It’s Just Not Worth It

The road to perfection is a dead end street

The road to perfection is a dead end street

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Usher’s wifey, Tameka Raymond going into a Brazilian hospital for routine liposuction, and going into cardiac arrest.  Thank goodness she’s allright, but can you just imagine what could have happened?  Now I don’t have anything against getting some work done.  I myself, would never think about going under the knife unless it was absolutely necessary, but to each her own.  This obsession with the “quick fix” is really out of control.  The woman just had her second child two months ago, and I’m hearing that while doctors want you to wait six or more months after having a child to undergo any major  surgical procedure, she told them it had been four months.  I don’t know how true that is, but that’s just madness.  Instead of eating right, and excercising, she and so many others always opt for the easy way out, which can be fatal.  For the full article, read it here.


2 Responses to “It’s Just Not Worth It”

  1. hurryupnbuy Says:

    why would you go to brazil to get cosmetic surgery done when she obviously has money to go to hollywood? first of all, she shoudve waited, and secondly, she’s still young. she should just work out and get that post-baby fat off.

    -dj hurryupnbuy

    thoughts of a 4 man collective…

  2. i hope she wasn’t thinking she could go out of the country and have this done in secret, so she could lie about how she firmed up. she strikes me as someone who wants to be in the spotlight.

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