Rihanna, I hope You Tune In

I know I will be watching the Oprah show on Thursday.  The real Media Queen is dedicating an hour to talking about domestic abuse, inspired by the Rihanna tragedy.  As for Rihanna, until I see some proof that she took that animal back, I’m going to reserve any comments.   This should be interesting.

Sorry Perez...this is the queen of all media

Sorry Perez...this is the queen of all media


2 Responses to “Rihanna, I hope You Tune In”

  1. loquacious Says:

    Why is Oprah putting Rihanna on blast like this. I’ve been watching Oprah off and on for years, but wouldn’t it of been better for her to reach out to young Rihanna on the d.l. instead of on tv? I think she’s doing it for ratings and from what I’ve read on the Oprah boards, the backlash because she was showing compassion for Chris Brown.

    You have a woman who’s never had kids, nor been married, with a man for 20+ years, and another woman who isn’t in a relationship. Tyra and Oprah are the last two people who should be talking about it.

    And for the love of all that is holy, TYRA and her “emotional abuse” story is absolute bullshit. Tyra is such a narcissist. I can’t stomach her.

    It’s all about ratings. It would of been better to have had domestic abuse, both white and black on the show. If Oprah was fair, then why not have Diane Lane on the show. Last I read, Josh Brolin was arrested for domestic abuse.

    I use to love Oprah, but something about this seems disingenuous.

  2. you do knw that Oprah is also with the Illuminati so anything that she’s feeding CANT BE positive

    Oprah Winfrey Networks

    now lets reverse that

    NWO= New World Order

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