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Rihanna, I hope You Tune In

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I know I will be watching the Oprah show on Thursday.  The real Media Queen is dedicating an hour to talking about domestic abuse, inspired by the Rihanna tragedy.  As for Rihanna, until I see some proof that she took that animal back, I’m going to reserve any comments.   This should be interesting.

Sorry Perez...this is the queen of all media

Sorry Perez...this is the queen of all media


It Was All A Dream…

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Kimberly Jones is at it again.  Ol’ girl just can’t accept that she was Biggie’s go-to girl, and is now claiming that he appears to her in her dreams, giving her valuable advice.  She also claims that Biggie will reveal his true feelings from the afterlife.  For more on the craziness that is Lil’ Kim, read the full article on Baller Status.


" Are you there, Big...It's me, Kim"

" Are you there, Big...It's me, Kim"

I guess the world needs crazy people like Lil’ Kim to make it interesting, because she is clearly off her damn rocker, but I’m not mad at her.  If her believing that she was Big’s number one gets her through the day, who am I to judge?    If  Kim looks in the mirror and sees a white woman looking back, then I guess she can communicate with Biggie from the Great Beyond.  I hope he advises her to stop with the plastic surgery because enough is enough.  Don’t forget to watch La Loca on Dancing  With the  Stars.

Beyonce Films Her Tour Promo In NYC

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Beyonce was spotted filming her promo for her upcoming tour in Tribeca, and it looks like she has everything she needs.  Ridiculously big earrings to hide her big ears….a dress that’s tight, and shows the world that even Beyonce needs a foundation garment…and the mandatory beadazzed dress with no color to wash her complexion out completely…and let’s not forget that dead-eyed swag we know and love.

she gets it from her mama
she gets it from her mama

I don’t know about you all, but I just don’t believe that she’s only twenty-seven, she looks older, and I really never noticed how much she looks like her mother!  Beyonce, you better spend some of that money on a gang of anti-aging regimines, or else this is you in about fifteen years….


A face only a daugter could love

A face only a daugter could love

I can’t decide if ol’ Tina looks like the joker, or Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane”…maybe a bit of both!  I’m sure she was something in her heyday.

Photo courtesy of Concrete Loop

I’m Lost….

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Maybe her new book should be a guide to ruining your child's life

Maybe her new book should be called "How to ruin your child's life in five easy steps" Someone call CPS

So Karrine Steffans is penning a new book on how to get and keep a man.  I’m sure some misguided female will actually buy the book, but the question is, how is a self proclaimed prostitute who was used by nearly every hip-hop artist, and ball player going to dole out advice on how to have a healthy relationship?


 The blind leading the blind.  Karinne, maybe you should give it up already.  Now if you were writing manual on how to be a bottome feeding skank, that would be more believable.  Maybe you should just concentrate on getting you and your son into therapy, because if you keep this up, he’s going to judge every woman by how his mother is.

Chirs Brown: 2 x Loser

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CB in court, i guess he left his savage face at home

CB in court, i guess he left his savage face at home

I was so irritated yesterday!  I recently moved back to Cali from Las Vegas, and have to get my license changed back.  But in order to do this, I had to go all the way to San Francisco to get another copy of my birth certificate, and that took all day, because I had to get on the train.  Anyway, I saw something while waiting at the station that made my day a little brighter.  Chris Brown formally charged with two felonies, making threats, and assault!  They say he could face up to four years in jail.  He was in court yesterday looking like a deer caught in the headlights.  So I got home and watched Nancy Grace, and one of the correspondants said something interesting.  She made the point that maybe CB was jealous of Ri’s success.  What do you all think?  I believe that this was the reason that K-Ci hailey of Jodeci was abusive to his long suffering girlfriend, Mary J Blige.  While Jodeci’s career peaked, and began to decline, Mary J’s did nothing but rise.  Could this be the case with these two, along with other baggage?

Two future domestic violence statistics

Two future domestic violence statistics

There were also reports that Rihanna was not cooperating with police, and that the two were together in Miami, but until I see some proof, I’m not going to believe that one.  However, if Rihanna has taken Chris back, the next time he busts her head open will be on her.  Chris maybe able to sell more records, but the endorsements are a thing of the past.

BTW, CTFU @  the sign made out of a cardboard box….I have no idea why that’s so funny to me.

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Keri in Sasha’s Ass?

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Let’s face it, it’s been a slow week for gossip, but I found this nugget interesting.  So, we all know singer/songwriter Keri Hilson has that hot song that’s being played constantly, and I actually like it, even with the gremlin Wayne doing what he does.  Well, Keri’s been acting up on the remix featuring Wayne and the other gremlin T-Pain.  Check out her verses, and tell me what you think.

I shot the sheriff, but wait till i shoot these b*thces……down
now i ain’t tryin to start no mess it just something of my chest…..that i need to get off
cause you turnin me off
ya vision cloudy if you think you the best
you can dance, she can sing but need to move it TO THE LEFT
you need to go have some babies, she needs to sit down she fadin

those other b*tches ain’t even worth my time to talk about
been had dollas boy, go get ya money up
know you ain’t the only homie homie lined up
i ain’t turnin it off, im still turning it on
go head and tell these folks how long i’ve been writing your song
i been putting you on
just check the credits ho
and if you want me you can find me in decatur ho

This is a blatant diss at Beyonce, the “To the Left” gives that away, but who else is she talking about?    Rumour has it that she’s also talking about Ciara.   I’m sure Beyonce is not going to say Boo, although I’m sure Solange will be running her mouth.  This is going to be interesting.  Keri’s cd is dropping on the 24th of this month.


This is what had to say about Keri’s career as a songwriter:

” Before she could utilize her talents for her own solo endeavors, R&B singer, vocal arranger, and songwriter Keri Lynn Hilson wrote a slew of songs, many of them chart-toppers, for several popular artists in the mid-2000s as part of the five-person production/songwriting team known as the Clutch. The dynamic songwriter was born in Decatur, GA, only a few miles outside of Atlanta. Addicted to TV talent shows like Star Search and Showtime at the Apollo, she was already plotting out her career in music at age 12. Even though her mother hired a piano teacher to encourage those talents, she mainly wanted to sing; therefore, Hilson converted those sessions into vocal lessons, accompanying the teacher on piano. In her mid- to late teens, her career jumped off as a songwriter and background vocalist, working under producer Anthony Dent (Destiny’s Child, Diddy). Borne out of that relationship were two failed girl groups (named Pretty Toni and D’Sign) and, more importantly, a host of connections within the industry for whom she wrote or did backup vocals, including Usher, Ludacris, Kelly Rowland, Ciara, and up-and-coming Southern rap producer Polow da Don.

After Hilson graduated from high school, she managed to continue juggling all these tasks when she enrolled into Emory University in Atlanta. She eventually moved on from Dent and began working more with Polow da Don. Attending school while actively advancing her music career put a great demand on her, especially from being a member of the extremely versatile Clutch team. But as luck would have it, Polow introduced her to superproducer Timbaland, who wasted no time in signing the multi-talented songbird to his growing Mosley Music imprint in 2006. Over the next couple years, Hilson‘s songwriting was practically ubiquitous, responsible for numerous hit singles, including Mary J. Blige‘s “Take Me as I Am,” Omarion‘s “Ice Box,” the Pussycat Dolls’ “Wait a Minute,” and Ciara‘s “Like a Boy.” With Timbaland and the Clutch in her corner, Hilson relied on the vast pool of recording artists and producers who needed (and wanted) to return the favor for her Mosley Music/Interscope debut. Cyril Cordor, All Music Guide”



Hallee and Nahla in Malibu

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Little Nahla is growing up so fast!   She and mom were spotted in Malibu looking flawless.  You mark my words, Nahla is going to be a stunner just like Hallee.  I wonder if she’ll be having anymore?

Halle and Nahla

Halle and Nahla