Happy Birthday Lloyd Banks…Taureans Stand Up!

Today is my birthday, and I’m one year wiser.  You know your getting older when you stop caring what you say, or who is offended by it!  Anyway, it’s also Lloyd Banks B-day, and for all of you G-Unit fans ( not I), you can go party with him at his b-day bash tonight. 


I’m pretty sure there’s going to be plenty of drinking, half naked women, and at least one pistol in the house, have fun!

Oh wait, I just noticed it’s being hosted by FOL Hoe Alum “Seezins”, she was my fav from that season…yeah I watched it, and what?


4 Responses to “Happy Birthday Lloyd Banks…Taureans Stand Up!”

  1. lloyd banks i love you o much i will do anything 4 you my name i shaki i know all of your songs

  2. loquacious Says:

    Happy Birthday to YOU & to Lloyd. He looks like Craig David, YUM!! And you aren’t the only one watching that hot mess Flava of Love. Lawd & smh.

    You are so righ about getting older and not caring about what you say to people. LOL. That means were in the early stages of getting old & mean!

    I hope you go out and treat yourself. You deserve it birthday girl!

  3. dirtygurl Says:

    Thank you, and no such luck, gearing up for my son’s eighth b-day party on saturday, he was a present for my 29th b-day ( a day late), stop calculating i’m only twenty nine, thats my story and i’m sticking to it yeah he does look like craig david,btw whatever happened to that guy?

  4. loquacious Says:

    Girl, I’m 28 and holding, holding, holding :-).

    I am subscribed to David’s youtube channel. He released a new album, but I haven’t heard much sense.

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