Cassie Cuts Half Her Hair Off

Okay, I admit that about two months ago, I got kind of restless, and I pulled a Brittany.  Sort of.  I cut my hair which brushed my shoulders, off.  I was just tired of it, frustrated, and just lopped it all off.  I didn’t give myself a buzz cut, but I only left about two inches of hair on my head.

Apparantly, everyone’s fave Bad Boy jump off shaved half her hair off.  So now, it’s super long on one side, and she’s got the entire blogosphere going crazy.  The funny thing about it, is that I like it!  She was just pretty before, but now she’s super edgy.  I guess it’s some kind of attempt at having a career as a rockstar?  Maybe it’s a move in the right direction because we know the girl’s no songstress, so maybe rock would fit her better.  Well anyway, I think the girl can carry it off, but I’d like to see her take it a step further, and get rid of it all.

Did she clear this with Diddy?

Did she clear this with Diddy?


18 Responses to “Cassie Cuts Half Her Hair Off”

  1. severnyproductions Says:

    Nah, thats pretty cool how it is now. leave it alone

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  3. loquacious Says:

    I like it too surprisingly! It’s different and creative. I don’t know why folks are losing their minds over this. It’s only hair and it does grow back.

  4. dirtygurl Says:

    gir, please, my aunt and her hair drama, she really belives that if she cuts her hair it will not grow back. i just be laughing. yeah, cassie looks good, i just wish she’d stop trying to sing. some people can and some can’t, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  5. loquacious Says:

    I think their is a misconception about black women hair. I mean our hair does grow if we take care of it. And yes girl, Cassie needs to hang up the mike. LOL @ wishing she’d stop singing. Lawd I heard her live and I cringed, visibly. Perhaps she should pursue other avenues that don’t include assaulting our earlobes!

  6. dirtygurl Says:

    what alot of black women don’t understand is that everyone’s hair grows at the same rate, black people’s hair is more course, curly than white folks, and our hair grows into that natural curl pattern so while you think it isn’t growing, it actually is. for example, i usually wear my hair naturally curly, but if i flat iron it, it’s going to be alot longer because it’s straight. anyway, i don’t understand why we are still holding onto these aniquated ideas regarding kinky vs straight hair, white folks can only do so much with thier hair, but we have options!

  7. loquacious Says:

    Exactly! Our hair does grow! I blame most of the black media for not setting the record straight. Thankfully, due to the growth of natural hair salons, articles, and books online, a lot of myths about black hair have been debunked. I’m not against straight hair, because I’ve worn every style under the sun. I use to love Halle Berry’s short do’ and if I wore it straight again I would definitely rock that style. But relaxers break my hair off badly. I’ve noticed that my hair loves being natural. I had to learn to take care of my natural hair and when you get it down pack, it’s actually low maintenance.

  8. dirtygurl Says:

    yup, all i do is wash my hair in the a.m, brush and comb, and i’m gone. that’s how i like it, but sometimes i get a yearning for a straight style. i could go the rest of my life rocking a short cut, like my mom. she used to have really long wavy hair, but when she got older, she cut it off, and i haven’t seen her hair long in like over fifteen years.

  9. loquacious Says:

    Girl, I love being low maintenance! Just get up and go. Yeah, my mom is the same way about short hair.

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  13. dirtygurl Says:

    sorry boo, i don’t know how to either, maybe there is an article aobut in the help section
    but thank you for wanting to know what i post here!

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  15. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Wearing your hair short or long is fine. But the key to it all is having healthy hair. That’s mostly what I strive for and am always getting compliments about the thickness and how healthy it is. It never matters if I’m wearing a short style or letting my hair grow long. Health is the Key.

    Now Cassie tried to get a hairstyle that would draw attention to herself. I don’t like it because to me it doesn’t fit her personality. Her hair like this doesn’t compliment the clothes she wears.

    I remember Cyndi Lauper wearing this style and she had the right attitude and clothes to compliment it.

    Peppa from Salt n Peppa also wore this style. It went from a mistake to being one of her trade mark hairstyles.

  16. CuriousityNeverEnds Says:

    From what Im told, she had to cut it off like that. Diddy, a sick and sadistic handler, decided to rough her up and cut chunks of her hair. So to hide what that nutjob did to her, she shaved it off on the side he cut, and acted like it was her new style. Somebody needs to help her ASAP before she becomes another casualty.

  17. she’s gorgeous

  18. A lot of the stars have taken on this look, Rihanna, Will Smith’s daughter, Mel B’s two daughters…When you first composed this article, no one had this style till after you shared this article…GOOD watching out, Dirtygurl!

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