Oscar Red Carpet Fashion….Part Deux

For every well dressed red carpet walker, there’s a couple who should have stayed home.  It pains me to say that Jada Pinkett was a definite dissapointment in Roberto Cavalli Resort.  This gown would have been ab-fab if it fit.  Jada is a tiny woman, and this gown just seems to swallow her up.  There is no evidence that Jada has a waist, and she could have used the services of a tailor to have it altered.  As it stands, she should have left it in the closet. 

Jada I know you're in there somewhere!

Jada I know you're in there somewhere!


Am I the only one who’s too through with Beyonce’s obsession with Mermaid Couture?  You can always count on this one to show up on the red carpet in something that sparkles, looks cheap, or has mermaid fins, or in most cases…all three! 


Beyonce loves all things metalic, tight, and fishy!

Beyonce loves all things metalic, tight, and fishy!


Now I’m not saying the dress is hopeless, like alot of others are,  because I can see the potential, so I’m going to give it a re-mix.  It seemed that every gown on the red carpet was floor length.  Cut the mermaid fins off, and bring the length to just under the knees, and I believe it would have looked alot better.  The pattern seems to be too damn much.  One rule to remember when wearing patterns, is that if your a small woman, keep the pattern small.  This dress could have worked if it were shorter.  I’m also glad she passed up that horrible “Sasha” hair don’t, but some chandelier earrings, and maybe a gold cuff  would have balanced her out nicely.  Oh and lose the robot pose already!


One Response to “Oscar Red Carpet Fashion….Part Deux”

  1. loquacious Says:

    I loved Jada’s dress, on another person! I truly hate trains on gowns. Unless your getting married, leave it off the red carpet. Usually Jada gets it right, but you’re right, that dress swallowed her up.

    Beyonce, smdh, she’s true to form-TACKY and ROBOTIC. I could tell she was wearing spanx and a power corset. Her poses were robotic and she needed to go up a couple of sizes. It was too tight, but more than that, it looked like a couch fabric from the 80s! Reading the blogosphere was just epic pwnage that she deserves for thinking that dress was the rage. It was ugly.

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