Miss Jones: New Home, Same Hate…

I was over on GlobalGrind.com, you know that blog created by Russell Simmons?  Anyway, he’s got quite a few celeb, and psuedo celeb bloggers  over there.  One of them is Miss Jones.  Miss Jones had a hit back in the early nineties, but her career never took off.  Anyway, she’s best known for clowning celebs during interviews on her former radio show.  She hung up on Christina Millian, and tore Tiffany “New York” Pollard a new ass when she put her on blast for lying about going to college. 


Same shit...different day and venue

Same shit...different day and venue

Mrs. Jones also hated on Beyonce…DAILY, and even cracked on Tina Knowles during a chance meeting in the lobby of the building that houses the radio station she was fired from.  Anyway, she posted this, blaming Beyonce for Kelly Rowland  being dropped from Columbia Records, which has been her label for over ten years.  She also alleges that Matthew Knowles is Kelly’s biological father. 

I must say, that I do believe that Kelly Rowland is Matthew’s love child, because they look alike, and Kelly even has his wonky eye, which Beyonce also has.  Do I think that Kelly’s being dropped was Beyonce’s fault?  No, I don’t.  I think that Matthew was so insulted, and furious that Kelly dropped him, that he urged the label to get rid of her.  After all, Beyonce has made that record company alot of money, so Matthew does have some leverage.  Anyway, I hardly think that this will hinder her career, and it may even be what she needs to realize her own shine out of  Bey’s shadow.  However, she is still with them as part of Destiny’s Child…that’s really weird.  We’ll see how this plays out.

Kelly and her deadbeat dad...he's been there all along

Kelly and her deadbeat dad...he's been there all along


18 Responses to “Miss Jones: New Home, Same Hate…”

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  2. loquacious Says:

    I totally agree with Miss Jones. Dang, she brought it!!

  3. dirtygurl Says:

    i never listened to her radio show because it’s wasn’t broadcast out her, but they say she used to go off about the girl every single day. i’m probably one of beyonce’s biggest critics, and heaven knows she keeps giving us ammunition, but everyday is a bit much. anyhow, i talked with her over on global grind, and she seemed to be really cool…even took up for beyonce in regards to the story about nas and her breath, so she’s not as bad as alot think.

  4. loquacious Says:

    ITA. You know I don’t like B, but everyday? I need a break. Nah I got other stuff to do. I’ve read a few bits of Miss Jones and I am a new fan. She’s funny, fresh, and intelligent. I read people trying to bait her into e-flames and she was going toe to toe. I’ll make it a point of checking her out more and giving her some love.

  5. dirtygurl Says:

    rumour has it that she clowned tina and beyonce in one blow. they met up in the lobby of the radio station building and first beyonce tried to come at her like they was cool with that fake hollywwod kiss kiss, and mj was like no i don’t do that phony shit. so tina opens her mouth and tells thank you for talking about beyonce everyday, your just boosting her ratings..and mj was like no you should be thanking Mac for covering all that oldness on your face. supposedly she got put on suspension for that one. for that reason alone, i couldn’t hate her. lol.
    and your so right, have you ever checked out that mess hate on beyonce on blogspot, they was just being petty about things like making her face combined with a camel saying that that was how bey and jay’s kids would look, i’m like i didn’t do high school when i was in high school. matty got that blog shut down. who does he think he is, like nobody can’t never say anything about his fake child.

  6. loquacious Says:

    FTFO @ “you should thank MAC for covering the oldness on your face. PWNAGE!! Nah I can’t hate on Miss Jones either. My shero! This is why I don’t like Beyonce, she’s so phony and put on, but tries to come off as sweet and perfect. Tacky Tina trying to regulate, well she got what she deserves. That clothing line still sucks.

    I use to read that HOB for a laugh, but I always draw the line when it comes to innocent kids. That’s just asking karma to hand your ass something you can’t handle. Innocent kids don’t deserve it. Regarding Matt, well his name is pretty much mud int the blogosphere. He can’t control everybody, not even his twitter happy other daughter Solange.

  7. dirtygurl Says:

    girl, i joined twitter to promote the other blogs, and i heard that the more celebs you follow, the more people are going to want to follow you. this girl is out of control, i mean she twitts at least three times in ten minutes about nothing at all. i don’t know, if i had to choose between her and beyonce, then it’s solange hands down, but the girl is crying for some attention.

    i’m waiting for the tell all!

  8. loquacious Says:

    I’ve been reading Secret Tweets and it’s blowing my mind. THe things people put out there is both funny and heartbreaking. It’s puts your life in perspective. I really

    Are you serious about Solange’s twitter activity? W O W!!!! I just can’t get with her after seeing her nasty attitude on full display. Beyonce is more covert with her attitude. I’m not sure if Solange will put them on blast, but I think a lot of the ex-DC members have gag orders on them. There’s a tell all book waiting to be written all I ll buy it!! LOL!

  9. dirtygurl Says:

    me too!, but i’d leaf through it in barnes and noble before buying to make sure they reveal something earth shattering. i never thought about the gag order, but it makes perfect sense. matty may be a devil, but he’s not stupid by far. yeah solange be going off, you can reveal alot about yourself in 140 characters or less! beyonce talking about how she doesn’t “get it”, of course she doesn’t, i bet she can’t even spell correctly, but she sure knows how to do an autograph. lol. she’s got to be the most brain dead broad on the Earth! Solange recently told the world that she hasn’t combed her hair in four days. seems that beyonce isn’t the only nasty one in the family. if you don’t comb your hair, then do you bathe? brush your teeth? shave your armpits? Beyonce is known for showing up on the red carpet with crusty heels, chipped fingernails, underarm hair, etc…so i can totally believe that she doesn’t indulge in oral hygeine. that’s why jay is alway walking ahead of her, trying to stay upwind of that breath. it’s a lil snappy. ha ha let me quit before matty comes banging on my door.

  10. loquacious Says:

    Beyonce and Solange didn’t finish high school. And Beyonce is under the illusion that she’s a role mode for the Obama girls? Please, at this rate, the girls’ are smarter than Beyonce and will have their diploma before Solange & Beyonce will. It’s embarrassing. You now Beyonce spends time on the blogs as well as

    I have heard about Solange’s therapy twitter sessions. It’s truly sad that she’s desperate for attention that she has to spend so much time online and not offline working on herself and being a mother. She twitted that her parents came and got her son while she was asleep and didn’t know about it. WTF? That is a major problem.

    Seriously, I would hate to be around Beyonce because if she doesn’t care about her hygiene in public what does that say about her in private? JUST NASTY!!! I keep reading on other boards that her breath be stankin’ and she’d problem melt your nose hairs if you got a whiff of it. I also remember seeing a pic of her crusty toes on the red carpet during the “Pink Panther” premiere. Just disgusting.

  11. dirtygurl Says:

    yeah, and i don’t know if this is true or not, but her ex makeup artist said that her breath is so bad, that sometimes she woudl pretend to have an attitude so there would be no talking, and you know those make up people be all up in your face. you would think that with all her money, she could afford to be constantly up on her hygiene game! i read something else that said that while jay is getting his feet and nails done, she just sits by and reads a magazine. i mean damn, how is your man going to be more about his body than you are? I’ve also seen pics of her after a performance where the crotch of her shorts have been soaked with sweat, which is understandable, some women just have a higher juice level than others but you have to stay up on top of that mess, wear a panty liner, and drink plenty of water to ensure that your body produces no strong odors down there. I bet tina is nasty too, seems she didn’t stress that hygiene thing with either beyonce or solange.

  12. loquacious Says:

    LOL!! I’ve read it from an interviewer who said off the record that she is afflicted with the dragon breath! You know Bey’s hygiene game is deplorable. The hottest chick in the game has the hottest breath in the game. Hotter than Lil Wayne’s gold fronts. that’s not cool. Shoot, Jayz getting his toes done, yet Bey and her hammer toes did not? EWWWWWWW!! She needs to wear powder “down there” too.

    I think I just barfed up my lunch!

  13. dirtygurl Says:

    the hottest chick in what game? i’m sorry but besides ass shaking and p popping this chick is lacking. i mean i can think off the top of my head about ten songstresses that sound better, as for her dancing abilities, i kow she can COPY choreography, but could she bust a move freestyle? ciara can dance circles around her, so can tboz and chili. without that wig, and full makeup, she looks like a cute average everyday chick, not stunning. a beauty doesn’t need so much help! lol @ hottest breath, I know why her breath smells like the pits o hell, she’s always hungry. Eat girl, we know you a closet pig, that’s why she needs a girdle to suck it in, all the time. please, i know a ho right now who lives on E14 in deep east oakland that would make beyonce look like olive oyle, this broad is on buffy the body status for real. you know, one of those chicks with so much behind her that it looks nasty, like an overinflated beach ball!

  14. dirtygurl Says:

    lol @ powder down there, got summer’s eve? lol

  15. loquacious Says:

    Girl, stop spitting hot fiyah. There are at least 10 better songstresses out there with better range and creativity. Maybe I meant to say that she has the hottest breath in the game :-). And summer eve’s, pantyliner, and FDS should be Beyonce’s permanent gift set before she hits the stage. It was nasty when Fergie did it, then Robin Thicke, and yes it’s nasty when Beyonce does it. BLEECH. Also, Altoids. Even Listerine has mini spray. OMG @ breath smelling like the pits of hell! I AM HOWLING!!

    I know there are some sistas that would put Beyonce to shame. I am jealous, I’d admit. I say to myself, I need to tighten up my game :-).

  16. dirtygurl Says:

    girl, jealous of what????? not of beyonce i know, because for all her money the girl can’t even form a coherent thought. her mind is an educational wasteland. did you check her on cnn, talking about race relations? it’s on you tube, she should be fitted with a metal mouthplate to keep her from speaking on any subject that doesn’t have to do with music, maybe tina will beadazzle it for her. oh yeah the sweaty crotch is not a good look for anyone, beyonce’s was so wet, she could open a public swimming pool between her legs. I wonder if jay z enjoys sleeping with her, i bet when she gets up in the morning, her shit is all marinated in coochie juice. i wonder if jay wears a mask before hitting it….
    brings to mind a verse from freaky tales by too short…
    “coochie got wet and it smelled like death
    i was tired as hell , i was dripping sweat,
    but i was all up in it trying to hold my breath.”

    i was over on dc rumours and there was a rather interesting story about how jay actually bought beyonce from matthew! you know back in the day, the groom had to pay the brides family a dowry, im sure jay is wanting a refund!

  17. loquacious Says:

    Girl you are on fire!!!! Spits out Crystal Light @ “im sure jay is wanting a refund!” & “her mind is an educational wasteland”. ROTFLMAO!!! you know that’s right. With Jay, I still think he settled for Beydunce because he want’s to be deemed as “legit”. Also, I heard he was in love with Rosario Dawson, but she wasn’t having any part of that thug life messing up her acting career.

    I could only take 1 minute of Beydunce in an interview. She sounds like she’s fresh off the plantation. She should take all that money and go back to school. She is a freakin’ car crash every time she opens her mouth. Her parents ought to be ashamed of themselves, but as long as the $$ is coming in, education, smeducation. Beydunce is told to smile and look pretty.

    I hang out at DC Rumours and those comments are pure comedy!

  18. dirtygurl Says:

    girl, dc rumours used to be a little neutral, but now it’s turning into a mellower version of hate on beyonce, but yeah those comments are so funny, and the names they come up with are true comic genius. i don’t blame rosario for not wanting to be involved with jays thug love,

    i just can’t get my mind wrapped around her parents not enforcing her education, or the fact that she doesn’t see anything wrong with being a drop out. hell, even shaq’s big butt went back to school to get a degree, and also just because beyonce was pursuing a career in music doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have hired a tutor to travel with her, in my opinion that is child abuse plain and simple. I have a high school grad under my belt, and my seventeen year old will be graduating this year, and i’ve always stressed the importance of having an education to them. her lack of eduction was apparent in that interview ” everybody’s going to be all mixed up” what the hell? beyonce is officially a waste of nut.

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