spending her stans money

I’m sure Tacky Tina is not far away, no wonder Solange was able to get her swerve on and get pregnant at such an early age.

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14 Responses to “Shopping Bey”

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  2. PLease, does anybody know who’s Beyonce’s personal photog ?
    It’s very, very, very important!
    I’m talkin about the guy that was takin pictures and filming beyonce in Vienna , April 28!
    Please, it’s very important. Or maby any guideline how to find him.
    I’m really waiting for the answear. Thank You 🙂

  3. loquacious Says:

    Beyonce looks like Shakira in this pic. This must be her day to look “Latina”.

  4. dirtygurl Says:

    you know she would love to hear you say that!

  5. loquacious Says:

    LOL! I know she would. I’s “Latina” now!!

  6. Hi, good post. I have been thinking about this issue,so thanks for writing. I’ll certainly be coming back to your posts.

  7. dirtygurl Says:

    hold on there…where the heck did her hips go? she must have left them in the suitcase.

  8. loquacious Says:

    LOL!!! Girl, she left those hip/butt pads in the suitcase for real. She’s really trying to create a trend isn’t’ she? Bless her heart.

  9. You guys forgot, Sasha Fierce is in the hotel resting while Beyonce goes shopping…LOL

  10. SouthernBelle Says:

    Both Sasha Fierce and Beyonce Knowles are one big fake H.A.M!!!

  11. Beyonce’s personal photographer….these so called “candid” shots of any celebrity are taken by thier publicity department and then submitted to the Tabloids and the rest of the media. Pay attention! These pix will be showcased in People mag., Star, National Enquirer, etc… You’ll see the same pix in each of these magazines.

  12. Now it’s understandable why she would sell her soul to the devil after seeing those boots! Not worth it but tempting lol.

  13. Attention Mizz while Beyonce was shopping on that date, she was scheduled to be at an Art Museum for P.R. reasons. Instead, a look-alike appeared in her place. The museum was very offended. It was also stated that her concert was not well received and only half of the seats were filled. You can find this info on the internet.

  14. beyonce really cannot sing she is a performer, she is an entertainer,,
    you know like janet jackeson,, she cannot sing but they are entertainer’s

    they dance and sweat and entertain people that is there jobs,,, the talent
    that I grew up on was Gladys knight, natilie cole, santana, chaka khan,
    those are real diva’s of the game, This music industry is such a joke,,
    lady gaga,, I think she is a extra-terrestrial,,, no class, Fantasia is a hellva
    perfomer, she is real , and she give 100% when she is on stage, now that
    girl can sang!,, not sing she can sang,,, you have to pay attention to the
    big picture,,, LIke Areatha franklin, the Ojays,, that was real music,,
    these so called entertainers use there computers and back ground synthesizers,, they really dont sing,,, they shake there asses,, because
    that what sells,,, sex,,, being half naked on stage that what this society
    wants us black women TO BELIEVE, that we are these sex starved women,, as soon
    as beyonce gets on stage,, those young people go crazy because she is selling her body, she is giving them her body,,,, that what eveyone wants to see,, they dont wannA here nobody that’s real,,, AND THE WORDS OF KATT WILLIAMS SAYS YOU GOT TO BE IN TUNE WITH YOUR OWN STAR PLAYER WHICH IS YOUR SELF. AND HE ALSO SAYS DONT NOBODY LIKE NOBODY THAT IS REAL ,, THEY HATE YOU WHEN YOU ARE A REAL NIG..

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