Another Nail In the Coffin

I know you all have seen the picture making it’s rounds on the internet of Rihanna’s face, allegedly taken at the crime scene.  I refuse to post it, because I think she’s gone through enough, and if she wanted people to see her battered face, she wouldn’t have gone into hiding. 

Anyway, this has caught the attention of the LAPD,  and they are investigating if the picture is in fact authentic, and if so, who’s the asshole that leaked it.  Anyway, whether it is, or not, it’s just another blow to Chris Brown’s demise, which suits me just fine.  As for the photo, it’s not as bad as reported by the media, but definite proof that she did take a beating that night.  We’ll see how this develops. 

I like Rihanna's face as it was, asshole!

I like Rihanna's face as it was, asshole!


8 Responses to “Another Nail In the Coffin”

  1. I think I’ll make this my blog home. I was disgusted and angry seeing the photo on all the black and mainstream blogs. Thank you for having the guts to not show the pic. It means a lot that you have some class and decorum. Tank you for not crossing that line.

  2. thank you for logging on. I was too really upset that they would cross that line, especially when the police are supposed to be protecting her until this mess is resolved, but you know what? I think that people needed to see that, because it just solidifies the fact that she WAS attacked, and that there was damage done. Maybe this picture surfacing will touch someone and give them the balls to take action against abuse. I’m glad this is being exposed, but I just wouldn’t have felt right following the crowd.

  3. BTW…i know they only posted it because they want the “hits” freaking quacks…don’t get me started girl lol

  4. loquacious Says:

    I like your blog. It is well written and without the “extra” of other blogs, namely the buzz kill posters.

    On topic- To your post, I do hope it reaches someone dealing with an abusive relationship because it’s not only damaging emotionally, but psychologically. Chris Brown, I use to like him, but I can’t support this. Have you read his fans defending him after the pic came out? It made me nauseous so much I had to log off and watch Family Guy and South Park. I needed to laugh to keep from crying.

  5. loquacious Says:

    Girl, I applaud you for not posting it. That goes a long way in showing that you have some tact. Now TMZ is dealing with a legal fall out for possibly tainting future jurors. Yep, they’re gonna get it.

  6. you know what i find sad is that most of the people that defended him were females, and they couldn’t see past their dislike for rihanna. I called quite a few of them out, and i wasn’t very respectful about it. anyway, i just wonder if this were beyonce/jayz would they have reacted differently? yeah, and i heard that they paid 65k for the pic, dumb asses, isn’t harvey levin a lawyer? he’s supposed to be the head honcho over there, he had to know that it was going to have repercussions. If i was rihanna i would sue the pants off of tmz and the police department,hit them in the pockets like there was no tomorrow. tmz has money falling out of their behinds. i was never a chris brown fan, so he’s not missed.

  7. loquacious Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I mean I don’t like a number of stars, but I wouldn’t wish that on them, not even my worst enemy. It’s like compassion and decency is lost of a few when I read the hateful things about Rihanna “deserving” it. Harvey is in deep doodoo because he should of know that tainting an ongoing investigation. The jury hasn’t been selected for the upcoming trial, so now public perception is tainted. Harvey is a shyster who got greedy and caught up one upping the competition. I’ve posted a few times on TMZ, but feel dirty doing it. TMZ is going to take a hit for this story. I see they’ve down played a lot of the Rihanna coverage, but most likelt they’ll be sued.


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