Real Gangsters Don’t Advertise Their Dirt

So now, as if threatening Rick Ross isn’t enough, 50 Cent  goes there, and is now threatening that idiotic DJ Khaled’s family.  I won’t even repeat what he’s saying, so if you want to read it for yourself, click here.  This is getting to be beyond ridiculous, and the Three Stooges are just what is so wrong with hip-hop, and why the art form is frowned upon.  No wonder luxe brands like Cristal, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton don’t want their brands associated with hip-hop. 


The face of an idiot

The face of an idiot

Shame on 50 most of all, for continuing to glorify killing, and hustling instead of  thinking and acting like a grown man.  This is exactly why hip-hop is in the gutter.  It’s become more about making a quick buck, than actual artistry.  If 50 and Ross were the gangsters they claim to be, they would know that a real, true, grimy thug doesn’t tell on himself.


Another idiot!

Another idiot!

Khaled, you have no idea what your getting yourself  into.  You seem to want to be embroiled in this drama to sell some sorry image, but your not fooling the Dirty Gurl.. maybe you should shut your loud mouth, and leave the building before you get you and your family hurt.  We have enough mis-guided assholes within our race, we don’t need another one.


One Response to “Real Gangsters Don’t Advertise Their Dirt”

  1. I’m not even gonna comment on the stupidy 50 cant aka Curtis aka curly pimpin raps about that, but did anybody see that XXL cover he did with Soulja Boy lookin like they got booty but wrestlin on the brain? It just makes me wonder if the rumors are true.

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