Chris Brown attends “anger management” a.k.a. Damage Control

Chris Brown is reportedly attending anger management courses after his “heartfelt” apology was thrown back in his face, and after receiving a bunch of death threats for going 51/50 on Rihanna earlier this month.  Now don’t get me wrong, I was the first one to holler that the boy needs some help, but this just smells like more of the same bullshit his cam. came up with to save what little career the boy has left.

The posterchild for domestic violence

The posterchild for domestic violence

And while Chris is learning that Kindergarten lesson to keep his hands to himself, Miss Rihanna was spotted in Mexico, getting some much needed sun and relaxation.


4 Responses to “Chris Brown attends “anger management” a.k.a. Damage Control”

  1. loquacious Says:

    Damage control is right. I mean he’s young, no wait, I said I wouldn’t make excuses or comments until the full story came out. Ok, I read on DListed that Chrianna are back together. Girl, this is Ike/Tina 2.0 if it’s true. I hope not, especially since folks were losing their doggone minds over this unfortunate incident.

  2. i also noticed that ri is on many magazine covers this week,so now beyonce wants to suddenly give an interview and shoot a new video. i guess shes feeling left out…wouldn’t put it past her to get beaten up on purpose, you can’t buy that kind of publicity.

  3. loquacious Says:

    Yes, you’re right about that. I think Chiranna is young like we all were and we have to find out the hard way about somethings in life. Something just isn’t right about his story though. I can’t put my finger on it. Beyonce is certainly insecure and desperate enough to do something like you suggested to get the spotlight back on her. **heavy sigh*

  4. Maybe the whole thing was staged for Rihanna’s career…would ppl be this upset if it was the girl next door getting beat up? Would the offender get death threats and lose his job? Prob not. Ppl only care because this has been heavily publicized.

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