“Madea” Does It Again

Black Power

Black Power

Okay everyone, I saw “Madea…Jail” lastnight, and although I don’t think it was the best Madea Film, it was funny enough.  Tyler Perry reprises his role as the gun-toting, salty mouthed, mammoth breasted Madea, and that foul brother of hers, Uncle Joe. 

Madea...fresh off the bus

Madea...fresh off the bus

 Kiesha Knight Pulliam also did well as the strung-out prostitute, Candace.  Derek Luke was allright, and I really despised Ion Overman’s character, the vile, insecure District Attorney, which means that she did a good job. 


Madea and her crazy cell mate bond over a meal

Madea and her crazy cell mate bond over a meal


I’d have to honestly say that it was worth the price of a movie ticket.  The only issue I have with the “Madea” films is that they follow the same formula.  There’s always a damsel in distress, a man who steps in and “rescues” that damsel, and a vile female messing things up.  I really could have done without “Brown”, as I don’t find him a bit funny.    Support Tyler, and go see his movie. 

Photos courtesy of  IMDB


One Response to ““Madea” Does It Again”

  1. It was a good movie to see for a laugh

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