Jay Z More Concerned About Rihanna Than His Own Wife.

It just occured to me that Jay Z is more concerened with Rihanna’s welfare, than his own wife.  I don’t know if  it’s me or what, but I just don’t think that Jay Z genuinely cares for Beyonce, his wife of  less than a year. 

Jay Z recently asked fans to think of Rihanna as their mother and sister when asked about his reaction to the tragedy that ensued over the Grammy weekend.  Of course sources say he was concerened, as I’m sure he feels very protective of her being that he discovered and mentored her.  What I don’t get is how he could have such concern for Rihanna, but treat his own wife like this

My first question is why he got in ahead of her, and didn’t even scoot over so that she could get in?  Why did she have to get in the car on the street side?  You mark my words, this marriage is a sham, con, fake, etc…


2 Responses to “Jay Z More Concerned About Rihanna Than His Own Wife.”

  1. This is probably old news now.. lol i have been reading everything

    but i also noticed the way he looked at her when he said ‘get in on that side’ like he was her boss or something.. like he felt.. i dont know how to say english is not my first language but like he was.. above her.

    And she looked like she was ashamed she did something wrong, head and eyes down like a little kid who just got punished.. Also when they drove away they were sitting waaay in the corners, so weird, you dont expect that from a “happy married couple”

  2. Ms. Mizani Says:

    I’ve been a old skool hip hop head for many many years and I remember Jay from back in the day. He has a bad reputation and isn’t loyal to those who have made it possible for him to have a career in music. And because of that he has a lot of people pissed with him. Every time Jay got the chance to move up he did so without looking behind and lifting up those who knew you when and loved him reguardless. So I say if he treated his family and friends who were considered family like trash, then why are we expecting him to act with concern about anyone else besides himself. I know that Beyonce has experienced a lot of abuse from him. He is only concerned about his investments in people as well as, other businesses he’s taken on. I remember a long time ago, an ex-assistant of Bey, said that Jay constantly pushes on Beyonce and gets all in her face. She was asking for help and prayers for Beyonce. Saying that she needs to get out of her relationship with Jay. And this was before they were married. And this was also before the Knowles made it mandatory to sign an agreement for keeping those employed silent, so that the family could continue pretending like they are so perfect.
    I believe that Beyonce is an abused woman in many ways and has been being abused since she was a little girl.

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