The Epitome Of Stupidity, Folks

I’ve been so infatuated with the Grammy night drama, that I completely forgot the second biggest loser of this year so far.  Look closely folks, at this woman who after having SIX children by IVF, paid for eight more with …

DISABILITY PAYMENTS TOTALING MORE THAN 100K!First she was saying she hasn’t been on public assistance, but now her mother is spilling the beans and telling anyone who will listen that she was receiving disability payments for three of the kids, and food stamps.  And you wonder where all your money goes…..right in her children’s mouths.


Okay, she’s too disabled to work, but well enough to chase after fourteen children?  She really needs her ass whipped!  She’s jobless, and living with her mother, whom I feel sorry for!  This woman pimped out her womb to have children implanted like some kind of  damn dog!  It’s very clear that money motivated this idiot to do something that dumb.  I guarantee that she was under the impression that she was going to get all kinds of free shit.  Anyway, this birdbrain must be mentaly disturbed, she’s worse than the woman who claimed to have found a human finger in a bowl of Chili at Wendy’s.  Duh!

The babymachine and the rat!

The babymachine and the rat!


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