What On Earth…

Is wrong with Toni’s face?  Could it be a fresh Botox injection, or has my girl from back in the day gone under the knife?  Either way she looks a little off.  I hate to see celebs knifing themselves up in some misguided attempt to stay looking young.  What happened to aging gracefully?

Anyway, Miss Braxton was spotted with her hubby from Mint Condition.  They’ve been together for a quite awhile.  While I don’t believe in marriage, I’m all for two people who love and care for one another, genuinely. 

Toni in L.A looking like a cute alien

Toni in L.A looking like a cute alien

She doesn’t even look like herself, but like someone who looks like Toni Braxton.  Let’s just hope she stops, because this isn’t a good look, at all!  I remember when she looked like this…

Toni back in the day

Toni back in the day

Photos courtesy of Concrete Loop (DUH!) and Starpulse


5 Responses to “What On Earth…”

  1. Stop hating she looks good, just not the best shot of her. Wish you had her body don’t you?

    • dirtygurl Says:

      silly rabbit, i love toni…there is no hate. she just looks really weird in the face and i was observing that out loud…as for her body, she’s got a cute shape, and always has, but I like my body just fine. Gee whiz!

  2. I was just playing. I agree this isn’t a flattering picture but Toni is beautiful, and she hasn’t had a face full of botox. Thanks for posting.

  3. loquacious Says:

    I don’t know, something does look different. I love Toni and she was sexy before J.Lo. bit her sexy style. Back to the pic, Toni doesn’t need it because she was pretty without the cosmetic procedure (if that’s what she had done).

  4. Did eanyone notice the souless eyes the all the female stars have now or days in Toni’s pic?

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