In D-list News

So I don’ t know who is checking for Ray J’s tired behind, uh…that’s Brandy’s younger brother, the one who supposedly urinated on Kim Kardashian’s freaky butt in the infamous sex tape.  Anyway, Ray J got his own show on that waste of air space VH-1, which is just another Flavor of Love, except with a cute guy instead of a roach.  Apparently, Monica “Danger” Leon, one of the contestants who sports a big ass tatoo on her face (ouch!) is claiming that she is knocked up by Ray J.  Ray J is supposedly involved with Whitney Houston, and if there is any truth to this rumour, what the heck is Whit going to say on this one?




Photo courtesy of  Hip Hop Pop Crunch


3 Responses to “In D-list News”

  1. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Some say they think this woman is an attention whore. I personally think she is dealing with some serious mental health issues. Heard she use to be a prostitute. In which she still does on occasions. She is suppose to be educated, and graduated from an Ivy League School. Top of her class. So why is she not working in her field?
    And I think someone in Hollywood has turned her out, leading to more mental health issues.

  2. knowing what i know now, i do think she has mental issues, if she attended an institute of higher learning then that would explain it, these universities are fronts for the Illuminati and alot of testing and programming using all kinds of drugs go on in these so called “think tanks” I often wished a higher education for my children, but now i don’t want them anywhere near these places

  3. she is a beauty!

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