Queen Halle

I’ve always admired Halle Berry’s fashion choices, and this one is no different.  Here’s Halle gracing the red carpet, and putting others to shame at the Essence  Black Women In Film Awards Luncheon in Los Angeles.  I love the dress by Reem Acra, but the back is just a bit fussy for me, but despite that Halle pulls it off flawlessly.  I also adore the CL peeptoe, platform, slingbacks.


This is how it's done

This is how it's done


3 Responses to “Queen Halle”

  1. Halle is my muse. She could never do wrong in my eyes. She’s always gorgeous on the red carpet, especially at the Oscars. Too bad she’s not heralded as a “fashion plate” like Nicole Kidman (who’s style is hit or miss).

  2. sauer kraut Says:

    Halle is like… wow.

    If she ever asked me to get naked, I would. Dunno why she catches my attention but she is like… wow.

    As for Kidman… what’s the big deal?

  3. I hate to be the one to call Halle out, but as disappointed as I was in Bey., Halle is no prize. To have a child out of wedlock like it is okay, I think not. A lot of little girls look up to her. To compromise her modesty and dignity by finally giving in to being nude in a movie, really made me rethink how high a standard I placed her years ago. I think that her little girl is absolutely beautiful, but I hope it’s not true what I read about her getting with a White man to have her love child. OF course, this is her life and she is entitled to her own choices in life. I just feel like Halle came before Beyonce when it came to bad choices and we give her too much credit. If we chop down one, we can’t commend the other. It sends out a poor message to our young ladies of today…

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