Doesn’t This Just Piss You Off…

the way it pisses me off?  I’m talking about that mutt that had those eight babies by IVF, paid for by her disability payments.  I don’t know what enrages me more…the fact that she used the system to have eight children that she can’t afford to take care of without public assistance, or that she would pimp her children for a payday.  Either way the pendulum swings, she’s still a disgusting excuse for a woman.  Here she is getting her nails done, while her children lie in a hospital, in an incubator.  I remember when I gave birth to my second son, he still had fluid on his lungs, and they tried to send me home while he had to stay overnight for observation…needless to say, they couldn’t pay me to step foot out of that hospital without my son, and manicures were the last thing on my mind.

Is this manicure on NBC...or the State of California?

Is this manicure on NBC...or the State of California?

I knew this mutt was all about the money, as evidenced by her website.  Anybody fool enough to support this nonsense deserves to be on foodstamps right along with her.  I’m dumbfounded!
Sorry we don't take EBT, or Food Stamps at this time, but give us a minute.

Sorry we don't take EBT, or Food Stamps at this time, but give us a minute.

So not only does she have a website, but there are pictures of her precious babies posted, in hopes to have American’s open their wallets so that she can live off the sympathy of others, and won’t have to work.  There is no amount of money that can ensure that these children grow up healthy.  We all know that babies born premature are susceptible to all kinds physical, and mental   problems, but I guess it’s worth it for her!  It weighs heavy on my heart to see these babies with tubes running into their mouths and noses, and the fact that they are so small.




Apparently, the mutt has been dumped on her retarded ass by her publicist, who claims that they’ve been receiving death threats, and graphic emails, and voicemail messages.  They shoudn’t have touched her in the first place. 

I seriously hope the State of California takes those children away from her, because she is obviously mentally challenged.  My question is how are you too disabled to perform a job, but well enough to not only carry eight children at the same time, but do it while taking care of six other children, and how in hell are you going to chase after eight children as they start to grow, walk, run, etc…?  They also need to throw the book at the physician who thought it was fine to implant her.  For the full article on the mutt’s publicist bowing out, click here.


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