Tina Knowles Must Be Stopped!

along with her merry band of designers by any means necessary!  I’ve said it before, this woman is NOT a designer!  just take a look at the latest House Of Dereon crap that she’s trying to sell….

Who wears this mess?

Who wears this mess?

This is just gross!  The shoes look like track shoes with a fake Gucci heel, and the outfit itself looks as if it were made for some hippy call girl.  Who on Earth would wear this crazy contraption?  Beyonce’s legs look amazing, but that outfit kills my pupils.  Dang, Tina is just as bad as her ugly husband, both of them are going to use this girl until there’s nothing left.


16 Responses to “Tina Knowles Must Be Stopped!”

  1. loquacious Says:

    Tacky Tina strikes again! Those shoes….eeww. House of Hoodrat needs to close the doors!

  2. dirtygurl Says:

    LOL@house of hoodrat…see that’s why I don’t believe that they had money when she was growing up, women with money know good fashion, not this stripper shit she makes. what turned me off about destiny’s child was how hoochie they dressed and they were so young, then when i found out that the mother was responsible for putting her daughter and her friends out there like that, well that’s when I started to question their sanity. i don’t have daughters, but if i did, there is just no way in heaven’s any of them would have walked out the house in that mess they used to wear. tina is just as much a pimp as her husband. poor girls.

  3. loquacious Says:

    Girl, you know they didn’t have money, not big money. I mean if she did, then her mom was working in a hair salon and they lived in a apartment when Matt “lost” his job. ITA with your post. Those DC fashions were fugly. I would never buy HOD for my goddaughters. Not ever. It’s just low class and tacky. Both Tina and Matt pimp out their daughters because of money. It is sad when you think of the big picture.

  4. dirtygurl Says:

    you see how it’s affecting (?) them now, it’s so obvious. You have beyonce who has a racial identity problem, and is basically dead from the shoulders up. it just really bothers me that even with her father sitting front row and center, she’s doing all this p popping, i would be like daddy please don’t come to my performance. there’s just something creepy about that. she has no sense of originality, and no ethics because she’s a known thief. I’m not talking about her jacking someone else’s look, i’m talking about all the copyright infringement lawsuits against her, and her being put on blast for claiming someone else’s work as her own. it’s called plagerism.

    solange is so needy it’s not funny. first of all, im sure all they cared about is beyonce making it big, so solange was probably neglected. she turned to the kid next door, got pregnant and had a child that she is always leaving behind. she’s on twitter 24/7 it seems, and telling everybody that her son wets the bed because he doesn’t see her much, and that her mother came and took him out of her bed, and when she woke up she didn’t know where he was. i want to say…what kind of mother is that, but i have to remember that she probably didn’t see her parents much, too busy with beyonce. i think she feels that if she doesn’t have a succesful career, making matt lots of money, then he couldn’t even acknowledge her.

    the funny thing about it, is that at least she has some creativity, so there’s hope for her, but beyonce is gone. she’ll never be the kind of woman that can stand on her own two feet. she traded one controlling daddy, for another (jay)

  5. loquacious Says:

    Girl no you didn’t hit on every point!! ^5!! You read Beyonce and her family like a morning newspaper. Shoot I Love to dance, but I don’t want my parents or siblings watching me pop it! You hit on why Matt is trying so hard to keep all the dirty secrets buried, but secret have a way of being exposed. That family is so jacked up pretending things are perfect. I can’t get with Solange. She has a nasty attitude and their are more talented singers who deserve my support yet aren’t getting it because the name to back them up.

  6. dirtygurl Says:

    i don’t mind that they are a messed up family, because i’ve got some real clowns in my own fam on both sides, but when you try to be something that you aren’t it’s so transparent. that’s why i love keyshia cole. besides the fact that we are from the Bay Area, she’s like okay my mom did time, and she was a crackhead prostitute, my sister is a loud alcoholic, and i don’t know who my dad is, but whatever! she’s not trying to hide anything, and she always keep it really real. Even frankie who is a damn mess, with her catch phrases, keeps it real. i respect her as a woman who has been through whatever she’s gone through, and came out on the other side. she’s human, and she’s not afraid to admit that she’s made some bad choices. but when you try to come across like your stuff don’t stink then i just have no respect for that kind of person. how do you ever expect to grow, change, mature? you can’t. it’s all the bad stuff that we want to hide, that makes us deep, not creating alter ego’s to blame our whorish behavior on, that’s a straight cop out.
    and i think that matthew was probably touching beyonce when she was a girl. i really have a gut feeling about this dude.

  7. loquacious Says:

    Yes girl, we all have real clowns in our family, but we aren’t perpetuating that our family is like the Huxtables. Shoot, the Huxtables isn’t the Huxtables. You brought up a good point about Keyshia Cole and her family. I have more respect for her than Beyonce because Keyshia is real with where she came from and she is overcoming her past and working towards having a successful career. this is where I come from, real talk, and I’m doing well now

    ITA with you about Matt & Beyonce. There is something very twisted about that family. I can see that all isn’t what it seems. They have major secrets they don’t want to come out.

  8. dirtygurl Says:

    hell, even vanessa huxtable was hot in the pants. denise was a dropout, sandra married a homsexual, and theo had a learning disorder. your right even the huxtables weren’t the huxtables. your on point with that one. what amazed me is how she sat there and said that the jacksons were poor, and that her father didnt use her …hello he’s using her stupid ass everyday. that’s why he’s pshing her to do so much because remember he gets ten percent of everything. i wolud have an iota of respect for the witch if she just fired his ass, but then again beyonce seems kind of “special” and she probably needs an overbearing man to “guide” her tacky behind. dang she needs a backbone, or she needs to start hanging with some “keep it real” females so that shit can rub off! remember when she said that jay told her to get a room because she brought etta james attitude home with her? yeah right, that was about the time she went over to japan and did that ad with that japanese dude, and she was like he’s so manly! yeah jay was like b*(&^ your in the dog house for that mess!
    i bet beyonce barely speaks above a whisper when jay is around.

  9. loquacious Says:

    Oh yea, the Cosby’s were great for entertainment, but they definitely had their issues. Can you believe Beyonce came out of her mouth to put down the Jackson’s? She is so low class and tacky. It’s why her interviews are so scripted, because once she goes off script, you see how ugly and vapid Beyonce truly is. Girl, Beyonce is her parent’s daughter. She’s not going to fire her daddy because no other manager will hustle, lie, & be just as greedy as she is. Shoot he’s probably the only one who understands her incoherent self. She is so handled & shallow that she has no identity. Did you see that tacky House of Hot Mess that Beyonce wore at the premiere of “Obsessed”? 2 sizes too small and tacky. Matty and Tina will never let Beyonce take off her funky lacefront and gain some life experience because she’s their cash cow. The best ho’ on the stroll 🙂

    Jayz, no comment. Ok 1, he’s no angel.

  10. dirtygurl Says:

    wtf was that some damn window treatment? now i see why she debuted that tacky crap on oprah, she would have been laughed out of bryant park! those jeans with the iron on “d” on the pocket, and oprah was like “how much are those” and that fool came out her mouth to say 100 bux, and oprah was like “100 dollars?” like she couldn’t believe that! i heard that mess is so badly constructed that after a few wears and washes its a wrap. beyonce is an idot for real! she wears butt pads, then has the nerve to wear all these undergarments to suck all that other mess in, and forces it in clothes that are way too small. when all she has to do is go up a couple of sizes. she is obsessed with pretending to be something she isn’t. as for jay, i respect the fact that when he says he doesn’t like people to know about his private life, he means it. i’ve never once heard about him running his mouth because he had a new cd coming out, or was working on something. it’s obvious that he’s been all up and through the girl, and is now tired of her. she is using him for street cred. have you ever noticed that whenever they want to make the world think that they are this happy couple these staged pics get released. them shopping, and smiling right into the camera, them on a boat in the middle of the ocean….staring right into the camera….them strolling in soho…staring right into the camera. you can tell what’s going on , it’s all about images. but if you peep, you never see any pics of them just walking, talking, and enjoying each other. and have you ever seen them in a pic holding hands? business arragement, and there will be no children from this union, any child unlucky enough to be born to her, will be neglected and dropped off with solange’s son.

  11. loquacious Says:

    Now you know Beyonce is way too thick to be wearing a dress that exposes those thunder thighs! She needed to go a couple of sizes up and a few inches towards the knees. Stars needs to stop dressing trends and dress to their body type.

    You know that Beyonce & Jayz tip off the paps. yo uare so right & it’s obvious. No one was checking them, then now BAM paps are everywhere. Stars tip them of to get into the papers (well except Seal, Pierce Brosnan and others who actually hate the paps). Jay & B are a business arrangement, nothing more. They may like each other, but like you said, it’s’ for Bey’s street cred. & for Jay to become “legitimate”.

  12. dirtygurl Says:

    see that’s what i don’t get, why didn’t jay go for someone other than the r&b hoe? you know you can take the bumpkin out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the bumpkin, and she’s uneducated to boot. what kind of message is she sending to young girls, meeting celebs and having money is more important than being able to hold your own in a conversation, and having knowledge and culture? she says that obama told her that she was role model for her girls, i bet they know more than she ever will.

    you know white folx don’t respect beyonce, she fits the white man’s stereotype for black and latina women, nasty, freaky concubines. that’s how we’ve always been portrayed, and her dumb ass is playing right into it. Now if jay really wanted some respect, he would have just gone for someone like a doctor, lawyer, or executive. i saw an awards show some years back, and i think it was the grammy’s, or the prestigious bet awards (insert sidesplitting laughter) jay won, and he went to hug tina and i could tell that she and matty didn’t like him one bit. tina’s jaw was really tight, i think that they think they are better than jay, and although matty is a smart business man, i don’t have an ounce of respect for him or tina.

    they are using thier daughters so that they can get rich. jay pulled himself up, and he just could be smarter than matty. remember, matty uses drugs, jay just sold them. i think he feels threatened by jay because now beyonce is doing what jay tells her to do, and rebelling against daddy. he knows jay is going to be the one to end the ride on the beyonce gravy train, and he knows that solange doesn’t have a chance in hell at making the money beyonce has made him over the years. kelly gave him his walking paper, and michelle is well….michelle. just another back up singer.

    ever trip off thier first cd cover. i was in the store the other day and was just looking at how they all looked back then, when something dawned on me…
    all three of them are facing the camera, but beyonce is on the end with her body in profile. not only does it make her stand out, she looks like a damn fool, and out of place. that was the knowles strategy from jump, and that leads me to ask, why not market her as a solo act, was it because aahliyah was dominating everything? probably so, and if aaliyah hadn’t perished, would beyonce be as big as she is right now? so many questions!

    i’m glad her fifteen are almost up, i want some new talent like keri hilson, jazmine sullivan, jennifer hudson, and even dawn from danity kane, they all posess real talent. real talent isn’t overtly sexual, it doesn’t need to be. there’s nothing wrong with showing that you are a femme, but damn why do i need to see you popping it every chance you get. gyrating all over the damn place? i don’t. and that song and video for diva sucks butt!

    • loquacious Says:

      I don’t get why Jay would actually marry her. I read somewhere that he was in love with Rosario Dawson, so he could of settled for Beyonce. And when she opens her mouth, it’s a disaster. Then she’s trying to say that the Obama girls look up to her and that Michelle Obama said that she’s a role model. No one believes that. Beyonce is trying to ingratiate herself because it’s common knowledge that the Obama’s love them some Jennifer Hudson as well as Stevie Wonder and the other singers who supported them. Beyonce is q twisted & delusional chick. At this rate, Malia & Sasha are SMARTER than Beyonce. That’s a shame. Out of all the artists and singers who were humbled and honored to sing for the Obama’s, Beyonce is the ONLY ONE using the Obama’s to further her flagging career. John Legend, Mary J. Alicia Keyes, Will.I.Am aren’t doing it, but Beyonce is. She’s an opportunist. God don’t like ugly.

      BET Awards & prestigious should never be in the same sentence, :-). You are so right about Beyonce playing right into the hands of whites, and they still don’t like her! Hollywood is laughing at her and I read years ago that Michael Meyers, Steve Martin, & Kevin Kline hated working with her. She’s so bad!!! Now I read that Idris Elba don’t like her either. She just wants the awards, but she doesn’t love acting. At least the Razzie’s will give Beyonce a “coveted acting award for WORST ACTRESS”. Jay is not on the same level intellectually as a doctor, lawyer, executive. I mean what would they talk about? I think Beyonce may be more on his level. Then again, he wold have more in common with an executive. It’s kinda screwy. Maybe Beyonce is more easy to control. And Tina is always tight because of all that botox and plastic surgery :-).

      Tina & Matt are typical stage parents. Obnnoxious & overbearing. They aren’t respected in both he music nor movie scene. I’ve heard backstage scoop that they’re just horrible to be around. They have no idea how movies are made and they make all these demands. The last 2 movies have bombed. Obsessed isn’t going to make it past this week. I will never forget what they did to Jennifer Hudson. Matt is jealous of Jay because of his success no doubt. Solange, no she’ll never be a star. She doesn’t have it and from that interview when she showed her ass, no one wants to be affiliated with her. And she’s the laughing stock of Twitter.

      May Aaliyah R.I.P. She was talented and loved. She was down to earth and genuine, and I’m not a huge fan. I just know that she had IT. No Beyonce wouldn’t be were she is today. I read that eyonce did some shady things behind the scenes to Aaliyah. You are right about the DC cover and Beyonce’s positioning. The thing is, Kelly has a better voice than her. What she did to her “sisters” will always make me give Be and her family the side eye.

      Girl the whole IASF album sucks. All the singers you mentioned deserve the success because they are talented indeed. Is it me or does it seem like the tide is finally turning and more singers are getting much deserved exposure?

  13. dirtygurl Says:

    we’ve seen this happen to celebs like Diddy, J-lo, Fifty, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, and hell even Prince in the nineties was making so much bad music, but i think that was to get out of his contract with his record company etc…they get overexposed, in our faces all the time, and while you may have liked them at one time, there comes a time when your just sick of seeing them.. that’s what’s happening with beyonce. when you are an entertainer, and start believing your own press, then that’s when it gets all bad for you, the Knowlegoods are all quite delusional to think that beyone and icon can be mentioned in the same mouthful. you have to know when to leave the stage. obviously nobody told beyonce and her folks that she’s fast becoming a has been.

    now i’m intrigued at what beyonce did to aaliyah, you can’t put a statement out there like that and not elaborate, it’s just not fair

    as long as the knowlegoods continue to bankroll movies, we will see her on the screen, and you know that next weekends numbers for obsessed will be much lower. in fact the only reason i think this picture did so good is not because of beyonce’s so called “star power” it is because of idris elba, who is a real actor. I can just imagine how beyonce’s camp acts behind the scenes, she is not a likable person, just a dumb puppet.

    the smoke is clearing on thier little run, and as time goes on, we are going to hear more from insiders who work with them, have been around them. don’t you find it wierd that you never see beyonce snapped with any friends. if she’s not by herself, she’s wih jay or her ugly mother. i’ve seen kelly snapped with tyra banks and serena williams, i like to look at kelly, she just seems like such a good person to have in your corner. beyonce can kick rocks with those boulder busting feet of hers.

  14. loquacious Says:

    Knowlegoods, I love it!!! Girl you better trademark that! It certainly fits that family to a “T”. All the stars ou mentioned have exactly fizzled out because they were EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME. At least none of them demandd to become an “icon”, like dumb as rocks Beyonce. Icons don’t demand to be called an Icon, the title is earned. Beyonce and her ilk are nothing but leeches.

    As long as Beyonce bankrolls her films, she will never get an Oscar. She just can’t act. It’s not an inherent talent. That film was carried by better actors and Beyonce is just there to make herself look good. Her limited acting ability is what drags down all the movies she’s in. The movie would of tanked Obsessed was screened in advance for the critics. Stans can say they don’t care what the critics say, but Beyonce does. Beyonce wants Hweird cred. She will never get it. She is the laughing stock of Hweird. No one has cast her in a movie in over 3 years.

    Regarding Aaliyah, well I use to belong to a popular message board before blogging was all the rage, and let me tell you, Beyonce was sleeping with Jayz behind Aaliyahs’ back and that is why Aaliyah started dating Damon Dash. Now Beyonce was the type of friend who stabbed you in the back. She would sneak in Aaliyah’s room reading her private letters and journals, and going further by wearing her clothes. But Aaliyah got hip to it and caught Beyonce. Aaliyah was hurt by what Jayz and Beyonce did. This is why Beyonce doesn’t have real friends. Remember the O’Jay’s song “Backstabbers”? Word gets around, as quiet as it’s kept. Beyonce is a sneaky bitch. Trust.

    Ok, I hate to scare you because I’m not trying to, but don’t you find it odd that Aaliyah had a mysterious “plane accident”? Left eye had a “tragic car accident” when TLC was getting back together? Brandy’s vehicular homicide? Monica’s thug drama? Mya’s being bad mouthed as a chick who f’s for beats? Ameriel being pushed aside? Kylie’s breast cancer? Jennifer Hudson enduring one of the most devastating tragedies I’ve ever seen in my life, Rihanna had the incident with Chris Brown (not excusing what he did). I tell you, Beyonce and her family are E V I L. They practice voodoo & witchcraft. Every major singer has been a threat to Beyonce’s rise to stardom has had an accident, mishap, setback, tragedy occur in their lives, yet Beyonce is off scotch-free?

    I know it’s a lot to handle and trust me, when someone broke it down to me, I was floored. A lot of ex-fan are considered “haters”. Beyonce Jaw dropping floored. I don’t hate her, but I dislike her and know the type of transparent ‘t like her

    I do love Kelly because by God’s grace, she was able to get some work with Bravo’s The Fashion Show that debuts May 7th (I’ll be there to support Kelly). i also love the fact that she does hang out with friends. She’s so down to earth. I wish her success!

  15. dirtygurl Says:

    hmmm….you know my fam is from louisianna and my dad even told me that he spent ten days in the hospital, he said he felt as if he was going to die, and then all of a sudden he was back to his old cantankerous self because the doctors couldn’t find a thing wrong with him. he said somebody put a damn hex on him, so that whole voodoo thing is not far fetched at all, but you know when you do things like that and use it to play with people’s lives it comes back on you in ways you never would have dreamed.

    i know kelly will do good things, all it took was for her to drop the loyalty to the knowlegoods and put her self first for the first time in like forever. i am so proud because it takes courage! that girl’s going to be just fine.

    wow, that whole beyonce/jay/aaliyah triangle explains a whole lot, because i didn’t want to believe that aaliyah was just hot and loose and just slept with buddies on a whim, so beyonce latched onto aaliyah, and took over, kind of like that classic film, all about eve? but didn’t we all know that beyonce was a hot coochie hoe, marques houston hit, and i don’t even know how many others. i also heard that beyonce was humping with robert townsend when she did carmen, which i’m sure dorothy dandridge the one and only carmen jones turned in her grave five times. and she has the audacity to say that jay has been her one and only, yeah right, get the hell out of here!!!!!!1

    i’m so glad nas gave her the hand and didn’t get with her, I love me some nas, right after prince. that boy is just sexy to me, and even though he’s wth that space cadet kelis, i kinda like them as a couple! i would have an ablsolute fit if it were him and beyonce married. i truly believe that beyonce’s mom and dad made her have an abortion when she was fifteen, she’s probably ruined and can’t have children, and that’s why she doesn’t want them, along with a child hindering her lifestyle.

    man, if dame dash wants a come up, he needs to write a tell all about that whole aaliyah situation and expose the lying p-popping freak for who she really is. just give the skank enough rope, and she’ll be hanging herself very soon. when the truth comes out about matty, he’s going to be ruined in this business. oh, btw…i did start posting again! lol

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