Deathrow Reborn April 18th

As I reported earlier this year, Deathrow is under new ownership, and on April 18th, they will be releasing some of the songs they have in that catalogue Sugar Knight tried to hide from the court. Unreleased material by Snoop, Dre, Pac, who made Deathrow a force in the music industry in the 90’s.  So in other words, more killing, slanging, banging, and misguided woman hating music.  I for one will not be copping this mess, it’s time for something new!  I’m sure Suga is steaming about “his” label and the music he worked so hard to cheat the artists out of is in someone else’s hands.  I’m also sure he is going to take out his anger and frustration on some woman.  What a loser!

What a charming bunch!

What a charming bunch!


3 Responses to “Deathrow Reborn April 18th”

  1. loquacious Says:

    Do we really need this type of music now? I mean it’s had it’s time in the sun, but we are past it now.

  2. dirtygurl Says:

    the nineties had to be the pit of hell for rap music, let’s hope it never gets there again! and i’m tired of every other kid trying to be a rapper, it’s so done and over. what about tryng to be a doctor, lawyer, community activist, someone that is going to make a difference to humanity. I can’t get my mind around what society has become. the gangsters, dope dealer, and murderers get he glory and the money, while decent school teachers barely make enough money to pay thier bills. these kids need to see past the dollar signs, because having money is cool, but it won’t give you ethics, morals, or a sense of accomplishment. what you know can never be taken away from you. you could have two million dollars today, and next year only have two dollars to your name.

  3. loquacious Says:

    Girl, it’s a sad, sad commentary when kids have dreams of becoming the next rapper than I blame our media for promoting this garbage that is called hip hop. The high rate of high school drop out among African Americans is heartbreaking. The prison culture as well as superficial $$$ is celebrated more than morals, education. It is really sickening. For example, there are certain black blogs I don’t’ go to because they give these rappers way too much promotion.

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