Love Those Shoes….Solange

She does it again, Solange is becoming one of my fave shoe girls.  I may not like her clothes at times, but I like her taste in shoes most of the time.  Here she is working the red carpet at the 6th Annual Women’s Day Red Dress Awards in New York City, where she also performed.  I love the necklace, the dress, and the shoes are ultra-cute. However, the hair doesn’t fit, and makes her face look a bit…strong.  I was digging the straight style she’s been rocking lately, but I appreciate the fact that she’s not afraid to change up her style on a regular basis.  The eyebrows are also a bit over the top thick.   Beyonce may be cuter, but she doesn’t have a fraction of Solange’s creativity or personal style.

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood


Photo courtesy of  Concrete Loop


One Response to “Love Those Shoes….Solange”

  1. Ms. Mizani Says:

    Solange is now known in the business as a sex kitten. She like her sister are sold to the highest bidder. Except Beyonce is at the Presidential level. Solo is at the bottom.
    Poor, poor Jules. I pray for his health and safety.

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