I’m Lost….

Maybe her new book should be a guide to ruining your child's life

Maybe her new book should be called "How to ruin your child's life in five easy steps" Someone call CPS

So Karrine Steffans is penning a new book on how to get and keep a man.  I’m sure some misguided female will actually buy the book, but the question is, how is a self proclaimed prostitute who was used by nearly every hip-hop artist, and ball player going to dole out advice on how to have a healthy relationship?


 The blind leading the blind.  Karinne, maybe you should give it up already.  Now if you were writing manual on how to be a bottome feeding skank, that would be more believable.  Maybe you should just concentrate on getting you and your son into therapy, because if you keep this up, he’s going to judge every woman by how his mother is.


5 Responses to “I’m Lost….”

  1. loquacious Says:

    Absolutely right on the son needing therapy and the ridiculous notion that Supahead is under about dispensing dating advice. From a industry ho? I don’t think so. That’s like asking a bankrupt accountant for financial advice.

  2. LegallyBarbie Says:

    It’s all about making money and even if she was an industry hoe! So what the whole america needs therapy… I personally wouldn’t buy the book but she gonna make some type of profit

  3. Our sister needs prayer…

  4. She did an interview on Jamie Fox’s radio show. She used foul language, and went into explicit detail how she had sex with the some of hip hop artist. However, when I heard her promote her book on another station, she was soft spoken and sounded very professional. My conclusion…she has multiple personality disorder.

  5. That dress looks like it came from Rainbow- who she foolin’? She looks like a swagger club trannie!

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