En Vogue Do Jet Magazine!

Where were you the first time you heard “Hold On” by EnVogue?  Remember them in the video with the super tight fitting spandex dresses?  I have always adored the quartet, and it looks like they have reunited.  They all still look like cover girls.  The industry needs them right now!


Loving Dawn and Terry’s shoes!


5 Responses to “En Vogue Do Jet Magazine!”

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  2. loquacious Says:

    This does my heart good!! En Vogue is my fav girl group! I am so glad they are back together. I will definetly see them in concert and support them. They were IT!

  3. dirtygurl Says:

    i hope they can get it together enough to release some new music, tht woudl be cool. did you hear that dawn was bugging out, and that’s why they broke up. they def lost something when she left the group.

  4. loquacious Says:

    I know because I still bump their old cd’s to this day. Their music is timeless. Everyone of them look gorgeous!! Beautiful sistas indeed! I remember that about Dawn bugging out. It’s was sad that as a fan. You are so right when about En Vogue losing something when she left. They are so better and a Quartet than a trio. Hopefully they can recapture the magic. Recession or not, I will support them because those sistas can SANG!!

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