I Aplogize…

I haven’t been posting as much lately, and that’s because I’m trying to kickstart two new blogs.  One is about fashion, and the other is about my handmade jewelry line.  I will be back to spreading the dirt once I get them going, which shouldn’t be too long now.  You should check them out.



Thank you guys!


21 Responses to “I Aplogize…”

  1. nubian princess Says:

    Girl I was wondering about you! I have been trying to start a new blog too (the bug bite me). One about growing out my hair/with weight loss. I do love jewelry so I will check you out. I love fashion too!!

  2. loquacious Says:

    Sorry the above comment is from me, Loquacious.

  3. dirtygurl Says:

    lol, i was about to say. juggling three blogs is time consuming!

  4. loquacious Says:

    Well I’ll definetly add you to my blogroll. I had to take a mental break today. I do love your jewelry site. I love creative jewelry that looks innovative yet fashionable.

  5. dirtygurl Says:

    but what’s so bad about it is that everything i have on there now is going to be taken down and added to. the great thing about jewelry is unlike clothes you can never go too over the top. the more you add to it, the more interesting and unique. and then again, i am my own worse critic, so i’ll probably never be satisfied. but making jewlery really does allow me to express my creativity, and blow off steam. thx for adding to your blogroll!

  6. loquacious Says:

    It’s something you love and when you’re passionate about you’re creative project, you want it perfect. Totally understandable :-).

  7. dirtygurl Says:

    hmmm you go me thinking about doing a weight loss blog too, because i know i need to lose all this weight from the last pregnancy. i guess it would be a way to keep on track and be accountable for what you do and don’t do to reach your weight loss goals…they say that keeping a food journal helps too. seriously considering because i hve always been like a size 13-14 ( five nine and thick!) my whole life, until i had my third son, and that was eight years ago. i can’t go in the store and just pick up something and know it will fit anymore! my feet are even overweight, and they weren’t small to begin with. this must end because all my life i’ve been ignoring the attention of the boys, now they just ignore me, which is cool in most cases because most have arrogant grandiose tendencies, but sometimes that one just comes along that’s cool as a fan!

  8. loquacious Says:

    LOL @ your feet being overweight! I completely understand about shopping for clothes because I love clothes, but now I despise shopping for them, even though I love fashion. Luckily I’ve been getting better about eating healthier and eating junk food in moderation. It’s hard but in time it gets easier. In the past, I’ve found that having a workout buddy does help in your overall success. Going online is helpful in visualizing seeing my progress and more convenient for my schedule. Watching the Youtube weight loss clips is great for inspiration and motivation .

    I was in shape all my life and stayed active up until after high school. I definitely understand how you feel because I’m feeling it too You know, life gets in the way. Before I knew it, the weight was there. I’m 5’8″ and carry a lot of muscle and now fat. Now I”m determined and focused on getting healthier and having more energy again. I still have the best years of my life ahead of me.

    WE CAN DO IT!!!

  9. dirtygurl Says:

    SIGH i actually got up this mornng and visualized myself doing some crunches but nothing ever came of it. i think once i move to san francisco i’ll be better about excercising with all of those damn steep hills, now that’s a work out! my problem areas are right around my waist, and also my boobs have gotten so out of control, and it makes me look top heavy. i have already started turning my back on all the sugar, especially the snacks, and sodas. just think of it, each 12 oz can of soda contains about 12 tablespoons of sugar, and they say diet is even worse! now when i start thinking about soda, i just grab a water and go to the darkest corner of my closet lol! then it doesn’t help that the kids dad is a chef so he’s always bringing home really decadent desserts, and stuff like that. but i’m getting alot better,i just need to get more active. thinking of buying a bike and working it out. yes, we can do it.

  10. loquacious Says:

    Set your workout clothes aside, a bottle of water, an orange, and go for it. Make sure you aren’t distracted. It takes 21 days to get the routine down. But you can do it!! It’s great that you are cutting back on sugar. Shoot, all weekend I had shrimp & scampi linguine, but I added asparagus to it. I stopped drinking soda about a year ago and love Crystal Light. It’s actually better than it was a few years ago. I put it in my water for flavor. I drink it in every meal. If I’m out to a movie I have something diet or a glass of water and I just take out my packet of Crystal Light. :-). Girl, you tell your man that eating healthier is a priority and having a dessert only in moderation. I know it’s hard but change is hard. It’s worth it. I use to love rollerblading and dancing. If you find an activity that you enjoy that will keep you active, you will lose the weight in no time. Remember to start out slow and don’t overexert yourself too soon. I did TaeBo when I wasn’t ready and ended up spraining my ankle, lol. Remember slow & steady wins the race.

  11. loquacious Says:

    You should definitely do a weight loss blog and join a few weight loss message boards. I even joined a Meetup group that is for walking, but I can’t do anything until my ankle heals up. Then it’s on & popping. :-). Spark People is a good place to start for sure!

  12. dirtygurl Says:

    thx, after i move i am going to start that blog…wish me luck

  13. loquacious Says:

    Let me know so we can support each other. I have a wealth of info waiting to share! 🙂 Good luck on the move! I do miss the bay area. I am in Dallas and I miss being near water.

  14. dirtygurl Says:

    omg did you tell me you were from/used to live in the bay?!!!!!!1 omg, small world, sorry about you being stuck in Texas…home of the KNOWLES…lol actually my dad’s side is from tx/louisianna, so even though he’s been in cali since i was a seed, and before, he still has that thick southern drawl, but he gets a pass somewhat, ha ha ha. i’m gonna get it together because the dresses, the dresses, the dresses…I love me a cute vibrat summer dress!

  15. dirtygurl Says:

    girl wait a minute, he is not my man, just my kids father, he is a big reason for me moving back to san francisco, and a big reason why i gained all this weight ( four kids in the last ten years!) that’s right, i blame his azz, even though i never met a hershey bar i didn’t like!

  16. loquacious Says:

    My bad :-). LOL @ you blaming him! Well I blame my hubby. I told him that I gained 30lbs messing with him 🙂 in the span of 2 years. Then his momma said he’s getting thick ’cause of me. I moved from Seattle to Dallas and there is FOOD everywhere! I love steak and this is the wrong place for me to be :-). This is steak country.

  17. dirtygurl Says:

    LOL @ steak country, yeah i used to watch the travel channel and food network, and they were always taking tours of steak houses in texas, isn’t that where all the cattle is? didn’t the cattelmen’s association try to sue oprah because she caused a decline in beef sales…now thats power, and it belongs to a black woman

  18. loquacious Says:

    Well my sis lived thee and I still have family in the Bay Area. I miss it terribly. I would live there if I could afford it. Hubby wants to go so we should plan a trip next summer. I love that area.

    You got me squealing over summer dresses! I love them. Nowadays they’re making more feminine clothes for the more curvaceous frame like ours :-).

    Regarding TX, well it’s been quite the culture shock. The drivers can’t drive worth shit, and a good day I counted 15 ambulance chasing commercials regarding personal injury. Bunch of wackadooles behind the wheel. There out to be a law.

  19. loquacious Says:

    I remember that case between Oprah & the cattleman (read; good ol’ boys) and let me tell you, I STILL LOVE ME SOME STEAK. I can walk outside, walk to the corner and find a place to eat. I mean this place reminds me a lot of San. Fran. Just food all over the place. GOOD FOOD.

    Oprah is such a SHE-RA!! PRINCESS OF POWER!!

  20. dirtygurl Says:

    girl san francisco, i’ll be there in a couple of days, and i can’t wait to go get some AUTHENTIC chinese food from someplace in chinatown. i don’t know why i have such love for frisco, i mean i was born there, but it’s the whole vibe of the city, and most of the people are laid back as hell, i even love the little asian women in designer clothes that walk into you, and look at you like you just lost your damn mind down by union square. i even miss the dboys that hang out in front of carls junior, and that carls junior by civic center smell like straight booty!

  21. loquacious Says:

    girl, you got me reminiscent with you. I remember walking up and down hills in Chinatown as well as California ave. LOL. Then readhing the top and just looking out on a clear sunny day. Just beautiful.

    And yes, the Carl’s jr. by civic center smelled like straight up booty **barfs up lunch on keyboard***

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