Beyonce Gets “Intimate” For Essence Magazine….YAWN

Beyonce’s got two new videos out, so that means more magazine interviews, and lifeless photo shoots.    Here she is on the cover of Essence, giving her rendition of “fierce”, but in my opinion all she does is fizzle.  I’ve seen this exact expression in one of those awful Dereon ads she’s forced to do for Mother Knowles.  A dead fish shows more feeling  than she does.  Boy, she sure does think she’s a slick one, she so private….that is until she’s got a new project she wants to promote.  PUHLEEZE!

Dead-eyed swag in full effect

Dead-eyed swag in full effect

For more bamboozling by the queen of emptiness, click here.  Trust me it isn’t anything that she hasn’t said in the past few months, just the same recycled crap, different day.


Yeah, that’s the one right there.


Photo courtesy of Entertainment Rundown


7 Responses to “Beyonce Gets “Intimate” For Essence Magazine….YAWN”

  1. loquacious Says:

    DOWN @ “A dead fish shows more feeling than she does”. CTHU!! And yes, this look is played. I’ve seen better fashions 20 years ago, Bob Mackie, a la Dynasty. Oh yeah, and Bold & the Beautiful soap opera. House of Devastation is copying looks from the 80s early 90s soaps. Girl I know this because I was loving those shows.

    Also, is it me or does Beyonce look more “black” than she normally does. She doesn’t know who she is, but as long as the money pays, she’ll be anything they want her to be. She’s trying to look like Angela Davis on this cover. Glad I don’t have

  2. yeah angela davis crossed my mind too

  3. loquacious Says:

    I’m so glad I don’t have a subscription to Ebony. It would of been great to see Oscar nominees Viola and Taraji instead. You know a lot of fans and former students of Angela Davis are offended that Beyonce is considered for this role. It’s going to be a serious negative blow back if she does Angela Davis. I really hope Halle does it since she’s mentioned it in the past. I would prefer Halle definitely. I seriously pray that Angela Davis doesn’t allow Beyonce to make a mockery of her life. It would be an atrocity.

  4. dirtygurl Says:

    when beyonce want to appeal to blacks, she appears in her normal skintone, and nose, however when doing anything that appeals to whites like L’oreal, she has them photoshop her image to look lighter with a straight nose. what black person buys loreal products?

  5. loquacious Says:

    It’s so true dirtygurl. Beyonce didn’t say anything about the photoshopped images of her L’Oreal ads. Ugh, this woman is obnoxious. And I don’t know of any black woman buying those products. MAC, Revlon, Covergirl, Bobbi Brown, Maybelline, but not L’Oreal. They don’t have a line for black woman specifically. It’s such a farce.

  6. This chick is pathetic! When will satans lil lacefront helper sit down somewhere n idk give her husband of over a year a baby or retire off the over 87 million dollars forbes alledges she made last year? She is toooooo overrated!! Ugh!

  7. Ms. Mizani Says:

    In the Dereon ad. I just love how the little black girl is sitting way in the back away from the other girls. Instead of all of them sitting at the table together. I guess she’s suppose to represent Michelle or Kelly.

    Way to go Beyonce. Your true colors are rearing it’s ugly head in what you think is subtle and not noticable. You’ve got some nerve when you are bleached to death, wigged out, coming straight from someone’s lab, who nipped, tucked, sucked, and carved you to be who you are today. A totally fake ass joke. Yet there are a lot of women who feel you represent them well. Ha! you don’t rep me in no way, shape or form.

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